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C'est dur mais ça se confirme
J'en reste sans voix
Ton bleu chavire au marine
La france me déçoit 

Début de siècle avorté
La majorité
Peut tomber bien bas

C'est l'urne qui va parler
Adieu les idées
J'en frémis déjà

Ma france tu me fatigues
Tu me fatigues
Tu me fatigues
Tu me fatigues
Ma france

Reasons Why Your Cat May be Peeing/Pooping Outside of the Litter Box



-> MEDICAL! Before you automatically assume your cat is peeing on your clothes because it is “mad” at you, TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET! There are SO many medical reasons why your cat is inappropriately eliminating. Your cat could have a UTI, it could be blocked (Is he straining to pee, peeing little bits all over, or screaming when he pees? THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!), it could have arthritis and can’t jump or move to wherever the box is anymore.  There could be kidney disease, endocrine disease (hyperthyroid, diabetes), GI disease, etc. PLEASE, if you cat is suddenly peeing or pooping outside of the box when it has never done that before, GO TO YOUR VET. 

-> Stress: Cats normally don’t pee out of “spite”, but they can surely pee out of stress. Stressers can be any sudden change, new baby/pet, moving, etc.

-> Litter Box Aversion: Whether it be the box itself, the type of litter, or the location, cats can have aversions to these things and decide to eliminate elsewhere. One important thing to remember here is to frequently clean your box! This is simple solution that is easy to forget! 

-> Unable to access a box: Similar to the one before, but some questions to ask: Can your cat get to the box? Are there multiple litter boxes if in a multi-cat household? (A rule of thumb I always heard of is 2 litter boxes plus 1 for every extra cat). Is there a dominant cat or dog that is preventing the cat from getting into or out of the box?

Dire à une personne anxieuse d'arrêter de stresser sans raison
Dire à une personne dépressive d'arrêter d'être triste pour rien parce que c'est chiant
Dire à une personne insomniaque qu'elle n'a qu'à aller se coucher pour ne pas être fatigué
Dire à une personne anorexique de manger et d'arrêter de se faire vomir parce qu'elle est trop maigre
Dire à une personne qui se mutile d'arrêter de se couper parce que c'est moche
C'est comme s'enfoncer un couteau dans le ventre et se dire d'arrêter de saigner pour aller mieux, ça ne fonctionne pas comme ça..

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bless this blog ??? like it makes me smile and im always thirsty for content thank you so much for doing it!?

i have fun running this blog! its a good de-stresser from all my other responsiblities, im so glad that other people care for my sims as much as I do <3


It’s been quite a week for me. A lot is going on, but today I spent most of the day moving and unpacking. I need a de-stresser so I’m treating my staff to a fun night out or date night as Katie&Abel like to call it haha. Plus I’m gonna surprise them with some good news 😝! Have a good night everyone💛

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Any advice for MilSOs?

Thank you my dear sweet anon, this is an important facet of military culture and customs.

First off, it is and never will be “our rank.“ It is the spouse who is actually in the service’s rank. You are a civilian, you outrank NOBODY. Trying to use your spouse’s rank makes you a horrible person, its essentially career blackmail, and more than a little petty.

Also a note for those officers and senior enlisted who let their wives pull rank on service members: YOU ARE WRONG. You are essentially debased to the role of enforcer of your spouses petty revenges.

Next, if you are in the relationship for finances or benefits you are wrong, manipulative, and again a horrible person. You and the service member deserve better than that train wreck of an emotional roller coaster, especially over a few paychecks and some tricare.

Next, do not get married just before basic, just after basic, just before or after a training school, or just before or after a deployment. It may be a rose colored glasses effect due to the forced separation. Also as a side note to that the problems you had before any of the above experiences will still be there, along with a passel of new problems and stresses that will have come to light during that away time. These stressers are often to much for a newer relationship to handle and even loving couples have fallen apart.

