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Wait cis guys can have stretch marks?? My dude thank you so much for sharing this information and getting rid of some dysphoria for me!!

Oh! Of course hahah happy to help!


save him. 

fat boys deserve love too ❤️

chubby dudes
curvy dudes
fat dudes
dudes with stretch marks
dudes with chubby cheeks
boys who get called slobs, fat, or lazy
boys who get ridiculed for their weight
boys who get embarrassed in gym class
boys who don’t cover up in order to go to the pool
boys happy with how they look
boys actively trying to lose weight
I’m rooting for you

Seeing a fucking ubisoft dev/intern saying he’s going to pirate The last light because of the dev making pro-gamergate tweets from 2014 is both so petty and so ironic

I guess it’s ok for multi million companies to pirate indie games now but the triple-a devs get the luxury of (temporary) piracy protection via Denuvo? I hate this fucking industry lmao


Summary: Danny reflects on his unique friendship with Arin, not wanting the Gru//mp session to end.

Genre: Fluff, Sleepy Gameplay, Heart-to-Heart

Warnings: none

A/N: Hope you guys like this! It’s a cute lil reflection of Danny’s thoughts about his friendship with Arin. It’s supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Please let me know what you think!

That was always the funny thing about Arin.

He felt like home.

Danny sat back, stretching his arms behind his head as he watched his best friend snarl at the screen. His character, Link, jumped around for a helpless moment before falling onto the ground, defeated. Arin groaned and commented on the poor control system of the game.

He was only half listening. He watched as Arin picked up the game again, this time cracking a comment about Shadow Ganon’s weird nose and Zelda’s inability to help out his character–named Quaff or something equally as ridiculous.

Danny laughed offhandedly, studying the details of Arin’s face. Both men had been extremely busy lately. They hadn’t had a Gru//mp session in almost two weeks–they’d kept having to post Ste//am Tra//in videos to keep the slots filled.

As a consequence, they’d been at it almost all day playing various games. Sometimes he played, sometimes Arin did. But it was nights like this, where it was getting to be almost too late and they were hyped up on caffeine and sugar, where Danny found himself to be completely enjoying life.

His tongue still held the taste of his Skittles and his back was sore from sitting for so long, but he couldn’t have been happier. His throat felt mildly scratchy from laughing so much.

But it wasn’t just the sugar high or the sheer hilarity of the moment that made this so memorable for Danny–it was being able to spend some quality time with Arin. As cheesy as that sounded–even to himself–it was goddamn true.

Danny loved Arin. Arin loved Danny. It was one of the most obvious and accepted things in the Gru//mp Space. Sure, Brian and Danny were very close friends and partners, Suzy was Arin’s wife and they loved each other, but Danny and Arin had a bond no one else could touch.

He really loved that. He loved that he had a friendship so special it was coveted by everyone. Anyone who’d met Arin knew how charismatic and funny the guy was. Honestly, it felt like a fucking honor just to be considered Egor//aptor’s friend.

But Arin was so much more than Egoraptor. He was Arin. It was impossible to describe to anyone that didn’t know him. Arin just had an aura about him–something that made your chest swell and you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

Danny knew this all too well. If he was with Arin, everything was amazing. He could laugh, he could cry, he could be himself, and nothing would ever change the bond that had formed between the two men.

When Arin joked, Danny was the first one to laugh. When Danny needed someone, Arin was the first person he called. When they were getting ready to record, both just relaxed and prepared for a few hours of pure enjoyment.

His eyes traced Arin’s brown eyes, knitted in concentration, down his scruffy chin to his broad shoulders and his messy shoulder-length hair. The musician smiled fondly.

“Dude, you didn’t tie your hair up again.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I forgot.” Arin murmured, twisting his arms as if that would help him defeat Shadow Ganon. “Fuck, dude!”

“Here, I’ll tie it for you.” Without waiting to hear Arin’s reply, Danny scooted over and pulled back almost all of Arin’s hair. It was very soft, which he’d expected, since Arin washed it every day, and glossed through his fingers like water. Danny couldn’t help but to marvel at it for a moment, since he could never do this to his own wild curls.

Arin waited patiently, not paying him much mind since he was focused on the battle. Danny continued pulling back the rest of his hair, taking his sweet time. Because, honestly, he’d really, really missed Arin through the last couple weeks and texting him wasn’t the same at all.

“You good, dude?” Arin asked absently as Danny released a small sigh.

“Yeah. I just really fucking missed you.” Danny replied honestly, twisting the blonde streak through his fingers.

Arin nodded, biting his lip in frustration as his character died again. “Me too, man.”

Danny’s chest felt full. He’d honestly been so grouchy the last couple of days, and it had shown. Brian had finally stopped a NS//P writing session in exasperation, saying, “What is up with you? You’ve been turning into Gru//mp instead of Not-So-Gru//mp lately!”

