stretch mark acceptance

Girls would be amazed to know that guys couldn’t possibly care less about stretch marks. Or the other way around. Your marks, scars, etc are the last thing the other person is worried about when they are getting naked with you.

Scars, lines and marks can come together to give character to a complete person. Love yourself and feel good in your own skin. Nothing’s sexier than that.

You deserve someone who kisses every stretch mark, bump, bruise- every mark on your body. They should love every masterpiece that blesses your skin and wonder how the universe ever created a person as unique and beautiful as you are. 

Please DO NOT get yourself bogged down about stretch marks. They are normal. Do not think about how other people will perceive them. They occur because your skin grows. They occur on any gender. They do not need to be thought of as lightning bolts to be pretty. They are stretch marks. They are beautiful. You are beautiful.

white feminist™ movements that are completely centered around white conventionally attractive cishet women sometimes have so much potential to be great

I would’ve gotten behind “free the nipple” but all I seen was white, perky, small boobs with pink nipples and perfectly round areolas

It’s like…where are the large areolas, the inverted nipples, the boobs that sag, the stretch marks, the acceptance of trans/non-binary folks with boobs? Why is there so much casual cissexism against trans women within this movement as well?

He ran his fingers across my stretch marks.

My first instinct is that he is being cruel. 
Pointing them out to ridicule me.
I squirm away “What are you doing?" 
"I’m just trying to make you feel beautiful”
I pfft it off like it’s another sick joke.
He just says “Amanda, I know you have stretch marks…”

Again, my initial reaction is negative and insulted. I say nothing and just put my hand over them to cover them up.

I am so used to being cruel to myself. I instantly assume that others will do the same. And not only do I expect it but I had already dismissed it. That is that part I find saddest looking back. I had already prepared myself to just let it go and have it be okay for him to mock my body if that’s what he had been doing.

“I know you have them… I can see them, I have felt them. And yet I am still here. I like them because I like you.”

He lets me finish getting ready for bed and goes to lay down. After I brush my teeth I look at my stretch marks in the mirror. I sort of smirk a bit as I turn off the light and head to bed.