Next, do not marry due to pressure from anyone, do not marry a stripper or other sex workers, I have never once heard of it ending well. Not saying it can’t work but its not likely, jealousy is an ugly mistress, and when your loved one makes a living provocatively it is hard not to hold a resentment.

Do not marry anyone because the sex is good. Don’t get me wrong, sex is an important part of any spousal relationship, it just should NEVER be the foundation of one. Now service members and milso’s both need to be open and attentive to their spouses physical needs in this area. While sex should never be scheduled or allowed to become rote or boring it, should happen fairly regularly in a serious relationship. Never go beyond your comfort zone because that can also add to a resentment between partners. It has been my experience that spouses who are regularly fulfilled tend not to stray, and if they do, then they were always going to and there is more or less little that could have been done to stop it.

Now it is important to remember that communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. If you have an issue, a frustration, a resentment, a jealousy, ect it needs to be brought up as soon as possible in a private setting. If it doesn’t get off your chest, like a wound you allow to get infected, it gets worse til finally it goes septic and you loose the limb. All because you couldn’t say a few words.

Next it is important to realize that the whole “me or them” argument never ends well. Your spouse hopefully loves you, but you are asking them to choose between love and comrades, friends, duty, ect… and that is a difficult choice to make. Either way the service member suffers, and every time I can think of it has ended up with the service member leaving the service and soon after loosing the relationship. Destroying two very important aspects of the service member’s purpose and their very lives.

Another important communication issue is jealously, and I have seen many good, healthy, loving relationships torn apart by jealously and the paranoid distrust that it creates.

Avoid assuming. It most often creates a hostile work environment for your spouse at home, which places a much greater stress on the service member, since they are already in a high stress environment at work. Going home to another war zone leaves the service member with no outlet, and this only increases any animosities of frustrations between spouses and often adversely affects the service member’s work environment as well. Causing them to lash out and making all involved parties dig their heals in and turning your relationship into a “me vs them” mentality, instead of a loving healthy one. Turning normal conversations that are not important in and of themselves into last stands and ultimatums, making your relationship a civil war,

I would suggest trying to cool down in whatever way works best for you before going on the offensive. Often times you will find that after calming down and taking a minute to think that the issue wasn’t all that big and you would have said damaging things that would chip away at the foundation of your relationship, so give it a bit before you go nuclear ok?

Deployments are HUGE they will take the service member away for months or even years at a time depending on the branch and job of the service member. Both parties need to understand that life is hard apart for both parties, and communication through letters, emails, and phone calls when possible is important. It keeps both of you in each others lives and thoughts, keeping both parties connected, communicating, and ultimately growing.

Sometimes one or both partners have fallen out of practice in their relationship. Allowing situational complacency to allow them to take their partner for granted, or even purposefully neglected. You or your partner can only be on the loosing side for so long before they become sick of trying.  

I also know countless military couples that deeply loved each other but let it slip or pushed each other away because of PTSD or other personal issues. And in the end most wished that they could, turn back the clock and start over.

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How do you look after your beautiful glowing skin and hair? Do you have a routine? Or any tips you swear by? I'm really struggling with dull, dry hair and skin at the moment :( xxx

Hi my darling! Thank you for the kind words about my skin & hair, I won’t deny it, both are thriving at the moment! Okay firstly I would highly recommend you check out my previous responses to skincare HERE

Anyway, when it comes to skin & hair there are honestly just so many factors that come into play & as I aways say each individual will thrive off different things so it’s a matter of finding what works for you, not just copying other people. 

