But what if I’m not following God’s perfect plan for my life? What if I messed everything up? What if the other choice would have been better? Why did you bring me here God, when this clearly isn’t working?

Throughout my life I have always seen God’s will as some sort of perfect plan that I always have to find. I have stressed myself out so much wondering what God wants me to do. However, I’ve recently realized that God’s plan isn’t some rigid line that I always have to figure out. God calls me to be faithful, and that’s it. 

God calls us to follow him in the present moment. Not the future. Not in the shame of our past decisions. Right here and right now, be faithful. 

Don’t believe me? Look up bible verses about being God’s will. It’s never about a specific detail, but about the overall way we live our everyday lives. God lays out his law and then tells us to follow it. He gives the people a command and says “Walk with me in it.” He doesn’t say, go, search and find what college/job/house I want for you so that you can have the ideal life. He says things like “Be humble” and “Flee from sin.” Notice how both of those things can be done during any college career, in any job, living in any house. Stop looking for what to do and start looking at how to do it. Take my college decisions for example- I never got the lighting bolt moment when God told me where he wanted me to go to college. In fact, I didn’t feel as though God was telling me where to go to college at all. I don’t think he cared. He just wanted me to go, and I listened. He would have worked at any college, and blessed me in any place. I can follow the Lord wherever I go. He doesn’t care where I am, he just cares that I encounter him there. 

Yes, there are moments in time when God puts a specific calling on people’s hearts for certain decisions. I’m not trying to undermine those moments; God does work that way. However, he doesn’t always work that way. I want to encourage everyone out there who isn’t having one of those specific calling moments: you can stop stressing. Ask yourself how you can be the most faithful. If the two options you have are both circumstances where you can follow God wholeheartedly, then just choose the one you like! All God wants you to be is faithful

So be faithful in the ordinary moments of life. Jesus tells us to pick up our crosses daily and follow him. You don’t have to search for the perfect adventure to bring glory to God. Just be faithful in every moment of your normal routine. Hold the door open for people and smile at the cashier. Live your ordinary life out in faithfulness to the will of God. And what is that exactly? Well he tells us pretty clearly in Micah 6:8- He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God? That’s it. Just be faithful to God’s commands for justice, mercy, and humility as you live in whatever place in whatever situation. Don’t look for something more. Just be faithful now, in the ordinary. 

-31Women (Beth) 

Prescription drugs , show me love . Percocets , Adderall , Xanny bars , get codeine involved . Stuck in this body high , can’t shake it off . I’m falling off , I can’t hold a thought . What’s wrong with me ? Now depression creep . I’m stressing deep , even in my sleep .

It's hard being the strong one ..

Did you ever try to be so strong but fail? You catch yourself holding in everything that’s going wrong in your head and one day the littlest thing can happen that gets you angry and everything you’re holding in comes out. All the hurt, anger, the losing of friends, the bad grades, not being happy with your body. Once one tear falls, they never stop. That’s the heartbreaking part of it. Everything you hold in eventually comes out and there’s nothing you can do about it. Everyone has a breaking point and I just hit mine.

I am a good person. The reason why life is throwing me such aggravating curve balls is it’s signing me its a time for change and to get somewhere better. The trials that seem necessary are there to make me better and stronger. I deserve a better job. I deserve the opportunity to strengthen my will and capabilities. I deserve the growth to feel better about myself and my usefulness and worth as a worker and human being

Should I attend the University of Oklahoma or Baylor? (PLEASE HELP)

Some factors that you should know : I’m lesbian and asexual, black/white/Hispanic mixed woman, I’m atheist and liberal, I don’t know how to drive. (For campus life-social inclusion)

(For academics) I want to study journalism and I don’t know which offers a better program.

Also, Baylor is about 1 hour and 30 mins away from home, while OU is more like 3 hours away. But my mom said that if I went to ou in the first year she wouldn’t mind coming to pick me up.

My parents say to consider educational value more than social value and since Baylor is a “prestigious” private school, the namesake might cause biased assumptions for future employers. I’m just scared that I would be really lonely at Baylor and forced back into the closet. I visited the campus and it was really nice, everyone seemed to had bike racks full, but I also went when the students were on spring break.

I’ve been accepted to both and these are the only two options as all my other colleges are just too far for me with my situation to go to at least in the first year or two.

I feel like I might have a better social integration at OU but would the educational value be less? And again, even what I’m saying I’m unsure of because I just don’t know what it’s really like.

Also, I like to dress to express individuality, my style is sort of a hybrid of skater girl, emo/rock, and girly cool all in one. Like one day I’ll be wearing a crop top (not too cropped up though) and black ripped skinny jeans and shoes. The next day I’m wearing a tshirt with patterned jeans and boots. I just like experimenting, and I’m afraid that at Baylor, a conservative Christian private school, I’ll get outcasted for it.

How should I be looking at this? I also really don’t know which journalism program is better; I keep hearing and reading different things and I’m panicking about making the wrong decision.