stress out


Tyler: Can we move it back a little bit? 

Crew: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We can move this completely out of the way too. 

Tyler: I love my bike. *rings bell* Can we..what I’m sayin’…I’m sorry…. the seat…Can we move the the seat back? 

Crew: Yeah, yeah. You need to move the seat? 

Tyler: Yeah. 

Crew: How tall are ya? 

Tyler: I don’t know. About 5′10″. 

Later: Rides off into the sunset to find Josh. 


new fans listening to Stressed Out

Well, Tangerine was a highly enjoyable film (with actual trans people in trans roles which is awesome) but I can’t for the life of me fathom how or why they subjected themselves to filming the whole film with an iPhone. I mean, it looked great, really fit stylistically and added a sense of immediacy and realism. But it had to have been a nightmare from a production standpoint.


Yesterday’s outfit with my midnight dinner and puppy snuggles. It was a stressful day. My alma mater notified about 80,000 current and past students and staff of a security breach that occurred and then I got all the lovely telephone calls last night about it. Considering I’m past student and staff plus current student… The likelihood of new being part of this breach was pretty high (somehow ‘May the odds be ever in your favor’ pops up because I am 3 out of 4 for my name being in the pot ). Ontop of working an open-close double shift because of meetings and staff issues. I really am starting to dislike closing because I don’t get home until 10 and to make an actual meal to eat takes awhile so I’m not even really giving myself enough time to eat and digest before passing out. It’s been stressful.

Yes I had pizza in honor of national pizza day yesterday. The leftovers are today and tomorrow lunches.

8.37 pm 

i was told when i get older all my fears would shrink,

but now I’m insecure and i care what people think.

honestly why does twenty one pilots keep writing too accurate and good lyrics. i always find myself ‘’ wow that is totally me.’’ it’s amazing how could someone have a different aspect of everything yet they manage to speak out the things that i can’t.

So help me Heda

my entire dash is nothing but the fight scene and coalition and i’m sitting here like FUCK MARKETING I WANTED TO BE FRESH EYED AND NEWBORN TOMORROW. it is taking my entire afterlife to not watch them. lordt have mercy on my soul, may you give me the strength to keep my thirst at bay, may i remain parched til ‘morrow, amen. 

Today I am leading two very import, high stress meetings (one with people who will inevitably make fun of my business partners while I try to negotiate change requests and the other with the dreaded ex-tech analyst). I’ve stuffed some images of my favorite animals in my queue and I probably won’t resurface until the workday is over. 

I feel like all you guys have been doing lately (at least since my November surgery) is sending well-wishes and positive vibes and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. 



I’ve decided to do a lil merch and records gveaway to thank the clique |-/

the giveaway is gonna end the 20th of April 2016,

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