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Forgive me if someone pointed this out already but I feel like that scene recontextualized a thing or two

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Gym Seventeen

Scoups: does squats, grunts for dramatic effect

Jeonghan: is there to watch people Scoups work out

Joshua: runs a 5k smiling, smells fresh after

Jun: doing bicep curls waiting for a crowd to form around him

Hoshi: dances on the treadmill, & gets banned from the gym

Wonwoo: speed walks around the track while listening to an audio book

Woozi: tries to get away with sleeping on the bikes

DK: playing basketball too excitedly with a team of serious athletes

Mingyu: swims, but mostly so he can wear his dumb flowery swim cap

The8: stretching and doing yoga poses that look impossible

Seungkwan: exclusively uses the elliptical, is more interested in athletic fashion than working out in them 

Vernon: jogs around the track once and walks the rest of the way

Dino: over excitedly challenging everyone to arm wrestling matches

GUYS I HAD A THOUGHT (partially inspired by this video)

Steve: do you know me?
Bucky: You’re Steve. I read about you in a museum. 
Steve: I know you’re nervous, and you have good reason to be.
[Bucky clenches his jaw.]
Steve: But you’re lying.

What happened the last time Bucky mentioned that he ‘knew’ someone?
He was tortured. It’s a pretty safe guess that the scene in the bank vault wasn’t the first time that the Winter Soldier has brought up past memories, specifically of Steve. And each time, that was taken as a signal that his mental conditioning was breaking down, and he suffered for it–over and over and over again. 

In this case, Bucky deliberately avoids answering the question within a personal context (”I know you”) and takes a much more indirect route (”I read about you”). He’s not supposed to know Steve. Every single instinct built up over years of abuse is telling him that if he admits to knowing Steve, he will get hurt.  

So he lies.


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Hot Shower Anyone?

Hey y’all! There are many shower fics out there so I want to add mine to the bunch! I hope you like it. There may be a part 2 coming your way soon. Please let me know if y’all would like that! Thanks for reading. Happy Friday!

Summary: You learn you’re not the only one who enjoys hot showers after working out. 

Warnings: language, dirty-ish talk and almost nakedness

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The sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway outside your room woke you up four minutes before your alarm would. You loudly groaned, rolled over in the bed and pulled the pillow out from under your head and plopped it on top of your face. 

Your efforts to drown out the sounds on the other side of your door were fruitless. Sam’s voice was muffled but you still heard him yell “Damn girl, are you just waking up or having a morning quickie in there?”

You shut your eyes even tighter, determined to stay in bed until your alarm woke you up as you planned. But you chuckled when you heard Steve scolding his friend. “Leave her alone. You know she’s not a morning person, Sam. Let’s go.”

You let out a sigh of relief when they walked away from your door. The peace didn’t last long though, because only a few seconds later your stupid alarm went off. Those four precious minutes of sleep were gone and you were pissed. You really had to talk to Tony about making the walls in the tower sound proof. 

Come on, you thought. If the guys were up and going already, you could at least get out of bed. 

You quite literally rolled your body out of bed, slamming your hand down on the clock as you passed it, and walked over to your dresser to grab your bathing suit. 

Every member of the team had their own way of keeping in shape. The guys ran, you swam, Natasha just was, and the others practiced their talents to keep their powers up to snuff. You were the newest and youngest member on the team and you had to work a little harder to keep up.

You grabbed a plum, your water bottle and the backpack that had all your workout stuff already packed, entered the elevator and pressed the “P” button. 

When Tony found out you used the pool at the local YMCA he scolded you and teased for a week before he had an Olympic sized pool put into the tower. “How dare you pay for a membership, and walk all that way, to jump in a dirty pool with a bunch of people” He would say. You had explained at least a hundred times that you like the Y, it was always clean, and you had gotten to know the morning crowd, but he wouldn’t have it. You gave in because having your own pool that you didn’t have to pay to use rocked.

You let your heavy eyelids close as you sat at the edge of the pool and put your hair in a braid to fit it into the cap. After stretching and putting on your goggles and ear plugs, you jumped in. 

The second your face emerged from the water you groaned. “So cooooooold.” You complained. 

You got to it and did your laps for an hour, as you normally did. You were awake now and jumped out of the pool with vigor, only to shrivel at the cold air touching your body. You needed a hot shower ASAP.

You didn’t waste any time getting to the elevator that would take you back to your room and its attached bathroom. The doors opened to the floor with the team’s bedrooms and you didn’t see Steve, Bucky, or Sam. You guessed they took a longer run than usual and you were excited to beat them to the shower.

