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who is this???? i love you thank you for inspiring me to finish this <3 <3 <3

04.10.17 edit: found the anon!! inspired by @caqtis

introducing you & me || (jace/simon, coffee shop au, 5k+) || read on ao3

Maia ‘discovered’ Simon’s musical act through her girlfriend Clary, and decided that she’d torment Jace – who is technically her boss – by letting Simon do a gig for their live music nights. Jace hates him so much. He’s loud, and obnoxious, and wears bright graphic tees that stretch over his broad chest and are fucking annoying. He never shuts up, and has apparently made it is his personal challenge to piss Jace off as much as possible by calling him names and bringing in increasingly ridiculous things for his sets. 

“You have a crush on him!” Maia had gleefully accused after Simon’s first night playing. Jace, leaning against the counter and watching the packed audience listen to Simon’s soft, crooning voice, had frowned and spluttered out “I do not.”

Jace definitely does.


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Just Friends - part 11

@letojokerownsme surprise on the photo!!! 

(Nearly a week later)

“What time is the flight tomorrow?” She hears Jared ask as she walks into the kitchen. Her heart sinks at the thought of him leaving her again, especially since her prison sentence is officially over tomorrow.  “That’s it. Thank you,” he says disconnecting and shooting her a smile. 

“Where ya off too tomorrow?” She questions, trying not to sound too devastated.

Jared’s grin widens. “I wish you wouldn’t have heard that." 

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The return of Chubby!Dad!Bucky

Weeks (and weeks) ago, I posted an ask game that invited people to finish the statement: “I wish you would write…”

I wasn’t surprised when a request for some more chubby!dad!Bucky showed up in my inbox. I wasn’t mad, either.

So here you go, anon – sorry for the wait! And thanks to @superstringtheory and @goodthick for their gleeful assistance in expanding the prompt.

Here be chubby!dad!Bucky and teacher!Steve.

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What about an "everything run-down and suddenly a guy falls through the ceiling; now there's a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom"-AU thing? c:

The first time it’s a leg through the kitchen ceiling. 

Derek finishes chewing his mouthful of cereal, stares up at the twitching foot. 

“Uh, little help?”

He stands, pushes the table directly underneath the flailing leg and pushes it back up. A face appears through the hole in the plaster, and it’s a nice face, albeit a little sweaty and shocked looking. 

“Uh, thanks, dude.”

“Derek,” Derek supplies, waves a hand dumbly from where he’s standing on the table. 

“Right, thanks,” the guy grins, and it lights up his face. Derek feels his knees sway a little. “Sorry for interrupting your breakfast.”

“It’s… fine.”

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Danny Zuko x Reader- Drive-In (Rated M smut)

Alright I’m sorry its not related to Gotham but I said I would finish this! I enjoyed it way too much!

Based on the Grease Live! Danny Zuko because yum!!

You are on a date with Danny, trying to resist the urge of succumbing to his seduction, but you realise you need him to show him what a good girl you are.

Warning- Sexual content, penetration, oral, in the dark, teasing, Daddy Kink, Dom!Danny, Sub!Reader, restraints, rough sex

Originally posted by baschful

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Anonymous requested: Hiiii, can you do a Bucky imagine where he has a love/hate relationship with reader? Like they ‘hate’ each other but they don’t realize they are actually in love with each other and eveyone else notices it except for themselfs? They have a huge fight where Bucky accidentally let it slip that he loves the reader? (I’m sorry if my English grammar is bad, I’m not English)

Author’s note: This is a super cute request! I’m so in love with Bucky and I love these kinds of plots! It’s kind of short but it’s short and sweet, I think. Also - I changed it to present tense because past tense just seems too complicated on the page. And don’t worry about your English! It’s great!

