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Didn’t get in until late last night from softball, luckily I didn’t have to be to work first thing this morning! I slept an extra 30 minutes and got my run in around 7. I was pretty tired and stiff for the first mile which has been normal the past couple weeks… I think I am gonna do a shorter run tomorrow and stretch out on the bike before.

I didn’t have to be to work first thing because I had to drop Oakley off at the vet just now. He has two cells he has to have removed today, one is in a tricky spot so they have to put him under. I hate leaving him but I know our vet loves animals and will take great care of him! Oakley agreed to a selfie before we walked in! 🐶 ❤️

Hope y'all have an awesome day!

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♔ : Finding the other wearing their clothes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This is even more fun in the wake of the promo pic for s8 dropping on Wednesday … 

Thank you for sending this, Ari, here is your oneshot. As I already told you, I’m stubbornly ignoring canon for this. :-)

Coming home from a run early because everything had gone down smoothly was always a win for everybody in his book, Daryl thought as he passed through the gate on his bike, the car behind him, as the weight of responsibility fell off him. The combination of the bike for scouting ahead and either avoiding or dealing with minor threats and inconveniences, and the car following behind was serving them well, and he was feeling relaxed and comfortable because he hadn’t been forced to ride in the stuffy car. He had grown to like all the people in it, but still felt better being out on his own.

He stopped his bike in front of the low building that served as the townhall, put out his kickstand and killed the engine. Getting off the bike, he stretched his legs and waited for the car to stop next to him, and for everyone to climb out and start distributing stuff so the Kingdom, HIlltop, and Alexandria would all end up with the supplies they needed. These joint runs had been very successful and had served to make all three communities feel connected and closer, which had led to increasingly smooth cooperation on all other issues as well, especially with Gregory gone and Maggie heading Hilltop now..

Since he had their own provisions in his backpack already, he stepped up to the others to say good bye as soon as they got out of the car. Grabbing Rick’s outstretched hand, he nodded at him briefly, then moved on first to Jesus and then to Glenn, the representative from Hilltop, and Aaron, Rick’s backup from Alexandria, exchanging brief handshakes and nods with each of them as well.

“‘f ya don’t mind, I’ll head out again, don’t wanna let ’er wait longer than necessary. Give my regards to everyone, will ya?”

He caught Glenn’s eye and added, “Hope Maggie’s doin’ good.”

“She is, she’ll be happy to hear from you both,” Glenn assured him.

Nodding again, Daryl climbed back onto his bike, turned it toward the gate, and started his engine. He didn’t look back as he put up the kickstand, toed in first gear and gently released his clutch - he had his own home to return to, and someone waiting for him.

He would have expected Carol to be outside, with the weather so gorgeous, but the garden lay deserted. An empty glass and a pitcher of water were sitting on the small table next to the rocking chair on the porch, so maybe she’d only gone inside to get a book or something. He’d been pushing the bike for the last half a mile to not draw either walkers or people, and just as soundlessly as he had come here, he now pushed it into its spot next to the house, hidden from view so it wouldn’t give away that people were living here.

As he walked around to the stairs leading onto the porch, he started pulling off his gloves. Stepping up to the table, he poured himself a glass of water and downed it, then leaned down to the bucket of water next to the door, cupped his hands in it for a scoop and splashed his sweaty face as he came back up.

Chin scruff, hands, and face still dripping, he opened the screen and front doors, carefully nudging them so the hinges wouldn’t squeal. They had both become experts at opening their doors and had decided not to oil them as a kind of last minute alarm to alert them if anyone tried to come into their home. He was already halfway into the living room by the time he remembered that he had agreed to humor Carol by taking off his boots at the door, so he circled back to toe them off.

Unloading his backpack on the kitchen counter, he moved and stretched his arms to loosen his muscles, and carefully rubbed his right shoulder as he turned toward the bedroom to get rid of his sweaty clothes before grabbing a bucket shower in the backyard. Since he automatically avoided the squeaking floor boards, his footfalls were completely soundless as he came upon the door and opened it - to find Carol curled up on their bed, fast asleep in the afternoon heat, dressed only in one of his shirts.