At the mention of Game Gru//mps, Danny’s face had lifted slightly, and Brian rolled his eyes. “If you miss Arin, just get a fuckin’ Gru//mp session scheduled already. Or go hang out with him. Whatever. You’re going through Arin withdrawals.”

And Danny had nodded, because Brian was right (he always was) and everyone knew about Arin and Danny’s friendship and how much it meant to both of them. He had nothing to be embarrassed about–this sort of thing was normal.

And Arin, obviously, felt the same way.

Danny had been so happy to see him, he’d just stood there and positively beamed with joy when he’d run into the Grump Space that morning and saw Arin sitting behind his desk, editing something.

Arin had looked up at him and his eyes had lit up too, because he’d missed Danny just as much and they’d shared a big hug amidst Ross’s playful jeerings.

Everyone knew how close they were. Danny had never had a friendship like Arin’s in his whole life. He hoped Arin knew just how much he meant to him.

And now, running his long fingers through Arin’s hair and watching Arin finally beat the boss, he felt more at home than he ever had before.

Arin grinned. “Got him! Finally!” his eyes fell to the timer. “I think it’s about time for next time on–”

Danny panicked a little. If they ended this recording session, he’d have to go home. He’d have to say goodbye to Arin until they cleared enough time in their busy schedules to hang out again.

He didn’t want to say goodbye yet.

In his agitation, his fists clenched and Arin’s sentence was cut off by his yelp of surprise. “Dude, what’re you pullin’ my hair for?”

Danny blinked and released the silky hair in front of him as Arin turned to give him a curious look. The recorder was still on. They were still filming.

“We’ve still got time!” Danny blurted, eyes darting to the timer. “Another minute! Then we can do next time on Game Grumps!”

“Aww,” Arin groaned, but lifted the controller again. “Alright, Danny. Caught me slackin’ off, didn’t you?”

Arin’s tone was teasing and drawn out, which relaxed the older man. They weren’t done. He’d get to spend some more time with his friend.

“Zelda’s not much help, is she?” Danny joked, tentatively reaching back out to pull Arin’s hair back again.

Arin snorted. “Nah. She just likes to watch you suffer, y’know.” He lifted his pitch, imitating Zelda’s voice. “Oh, Quaff! Watching you die over and over again is really doin’ it for me!”

Danny laughed, tugging a bit on a small knot in the hair. He, too, imitated the princess’s voice. “You being impaled by Ganon? Mmmm….that’s the shit!”

Arin laughed loudly, letting out a small cackle, and Danny felt a goofy grin overtaking his features, feeling slightly proud of himself. He always felt like this whenever he got Arin to laugh. He chalked it up as a victory.

“Geez…I missed you, buddy,” Arin remarked once he caught his breath, making his character leap into the next temple.

Danny pressed his lips together to repress the glow of joy spreading through his body up to his face. He grinned, his eyes sparkling. “Oh, Arin, you know I love it when you talk to me like that!”

Arin chortled, glancing at the timer. “Much as I’d like to pursue that train of thought, Dan, we gotta end the episode.”

Danny deflated slightly, seeing that they had actually gone over time and really needed to stop. “You’re right. Next time on Game Gru//mps.”

Arin yawned his approval before leaning forward to switch everything off, pulling his hair away from Danny’s grip. He shuffled back to the other side of the couch, watching his friend fiddle with the microphone before standing up and stretching.

“Aw, man, dude, I got sore from sitting for so long.”

Not hearing a witty reply, Arin turned to look at Danny, who was watching him intently with the saddest doe eyes he’d ever seen.

“Whoa, what’s wrong, buddy?” Arin sat beside him, forehead creasing. “Everything okay in Sex//bang land?”

Danny stared at him, letting himself take a moment to appreciate the concern reflected on Arin’s face before replying timidly. “Um…do you mind if…we just hang here for a minute?”

Arin’s head tilted slightly. “Like here on the couch?”

“Yeah,” Danny mumbled. “It’s just I haven’t seen you in a while and I don’t want to go home yet and I missed you a lot.”

The younger man’s eyes softened and he smiled. “Sure, Dan. We can kick back and just talk for a while. I like talking to you.”

So Arin sat back on the couch and Danny threw his legs over his friend’s lap and they laughed at the ridiculous things that had happened to them today and Danny had never felt warmer, drawing a blanket around himself.

As it got late and their voices dwindled to soft tones, Danny felt his eyes drooping as he snuggled into the couch. His voice was so quiet he wasn’t sure if Arin heard him: “D’you think we’ll be friends forever, Arin?”

There was a small silence and Danny was about to check if Arin had fallen asleep when he heard the soft reply: “Even longer, Danny.”

It was the last thing Danny remembered before waking up the next morning with the sun filtering into the Gru//mp Space and Arin tucked underneath him, still fast asleep.

That was the funny thing about Arin.

He always felt like home.