Factors that influence skin & hair are things like genes, diet, hormones, age, environment, products being used, exercise, hydration levels etc etc. So in terms of factors you can influence (as opposed to things like genes) here’s my advice:

  • DIET - I recommend a holistic plant based diet as a base line. Within that it’s important to find a ratio of how much & what kinds of foods work for your body. 
    • For example, healthy fats are absolutely essential & play a huge role when it comes to hormone regulation & having healthy hair/skin (& a hell of a lot more) - particularly if you’re a woman. So it’s important to find a balance of how much fats your body needs to thrive - for me personally I experienced so many healthy benefits from increasing my natural fats, particularly when it came to my hair & (less so but) skin.
    • This is the same with all macro nutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) etc. & you might also find that certain foods/food groups work better for you then others. For example, I had a friend who found that watermelon made her skin breakout, but it could be more general like your skin feels better eating raw or cooked foods etc.  
  • HYDRATION - water plays such a huge role in our health & it is seriously underestimated. This is particularly true when it comes to skin & hair. Water helps cleanse the body of toxins, which includes toxins within the skin. Keeping hydrated will help your skin stay moisturised, vibrant & clean. 
    • How much water you should drink depends on things like how much you’re sweating during the day (e.g. from the heat or exercise), if you’ve been drinking & if you’ve been having a lot of sodium, but I personally run by the motto of having an absolute bare minimum of 2L a day, but generally aim for ¾+. 
  • SLEEP - again, another general lifestyle factor that impacts your physical body, including skin/hair. The body loves consistency so try to aim for a minimum of 8/9 hours a night, sleeping at regular hours & avoiding electronics/screens at least 30 mins before bed (the usual gist). 
  • EXERCISE - exercise helps you sweat which helps release toxins from the body thus helps with healthy hair & skin. It also can be a great de-stresser which can also help. And also, by toning up your strengthening & fighting your skin which can help avoid or reduce things like wrinkles & cellulite. 
  • STRESS - stress can seriously muck with our body & of course that includes skin & hair. Making sure you manage your stress is going to help you avoid your skin & hair suffering from any reactions, so make sure you have & are consistently exercising stress relievers (e.g. reading, exercise, art, sleep, music, swimming, baths etc)
  • PRODUCTS - the skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it so it’s absolutely essential you know what is going gone your body & keep it as natural as possible; the same principle applies to hair. Conventional products are loaded with chemicals & cheap, grotty fillers so if you’re going to use products I highly encourage using stuff that is organic & as natural as possible. 
    • For example, makeup can be a big contributor to poor skin. Conventional makeup is by far the worst, but just because you’re using natural/organic/vegan makeup doesn’t mean it won’t necessarily react badly with your skin. If you want to use makeup & skincare products then I’d recommend trialling a few different brands for a solid amount of time (at least a few weeks) & seeing how it goes & finding what works best. Again, keep it natural & organic, buy from brands where you can understand the ingredient list. The same principle applies to hair. 
    • It’s also important to make sure you’re looking after your skin with the sun. Conventional sunscreens are absolutely horrific & filled with so much crap that it’s beyond me why natural sunscreens aren’t a bigger market. So go to your local health food/organic shop & get yourself some natural sunscreen. If you spend a lot of time at the beach it’s also important to make sure you’re keeping your skin hydrated & moisturised if it’s dry - I like to use cold-pressed organic coconut oil & aloe vera. Since i’ve been spending more time at the beach I’ve started implementing this into my regular routine & have noticed a difference; soft skin, moisturised, no sunburn, my skin isn’t becoming leather etc. 
    • You may also found your skin can be reactant to certain materials such as synthetics in your clothing, so just keep an eye out if you’re finding your getting reactions with certain clothing pieces or bed sheets etc. 
    • Personally, I believe that less is more & try to use as few products as possible when it comes to skin & hair; & of course these products are all natural. I found the less I used the better my skin got, but each to their own. At the moment I rarely wear makeup & the makeup I have is all natural & vegan (if you’re interested in the brand I’m loving atm then check out I don’t use any face scrubs or anything I just wash both my hair & body with an organic natural body wash (no shampoo or conditioner). I might occasionally do a coconut oil face scrub or hair treatment, but they’re not necessary & it’s more for the novelty. 
  • GENERAL HEALTH - although I’ve mentioned a number of factors that come under your general health, I want to mention a few others under this general branch. So in general, if you’re suffering from health problems, whether that be diseases, weight issues, digestion issues, deficiencies (etc), your skin & hair can be affected. This might be as a direct side affect from whatever you’re going through or can be the result of subsequent factors (e.g. your illness makes you stressed which makes your hair fall out). So it’s really important to do all you can to keep up your general health, which will involve of what I said up there ^^