Bucky Barnes x Reader

“Who used up my fucking coffee?” You demand, still rubbing sleep from your eyes as you enter the living room of the Avengers Facility, empty jar in hand. You scan the room, watching as Tony shrugs, taking another bagel, and then your eyes land on him. God dammit, it’s too early for this. “James Buchanan Barnes for the last time no one touches my coffee! This jar is off limits.” You shout, watching as he takes another goddamn sip of your coffee, a mock look of innocence on his face. “Sorry, doll.”

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#93: Pregnancy Series | Baby Nurseries


Pregnancy schedule:8 Months pregnant

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes

You’re Horny

He’s Protective Of Your Bump

Baby Shower


The white carpet under Luke’s bare feet was warm and sending out a nicefeeling as he walked around in the small nursery, his eyes half open and shut in tiredness, heading right towards the white rack of the window, leaning his body next to it and taking a look around the room. The clock was way over bedtime, but he couldn’t sleep and couldn’t get himself to wake you up, he knew that you would either eat his head off or simply not getting the chance to sleep again after being awoken from a slumber. At this point of the pregnancy, sleep was one of your only and favourite sources, but to Luke’s cons, it was almost like insomnia had taken over his damn mind and body. Ever since the nursery had been painted, decorated and filled up with furniture and clothes, the realization of what was going to happen in a few weeks had hit Luke. Not on the bad way though, but in a clear father way. He knew that in a few weeks, his life would be changed forever; he knew that there was no backing down now and it wasn’t just some kind of prank show. Thoughts like this would swim around in his mind like a wavy tsunami, making it hard for him to sleep which were the mainly cause of him sitting in the nursery just by himself and admiring the room. It had turned out way prettier than what he had expected it to be, but he knew your creative skills of architect would make it into something special and it really was to him. He could use his time in this room to the early hours of the morning, sitting in the baby blue chair in the corner and looking around, sometimes with his guitar in his hand and playing random lullabies. But Luke almost failed every time in a mission of not waking you up. There was just something about the two of you sleeping in the same room together, even though there was no cuddling you had gotten so used to him being there that it was uncomfortable not having him in there. Luke’s face changed into a disappointed one when he noticed you leaning against the doorframe, you letting out a sigh as you walked towards him and took a seat next to him on the rack, looking at him up and down. ”Are you nervous?” You asked, Luke looking over at you with his lips shut tight in a straight line, nodding his head. ”It’s going to be alright and we will work it out in the end. I promise.” You tried to reassure, Luke only nodding his head and not saying a thing. He took a look down at your clothes, bare legs and his old smiley tee totally stretched out due to the none stop growing belly. His hand came up to your fabric covered belly, rubbing it up and down in a slow motion. Luke looked up from your stomach to take a look in your eyes, noticing the bags under your eyes and getting eye contact with you. The two of you stared at each other in silence, almost as if you guys were reading each other’s minds, but no words came out. Luke was about to speak up, opening his mouth and letting words but was interrupted when kicks appeared against his palm, catching both you and his attention. Luke let out a small laugh by the sudden contact, rubbing his hand up and down. ”He knows you’re here.” Your statement made Luke furrow his eyebrows as you stood up from the rack, smiling down at him. ”He knows his daddy.” Luke let out a small smile as you smiled at each other for some seconds before you turned around, ”Gotta go to the toilet now though, it’s kicking my bladder.” Luke nodded his head as he leaned his head against the window, watching you disappear out of the room, making Luke stand up from the rack as well. This would definitely be one of his favourite places in the world from now on.


