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Play with me, alpha - Derek x Reader

Stiles Vs The new table - Stiles x Reader

Breaking in the beta - Scott x Reader

The beautiful best friend - Cody x Reader

The roommate - Tyler P x Reader

The special place - Dylan O’B x Reader

Not my alpha or my daddy - Peter x Reader

Fingers - Theo x Reader

The Wolf and His Kitten - Theo x Reader

Alpha’s Help - Scott x Liam x Reader

Self-employed - Stiles x Reader

Lydia Says Stiles’ **** Is Big - Lydia x Reader x Stiles

Perfect - Peter x Reader

Obedience - Jackson x Reader

Heated - Reader x Peter

What Alpha Wants - Scott x Reader

Boss {Part One} - Stiles x Reader

Boss {Part Two} - Stiles x Reader

Brother’s best friend - Liam x Reader

Stress Relief - Brett x Reader

Home - Derek x Reader

Lake house - Stiles x Reader

Mine Once - Liam x Reader

Make You Feel Good - Brett x Reader

Let Me Show You - Brett x Reader

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Feed the alpha - Derek x Reader

Self-Control - Liam x Reader

The lonely beta - Peter x Reader

Mine - Isaac x Reader

The Captain’s Girl - Scott x Reader

Alphas and Blindfolds - Scott x Reader

Secret - Scott x Reader

The one that can’t get away - Derek x Reader

Home for tonight - Theo x Reader

Tease - Peter x Reader

Relieving The Tension

Characters: Reader, Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mild angst, SMUTTY SMUTT, fluff, NSFW

Word Count: 1,100

Summary: Tension has been building between you and Dean lately. Finally you lose it and blow up. SMUTTY SMUT ensues.

“Just fuck me already, Dean! Anything to break this damn tension,” you screamed at him. The heat between the two of you had been building for months, and you couldn’t ignore it anymore.

You stood there shocked not able to believe the words that had just slipped out of your mouth. You ran your hands through your hair nervously as you gaged Dean’s reaction.

He had a look of disbelief on his face as a sly grin creeped up to replace his shock. He was slowly closing the gap between the two of you. You could see the words he was struggling to get out forming on his full lips.

You just wanted to take that bottom lip between your teeth and tug, drawing out a groan you knew would come from him if you only had the chance. God, Y/N stop thinking about it, you told yourself as you attempted to calm your breathing.

Before you realized it, Dean’s chest was pressed up against yours. You wondered if he could feel your heart tying to beat out of your damn chest. He placed his hands behind your head, gently lifting your face to his. He was closing the gap between the two of you when he stopped just as he grazed your lips. Your breath hitched as he breathed into your mouth, hot, heavy, shaking breaths.

“Are you sure this is what you want Y/N? Because God knows it’s all I’ve been able to think about for months,” he said his green eyes sparkling.

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(rules are) meant to be broken | College AU | 16k

When Luke opened the door, the RA– Wedge, or something, Luke recalled– was standing there, looking at him skeptically. Luke wasn’t sure if it was because he’d been sleeping at three pm and probably had bedhead, or if it was because– “This is Leia Organa’s room, isn’t it?”

Stress Relief

Brett x Reader

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut , slight choking like not really but sort off

“Hey Brett.” One his team mates called to the wolf who followed the direction they were pointing in and spotted you arguing with a boy you’d hooked up with at a party a few nights before.

“Yeah, what?” He asked the team mate who frowned.

“Aren’t you two together.” The question had Brett rolling his eyes. He couldn’t exactly explain that you were both werewolves and used sex as a way to get through each other’s heat or to help each other to get back under control.

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Stress Relief - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW)

I currently have no life…For real, sent me your requests, I have a broken wrist and nothing better to do than write “x reader” things because I enjoy them.

Another piece with Logan, this time, he needs to relieve some stress. Totally NSFW by the way, fluff and SMUT yo. First one I write actually, so, sorry if it sucks. So, yeah, you know.


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When Logan came up with the idea of making a new school for mutants, you didn’t expect it to be that stressful. It had been quite some times since Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters closed. After the professor’s death, it just wasn’t the same anymore…But there were still kids all around the world in need of help. Kids that parents chased away, kids that were forced out of their homes, or kids that were just too powerful to take care of themselves without hurting anybody else. You agreed with your boyfriend, there was a need for a new school…Ororo and Kurt directly jumped in. They missed teaching as much as you. And eventually, you opened your own school. Jean Grey’s institute for higher learning. You didn’t really like the name, as you and Jean never seen eye to eye (probably because Logan used to be crazy about her, and that she was a bit jealous that he completely forgot his feelings towards her when you entered his life), but you thought it was a cute hommage nonetheless.

Logan and Ororo became headmasters, and you were happy that you’d declined the offer to be one, because it was Hell to take care of a school like that. You didn’t know how Professor Xavier did it all those years.