You practically ran to into your bathroom, ripping off your wet bathing suit and turning the shower onto its hottest setting. As soon as the water was warm enough, you jumped in and let it roll down your back. Once your back was warm you turned in slow circles so your whole body could be under the stream of water that would slowly increase the temperature of your cold skin.  

The water was so hot you almost couldn’t stand it, so you distracted yourself by washing the chlorine out of your hair because it hurt so good. You watched the steam float off your body when you heard a voice.

“Sorry to interrupt your shower, Miss, but Mr. Barnes insists that I ask you to give his hot water back.”

It took you a second to realize what she was talking about. It registered in your mind that you didn’t beat the guys home and you didn’t see Bucky when you came out of the elevator because he was already in his shower. 

When you didn’t answer her, F.R.I.D.A.Y. said “Mr. Barnes enjoys his hot showers too, Miss.”  

You laughed at this and said “F.R.I.D.A.Y., please tell him he can wait his turn.”

You continued washing the pool water off your body when you told your ceiling, “I didn’t know you were in the bathrooms, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You couldn’t hide that you were a little weirded out. 

“Only audio, Miss.”

“Oh. Okay.” That was comforting.

After you were satisfied with how hot your skin was, you turned off the water and opened the shower door to step out. 


You jumped out of your skin and almost slipped and fell on the floor. You were going to have to get used to her being in the bathroom.

“Yeah?” You were a little irritated now.

“I suggest you grab your towel, you are about to have a visitor. 

Confused as all hell you quickly wrapped your dripping body in the towel sitting on the sink and prepared yourself for someone to walk in that door uninvited. 

You watched the doorknob turn and before the door even opened you heard, “I was in there first-”

Bucky’s voice cut out and he looked at you with wide eyes. You watched his eyes move down your dripping frame until they hit the towel. What did he expect to see when he walked in your bathroom-

You thoughts stopped as your eyes focused on him. Your brain didn’t allow you to think about anything else but him and his dark, wet hair in his face, and the water droplets running down his toned chest and torso until they reached the towel hanging too low on his hips for you to not stare at, and his long fingers holding the white fabric together and his strong, veiny arm that brought you back up to the darkened blue eyes trying to see through the towel that was wrapped around your body. 

You saw his tongue quickly skid across his lips and a smile form under red, blush-filled cheeks. 

He finally broke the silence between the two of you. “I was in there first” he said again.  

“Well, I was cold.” It was impossible for you to be witty when he was staring at you with that look in his eyes.  

He slowly walked toward you, closing the door behind him, until his face was so close to yours you could feel his breath on your lips.

“Next time you want a hot shower in the morning, just join me.”

And before you could find the breath in your lungs to answer him, he disappeared out the door, leaving only the scent of his soap in your bathroom.

Part 2 Hot Bath Anyone? 


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Guide to keeping long hair when you don't want long hair, or "de-feminizing hair"

I’ve seen quite a few supposed instructions for making long hair look short, but usually they’re actually more along the lines of making long hair look not as long, and still just as feminine.

I’ve seen more than several people who like their long hair, but in one way or another don’t feel feminine enough for it. “I feel gender neutral/masculine so I want to look gender neutral/masculine.” This is a completely valid feeling, and short hair is usually one of the characteristics associated with this. I’ve seen this especially in the gender fluid community where people feel like having different hair lengths at different times. This is how I am.

Ultimately whether or not you cut your hair is up to you and if it makes you comfortable or not. There are both ways that long hair can look less feminine, and ways of making it look shorter without cutting it.

This isn’t all encompassing by any means, I just thought I’d share a few techniques that I’m familiar with and do myself fairly often.

This is me. Sorry if it looks like I’m constantly glaring, my face is just kind of like that. This is my hair. 

It’s very long, it goes down to about my hips.

I have bangs, as they do come in handy for how I want to appear more often than not. In general bangs are more feminine, but they can work to be not so (shown later). And yes I know these are hardly bangs anymore, I need a trim. I promise not to crawl out of your screen to terrorize you though.

Pinning bangs back on each side can make them nearly disappear. Part them in half and pin to each side near the temple, and pin them so they go under your long hair.

Having long hair isn’t as female-specific as many people seem to think. I know lots of men who have long hair, they usually wear it in a simple ponytail. So again just remember that you don’t need short hair to be more masculine, but if you want it that’s cool too.

Here’s what the pinned bangs looks like with hair pulled back. An alternative to a regular ponytail is using hair ties every few inches to form more of a rope of hair. I have to admit, I have only seen men do this.

After the jump: Making hair appear shorter, the benefits of bangs and layering, and hats!

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“She was trapped in a mirror…”

“… and it couldn’t be clearer…”

“… she wanted to leave this place…”

“… and get herself back in space…”

“And Dad, you might think she’s a criminal…”

“… but her friendship comes through subliminal.”