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My love, I'm stressing out about getting my results tomorrow and like I'm FREAKING out lmao. Can you suggest me dumb 1d videos to watch :/ I love u

hi angel !!! of course i can

here are a few for you to watch :)

and then here is a link to freddieismyqueen’s channel on youtube bc every video they make is endlessly amusing

also please don’t stress abt ur results, i’m sure you smashed them !!! lots of love and luck to you x

having an annual gas inspection day after tomorrow and im stressing out because they changed contractors and the letter these guys sent said they want to check every single radiator so that means my plan of shoving everything into my bedroom wont work i wont have any where to hide my mess. 

abby is being my stress manager and keeping me from freaking out with her excellent planning skills and giving me small goals to achieve. god knows, my life is going to be so much less of a disaster when i am actually living with her. 

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iiaat to have a sentence in your head and then have a lot of trouble getting it out? I tend to speak really quickly and easily a lot of the time and rarely have problems in communication with others but when I'm stressed or freaking out I tend to get stuck on sentences and words and stammer through a lot of it while I'm trying to get my words out and I'm not sure if its something I've always done and am only just noticing or something that I recently started doing but yeah just curious if it is.

This sounds more like an anxiety thing, although being stressed can make it harder to speak or exasperate other speech problems like stutters.

- Os

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Seeing all these people saying Kevin or Caterina are leaving based on their social media usage is freaking/stressing me out! Where are you getting this "information" people?! Stop coming to conclusions based on what's probably rumors😫

I think its the kind of snowball news. One person comments on it, another misreads, takes it as truth and soon what wasn’t a thing becomes a thing. hahaha

Having Mike leave again was incredibly hard. As soon as I got back to my room after seeing him off Sunday afternoon, I quite literally wailed. For a while. Then I picked myself up and went for a short run and allowed myself to watch tv to soothe me. Yesterday I ran, went to the beach with a friend, and read a lot. I’m doing much better now, and I feel optimistic about us if not about school starting this coming Monday. I’m excited for my classes, but I am FREAKED out about getting super stressed/depressed/suicidal as is my pattern as semesters progress. Maybe it’ll be better this time around because I’m taking less credits? And because I know I only have one more year to get through? We’ll see. Good news is that I may get to go to Cape Cod with Mike over Labor Day weekend!

Today I just worked, and all I have planned for tomorrow is a tentative 8-mile run (we’ll also see whether my legs can handle the pain) and a doctor appointment.

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Can I just say that reading your responses to comments makes me so happy because you don't over analyse things and you always keep things in perspective and I love your account and you just seem like a really great person who makes me less stressed out about Barca when we're all freaking out over nothing, you're a voice of reason 😩😂❤

that is very sweet of you, thank you!!! 😘😘 ❤  

Its only the second day of school. I have 5 classes instead of 8. I can’t do my “diet” how I want and I’m stressing. Everytime I get home I freak out and eat everything bad. I haven’t gained but that doesn’t mean I won’t soon. I need help.

My doctor’s appointment is in the morning. I’m here at work freaking out because honestly I’ve heard so many things that could potentially be wrong with me and the long term side effects of me not seeking treatment in the worse case scenario. Why tell me that? I freak out and stress out about literally every miniscule thing in and around me. I have been a literal hermit these last few months because I’m so self conscious about this goiter on my neck. If that’s even what it is. Logan has tried to relieve some worry by saying we’ll get lunch and that we can pick up the new Harvest Moon game if the visit isn’t too expensive. Fml… insurance doesn’t kick in until November =w=

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Hey I'm the person who went thru like 10 pages of ur blog lol sorry if it looked creepy, I actually enjoy your blog and I was just bored. If u don't believe me tho, Ive sent u a few anons about amar and I can send u a bunch of her REALLY messy posts. So if u see me doing that again it's because I actually love u Joel don't stress!