A particularly stressful day took you to Logan’s office.

On the door was a handwritten note stating : « Taking a break, fuck off !! ». You smiled at it, imagining Logan becoming very angry at whoever knocked on his door…Whoever but you.

You knocked.

-Can’t you fucking read !! I’m busy !

-Busy relaxing ?

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Jason Todd x Reader - Stress Relief

A/N: Request for @galaxybutterfly23, I’m sorry if this isn’t great, but I hope you like it!

You were home and watching a movie on the couch in your living room when you heard the front door to yours and your boyfriend’s, Jason Todd, apartment open and then close. You could tell from the sound of the footsteps that it was Jason, and didn’t mind it all too much. “Welcome home babe.” You called out, knowing that once he got changed and settled he would come and see you.

Jason had a rough night, and immediately went to the bedroom to take a shower and changed into a tight fitting t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants. He knew you were watching a movie, and made his way to the kitchen to make popcorn for the two of you, silently making his way to sit next to you on the couch with the bowl once it was done.

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  • START WORK EARLY. to avoid last minute panic moments the night before the exam with you screaming at the prospect of failing, start revision early, as early as a month or two before. Even if you really don’t feel in the mood to do exam revision, ensure all your notes are completed so that when you’re ready to start work, you’ve already got all your materials ready and you ready to DO IT
  • MAKE A TIMETABLE. If you’ve already got your exam schedule, plan out your study schedule and decide when, and for how long you’ll study on each subject. That’s so you’ll know exactly how much time you’ve got to study for each subject. This way, you don’t end up not having enough time for a certain subject.


  • SLEEP TRACKER. We all want to stay up to finish that last stack of notes but sleep is crucial so that you have enough energy the next day to listen to lessons and do more work productively. A lack of sleep could really bring down performance levels and you’ll realise that more sleep would do you more good. Track your sleep to keep yourself in check on hours slept.
  • WATER TRACKER. Stay healthy! Drinking water would ensure you don’t fall sick during these crucial weeks. Water during periods of times you’re feeling tired while studying is also a healthy way of waking you help (because you don’t really want to consume that much coffee do you)
  • SLEEP EARLY, WAKE UP EARLIER. Don’t burn the midnight oil trying to finish whatever you’re supposed to be doing - you’ll seriously mess up your sleep schedule. Instead, try sleeping earlier and waking up the next morning an hour or two earlier. This increases your rate of productivity since you’ll feel more refreshed and awake in the morning instead  of like a zombie in the dead of night.
  • NAPS. Even if you feel like you have a lot of things you need to complete, a short 20 minute power nap would help re-energize you and really help to speed up your productivity rate.Try not to sleep for too long as you may not feel as energized.
  • STRESS RELIEF. Stress is good to motivate you sometimes but too much stress is always bad for your body and may even cause you to blank out during exams. Read our other post x for stress relief methods.


  • ONLINE APPS. Apps like FocusNow and Forest are great for ensuring that you don’t touch your phone while you’re studying. 
  • STUDYING WITH A FRIEND. Studying with a friend, whether it be in real life or through Skype and such, helps to motivate both of you to study, keeps both of you in check and allows you to do things like testing each other or asking each other questions easily. However, make sure that the friend you are studying with is intent on focusing too so that you don’t end up being very distracted instead and getting no work done.
  • STUDYING ALONE OUTSIDE. Strangers possibly noticing what you are doing could pressurise you to study instead of slack.


  • IT’S REVISION NOTES, NOT MEMORISATION NOTES. While a last minute refresh of what you’ve already learnt is good, overloading your brain with new content at the very last minute isn’t the way to go around doing your exams.
  • MINDMAPS. Can be very helpful for those more inclined towards visual learning.
  • ONLINE APPS. These are very handy for easy and convenient revision . Quizlet is a great way to study things like formulas or words.
  • UNDERSTAND THE INFORMATION BEFORE WRITING DOWN. Fully digest what your text is about before rephrasing it into your own way instead of copying and pasting the important chunks
  • COLOURS. Use different colours to differentiate different portions of your notes (e.g. POS VS NEG). However, please don’t go nuts on the colours because everything would just be really confusing 

good luck and all the best for everyone with exams coming up! exams really suck but they’ll all be over soon!

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Smut Masterpost

Our Two Bedroom Story

Bad Master - Minato x Mika

Blind Date - Akiyoshi x MC

Sharing is Caring - Minato x Shusei x MC 

Operation: Stress Relief - Akiyoshi x MC

Heaven is Nice We Should Go There Again - Akiyoshi x MC

Mine - Minato x MC

Pull Over - Minato x MC

My Dirty Girl - Chiaki x MC

Surprise - Kaoru x MC

Loose Lips - Minato x MC

My Lips Are Sealed. - Akiyoshi x MC

Welcome Home. - Kaoru x MC

Ten Things I Love About You. - Minato x MC

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

Daddy & Peaches - Soryu x MC

How Do You Plead, Mr Detective? Part 2. Part 3. Mamoru x MC.

