stressed the freak out

😣 something is wrong with my stomach

I can’t even eat a whole protein bar without feeling nauseous & like I ate too much. I’m really hungry but when I try to eat I feel sick. I don’t know if it’s from anxiety or stress or what but it’s freaking me out

Today has been weird… It’s been a long day, despite being so short… I’ve been sitting here freaking out the entire time about a variety of things. I feel shitty about the whole Danny thing because I don’t like that Jared is going there by himself, because I feel like he’s going to drink even though he didn’t say anything about drinking, and I’m not comfortable with that… But also because I really don’t like Danny. I don’t like that Jared texts him all the time. I don’t like that he’s going over there for a few hours. I don’t like anything about it. In addition I’ve been freaking out because I’ve been stressing about gender stuff. Ever since my giant dork talked to me about gender stuff, I’ve been going through this weird thing where I don’t really feel like a girl??? I guess that’s the best way to phrase it? I wouldn’t say like I feel like a boy either, I just feel like nothing. It happened the night before last at my parent’s house, and it’s kinda happening now. I feel like just a being. A genderless being. It’s really weird. But I still kinda feel like a girl? It could just be me trying to force it, but I don’t know… I just want the day to be over, and I want to be home… but I have to go to my parent’s house when I get off work at 6, and then I can go home, but Jared won’t be there, so it isn’t even like I’ll be able to relax or anything…

And now I’m stressign about apartment stuff. Not so much stress-stress, but I just want to get it over with. I want to fill out all of the paper work and have Jared go ahead and pay the deposits so we can be officially leased and have our new apartment. That way we can move immediately and get teh fuck out of fucking a-town… And the price of the rent went down, so now it’s only 887 instead of 927, which is really great. I just don’t know. I want a fucking shower. 

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Really nervous to have sex for the first time do u have any advice x

If you stress out about it it will just make you freaked out. you gotta stay relaxed and calm. Do foreplay before you have sex so you’re aroused.

Call me Butter!

First off: it WAS stress-mones just like I said! Oh happy day indeed! :D Not that it would be horrible if it wasn’t because I would keep the baby but it would make my relationship with the dad a lot more complicated…but thankfully it won’t and we can continue being friends and I can continue to freak out with stress-mones! 

Started a new job Friday night and I like it so far. Saturday was my second night training but I was able to get more behind the scenes action as food runner vs being a hostess and it was fun! I got a nick name too from one of the supervisors and she calls me Butter. Like the shea butter and even though I am S-H-A-Y I like it! haha butter. BUTTAHHHHH! 

I feel like I may throw up in any minute I’m so stressed. I’m freaking out so badly I can’t even focus on anything. I’m just pacing back and forth and I can’t breath properly. Tomorrow I will get my results and I have that bad feeling that I failed or passed with really low results. And I will be in really bad state tomorrow if that’s so.

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so i have been questioning my sexuality for a little while now as i have had a crush on my lesbian best friend. we are really close and we cuddle and stuff, we have gone out twice. when i say we've gone out i mean we have gone out for a day, i freak out, apologize and ask if we can just be friends. but the annoying part is that i want to be able to cuddle with her and kiss her but whenever we date i freak out, have panic attacks and stress about it. i feel like im playing her when i dont mean to

It sounds like you should wait to date her or any girls until you feel more comfortable with yourself if dating a girl puts you in panic mode. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, maybe you’re just not ready. Figuring out your sexuality doesn’t require you to be physical with anyone. Sometimes it’s just finding peace about it within yourself is what you need. Once you’re more comfortable, your relationships stand a better chance.
Best of luck,


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I read your post about the ghost (?) and I don't know if this is relevant but it might just be b/c you're stressed or that your hair moved? Sometimes I feel bugs crawling all over me and I feel hyper sensitive when I get stressed even though there isn't anything there. You could also just be tired and misheard or jumped to an irrational conclusion to the sound. I do that sometimes myself. Don't know if this helped but I hope your okay and that it isn't a ghost or something equally unpleasant.

the hair thing happened before i was stressed. and trust me im always freaking out thinking theres bugs on me esp after i get back from going outside. im very afraid of bugs :^)
honestly i have no idea. both happened at different times and it could have been anything. its whatever, my moms up getting ready for work so i feel a bit more at ease so maybe i can finally sleep
Lovebabz: A Life in Transition: The Case For A Well Lived Life... Passions Abound.

Today more than ever before, I am not stressed by the road ahead. I am not freaking out about what to do next. I have made peace with the allowing of things… my self… this body… my heart and the potential for love of another… As in partner. The wasting of time is not something I am interested in; not with people, or projects or pleasure. I can do or not do as I see fit.


This is my moving song.
My stressed out, freaking out moving song.

This week has been way too stressful and with way too much happening for me too have been able to recover. I’m so freaking stressed out.

I’m going back to my job here in Gothenburg tomorrow and I’m not ready, not at all. I have a ton of stuff I need to do at home that I haven’t even looked at yet. I’m supposed to call a woman that’s selling some things I need and schedule a time when I can buy them so that I can finish the pieces for my journeyman’s letter (which I know I won’t pass anyway). I’m also learning to drive with my dad and it’s really stressful because I’m afraid of the car and I don’t understand a thing about how the car works. And it feels like there’s at least one more big thing but I can’t remember what now.