”Y/N?” Your name was being yelled from the bedroom making you tear your eyes away from the mirror in front of you, your eyebrows furrowing. ”What’s going on?” You yelled back, turning your attention back to yourself and continuing on brushing out the knots in your wet hair, trying to combine it into a ponytail. ”Can you come here for a second?” Calum asked with his voice faint making you roll your eyes. ”I’m the pregnant one here.” You grumbled, more to yourself than him as you walked out of the bathroom and heading towards your bedroom. You walked into the room, or at least trying to as Calum had thrown almost every piece of his clothing from the dresser onto the floor in frustration, his back facing you as he was bowed down to roam in the other dresser, confuse and frustration clear on his features. ”What’s going in here?” You questioned with a raised eyebrow, Calum turning around to look at you. ”I can’t find my freaking Liverpool Jersey and I’ve been looking for what feels like forever. Have you seen it?” Your lips pursed into a straight line as you tried to control your face expression, but Calum saw right through you. ”Where is it?” He asked, making you roll your eyes at him before letting out a sigh. ”It was supposed to be a surprise as it’s not done yet.” You explained as you pulled him down towards the nursery room, Calum knitting his eyebrows before you opened the door and let him in. His mouth changed into a surprised one as he looked around at the room, noticing how the progress of it was almost finished, his face moving around to see all the objects. ”What happened in here?” He asked in awe, noticing his jersey hanging against the crib. ”Mali and I took over this place. Noticing the colors?” Calum nodded his head as he looked around, his hand touching the different things. ”It’s uh..” He let out giggle in cuteness, looking over at you who were standing with a cocky smirk. ”It’s Liverpool colors.” He stated to himself, you nodding your head. ”It was Mali’s idea. She had been listening to you talking about having your own little Liverpool Star. So we made the nursery a little bit different than what we planned together. I hope you’re okay with it because it took a hella lot of time.” You explained, Calum walking towards you before placing his hands on your massive belly, a silly smile on his face. ”It’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” You let out a smile in satisfaction as Calum was still amazed by the room, barely having eye contact with you as he admired the room. ”But you’re going to deal with Mali, she was the one wanting to keep it a secret.” Calum laughed by your comment, nodding his head and pulling out his phone to dial her number. ”I’ll just say that it was an accident and I randomly went into the room, she can’t blame me for that.” He chuckled, walking towards the posters that were hanging on the wall, noticing one of his favourite players printed on it. ”As long as I won’t get the trash.” You smiled, walking towards the crib and grabbing his jersey. You reached out for him to grab it but he denied and shook his head, ”I want it to be in here, it fits better here than on my body.” Your giggle filled Calum’s ears which made him put out a smile. You hung the shirt back on the rack of the crib before walking towards Calum and hugging him, ready to hear him trying to compose himself towards Mali.


Your arms were spread out in the air in confuse as you tried to walk without any vision, having Michael’s hands almost covering your whole face with his hands to make sure that you weren’t cheating, and Ashton beside you trying his very best to stabilize you as the boys were in the middle of showing you the nursery they had been creating all day. Since 8AM to be exact, Ashton and Michael had been working on the room for your little one and not wanting you to get near it in any way, not even to bring them sandwiches for lunch, they really wanted everything to be a surprise. ”I hope it’s not something like pirates or such..” You stated as they followed you into the nursery, Michael letting out a snort, ”I know we’re having a girl Y/N, I’m not dumb.” ”I just wanted to make sure.” You shrugged with a laugh, feeling them stop you and before you managed to react, Michael had removed his eyes. ”Oh my god..” Was the only thing you could manage to get out of your lips as you looked around the room in pure  happiness, your hand coming up to touch the crib in the corner until your eyes landed on the wall next to it. ”This is so adorable.” Your eyes were glued to the wall with the music notes on it, Michael standing with a pleased smile on his lips as he watched your reaction. ”okay, be honest with me, none of you did this right?” You chuckled as you walked towards the wall with the Lullaby music notes on it, your hand coming up to admire the beautiful piece of art. ”We did.” Ashton chuckled in a lie, the boys walking over towards. ”Be honest with me.” Ashton and Michael looked between each other with a chuckle, shrugging their shoulders as if they didn’t know. ”Michael.” You warned, crossing your arms and giving him a small smile in disbelief, the boy letting out a childish chuckle before loosening his before crossed arms, letting them fall down to his waist as he let out a ”Fine.”. ”My mom maybe helped a little bit.” He smiled, looking up at the art proud. ”I thought that as well.” You admitted, sending Michael a smile as you all looked up at it. ”But this isn’t the only thing.” Michael suddenly said, making you tear your eyes from the wall to look at him confused. ”What have you done?” You asked with a smile and a lifted eyebrow, watching as Ashton went over to the window, shutting off the curtain, leaving the room in darkness besides the lamp in ceiling that was still on. ”Check this out.” Michael smiled, turning off the lamp and turning on another button, the room going from being complete dark to having small lights up in the ceiling, your mouth opening agape as you rested your head on your neck to watch. ”You made her a starry sky?” You asked in awe, a hand coming up to rest over your mouth in surprise. ”We thought it would be really cute.” Ashton giggled, Michael coming up from your behind and placing his hands on your belly. ”I remember you mentioning that you were scared of the dark when you were baby. So I thought it might go in heritage, which made me think about this. I hope you like it because it took nearly an hour and three electric shocks to make this.” ”I love it more than life.” You smiled, moving your head around to place a kiss to Michael’s cheek before walking over to Ashton and doing your best to give him a hug with the belly in the way, almost at this point of letting out a tear from your eye in awe, this room was literally cuter than ever and the boys really worked hard on it.


