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( I’m going to be on a semi-hiatus until May. Everything decided to blow up in my face all at once last night and it carried over well into this morning. I’m so stressed, thinking about everything is freaking me out—which usually doesn’t happen. 

I’ll do replies as best I can, and leave most of it to the queue. I’m sorry. I just have to deal with this. )

( thank you to everyone for the sweet birthday asks for Val! I will get to them after I rest! I have been MIA because tonight I DJ’d my first solo & big club night so I’ve been stressed & freaking out over that but – it went really well! only female DJ on the line up & proud! oh & happy VALentines day! )

anonymous asked:

Just found out I'm pregnant. This can't be happening. Do you believe abortion is murder? Would I be a terrible person? I'm just so conflicted right now.

First things first, don’t freak out too much. You have plenty of options. This is big but you can handle it. You are strong enough for this. Secondly, no, I don’t believe abortion is murder. If you know that you can’t have a child right now, abortion is a 100% okay option, as long as you are ready for it. Abortion is a tough thing to go through, but nothing compared to the trials you will face if you carry the pregnancy to term. It’s also expensive, but again, not nearly as expensive as a child or even a pregnancy. Do your best to think through this rationally. I know you’re stressed and scared and freaking out, but you can get through this.

anonymous asked:

heyy i live in aus too and i heard stressed out on the radio yesterday and freaked out just bcos i've never really heard tøp being played before! but i guess like that anon said they're getting more popular...i also heard girls rapping heavydirtysoul in the change rooms the other day. idk how i feel about this bcos sometimes i miss their old stuff but i'm v proud of how far they've come :)

omg really!! i’ve only heard top played three times lol. one was tear in my heart in a foot locker store, the other two were semi automatic and hometown which is just weird

darkbluehopes asked:

Heeeey there! I really love your blog ♡ Can you please do a reaction of Xiumin, Chanyeol and D.O if you were crying because you were really stressed out by school/work?

(* heeeeeeey there! thank you so freaking much ~.
of course, thank you for requesting ^__^.

i feel like all of them, Xiumin, Chanyeol & Kyungsoo would react in a similar way, nodding their heads, understanding what you are going through. since they are idols, i feel like they would feel even worse, just looking at you being so stressed out, tensed, they are probably experiencing the same struggles as you, even more often, as we all know, being an idol is not the most easiest & calming job ever. they would try to lift your spirit up with small, little things, especially Kyungsoo and Xiumin. like asking you more questions through the day, wondering if you need anything, if you want anything from the store, tea, some coffee. on the other hand, i feel like Chanyeol would try to make you laugh or at least smile as much as you can. perhaps he would try and compose a funny, ridiculous, goofy song for you, that would crack you up for sure. but then, i think that he would love to just cuddle you up, relax a bit, calm down, let everything slow down, without saying a single word. just silence.

I don’t know why we all look so happy in this photo because we’re all positively stressed out, freaking out, and on the verge of passing out because who needs sleep when you have shits to do and people to do it with.
I haven’t slept in two days, and these peeps kept me sane.
P.s. There are 5 other people who are not in town when this was taken

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I can’t sleep

Day 1 of Katsu was okay, but a mis encounter with the safety still has me a little shaken. I’d rather leave it at that and not go into details, but I started thinking about it and I’m so anxious.
I’m sleeping on the floor with nothing but a thin pad and a blanket underneath me and it’s not comfortable
I didn’t get any pictures of Rey and I’m still kinda bummed.
One of the room mates snores extremely loud (what did you do to make you snore that loud) and only playing music will tune it out
I’m hungry but if I move to get food I’m gonna disturb ppl and get grumpy comments and shit.
And these were the same ppl earlier who freak out over stuff and get stressed very easily.
I mean, basically the only good part about today was spending time with my boyfriend
And I can’t sleep and I kinda want to cry

Sweater Paws - Calum Hood Imagine

| Request |

| Masterlist

| Word Count: 1,150+ |

| Dedicated to the lovely @honestyhood! I got this idea by the picture of calum below! | 

You and Calum have been friends since the two of you were 9 years old. Meeting him in elementary school was probably one of the best things that had happened to you. He was always there for you.

From when you broke your ankle, when you were 11, to helping you through your parents divorce when you were 15. He’d be there no matter the time of the day, often sneaking out and climbing through your bedroom window and spending the night with you.

One night, while you were studying for an exam, you were suddenly aware of how stressed you were, and started freaking out. Your hands began to shake, thoughts were flowing through your mind, you heard a buzzing. Unaware that it was your phone ringing, Calum calling to let you know he was outside, as the two of you were supposed to go get a late night dinner, which would ultimately end up in the two of you going to your local diner.