The shirt, in fact, that he had worn for work the day before and discarded when going to bed - a shirt that would certainly smell, not to say stink, of him as she was wearing it.

Pain tugged at his insides as he saw her curled up like this, on her side, arms bent, her hands lying relaxed and half open near her chest, a light coating of sweat on her flushed face, and her fluffy graying curls standing wildly off her head in all directions.

She looked so beautiful and so vulnerable and fragile at the same time that an overwhelming need to protect her roared to life inside him as tears began to burn in his eyes. Standing next to their bed, he tried to understand the idea that he was living with her, with the woman he loved, the strongest, fiercest, bravest, and most beautiful woman he had ever met, and she loved him back unconditionally.

it was too much.

He felt a tear running down his face as he sat down on the edge of the bed, overwhelmed by his emotions, and then the moment was gone as she stirred in her sleep and then reached up with one curled hand to swipe a strand of hair away from her face - and woke up.

Her eyes found him instantly and lit up with joy - and then she blushed deeply, from her collarbones up to her forehead and all the way to her ears, as she realized that he had caught her wearing his sweaty, unwashed shirt so she would at least have his scent while he was gone. Mouth open and eyes wide in a stunned expression, she limply grasped the shirt with one hand and then froze with embarrassment - but at that moment, Daryl started chuckling, his eyes full of mirth and joy and love.

“Woman, why don’t I leave one for ya ta wear that’s not gross but still smellin’ of me for when I’m gone?”

He gathered her in his arms as she came to him, smiling through his tears, hunting for her own scent as he held her close, feeling her heartbeat against his chest and her breath on his skin, and all was well with the world as they kissed.


Caryl fan fiction

Caryl fanfiction

Daryl Dixon

Carol Peletier

because i’ve hit that “i’m so close to finishing this but my motivation has died” point with my fic i’m putting an excerpt below under the read more, and if you like it and want more, or have any comments, please please do the thing!!

general overview:

title: king and lionheart [may be changed later]
fandom: d.gray-man
word count: 150,000+ [not yet finished]
pairings: lavi/allen [slow burn]
summary: canon divergent [plot diverges from canon from chapter 218, though some aspects of the later chapters are included], allen/neah are on the run and end up travelling with lavi, who managed to escape from the noah but is Suffering TM. first half of the fic has a focus on character/relationship development, second half is more plot heavy [cause shit hits the fan in expected dgm fashion].

the following excerpt is taken from the first chapter

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Jaytim, This is not what it looks like.

This is not what it looks like

“Replacement?” Jason called out once he shut the front door.

They were meeting to go over a case—something about imports and hallucinogenic drugs—but Jason was late. Someone roughed up one of the working girls from around the corner and he’d intervened, only for it to turn into a ten-block shootout.

Bruce was not going to be happy. Which made Jason endlessly happy.  

He had expected Tim to let himself in to his apartment while he finished up the chase. They hadn’t worked more than a handful of cases, but his replacement was quickly becoming one of the most interesting people Jason had ever met.  

He wasn’t like Dick with his showy smiles and fiery temper, slipping and sliding all over conversations until you felt dizzy from it. And he wasn’t like Bruce, either, with his harsh lines and his silence. Tim was… dangerous.

But Tim wasn’t in Jason’s sparse kitchen or his messy living room with the scratched up coffee table. Ever the optimist, Jason even checked his bedroom—damn, that boy had a pair of legs—but no sign Tim.

That left…


Jason slowly kicked open the door to garage.

There was Tim. Sitting on an old tire, elbow deep in his bike’s engine. There were parts strewn all over the table and floor, the red side panel had been removed and….yep, Tim had definitely found his blow torch.

Jason made an angry, helpless sound. Tim’s head snapped up from where he had been bent over and prodding the throttle valve with a screwdriver.

Jason hadn’t thought it possible but yes, there was something even more horrible than his bike’s entrails strewn all over the place.

Because Tim had a black smudge on his cheekbone that looked like it was meant to be there like some crazy high fashion fad. Tim’s hair was pulled back in a bun at the top of his head, except not very well, since silky strands were falling out over his eyes. And the worst part was the thick-framed, tortoise shell glasses sliding down Tim’s nose that belonged at a Wayne Enterprises’ board meeting, not Jason’s tiny, dirty garage.