Team working with Ashton and Calum was actually a pretty good combination to create and decorate your nursery. The two boys were to your big surprise, pretty handy with collect furniture together and painting. Even though they did have their immature sides, they could actually make out something nice. The three of you were currently in what was going to transform into a baby twins nursery in the matter of hours, both you and Ashton determined to make the room finished today, having so many other things to think about besides this and with the great help of Calum, the room was faster finished than ever. Ashton roamed through his toolbox to find a drill he could use for the wall, looking around until he find it with a smile, you and Calum doing other things such as folding clothes into the already collected dresser or just collecting other furniture. Ash drew dots around where he was going to make holes before he turned on the drill, ready to work with it.  Ashton stopped using the drill when he was satisfied with the holes in the wall to hang up the beige curtains above where the cribs should be standing, moving away to take a look. ”It looks fine right?” He asked, looking back at you and Calum. ”It looks nice.” Calum commented, you nodding along and walking towards him. Ashton let out a smile by Calum’s comment, placing the drill on the working table next to him. He noticed how the plaster and wood from the wall had created a big amount of dust which made him blow to get it away, yet he blew it towards your face. Your nose caught the dust in a rather big amount which made you place your hands in front of your face before sneezing out loud, feeling wetness starting to happen around your legs. ”Oh no.” You exclaimed, your eyes going wide as you looked up at Ashton in panic, his eyebrows furrowing in confuse before his eyes adverted down to your belly and a little bit further down until he noticed the big dark gray stain around the smaller part of your belly and going further down to your otherwise black leggings. ”Did your water break?!” He exclaimed rather loudly, catching Calum’s attention from one of the other furniture, his eyes wide as well as the two of you watched Ashton throw the things in his hands in pure panic yelling up that Calum should get an ambulance and other none understanding mumbles, walking towards you and placing his arms on your upper arms, ”Ash calm down, nono.” You tried to calm down his panic in almost a laugh, Ashton almost panting and looking at you in confuse. ”If you’re not in labor, what’s going on then?” He asked in confuse looking you up and down. Your cheeks rose into a pink color before you let out a awkward laugh, ”I think I peed on myself.” Calum let out a disgusted sound before Ashton’s face expression changed, taking a step away from you, ”Hey don’t give me that expression, the twins are pressing my bladder so it doesn’t take much for me to pee!” Ashton ran a hand through his hair with a laugh afterwards, shaking his head at you. ”Don’t give me a heart attack again please.” You nodded your head as you walked towards the exit with a laugh splitting from your lips, ready to get some new pants on. ”I liked that reaction though, can’t wait to see when the deal is real.” Calum stated, Ashton sticking his tongue out at him before moving down to grab the things he had thrown earlier. ”I’ve promised myself that I won’t react like that, but when it’s the real deal I have no honest idea of how to react. Maybe it might be my turn to pee my own pants.” Ashton chuckled to himself as Calum laughed at him, shaking his head by the curly haired boy.

