stressed word

that moment when it’s ten AM.

6 words so stressed that juice and gin // sounds like a win                                                                   but hard cider is all he’s got.

to drink or not? 
his gut is a knot. 

it’s gonna sound like a problem // not exactly an urge to binge and purge                         rather to soften // grueling hard work. 

wonders if he’d do more with alcohol mixing with blood                                                                  veiny racing course?

or if he just needs an excuse to calm down after stressful traffic court.

discipline // self-control                                                                                              vices yell to give in.

he just might // the whole world has lately been a fight. 

xxx SirPup Kingston // 09.20.2017

I love sleep. You forget about pain, problems, stress, everything for a while.
—  Wordsbymymind
Don’t ever allow anything to disrupt your inner stillness. It’s not worth it. Life is so short as it is; so we must live each moment with peace in our hearts and happiness in our soul.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
I’ve been trying to concentrate
But my mind keeps twisting
I feel so uninspired and empty
I can’t connect
Words, thoughts, creativity, life, death
—  t.m.
Take a look at all of the amazing things that you have done up to this point. Yes, there may be bad decisions and mistakes scattered here and there, however these do not erase all of the good that you have done. Allow your positive actions to shine through, radiate your soul, and continuously remind yourself that you are always capable of truly amazing things.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
What I mean when I say I hate school.

When I say I hate school. 

I do not mean that I hate the idea of school. 

I am lucky to get an education

I am privileged to be able to access the resources I do. 

I enjoy the subjects I study. 

I understand education unlocks opportunities for me that would not otherwise be in my reach. 

What I mean is. 

I hate the pressure put upon me that makes me feel like no more than a grade. 

I hate that I have only half an hour to show what I have learnt over two years or more. 

I hate a system that requires me to study all day every day, to feel guilty for ever taking time out to enjoy my life. 

That turns acquiring knowledge into a chore. 

I am unable to retain that much information, and be able to spell out a correct answer in limited time under pressure. 

I believe it is wrong that even in creative subjects creativity is frowned upon. 

I want to be able to think for myself, not churn out pre-learned answers that fall in line with a mark scheme. 

Written by someone who has already had their education, who does not even study this subject, who does not know me. 

I dislike the fact that I can not learn simply for the love of learning, but that everything must be a step to the next level, 

a job, 

a career,


That I am expected to make plans for a future I have no knowledge off, whilst sticking to a system that allows so little diversity. 

I hate the cost of school books, tuition fees, trips and tutors, how to access opportunities everything has to be prepaid. 

And I hate the fact that no matter how hard I try, how much I strive, at the end school will still reduce me to no more than a grade. 

I don’t self-censor my inner critique of the education system to make myself seem cool. 

Yet at the end of another school day I’m to exhausted to say 

anything more than

I hate school.

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Imagine aliens coming to Earth and having translators that work perfectly. Except they don’t pick up on tone.

Tone has a HUGE impact on a message. Consider the following sentence:

“You look nice today.”

Now repeat it stressing each word one by one.

“YOU look nice today”, implying someone else that you are probably indicating with your body or to whom you’d previously referred does not.

“You LOOK nice today”, implying that you don’t smell/sound it.

“You look NICE today”, thus turning what would otherwise have been a casual remark into a compliment. You don’t just look nice. You look damn fine.

“You look nice, TODAY”, which is clearly an insult purpoiting that you usually look like crap. Damning by faint praise, as they say.

And all of these are possible - and wildly differing - meanings to a simple four word sentence.

In this scenario, super secret plans could be discussed in front of the aliens with them being none the wiser simply by saying it à la Mean Girls. Should war between the two factions emerge, humans would win by the power of passive-aggressive bitching

Are you ever just tired? Not even tired but unexplainably exhausted and no amount of sleep or coffee can rejuvenate you? It’s as if you’ve lived so much life in such a short time your body is drained and can’t seem to catch up.. what do you do on those days? Where you want to sleep forever but somewhere in the back of your head you know you have so much to live for. Where you feel so alone, but you know you have so many people left to meet, so many more lives to impact? What’re you supposed to do when you’re not even all that sure you want to anymore?
I realized, I was crying over someone who simply didn’t care. I’m finally moving on. Although you did teach me one thing, to never hold on to someone who isn’t holding on to you. As for me, I know better, as for you, you lost a person who actually cared.