And that was all terrible and awful, because Tim made Jason’s mouth dry and his palms sweaty, even as his blood boiled at the sight of his bike in such disarray. 

Tim calmly pushed his glasses up with his index finger, smearing a line of grease as he went. “This is not what it looks like.” 

“Oh?” Jason asked sharply. “Explain it to me, then.” 

“I made it better.” Tim shrugged as if he weren’t inches from his own death after having the audacity to touch Jason’s bike. 

His baby.

“It?” Jason repeated, numbly. His voice sounded hollow to his own ears.

The corner of Tim’s mouth twitched. “Oh, sorry. Her.” 

Jason tensed all over. Tim didn’t even sound sorry! 

“I could kill you for this,” Jason said. And it was true. No one touched his bike—not Dick, not Alfred, not fucking Bruce.

No one.

“You could,” Tim agreed, and then shot Jason a smug look over the rim of his glasses. “But you won’t.”

Jason clenched his helmet between his fists. “The fuck you know, bird boy?”

“You’ll see, when you take her for a ride.” Tim stretched over the bike like he owned the thing, cool and confident and burning inside with some kind of death wish. “Don’t you trust me?”

“Less than when I didn’t trust you before,” Jason replied, but there wasn’t really any sting to it. Mostly, he tried to keep the awe from his voice.

He imagined this must have been what Bruce felt, when he found Jason stealing the wheels off the batmobile.

Tim didn’t look bothered by Jason’s remark, just perfect and pretty getting down and dirty with his favorite bike. There was that same smile on his face, equal parts amused and arrogant. “Fair. Now, do you want to help or are you going to just stand there?” 

You are dangerous, Jason thought.

But he still bent down and handed Tim a wrench. When their fingers brushed against the cool metal, Jason though of another four-letter word beginning with the letter k. 


Cycling in Suwon 

I decided to buy a bike to ride to and from work, so last weekend my boyfriend and I walked up to this shop (carrying his bike) and rode home together along the short stretch of river. The bike was relatively cheap, only 150,000 won, and the man who sold it to me was very helpful and friendly. 

출, 퇴근을 외한 자전거를 사기로 해서, 지난번 주말에 (남친의 자전거 가져 가면서) 자전거가게까지 산책하고 원천리천을 따라 집으로 돌아왔어요. 자전거가 저렴하고 예쁘고 가게 주인 아저씨도 친절하셔서 기뻤어요.

Read the rest of the post about 광교호수공원 and see pictures on Naver blog

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I currently look like Freelee did back when she was holding extra fat. I eat HCLF abundant cals, female, 5 ft 2, 60kg, don't drink, never been on the pill. I restricted for the whole of 2014, then gained 8-10kg in early 2015 from metabolic damage. Haven't lost any of it since. Haven't been exercising a lot, just stretching & 1-2 bike rides a week. Mentally I'm in a great place, but sick of carrying this extra weight so I'm going to ride my bike every day for 1 hour, no excuses! Any other tips?

Sounds like you are doing great mate. Yes ride that bike more and explore and commute! :)

Swapped tomorrows cross training with today’s 3 miler. Calf and hip/groin were really sore today so I biked, stretched, and did abs. Have to remind myself that these are still important components of my training!

