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I decided to make a collection of infographics that are related to school & making your school life easier, I hope it helps!

How to get enough sleep

Coping with stress

An overview of mental illness

Psychological Life Hacks

For your crush <3

School grades don’t define your intelligence

We need to talk about mental health.

How to improve your memory

Foods for brain power

The effects of caffeine

Self-Care for Finals Week

Dun. Dun. Dun. The most dreaded week of the year is upon us! Therefore, I wanted to make a post to highlight some great self-care options for taking care of yourself this finals season!

1) Paint your nails

This is one of my personal favorite because it makes me concentrate on one task and helps my brain stop spiraling due to stress.

2) Get artistic!

Whether its playing an instrument, drawing, painting, writing, whatever! Just let yourself be creative and get out of your head for a little while!

3) Go outside

Fresh air really does work wonders! Even if its just going to the park to study, being outside will help alleviate stress and help you stay grounded!

4) Play with a pet

Self explanatory, animals = happiness. 

5) Hang out with friends!

Don’t let finals week cut you off from everyone! Try studying together at a coffee shop or quizzing each other in your dorm room, anything to get you some socialization.

6) Stretch!

Have you been sitting at your desk all day? If so, then you need to do a few simple stretches to help keep your muscles from locking up. “Do You Yoga with Erin Motz” is a great yoga course on youtube and each lesson is only 10-20 minutes long.


I cannot stress these two enough! All nighters are terrible for your body and wretch havoc on your immune system and memory. Try to sleep whenever possible and drink water (yes I know my own body is about 70 per cent caffeine during finals week but you need to stay hydrated too!). 

Stay healthy this finals season! I’m so proud of you all! You got this, I believe in you!


I Tried Meditating For 20 Minutes Every Day For A Week: Here’s What Happened

The art of meditation has been around since the beginning of time, and is popular all over the world for its stress-relieving benefits. Because of my extremely hectic schedule, I know I could benefit from some meditating. So, I decided to try meditating for 20 minutes a day.


1. If something is stressing you out, take a break from it - homework, people, work, school (remember taking a mental health day is not a crime).

2. If you have to do whatever it is that’s stressing you out: change into something comfortable - pyjamas, jeans. If you feel most comfortable in a dress and makeup, do it!

3. Call someone you trust - talk about it, it WILL make you feel better.

4. Colour - seem’s a bit far-fetched, but you can get these really good colouring books for about £6-8 from Amazon and they are genuinely really nice to just fill in.

5. Do something you enjoy - Take a bath, go on tumblr, watch a movie, hang out with friends.

6. Find a distraction you like - Similar to the last one, but find something you want to do weekly or even daily: start a new hobby, decorate your room, tidy the house, go on a walk, go shopping, do anything except what was stressing you out.

7. Keep organised lists of things that need doing - That way, you’ll finish everything and not have a last minute realisation you didn’t do the grocery shopping or do that French assignment.

8. Don’t put your life on hold for something - You can’t hide in your room for hours every single day for the rest of your life trying to finish things. Go shopping for new clothes, take walks regularly, see friends when you can.

9. Remember stress is temporary - Stress is something you’ll regret later in life, you’ll think “god I wish I hadn’t worried so much over those assignment” like literally, its okay to be stressed: everyone gets stressed. Just avoid unnecessary worrying. :)

10 Ways to Avoid Fatigue and Stop Feeling Tired

  1. Keep track of your health
  2. Move your body
  3. Practice yoga
  4. Do not forget about water
  5. Eat properly
  6. Nuts, fish, and avocado
  7. Go to sleep early
  8. Sleep not less than 6 hours a day
  9. Have naps during a day
  10. Use color therapy

Want to know how to above methods work? Read the full article on Students Toolbox!

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“What to do when you have too much to do”
With Studyblrheaven

1. Write it down
I have a whiteboard where I write everything down. Not only what events are coming up, but also my todo for the day. You can also use a planner or whatever you want to use.

2. Clean up
A clean room is a clean mind! The best thing to do at the end of the day is clean up your room. Not only do you sleep better in a cleaned up room, the process itself always helps me to clean up my mind too!

3. Tea
Tea. Tea is always the answer.

4. Here and now 
If there is one question that has opened my eyes on the subject of overthinking, it has to be “what can you do about it NOW” it means that it is no use to keep thinking and worrying about something you can’t do anything about at that moment anyway.

5. Meditation and sleep
The most important thing in stressful times is to stay calm. Meditation really helped me. I would really to recommend the app “Stop, Breath & Think”. (My friend @zolderraam brought it to my attention) It’s a meditation app which is perfect for people like me who aren’t very experienced with meditation yet. It also looks really pretty. It is free and you get a list of 16 tracks. You can also buy other tracks to support the makers! You can also fill in how you feel and it will recommend certain tracks!
When I can’t sleep I always listen to this YouTube video, it always works for me.

