Stressing TADASHI with his robotic project~~~ And lovely Hiro to support his older brother~~~ 

Well, tea always cool me down~~

I drew this to release my stress… feel more relax now~~ Im going to work hard today!!! Aiming for SHORT OT!!!!
Sorry guys, I didnt upload frequently these days since Im busy with my internship… 

Enjoy this and ganbatte!!!! Monday was over OwO 

Congratulations to HTTYD for winning Golden Globe, I’m quite sad that BH6 did not get the place… But BH6 will always be my favourite Movie!!!! Cheers!!!!
Pro Tip: Find time to chill.

It’s pretty obvious that stress does numbers on us, but prolonged stress on the human body is definitely deteriorating. Here are a few factoids about stress, as taken from today’s psych lecture:

Prolonged stress causes:

  • accumulation of abdominal fat
  • loss of bone minerals
  • atrophy and death of neurons in the hippocampus (the part of your brain that helps us memorize things!)
  • a gradual loss in the ability to turn off stress hormones in the body
  • weakened immune system (stress hormones actually suppress our disease-fighting white blood cells therefore weakening the immune system!)

Fear not. Here are some ways to BEAT STRESS:

  • relaxation/mediation
    • lowers blood pressure and levels of stress hormones
    • reduces feelings of anger and hostility
  • massage
    • provides contact and comfort
    • relaxes tense muscles
    • reduces stress levels
    • lowers blood pressure
    • helps reduce depression
    • increases production of neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine)
    • increases levels of endorphins

Thanks for reading Tumblr fam!

i am constantly seeing things on tumblr comparing iggy azalea and nicki minaj, as if being a female rapper is some sort of competition. Tumblr is always going on about feminism and females sticking together yet they hypocritically compare nicki and iggy together because they are both female rappers in the lime light. Being a female should not always be turned into a competition people. Preach what you practice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!