3 Minute Arm Workout!!!
  1. - :30 seconds of arm circles
    - stretch out to a tee
    - palms facing the floor 

  2. :30 seconds of push-ups 
    - knee and regular push ups are fine
    - lower body until shoulders and elbows align

  3. :30 seconds of overhead press
    - bend elbows at 90 degrees
    - using own resistance or weights, push up 
    - do your full arm extension 

  4. :30 seconds of MORE push ups 
    - knee and regular push ups are fine
    - lower body until shoulders and elbows align

  5. :30 seconds of bicep curls
    -keep feet shoulder length apart
    - lock elbows against body
    - using own resistance or weights, curl arms up

  6. :30 seconds of chair dips 
    - move to edge of chair
    - lower body while holding to edge of chair
    - use biceps not legs!
Baby, We’ve Got A Problem: Chapter 6

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of heavy drinking 

Words: 1470

Summary:  The reader faces some trouble when Baby isn’t just a car anymore. Human!Impala


A/N: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5


You can feel the pit in your stomach before you even open your eyes. Your throat is dry and your mouth feels like you stuffed a hundred cotton balls in them. Even without any lights on, your head is pounding.

You fucked up last night. Bad.

You have no idea how much you actually drank. You lost count after your eighth shot. Not to mention the three beers that accompanied them.

Getting drunk always seems to be the best solution at the time, completely forgetting the hell of a hangover it brings the next day.

With your eyes still closed, your hand reaches for the bedside, hoping you were smart enough to leave some water there before you passed out. You sigh in relief when you find a cool glass, your fingers wrapping around it and pulling it towards you, mumbling a “shit” as you managed to pour some down your chest before it finally finds your lips.

You chug almost half the glass before finally placing it back on your nightstand with a thud, undoubtably spilling some.

“There’s some tylenol on the nightstand.” A sleepy voice mumbles.

Now you open your eyes, grateful that there are no windows in the bunker.

You’re on your side, your whole body positioned towards Dean, who’s laying on his back with his eyes closed, one fist gripping the sheet over his chest. 

Your eyes roam him over, the tight grey tee stretched over his biceps, the morning stubble that you hope he’ll be too tired to shave. The long lashes that lead to his freaked cheeks. Without the light, you can’t see all the scars that litter his face. They’re not noticeable, but they’re there if you look.

You always love waking up before him. It’s not often Dean is so relaxed, and it’s these times that make you wonder what he was like before all the crap he’s been through. You know he was never as serious as he was now; Sam likes to tell you stories of their prank wars that haven’t happened since Dean went to hell, or the not-so-secretative marathons of Dr. Sexy that he would watch on dingy motel beds between hunts before Michael and Lucifer came around. 

It’s hard for you to imagine sometimes, but it’s moments like these, where there’s a slight smile on his lips, and his forehead isn’t winked with worry, that you can picture a Dean so light and guilt-free that he could shamelessly belt out Air Supply. 

“Stop looking at me and take the damn meds.” He grumbles, nothing but his lips moving.

You smile and bit your lip. It’s not the first time you’ve been caught staring. Dean doesn’t like it, but sometimes you can’t help yourself.

You roll over towards the night stand, now realizing that you most definitely did not get yourself the water.  

You quickly pop the pills into your mouth and swallow them down.

But with it comes guilt.

Even after all the shit you put him through last night, he never stops looking out for you. It makes you feel so stupid for thinking he could ever stop.

Despite how much you drank, you still remembered everything. Remembered his words, remembered the way he held you tight so you wouldn’t fall when you couldn’t even hold yourself up. The way he cared and loved you, even when you definitely didn’t deserve it.

“How you feeling?” The same gruff voice speaks up again. 