I hope these 5 tips were useful to you and good luck getting done what you need to get done!

[coping with a “bad” grade]

This is definitely something that I have dealt with all the time but for some reason, none of my friends actually sit down and talk about health ways to cope with this sooooo let’s taco bout it ^.^ 

*bad is in quotation marks because everyone has different standards for their own self. What may be “bad” grade to you may be someone else’s goal grade. 

Some things you should tell yourself lovingly: 

  • It is okay to be sad. Your emotions are valid!!! If you feel disappointed, upset, frustrated, it is because you care. While it is not good to be sad for a long time, acknowledge your emotions. Trying to deny emotions that are there is unhealthy and unproductive. 
  • Grades are but a number (or a letter, if you will). You are so so so much more than a grade. You are your own individual, your own person, and nothing can change that. You are a special snowflake bb. Don’t let grades tell you otherwise! 
  • You deserve to feel better! Go do something you enjoy. Go on a hike, hang out with friends, party (but make sure you don’t drink out of sadness that is not good). Put aside some time for you to focus on feeling better because you deserve to! 
  • Lastly, understand that you are not a robot. You are a complex person with emotions, feelings, and flaws. You are not going to ace every test and that’s okay! The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about it. From me to you, grades are an awful representation of what you are truly capable of and you shouldn’t let it bother you for too long. 

anonymous asked:

mom i need tips to help relieve stress/relax bc everything is overwhelming as of late :((

take 30 minutes every day to do something u like, pick up an easy crafty hobby, clean ur living area, go for a walk, drink more water and tea, sleep more, have an at-home spa day, buy a nice skincare product or bath bomb, go to the library and read, find a new cafe and get a snack there, change your sheets, buy a new sweater

anonymous asked:

Hi,so sorry to bother you but I've been really struggling to sleep recently due to various reasons and I have no idea what to do. Do you have any resources that may help? Thank you in advance and thank you for being here. :)

Hi there!

You are not bothering me on bit, I made this blog to give advice and I’m so happy you’ve come to me for advice- I’ll do my best to help you out! :)

How to sleep well- (resources)

Shelby’s tips on how to improve sleep-

  1. Listen to calming music- Having music in the background is helpful because it allows your mind to flow into the music while you drift off to sleep.
  2. Sleep medication- Talk to your doctor about prescribing you a natural sleep medication if you are having severe instability to sleep.
  3. Calming scents- Having calming scents in your room such as lavender or vanilla are helpful because those scents ease the mind and are very nice to smell.
  4. Comfortable temperature- If your room is too hot or cold, it can be hard to sleep and find that just right stop. I suggest having a fan in the summer time that can blow cool breeze at you, and in the winter have a heater or have a plan to wear more blankets.
  5. Limit distractions- When you’re trying to fall asleep, having things around you that can be distracting, its best to move those things out of the room or turn them off. You could put your cell phone on the counter instead of your nightstand so you are not woken up each time you get a text.
  6. Comfort items- Having stuffed animals or blankets can help improve your sleep because when you have those items, you feel comfortable and in a safe place which is a must for a good nights sleep.
I’d like to add when I’m stressed out for various reasons, usually my sleep becomes nearly impossible- I’ve found out that since I’ve been working, I’m getting less sleep and I’m the type of person who needs lots of sleep. With my struggle with sleep since I could remember, I’ve actually found that when I am stressed and I’m having troubles sleeping it helps me personally to call my grandma and make plans with her. It probably sounds odd, but hearing my grandma’s calm soothing voice seems to put my mind at ease from any stress. So I suggest maybe giving a friend or a family member a call and make plans with them or even just talk about anything!Hope this helps :).
10 Tips for Quickly Relieving Stress

Let’s face it. Life is stressful. And when we are under stress we suffer. It’s bad for our health. It leaves us feeling drained and tired. It fogs our brains. It causes us to disconnect from others. It makes it difficult to concentrate and robs us of the ability to respond creatively in life. It’s not good for us, and when under stress, let’s face it, it’s not good for those around us either.

So it’s helpful to have a few stress-busting techniques to reach for when it starts to creep up on you and take you hostage. Here are a few of my favorite busters. They are easy to do and work wonders when I need them most, like right before I give a public presentation, or when running late to catch a plane, or find myself stuck in traffic, or when talking to someone who is being very difficult, or when I find myself running behind schedule and am afraid I am going to get in big trouble for it.

In other words, at least once a day, every day. Try them yourself and see if you find them as helpful for relieving stress as I do.

  • Open your mouth wide enough to hear a click in your ears and inhale deeply, followed by an audible exhale releasing the sound “AHHH!” Repeat until relaxed. Three times should do it.
  • Sing the song Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music. Each note corresponds with one of the seven chakras and calms the entire nervous system and lifts your mood.

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