You tried to calm yourself down, using the breathing techniques Calum had taught you, but it didn’t seem to work. Suddenly there was a knock on your window and you looked to see Calum, in his Amsterdam sweater. You rushed over, opening up the window, letting him in before engulfing him in a hug. That’s what you needed right now. You needed your best friend.

Your other friends often told you that you would eventually fall for Calum, but you didn’t believe them. You’ve been friends with Cal for 9 years now, and if feelings were to be developed, they would have happened already, at least that’s what you thought. Little did you know that Calum was the one with these feelings.

He had been harboring these feelings for sometime now. About a year and a half ago he started to notice the little things about you. Like how when you laugh, you can see your eyes light up. Or the way when you’re really excited you start to move your hands while you talk, sometimes very subtly or sometimes in all these directions.

He started to realize that he found you to be really attractive, and he got butterflies in his stomach when he saw you were calling him, or he received a text from you. He began to realize he wanted to spend all his time with you, and took any chance he could to spend that time with you.

But, he would never tell you how he felt as he knew you didn’t like him back. He’s known you for 9 years now, he knows the signs. When you like someone you lean into them when you talk, you talk about the person a lot, or at the mention of the person’s name your eyes seem to light up. And those were only a few of the signs. So until he was sure you had the same feelings, he would keep his feelings hidden.

“What’s wrong, darling?” he asked, rubbing your back softly in a comforting way.

“School.” he nodded in understanding. He held you out in front of him, smiling softly.

“How about you take a break from all that studying, and we go for that dinner we planned?” you nodded, wiping your eyes at the few tears that fell. You pulled away, going over to your closet and pulling out the first sweater you saw. Turns out it was one of Calum’s. “How is it that most of my sweaters end up here?” he chuckled, you just laughed with him, slipping on the sweater.


Calum had been on tour for almost 6 months now and you missed him. Things were getting bad again. School, work and family life was getting stressful, and you needed your best friend. He wasn’t done tour for at least another 3 weeks, and you didn’t know what you would do for those next few weeks.

As if he sensed something, your phone started ringing and you saw it was Calum.

“Hey, Cal.”

“Hey, darling. How are you?”

“Okay.” you replied.

“What’s wrong?” you began to explain to him what was happening, ending off with,

and I just really miss you.”

“ I miss you too, darling.” he replied, his voice quiet and soft. “We’ll be reunited soon though. Only a few more weeks and then we’ll be together again, and we can go to the diner and the beach and it’ll be fun okay? I promise.” You could practically hear the smile on his face.

“Okay, Cal.”

“Great, now, tell me about the latest episode of teen wolf.” you laughed, before dwelling into what happened on the latest episode of teen wolf.

A few hours later, an hour after you hung up with Calum, you were dozing off on the couch when you heard a knock at the door. You glanced at the time, 12:15 AM. Who would be knocking on the door at this time? Both your parents were on business trips, leaving you alone for the week and you weren’t expecting anyone. You didn’t really want to see anyone but Calum, and that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

Quietly, you walked over to the door, hoping the tv wasn’t loud enough that the person on the other side could hear it. You looked through the peep hole, a small excited noise falling from your mouth at who you saw on the other side. You swung open the door, attacking your best friend with a hug.

“Calum!” you exclaimed as his arms wrapped around you. You squeezed him tighter, breathing in his scent. You missed him dearly, and now that he was home, things could change, and for the better. When you pulled away, Calum couldn’t help but admire you.

There you were, in nothing but his Amsterdam sweater and some shorts. You were barefoot, and the sleeves were long due to his own stretching of them, and from what you did while he was away. He thought you couldn’t look anymore perfect. He always adored seeing you in his clothes, and you just standing there, looking cozy and cuddly just made him fall for you even more. 

“You said you still had a few more weeks till tour ended!’ you said, as the two of you walked into the living room, and taking a seat on the couch. You instantly cuddled up to your best friend, his arms coming around you in a tight embrace.

"Wanted to surprise you, babe.” you just shook you head, resting your head on his chest as the beginning of Grease Live started.

Calum knew he was in love with you, and maybe he would tell you one day. But that wasn’t tonight. And it may not be tomorrow or even 3 months from now. But what he does know is that you’re his best friend, and as long as he had you as that, then he was happy. As long as he had you with him, he knew he’d be happy.

I took an at home drug test and totally tested positive for thc and my real test is in a week and I’m like high key freaking out and can’t stop having stress dreams