stretch mark acceptance

Sometimes the world just tells us to hate our bodies but it’s up to ourselves to love it.

Recently I weighed myself and I am the heaviest ever in my life. Old me would have been miserable and hate myself. But, surprisingly I’m most confident and happy now.

Enjoying my curves today. I feel so sexy! I’m fat and beautiful!

One’s Perception defines one’s reality

Peering into a mirror, is simply a reflection into your own permanence

Your ideals and standards of yourself form the structures of your existence

Grasp your own creation and your universe in your hands

With it pulsating and throbbing with each breath you take

See your own infinity glaring back at you

Two wonders paralleled in insecurities

Don’t feel self-conscious of your celestial streaks of genesis on your arms, legs, chest or stomach

For each stretch mark is nothing less than a well written page

Pages that form a beautiful collection of chapters

Melanated pages that tell the story of your growth and evolution

Be proud of your book of life

Never compare your body to someone else

Because you are your own masterpiece

No one will ever be created like you

No matter your tone, shape or size

You’re a one of a kind work of art

Love your body that’s radiating its own cosmic excellence

Girls would be amazed to know that guys couldn’t possibly care less about stretch marks. Or the other way around. Your marks, scars, etc are the last thing the other person is worried about when they are getting naked with you.

Scars, lines and marks can come together to give character to a complete person. Love yourself and feel good in your own skin. Nothing’s sexier than that.