King Asshole - Eisuke x MC

Don’t Wake The Sloth - Eisuke x MC

What Do You Need From Me? - Eisuke x MC

Get On Your Knees - Shuichi x Soryu x MC 

Let Them Know I Belong To You - Soryu x MC

Baba - Eisuke x MC

I Need A Cigarette - Mamoru x MC

Koro or Pommy? - Ota x MC

Coffee - Black, No Sugar. - Shuichi x MC

Idiot. - Hikaru x MC

Boss - Soryu x MC

How Do Threesomes Work? - Mamoru x Baba x MC

Some Kind Of Drug. - Eisuke x MC

Happy Birthday, Baby. - Mamoru x MC

An Idiot In Love. - Hikaru x MC

Discipline & Punishment. - Hikaru x MC

Cum With Me. - Eisuke x MC

Fairy Tale. - Ota x MC

Front Row Seats. - Ota x MC

Bloody Hell. - Luke x MC

Special Performance. - Ota x MC

Drunken Stupor. Part 2 - Erika x MC.

Metro PD: Close to You

Side by Side - Eiki x MC

Cat & Mouse - Eiki x MC

Yes, Sir. - Kirisawa x MC

Actions Have Consequences. Kirisawa x MC

My Last First Kiss

Thank You, Tequila - Ayato x MC

Time of Death 3:43pm - Ayato x Taka x MC

I will Always Choose You - Riku x MC 

2:47am - Taka x MC

Heavenly Bodies - Ayato x Riku x MC

Take A Break - Ayato x MC

Minx. - Riku x MC

After School Affairs

Babe - Rikiya x MC 

Enchanted In The Moonlight

Disgusting Table Manners - Shinra x MC

Show Off. - Kyoga x MC

300 followers smut series; OTBS - The Bet.


Chapter 1; Akiyoshi Zaizen

Chapter 2; Chiaki Yuasa

Chapter 3; Minato Okouchi

Chapter 4; Shusei Hayakawa

Chapter 5; Tsumugu Kido

Chapter 6; Kaoru Kirishima


300 followers smut continuation; KBTBB - Revenge.


Revenge - 1. Shuichi

Revenge - 2. Luke

Revenge - 3. Baba

Revenge - 4. Ota

Revenge - 5&6. Soryu & Mamoru

Revenge - 7. Eisuke


300 followers smut continuation; OTBS X KBTBB - Pushiment.


Ok but

Sam noticing his boyfriend is carrying a lot of stress and knowing he can’t really help him relieve it.

Sam calling up Bucky on his super secret super emergency hotline and telling him to deal with an emergency creeping along the nearly unpopulated Southern Wakandan border.

Sam sending a text to T'Challa’s super secret super sexy let’s-get-it hotline and telling him to meet him along the nearly unpopulated Southern Wakandan border. “But hey, babe, wear the suit ;)”

So Bucky (and Steve because he’s got abandonment issues for days) shows up at Sam’s coordinates - only they quickly realize there’s no emergency. Just T'Challa and Sam playing a weird (and flirtatious) game of Cat and Canary - which they’ve just interrupted. The speed of T'Challa’s turn as they enter the clearing and Sam’s mischievous smile let him know exactly what Sam has planned.

T'Challa eyes the both of them warily, cautiously, but there’s a restrained energy in the lines of his body that let Bucky know that while T'Challa isn’t going to do anything he doesn’t want, he’d jump at the chance for a good sparring match.

Bucky just rolls his shoulders, pops his knuckles and throws himself forward. Oh he knows he’s about to Get Rekt™, but - well - he owes them both.

And it’s been a while since he and Steve have had a chance to stretch some of these muscles.

He will vehemently deny that the pictures Sam sends out to the Avengers (Sam - these lines are for emergencies!) of he and Steve exhausted and beaten behind a grinning T'Challa are un-doctored.

“Can’t trust any of these pictures these days. Not with photoshop, kids. You’ve got to be more discerning of who you trust. Can’t trust men who fly, I’ll tell you that.”

Stress relief x

If you ever feel really stressed or tired this is what I do:

First of all I have a shower, showers keep me nice and distracted and make me feel clean afterwards x wash your hair x take of all your makeup if you’re wearing any. Next drink a large glass of water x just sit still and sip at it until it’s all gone. I then make a cup of tea or hot chocolate x any kind of hot drink is  great x then sit down in a bunch of warm blankets, light some candles and stick on a long youtube video or calm netflix series, my favourites are nail tutorial videos, they’re so calming x just sit and be calm x this won’t work for everyone but I love just sitting and being still x live, laugh, love x

xoxo Mary