Thank you! I get freaked out when I see that but you should submit me them I’m archiving a bunch of stuff shes posted, especially selfies

stressed vent

im legit feeling the stress today… i always know when my guy wants to clean…were probably stressed out or something. his mom is still being a freak. she refuses to allow anyone to do anything without her input and for some reason seems to think she works for a company she only owns half of due to marriage! not because she actually did anything. she can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that her life does not revolve around her grandchildren and her daughter so she hates herself and her life and refuses to love her husband and her only son. she will try to buy your love with gifts and nothing she says is sincere ever! shes mocked me many times and even gone so far as to “compliment” me but in reality shes just annoyed with the fact that im doing something she thinks someone else should do.
she hates when she doesn’t get her way and will get mad enough to make idiotic remarks as well as stalk you or peep in your windows.

she makes plans with you and then drinks her self silly because she in reality doesn’t want to go since its not with her “real” family. she deceives her sisters or if they do know they allow her to be the way she is. we have never forced her to rehab nor have we yet called the cops on her.

regardless… im stressed. i don’t hate very many people, in fact i dislike the idea of hating anyone for anything…i simply push most of those thoughts out of my head…sadly this is not one of those times. she claims shes a christian and that she loves her family but she doesn’t love anyone. god is not going to fix her problems and she refuses to turn to her family for actual help. she dislikes when her husband doesn’t do what she says right away but refuses to divorce him even though they were previously divorced before.  it really tears me up that she acts this way. i know she refuses to fix herself or ask for help.

shes delusional and irrational. thats when shes sober.

i can’t stand the way she treats her husband and her son and i know before she has treated us badly but this is it…this is the first time shes been this way in front of me and i can’t take it anymore.

i refuse to talk to someone let alone be in the same room as her.

nothing could get me to talk to her ever again.

she thinks things are bad she just lost more family members and she doesn’t even care.

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Just a suggestion, please don't think I'm being mean, but how about you leave the prompts in your box but just don't work on them til the rest are done? -Ginger

It stresses me out and then nothing gets done because I’m busy freaking out about how much there is to do. I have three more prompts and then I’ll reopen. I usually cap wip to ten

oh my fucking god. as if my god damn day couldn’t get worse. i’m worried about my ct scan. i’m worried about cancer. i’m worried about everything. i’m stressed about my family freaking out over my health. i’m a mess in shambles and someone continues to stalk my account and doesn’t get the hint when i continue to block them over and over and over again. please, if you read this, understand that i do not want anything to do with you. please stop stalking me. nice to artists.

I think a lot of the bad treatment of artists like Ben Platt comes from this messed up perception that art isn’t work.

I’m a creative writing major in college. I’m not saying this to brag, just to emphasize a point: we have one of the top creative writing programs in the country. My friends in other fields complain on the daily about their problem sets and projects and tests, as they 100% deserve to because their work is really freaking hard, but when I start stressing out about the short story that’s due tomorrow, I always get the same comments: some variant on “Oh, but that’s fun!!” or “At least you don’t have an exam!”

Yes, art is incredibly fulfilling and of course artists do it because they love it. But that does not mean it isn’t LABOR and that we shouldn’t respect it as such.

We don’t follow customer service representatives home as they’re trying to leave work or call them on their cellphones after hours. When a favorite barista is home sick or taking a vacation day, we don’t find their social media and harass them and shame them for not being there.

Then why is there an expectation that artists are supposed to entertain us 24/7? An actor’s job ends the minute they step off stage. They don’t owe us stage door. They don’t owe us social media presence and engagement. All this is NOT part of their job, but it is WORK that they are generous enough to do with their own free time.

When that customer service rep or that barista is off work, we don’t harass them and demand to be served, because we seem to understand that once they’ve clocked out and gone home, they are no longer the customer service rep or the waiter.

Let entertainers go home from their jobs. Metaphorically and literally.

i keep having dreams that i’m going deaf?? i think it’s because last year i almost failed the hearing test and i’m going into the doctor’s wednesday and am a bit freaked out/stressed about passing it because i’ve been having difficulties with my hearing the past few years and i’m all agjkhldg pshfftdjkh