“Like I got hit by a fret train.” You groan, your head pounding against your skull as you roll back towards him.  

He smiles, this time opening his eyes and looking at you. He cocks his head to the side, signaling for you to come over to him like he does almost every morning. You don’t sleep well cuddling, so you stay of your side, and he stays on his, until the sun comes up, then it’s usually a knock on your door by Sam that pries you off him.

You scoot across the mattress, your body meeting his side as he lifts his arm up so that you can crawl up next to him. Once your arm is wrapped around his waist, and your head on his shoulder, his arm lowers down, pulling you in even closer. 

“I messed up last night.” You whisper into his shirt. 

You hate admitting when you’re wrong. Especially to Dean. You’re always trying to prove that you know what you’re doing, and that you can take care of yourself, that he doesn’t always have to worry about you. 

But you were wrong. And you had to own up to it. 

“Yeah you did.” His lips brush across your hair and his hand squeezes your arm. 

You move your head so you can look up at him, because you want him to know that what you’re about to say is something you mean.

“I’m sorry. I really am, Dean.” 

His green eyes look sad and his lips turn downward as he looks away from you. 

“You know I love you, right? And I know I suck at saying it, but you mean…” he takes a deep breath, and your head rises and falls with his chest. You can hear his heart beating, listen as it suddenly speeds up. Your hand tightens on his shirt.

“I know, Dean.” You shake your head, feeling tears come back to your eyes. “I know you do.” You swallow as a tear falls to his shirt. His arms wrap around your waist, and he pulls you up so that you are laying on his chest. 

You reach for one of his hands and wrap it around yours. You bring it to your lips and place your lips against his knuckles. 

“You never have to prove that to me, Dean. I know. And yeah, you don’t say it, but that’s Dean Winchester. And you don’t have to say it, because you prove it, every day.” You stress every single word. 

It was always so easy for Dean to doubt himself, and the last thing you wanted was for him to think you doubted him to. Because you never did, not once. Even when you think he’s mistaken, you trust him 100%, because even wrong–which was rare–Dean Winchester still came through, better than anyone else.

He doesn’t say anything. His hands that are on your back pull you up, bringing your lips to his. Despite how rough the rest of Dean was, his lips were always soft. The kiss is light, your lips gliding over each others, just enjoying each other’s company, wanting this kiss to ease the tension from last night. 

As if you could have predicted it, there’s a light knock on the door. 

Dean’s head falls back against the pillow and he groans. You bury your head into Dean’s shirt, taking in the dollar store soap and woody musk that always lingers on his skin and in his clothes. 

“What, Sam?” Dean yells through the door, the shout right next to your ear causing you to groan at the noise. 

Dean’s hand comes to your head to comfort it as the door cracks open.

“I think I found something.” Just Sam’s voice comes through. He’s had enough experience of walking in on the two of you in…compromising positions to know better than to fully enter. 

“Be right there, Sammy.” The door clicks shut and you both sigh, not ready to leave, but knowing you have to.

“Give me five minutes and I’ll meet you out there.” You push yourself up, planting one last kiss on his lips before grabbing a change of clothes and heading to the bathroom, desperately needing to brush your teeth and wash your face. 

By the time you’re done, Sam, Dean and Baby are already sitting at the table in the library. Your eyes can’t help but linger on Baby, her lean legs crossed as she sits relaxed across from Dean. She gives you a soft smile, and you frown. It’s not a pleasantry smile, it’s a smile of pity. A smile of knowing exactly what happened last night.

You shake your head as the sound of scraping catches your attention. Dean had kicked out the seat next to him. You grab a hold of the back and take a seat, scooting closer to Dean so that his hand can rest on your thigh. 

Once you’re settled, Sam starts.

“So, I was going through one of the weapons bags that was in the trunk of the Impala before Baby came alive, and I found this.” 

Sam throws forward something silver, and it’s bounces across the wood with a clank before toppling down.

All three of you lean in to get a better look at the thing, confusion etched on all of your faces.