101 Things To Do Before You Settle Down
  • kid1. Learning how to cook something besides ramen noodles and eggs.
  • 2. Discovering what “truffle salt” is, and the magic it creates.
  • 3. Making elaborate, delicious dinners for one, and not feeling like it’s a waste.
  • 4. Throwing a surprise party for someone you care about.
  • 5. Tasting tons of different wines, and finding out which one you actually like the most.
  • 6. Buying yourself a big pizza, eating as much of it as you want, and not feeling like you’re a bad person for it.
  • 7. Learning to ride a bike.
  • 8. Riding a bike in the city.
  • 9. Stretching.
  • 10. Buying flowers for yourself.
  • 11. Owning a plant without accidentally killing it.
  • 12. Owning an animal (even a hamster) and caring for it well.
  • 13. Seeing how much exercise you can get done without actually “working out.”
  • 14. Popping a bottle of champagne for a special occasion and serving all your friends.
  • 15. Hearing the glasses clink, and knowing that you did something worth celebrating.
  • 16. Eating good Belgian chocolates.
  • 17. Setting a physical challenge for yourself, and attempting it. Whether or not you succeed is not as important.
  • 18. Drinking eight big glasses of water a day.
  • 19. Switching to tea, at least for a week.
  • 20. Learning to say “I love you” to your friends.
  • 21. Learning how to drive stick (you never know when you’ll need it, until you’re confronted with a stick shift and have no idea what to do).
  • 22. Trying the one food that has always grossed you out.
  • 23. Learning that pretty much anything tastes good when sautéed in garlic and olive oil.
  • 24. Living on your own.
  • 25. Paying your own rent. And your own electricity.
  • 26. Learning how much you learn to cut back when you’re paying your own utilities.
  • 27. Finally organizing all of the papers and knick knacks that always collect on your table.
  • 28. Mopping your floor just because you like to see it sparkle.
  • 29. Re-doing your entire closet.
  • 30. Seeing how far you can get using just your feet.
  • 31. Spending entire days going out of your way to discover parts of your own city that you haven’t seen before.
  • 32. Traveling at least one place on your own, even if it’s just a road trip out to the beach.
  • 33. Getting lost on a pedestrian side-street in a city you’ve never been before.
  • 34. Watching a place go from “postcard you keep on your desk” to “somewhere you’ve actually been.”
  • 35. Creating a work space, even if you don’t actually have a desk at work.
  • 36. Filling it with images that inspire you.
  • 37. Learning how much you can do when you cut out all distractions.
  • 38. Kissing a stranger on New Year’s when you’re in a new place, and knowing that you’ll probably never see them again, but being totally okay with that.
  • 39. Trying a nice restaurant by yourself.
  • 40. Reading a book for hours in the back of a busy cafe.
  • 41. Having a long conversation with a stranger at a bar.
  • 42. Discovering your “signature drink.”
  • 43. Becoming a master of the “Skype date” or “Skype friend date.”
  • 44. Writing letters.
  • 45. Sending thank-you notes.
  • 46. Practicing your handwriting.
  • 47. Picking something off a vine and eating it fresh, and wondering why you ever ate anything else.
  • 48. Telling someone you like them first.
  • 49. Making the first move.
  • 50. Holding hands during a movie, and then pretending you didn’t as soon as the movie’s over, because you’re both too shy.
  • 51. Listening to the advice of someone much, much older than you.
  • 52. Talking to someone on their 50th wedding anniversary.
  • 53. Talking to someone who has been divorced.
  • 54. Getting really into a new TV show, and spending an entire weekend watching the whole thing.
  • 55. Meeting someone who’s just obsessed with the TV show as you are.
  • 56. Feeling like you’ve found a soulmate.
  • 57. Fixing something yourself, even something as simple as a broken curtain rod or lampshade.
  • 58. Calling someone for help when you really need it.
  • 59. Answering your phone for a friend at 3 AM.
  • 60. Having your heart broken.
  • 61. Thinking it will be the end of the world.
  • 62. Realizing it isn’t.
  • 63. Finally feeling ready to fall in love again, even though you know you might end up with another broken heart.
  • 64. Attending a wedding.
  • 65. Attending a funeral.
  • 66. Understanding that all things, good and bad, are only temporary.
  • 67. Learning how to fight fair with someone, and how to not go to bed angry.
  • 68. Helping your friend when they are having their heart broken.
  • 69. Learning that no two heartbreaks are the same.
  • 70. Applying for your dream job, even if you think you’ll never get it.
  • 71. Practicing job interviews with your friends and family.
  • 72. Going into an interview feeling nervous, but ready to try.
  • 73. Keeping a journal.
  • 74. Going back and reading your journal even a year later, and feeling really embarrassed of all the feelings you had, but glad that you wrote them down.
  • 75. Going to a concert with friends.
  • 76. Finally embodying that corny “dance like no one’s watching” bracelet you used to have.
  • 77. Remembering why it was so great.
  • 78. Feeling like you’re 16 again, in the best way.
  • 79. Taking a thousand pictures with your best friend, and keeping all of them.
  • 80. Accepting that you’re not going to look great in every photo, but that it doesn’t matter.
  • 81. Intentionally taking pictures of yourself from your “bad angle.”
  • 82. Learning to love your nose.
  • 83. Learning to love your stomach.
  • 84. Spending a whole weekend afternoon just walking, with no particular destination in mind.
  • 85. Remembering how good it feels to just walk.
  • 86. Calling your parents out of the blue.
  • 87. Calling your grandparents out of the blue.
  • 88. Remembering that you are so young.
  • 89. Feeling like a kid.
  • 90. Feeling like a grown-up.
  • 91. Realizing that you are both, and neither, and will always be between the two.
  • 92. Hugging someone for just a second too long.
  • 93. Wanting to hold onto them forever.
  • 94. Realizing that you are more than enough by yourself.
  • 95. Loving your own company.
  • 96. Making yourself laugh.
  • 97. Comforting yourself when you cry.
  • 98. Stretching again.
  • 99. Standing in the rain without an umbrella.
  • 100. Understanding that tomorrow is brand new and full of possibility.
  • 101. Realizing that you have your entire life to be in a relationship, and maybe it will happen soon, but maybe it won’t — and there are so many wonderful things to accomplish in the meantime.
  • by Sophie Martin (source:

In exciting news, I finally pulled the trigger on buying a Brother 1034 serger. So far I’ve got nothing but good things to say. It was easy to thread and stitches beautifully.

Of course instead of doing something reasonable for a first project, I decide to test out my Lone Star Bike Short idea that I’d been kicking around since I started debating getting the serger. Yes, Y-seams and tiny pieces sound totally reasonable on a brand new machine.

Understandably, it’s a little lopsided because of that. But actually, it came out better than I anticipated. By the second side I’d gotten into the groove of it, and it only took me an afternoon to put together. I really just wanted to see if it would work, or if the pieces were just too small for the serger to handle–or if all the serger seams would limit the stretch of the fabric too much. Neither was actually an issue, and now I’m excited to experiment with more patchwork patterns.

The fabrics were just some weird tencel/nylon blends I had around in a horrible color scheme. I probably won’t finish the waist band/leg openings on this ‘rough draft’ mostly because the color’s so awful I’d never wear them. But, there will most definitely be a pair in a better color scheme with neater seams coming soon.

  • It burns a lot of calories. Believe it or not, if you have an average weight you’ll burn up to 600 calories per hour!
  • It relieves stress. Listen to music, bike in the forests, or just go wherever you like to go. Exercise relieves stress! Get all zen on your bike!
  • Get toned legs. Of course, biking is a good cardio exercise, but you will absolutely feel your legs when you go for a bike ride! And biking is a lot better for your knees and joints.
  • Explore your neighbourhood. You can go anywhere on your bike. Go to places you can’t go with a car, or  that are too far away to walk to. Just have fun finding a nice biking route!
  • It boosts creativity. You’ll think more deepy when you exercise. So if you don’t know what to do for a certain project, job or whatever it might be, jump on the bike and maybe you’ll find the perfect solution! 
  • It increases your flexibility. Don’t forget to stretch before you go biking. You’ll get more flexible every day!
  • Beat illness! Regular exercise is even better than eating healthy. It is even proven that people who exercise regularly are 50% less sick than the people who sit all day.
  • Save the planet. Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space as one car. It takes about 5% of the materials and energy used to make a car to build a bike, and a bike produces zero air pollution.

I really love to travel with my bike to discover new roads, and sometimes I don’t have to go far to find an adventure or a good place to ride.
One of my favorite rides begins right from my front steps and takes me past some of Rio’s beaches all the way to a nature reserve, completing a 100 km round trip.

