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Feeling stressed? Just sit back and watch the soothing action of this awesomely intricate geometric pop-up book by visual artist Tauba Auerbach, published by Printed Matter.

Filmmaker Sam Fleischner created this captivating video from NOWNESS which reveals how each pair of 2D pages opens to magically form a complex 3D structure:

[via Sploid]

“Give me back my book!” You shout and stretch your arms in a failed attempt to get the thing back.

“Nope.” Dean says walking towards your door.

“Dude, come ooooooon!! My presentation is in two dayssss! I need to get ready!” You whine and bury your head in your arms. 

“You are ready! I heard you last night while you were rehearsing, you know this whole thing from cover to cover” He waves the fat book and then place it under his arm.

“What? I was alone in here. Were you spying on me Dean Winchester?”

His lips pursed and his eyes roll a bit trying to hide his embarrasment. “I-I was just passing by your door and I heard you and…It doesn’t matter!” He waves you off. “The thing is you need a break! So, No homework. Watch some porn.” 

He smiles a little to himself as his fingers twist open the door knob, walking out of the room. 

“I can’t- Dean!!” You scoff. “It would be better if you watch it with me!” You yell at the closed door, thinking he’s alredy far enough not to hear you. 

After a few seconds you drag yourself from the small desk and seat on the bed pulling your laptop towards you, following Dean’s advise you type your preferences on the incognito window and the moment you press enter your room door slams open and Dean Walks in with a bowl of popcorn and two beers.

“I’m ready, what we watching?”

Here: @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname , what is this, I have no idea… I need Dean to come here and take my book away from me… We can watch some porn and then reenact our favorite scenes