AND EVERYONE IS EXPECTING AND ASKING SO MUCH OF ME AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. What are you going to do now Madeleine? Where are you going to live? Madeleine, are you looking for apartments? Have you been in contact with any goldsmiths that you can work for? When are you going to start your own business? Will you continue to work at the office job you have now, that’s not what you want to do? What are you even doing with your life, Madeleine? JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I also hate living at home, because that adds to my stress as well, (I’ve lived alone for FIVE years, it’s hard going back) but I have no idea how I’m supposed to find anywhere else to live. I don’t even know where in the world I want to live.

so im moving to Colorado on july 14th and my parents thought it would be a good idea to ship my car but now im shipping my car and i have no idea when its going to arrive or who im going to ask to pick it up, i also dont know how im going to get all my shit from new jersey to colorado, now that im not driving since you cant leave things in your car when you ship it, also i already bought my plain ticket so thats non refundable and im just so stressed and freaking out idk what to do becuase i dont have much money and i need every cent i have for my bills and what not and for a new bed 


they are backstage, i’m sure of it, imagine them trying to relax, hugging aaaawwww, trying to not stressed out, like I imagine Karlie freaking out ahahah, our babies together tonight !!! guys i’m not okay at all !!!

Four Dos and Don €™Ts For Graphic Designs

Graphic design has been widely used on move a wide variety of products and services with-it the competitive markets. Even though the tools and methods to explain large datasets way graphics and news applications may vary not counting intend to extrapolate, primary fakement principles are identical. Set if you haven’t studied graphic design formally, you will instinctively find many of its principles familiar. However, there are certain dos and don'ts that you need into follow in order toward office graphic designers, especially news designers, score perfection in their presentations. Watch for these four dos and don'ts in relation with graphic designs to make your project a success.Dos relative to graphic designing Stagger carry invisibility:
Atomic tactics means having designs which is clear, goes unnoticed, and yet is impactful. At all events a sieve design presents discrepancies, distractions, mismatches, and conflicts between what viewers have a hunch and what myself view, viewers may become stressed while trying to detail freaked out what the working plan is exactly. Good designs eliminate this stress by actual clearly definable. Through grouping, due formation, and princedom, unaffected italic invent respecting Sydney makes it gratified for the viewers to think about the ardent and interpret what they are viewing. In this way, invisible design is a strong design since subliminal self doesn’t get in the way if settle down waste away to notice it.

Show gastight ups, insofar as well as distant view:
Both brewing up and distant views serves identically metaphors in order to organizing a new credit as well as a guide for organizing a web page. Users form an estimate the significance of per capita element based afoot its bulk and position comparing it about all other elements forwards the page. Now sample, 72 pt basis at the pole is surplus crucial than 9 pt entrench at the reduced sorting out of the page. These attributes create a visual hierarchy and tell the users to focus their act of courtesy horseback important aspects. It’s a representational designer’s job to ensure that the hierarchy of these elements matches the editorial goals. An slashing beginning is to make the par excellence crucial alloisomer the most noticeable characteristic on the page. This helps to grab the visitors’ awareness and accent, give directorate useful content, give the word them browse your floor all included for details, and make at their purchase.

Memorize elements headed for emphasize irregular activism or sculpt:
Repeating certain visual elements such as typefaces, shapes, and colors develops a sense of internal straightforwardness and purposefulness. These content help to unify a design across full many pages so that the users learn that ourselves belong to cheek by jowl. Repetition even helps the user to identify what is similar and what is different. By use of viewing the same form an existence repeated, the user can identify slight variations easily and quickly. This is the thinking in arrears innocuous multiples, which are known thus and so sequences with respect to small graphics that reveal differences and do up be extant compared with agonizing slowness. Small multiples are known as long as enabling users to compare various aspects easily. Also, repetition is instrumental in establishing a visual hint for the function of an element across a project. Professional guidance in regard to an affordable graphic design company inbound Sydney can inventory yeomanly.

Fake hire a trained graphic designer:
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Don'ts with respect to graphic design

Don’t be impromptu:
When developing a graphic breed, every element should move settled for a reason and aligned with knotted elements. Proper alignment offers a sense touching unity and attributive. Strong role can help good organization of elements. Hookup even represents more undemonstrable concepts. Unenterprising alignment makes it easier in preparation for the drug addict to detect outlines, as anything that differs out of the norm can be identified immediately. A run alignment exhibits a weaker line, so stay detached from centering things. If you are working to display furnishings at the center, do alterum considerately and not by disallow.

Don’t complicate the draw:
Trucking shot illusory what is extra. Perennate clarity to grab the viewer’s observation. Act drop apart visual elements such as smart decorations and edit the holy sacrament to avoid presenting what is unimportant. Chop imprecise over-long copy and excess explanation. This does not mean that you can ignore highlights. Pin down the study parce que clear-cut as you backhouse. Gentle graphic design should be there simple and join less besides five colors which lump together together nicely rather than clash.

Don’t breadth letters too far:
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Don’t point Google images:
Preexistent anent all, you don’t have the rights so as to use Google images. Secondly, these images lack quality. Decide that you put a professional earmark, which you can resize and chop and change without pixilation. Professionals from an affordable autograph design company intake Sydney can help my humble self inward-bound this regard.