I take the expressway that surrounds Rio’s Lagoon, avoiding the traffic lights of the ordinary streets all the way to Leblon Beach. Right at the end of the beach, an easy climb takes me to São Conrado. It’s a short stretch of winding road and it ends at a beautiful and almost deserted beach where you can admire a huge rock called Pedra Bonita (Beautiful Rock). I usually get there by sunrise when this rock is covered by golden sunlight. It’s magnificent!

After taking in the sights, you must cross a mountain pass in order to reach the other side of the beach. The timing is always perfect to contemplate the sunrise from up there.

There is a lot of flat road on the way to the nature reserve. To mix things up there are some stretches of bike paths and a few stints of cobbles. I prefer climbing, but the place is so beautiful that it’s worth it. As I push forward, the houses get spread out until they completely disappear.

The reserve has a hilly road crammed between the green untouched mountains and the deep blue ocean. It’s one of the most amazing places i’ve ever been to, and the best part is I don’t need a car to get there.

Julia -@franceantarctique

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ereri, 11

With a shuddering gasp 


Levi was numb from the waist down. They should have stopped ages ago and taken a break, but they were so close now he decided to press on. He was windburnt, sunburnt, and he knew he’d ache all over tomorrow. Occasionally he’d take one hand off the handlebars and flex his fingers, but with Eren clinging on behind him he couldn’t even stand up and stretch his legs.

His old bike was not intended for long-distance travel. This was probably the stupidest idea ever.

But he’d felt Eren tense up when they first got a glimpse of the bridge, as they approached it from the North; it snuck up on them. Eren hadn’t relaxed since, his arms an iron grip around Levi’s waist and his chin on his shoulder. Ever time Levi risked a glance at him out of the corner of his eye his grin was blinding. He’s gonna eat a lot of bugs like that, Levi thought.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Eren was practically vibrating as they rounded the last corner, the San Francisco Bay glittering on their left. Levi found himself trying not to grin himself. Well hell, it had been a while since he’d been this way himself.

“Here we go!” Eren shouted, tilting his head back to look up at the cables and the towers as they rode onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Jesus Christ don’t float away, Eren,” Levi muttered, as he felt Eren’s grip loosen.

Eren didn’t let go. He whooped every time they went under one of the towers, drawing attention from the cyclists and pedestrians on the walkways beside the road.

“It goes on and on!” he yelled hoarsely, delighted. “I feel like I’m in a movie.”

As they approached the other end of the bridge Eren curled down again and hugged Levi with enthusiasm far in excess of what was probably necessary. Levi didn’t mind.

“I love you!” Eren gasped as they finally rode off the bridge, with what sounded like the last of the air in his lungs.

“What?” Levi asked, not sure he heard him right. Eren had been full of love for everything on this trip. He probably misheard-

“I. Love. You!” Eren hollered after sucking in a huge lungful of air.

“Fuck! Don’t shout!” They wobbled slightly as Levi flinched away from the noise, and he smiled all the way to San Francisco.


Lunchtime stretch/run/bike out of the way! It felt really good to have a nice slow jog to stretch things out!

I may go lift this evening and do some core. I am being lazy/cautious after the half, I have never had my IT band be sore but it definitely is!

Here is a random picture of Memphis! :-) and of the fog this morning, we never have fog ever! Haha

And lastly my lunch is almost done! Sausage and Sprouts, completely out of my brain recipe, hope is is good!

Hope y'all are having a great day so far!

House Call - Marissa/Kai

Kai pulled up on his motorcycle, locking his helmet to the side of the bike and stretching a little, before unzipping his leather jacket and looking over to the building.

It was a building alright. That, right there, was a building.

He really wasn’t sure what to expect from this whole thing. It had something to do with a set of texts he’d been indisposed and unable to receive on time, for which he’d apologized profusely, of course.

Still, whatever happened, he was sure it’d be interesting enough to warrant the journey. He was excited to meet somebody new, and to get a chance to see a new artifact, and maybe get a peek at its magical workings. He’d been researching what he could about that, pretty much since that day Toby had showed him a whole different sort of card trick, and he’d made some progress it seemed - but, of course, it was pretty hard to tell whether you were really solving the riddle, when you already knew you knew the answer.