Hope this helps m’love!! Sending love xxx

i hope tary survives his adventures with vox machina just so towards the end game of the campaign or even in the next one, the players get to hear something fucking WACKY that some human alchemist with flowing golden locks and a tendency to puke at any given stresser did and immediately know that was their tag-along

So coloring is actually a huge de-stresser for me so when I saw that the @voltroncoloringbook had released their coloring book I hopped on it real fast. 

This line art by @duckydrawsart was too beautiful to pass up. I’m fairly new to digital coloring so I hope I did it justice. 

Download the coloring book here

What the signs need in a relationship
  • Aries: excitement, impulse, passion, comfort, dedication.
  • Taurus: loyalty, to be comfortable, trust, honesty, routine.
  • Gemini: to be understood, sarcasm and wit, no judgement, heart to heart conversations.
  • Cancer: a confidante, cuddles, intimacy, fun, kindness.
  • Leo: confidence, jokes, adventures, lighthearted conversations.
  • Virgo: a good listener, a de-stresser, calmness, truth and honesty.
  • Libra: cute dates, flirting, compliments, to debate.
  • Scorpio: commitment, realness, sarcasm, to understand and to be understood, late night conversations.
  • Sagittarius: to hold hands, to be taken on fun dates, cute gestures, helpful little things, someone to balance out.
  • Capricorn: someone to chill and mellow them out, to bring them out of their comfort zone, to be challenged, someone who loves listening to them talk.
  • Aquarius: change, debate, excitement, originality, someone who is genuine, someone who is confident and comfortable with who they are.
  • Pisces: kisses, someone to talk about ideas with, to imagine with, and hold at night.
Imagine overhearing Sonny telling his nieces everything he loves about you

Imagine overhearing Sonny telling his nieces everything he loves about you

“Girls stop running!” Sonny called as his seven and six-year-old nieces dropped your hands and darted towards the playground.

“Sonny,” You protested, “They are just running to the playground. We can see them, we don’t need to walk them.”

“I guess you’re right,” He sighed before calling out again, “Make sure we can still see you!”

“You need to relax,” You giggled, grabbing hold of his arm and giving it a squeeze.

“I know, I know,” He agreed, intwining his hand with yours, as you continued your slow stroll to the playground though you both continued to keep a steady eye on the girls who were now on the monkey bars, “It’s just hard you know, to separate what we do and everyday life. I don’t know how you do it.”

“Well,” You began, “I try and think logically, yes, we might see it every day but think about the thousands of kids that go to the park in this city every day. What we do everyday isn’t an everyday thing. And anyway they have us. Two of the best detectives in the city watching them, I’d love to see someone try and take us on.”

“How do you always do that?” Sonny inquired, looking straight at you briefly before looking back.

“Do what?” You countered, looking up at him.

“Make everything feel better.” He explained.

“What can I say?” You giggled, “I’m easer and a pleaser not a messer and a stresser.”

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jeg stresser over rigtig mange ting, som jeg ikke har mulighed for at ændre på eller gøre noget ved. det er ubehageligt og gør mig lidt distræt. jeg skal tage en dag af gangen, hvilket jeg er blevet bedre til. men noglegange synes jeg bare, at datoer, aftaler og lister over ting, jeg skal have gjort, flyver rundt i mit hoved. 

Between playing Pokémon Go and all of the news about Sun and Moon, I’ve been on a major Pokémon kick lately, so I ended up doodling some of my favorites as a de-stresser. I’ve used most of these on my teams before ♥ 

Remember that RP is meant to be a fun hobby, not a stresser for you. That’s the #1 thing to keep in mind. Do what you think will be best for you.

Don’t. Stress. Out.

Remind yourself first and foremost that RP is a hobby. It’s meant to be fun. Not stressful, go with what you have inspiration for.