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Actually there's a huge problem in society overall with pregnant people not realizing what they're getting into until it's too late. Because of stupid comments exactly like yours. "I don't CARE about STRETCH MARKS I'm creating LIFE" with a complete disregard for much worse, very real complications that can and do happen to many people. In general it's irresponsible/naive to dismiss the risks and act like all you have to worry about is stretch marks. No dude, plenty of people almost die

Look, I’ve already told you to kindly piss off. You do NOT help people with these kinds of messages, so you don’t get to tell me I’m the problem. You know why a lot of people have difficulties with childbirth? Anxiety, fear, and yes, okay, not knowing some of the potential risks. You are increasing the former by acting like you’re able to help with the latter. Anxiety can cause huge issues with childbirth and you are directly looking to cause it in an attempt to be high and mighty and educational.

I’m sorry if you’re American and your healthcare service is a Shitshow. But on the NHS you are made to meet with an OB to discuss all the potential risks. You are immediately referred to a specialist if you are considered high risk in any way. And guess what! I’m not! So your comments aren’t helpful.

Also, if you’re going to claim righteousness, don’t tell people to *Google* things you complete and utter melon! If you’re apparently a medical expert, discuss it with someone rather than sending people into the wide world of the internet where you know full well horror stories are abound. ‘Google this’ is the most irresponsible bit of advice you can give someone regarding a medical condition.

If I’m being irresponsible by saying I don’t mind the fact I’ll have stretch marks (which was the question I was answering, by the way. It was nothing at all about birth complications or the dangers of pregnancy. The person messaging me specifically mentioned stretch marks and I answered. It was YOU who came into my ask box essentially saying my body was going to be destroyed and how DARE I say that one physical reminder of my journey in particular wouldn’t offend me) then you are ALSO being irresponsible by telling people to Google horrendous things and further increasing the problem society has with birth anxiety. Birth anxiety leads to higher chances of birth related PTSD and post-partum depression.

Any competent midwife will tell you that we should be encouraging pregnant people to trust that their bodies are, most likely, capable of healthy childbirth, and making sure that they’re gently informed of risks as and when the information is necessary to their case. Not telling a low risk person they’re going to get their clit ‘torn right open’, you unhelpful, miserable toaster.

I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but once while I was playing Majora’s Mask 3D I noticed Epona was just sort of…floating. I’m not sure how or why. I think I still have a picture of it happening on my 3ds, but the screen was cracked at the time so idk how clear it is.

holy fuck ive figured out how to get sundae to accept me using the fan

if i give her a rly rly extra soft blanket she gets all snuggly and like. all of her woes? cancelled. her discontent towards fans? also cancelled

My thighs are really flexible so when I stretch them after running, it’s usually by kneeling with my legs spread wide and sitting back so butt rests on the floor between my feet.

I was doing that today and sort of rising and falling in small increments to deepen the stretch. This ripped dude who looks like a total douche was on a machine next to me and joked “Is that how you ride a dick, dude?”

I looked him square in the eye and said “No, I prefer to be on my back so the dick really hits my prostate. Want me to show you?”

He got really red and walked away, so I guess not.

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It may not be an au, but Nino being a proud dad (djwifi)?


“Ooh, wait, look, look! She’s opening her hand! Look, watch!”

Adrien snorted, carefully cradling a squirming Louis, who was getting fussier the longer his bottle was denied him. When Adrien finally got the bottle into the baby’s mouth, Louis sucked greedily, and Adrien winced, witnessing with his own eyes the reason Marinette wanted to switch him over to a bottle as soon as possible.

“Oh, look, now she’s stretching! Dude, are you seeing this?”

“Yeah, I’m seeing it,” Adrien assured his best friend, watching the way his eyes lit up as he watched his baby daughter sleep. The awe on Nino’s face brought a grin to Adrien’s. “You’re still so in love, huh?”

“Dude, she’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” Nino said without hesitation, giving his best friend an awestruck look as he reached into the crib, fingering Piper’s little fist. The baby yawned, tiny hand opening and closing around Nino’s finger, and Nino practically bounced in place, much to Adrien’s amusement. “She’s perfect.

“That’s easy for you to say–you didn’t have to be in labor for thirty hours just to get her here.”

Adrien muffled a laugh as Alya walked into the nursery, looking teasingly disgruntled as she joined her husband at the crib to watch their daughter sleep.

“Little monster,” she said affectionately, touching Piper’s cheek. Nino slid his free arm around her, leaning his head against hers.

“We made an angel,” he gently contradicted his wife. Adrien smirked as Alya glanced up at her husband with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay–just you wait until she reaches her Terrible Twos. Then we’ll see if you still say that.”

“No, she’s not allowed to grow up. She has to stay this cute and little forever.”

“Oh, okay. Then I’ll leave you on diaper duty forever.”

“…You know what, growing up is an important process to life…”

“That’s what I thought.”

Adrien snorted and shook his head. It was amusing to see just how in love Nino already was with his daughter…but it wasn’t like he could talk much. Been there, done that.

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