Kai couldn’t enchant something without knowing what he was enchanting it with, so this necklace, whatever it would prove to be, offered a fairly uncommon opportunity.

Excited, and smiling slightly, Kai went through the front door and climbed the stairs, knocking on the door which felt like something out of a newer take on a noir novel. It only felt right to rap on the glass rather than the wood.

“Hello? Marissa? It’s Kai! About the necklace?”


Say Yes to that Bod

I’ve decided now is the time to take an active approach toward my improved physical wellbeing.

The MCAT is behind me, I’ve begun to find that summer job/summer course balance, and I’m almost done with my medical school applications. The time is ripe to give my body the care it needs.

Just going to the gym today, something I’ve been “intending” to do for a while now, had an elevating effect on my mood. I’ve always had a highly suggestible mind and it was apparent as that feeling of athleticism returned to me before I even made it to the facility.

Coming off an injury, it’s crucial not to overdo it. It can be an easy temptation to start right back at the level at which you left off but it can slow your return to peak physique–or even damage your body further.

10 min warmup on stationary bike, stretching, 25 min of cardio on low impact elliptical, then a cool down followed by yoga at my apartment.

All of this is making me reflect on the nature of energy and the role it plays in our lives. On my walk home, I exchanged looks with a silly dog and it made me burst out laughing. Energy’s spontaneous play awakens in unexpected ways.

While relaxation and having it easy is nice, energy is meant to be spent. Energy is not meant to be hoarded where it goes stale, tucked away in isolation. Keeping the body active circulates the energy. The energy within your mind-body system but also the energy exchange between and beyond it.

How often do we do something fun with our bodies? I suppose some do more than others.

Personally I don’t like working out or exercising. Who does? I like playing; exercising is monotonous. My current goal is to return to good enough health to get back on my yoga grind with a vengeance and also to return to playing squash. It was one of the few sports that I actually enjoyed.

Overall I think my point here is that physical appearance is the last thing at play behind my motivation. There is so much to be gained and enjoyed by engaging all of our being, both the unmanifest existence by means of spiritual practice and the manifest existence by means of the mind-body.

More to come I’m sure. Right now I’m hangry.

Namaste you beautiful critters :)

on your left

There’s a cyclist on your morning commute who thinks he’s hot shit.  Wrapped head to toe in neon green Lycra, he’s fond of clipping your handlebar at intersections as he passes you, and sometimes he reaches out to whap the back of your helmet as he zips by you on the bike path stretching between your campus and downtown.  “Fatass!” he yells at you almost every morning.

This morning you don’t see him for the first stretch of your commute, and you’re beginning to think you won’t see him at all—hurray!—when you hear his voice come yodeling down the lane:  “Move over, tubby!  Come on!”

He’s probably yelling at you as usual, but the woman pedaling along behind you doesn’t know that.  You hear her start to sob.

You’re a good distance ahead.  You brake at the light and the guy swings around the other lady, you can hear him coming, and he makes to turn in front of you and you feel his hand hit your helmet.  His fingernails rake your ear.

But you’re ready this time.  You may not be the world’s fastest cyclist—not yet—but you are an accomplished martial artist, and he probably weighs less than 130 pounds.  You grab his wrist and you wrench his stupid Lycra’d ass right off his bike, and with his momentum and a roll of your shoulder you send him sailing straight into the bank of grass next to the sidewalk.  He lands on his butt and back and sits up almost immediately, shrieking at you, yanking off his helmet, swinging his fists. 

“I’m going to call the police!” he says.  “That was assault!”

The other lady, her face still wet, pedals up beside you.  “Assault?” she says.  She reaches out to grab your hand.  She squeezes it and says, “Pardon me, but I saw you hit her first.”

The guy looks between the two of you.  There are more cyclists coming down the lane too, hollering concern—people who cry out your name, who love how you named your bike Shitty Shitty Bang Bang and who chatter with you at red lights.  People who will know the difference between assault and handing an asshat, well, both ass and hat. 

The guy picks himself up and picks his bike up too, saying nothing, but as he perches again on his saddle you warn him quietly, “Please don’t touch me again.  Next time I’ll aim for the asphalt.”