“What is it?”  


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anonymous asked:

Luke was absolutely shocked whennnn...

his eyes cast across to the window, not expecting the sight before him. 

You’d just left your en-suite, clad only in your underwear, not knowing that your new neighbours were supposed to be moving in, and that the bedroom located across from yours was now occupied by an extremely hot young guy.

And Luke hadn’t expected such a good housewarming. 

“Oh my god,” he gasped, eyes widening and jaw falling slack as he watched you move around the room before your head snapped up after hearing him. 

“Fuck,” you squealed, reacting a little too quick, and before you knew it, your feet were falling from underneath you and your ass was crashing to the floor. “Ouch,” you whined, pouting and praying to whatever god was willing to listen that the ground could eat you alive.

From what little you had seen of him, your new neighbour was gorgeous. Sex God material. A complete contrast to all the other guys in your town, a blurry crowd of polo shirts and khakis that had you sick to your stomach whenever any of them approached you.

He was like a breath of fresh air, his hair styled back into a look that didn’t make him come off like a complete douche, his black band tee stretched tight across his broad shoulders, and you were sure you’d seen a piercing.

God, did you find that hot.

And he’d seen you half naked without even knowing your name. You were mortified.

“Are you okay?” He called out, now standing right at his window, crouching out to try and catch a glimpse of you, to see if you were still alive.

And because you could see him from your position on the floor, you knew he could see all of you, too.

“Oh my god, don’t look!” you yelled, scrambling to cover whatever part you could, noticing how every patch of skin you touched was searing hot due to the intense blush rising up your body.

“Sorry, sorry!” he replied, clamping his eyes shut and then covering them with his large hands. “Sorry, are you okay?”

You pushed yourself up from the hardwood floor, scrambling around for the oversized sweatshirt you’d left on your bed earlier with the intention to wear it while you lazed around all day. “I’m fine,” you called back, shrugging yourself into the warmth of the sweatshirt and pulling it as far down as you could so that it covered everything it needed to, dashing to the window which would hide everything else. “You can look now,”

He peeked out slowly from behind his fingers, his cheeks covered in a cute blush, themselves, as he smiled sheepishly and pulled his hands away. “I’m sorry,”

“You’ve said that, already,” you laughed, nervously.

“Right, yeah,” he cleared his throat, “I didn’t mean to, I just looked up and you know,” he gestured towards you and then blushed even more, looking down and shaking his head at himself, muttering something under his breath.

“M'sorry, I’ll make sure to check all bases next time I plan on walking ‘round with no clothes on,”

“It’s only fair I do the same then,” he smiled, his eyes glinting in what little sunlight was shining down between your houses. You smiled back, almost laughing too, but you had to admit that talking out of your window to the guy who had just seen more of you than any guy ever was a little awkward. “I’m Luke,” he said, reaching his arm out the window for you to shake.

“Y/N,” you replied, reaching out, your arms just a little too short to reach his.

He retreated before you could stretch yourself out further and probably fall out of the window. “Well then, Y/N,” he began, clapping his hands together with an excited grin, “I’ll give you a couple of minutes to find some pants, but I’m gonna need you to come meet me so I can shake your hand properly, like a gentleman,” he smiled, proudly, before turning on his heel and bounding out of the room, leaving you unable to retort with a question about how on earth he knew you weren’t wearing pants.

It didn’t take a genius to figure that he had sneaked a peak while you were rushing to put some clothes on.

“Some gentleman,” you scoffed to yourself, unable to hide the small smile as you bound over to your wardrobe to pick out some leggings before you rushed downstairs and out the front door to find Luke waiting on your porch, the widest and smuggest grin you had ever seen plastered across his face.


Preference #8: His Thoughts After Your First Time

A/N: This pref will be in His POV. Its almost a follow up to preference 7  (Link if you haven’t read it). PLEASE message me requests for OT4 preferences, no personal requests thanks readers, xoxo 

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