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F A S H I O N  M A K A // maka wearing a jacket i could not afford + a skirt my mom won’t allow me wearing

i’m back! i thought i would have been gone longer- but i’ll hopefully post more artworks (after commissions!)

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“You each get your own private room.”

You fools. You think this will stop me, a fanfic writer, from writing those OTP moments? The gay is only beginning, my friends.

Please consider:

- “I had to jump three balconies and crawl up two flights to see you”

- “I’m stuck in the stairwell to your room because there’s another couple making out and they’ll spot me”

- “our rooms are right next to each other but we still text all the time”

- “you live down the hall from me and it’s only now that I’m realizing that you have the cutest pajamas ever”

- “you play shitty music at 3 in the morning and I’m not afraid to kill you”

- “you’ve been reading those notes out loud for the past four hours and I’m just listening in because I’m learning more from you than I did the entire two weeks of lessons”

- “dude you’ve been playing sad music for the past three days are you okay”

- “I’m the stress baker and you’re the stress eater and we’re always stressed so we end up become best friends”

- “I tried to do laundry for the first time ever and it looked easy but now there’s soap everywhere and all my white clothes are pink will you stop laughing and help me please”

- “we’re study partners before we moved into the dorms so we don’t change anything but we do find out that everyone else thinks we’re dating so they end up leaving us alone to study how convenient”

- “someone keeps stealing my favorite socks and when I find out who I’m going to strangle them with their shoelaces”

- “someone through the gaudiest pair of shoes up on the roof who in their right mind would wear those - oh they’re YOUR shoes?”

- “I ran out of hygiene supplies so I’m borrowing yours but I keep forgetting to buy more so we always share but I end up liking you a lot so I always say I ‘forgot to buy more’ and I think you’ve caught on but you’re not saying anything”

- “I have twelve tons of homework I kept putting off but you’ve had yours done for weeks but you won’t let me copy so I have to sneak into your room for the answers and wow you really love weird socks”

- “you keep burning candles and the smell keeps drifting over to me and I’d usually be fine with that but you have a terrible taste in candles”

Guys this is our chance for every single “dorm room shenanigans” thing EVER

Let Me // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: prince jungkook au where he always comes into the kitchen for late night snacks and y/n is new to the kitchen staff. soon they become friends and maybe something more. (definitely something more who am i trying to kid)(also request was rlly long so i summarized it)

words: 3820

category: fluff + once again, fond!kookie

author note: never apologize for long requests bc that is how i survive. also, someone seriously needs to stop me from writing about fond jungkook bc ya girl can’t get enough. anyway, please enjoy!

- destinee

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How the crows handle stress

Kaz Brekker
- without Inej, he’d kill a man. He already did that in SoC. He’d do it again if necessary
- but if Inej is there, I can imagine that she’d calm him
- remember that time when Inej was kidnapped? Kaz is stressedt

Jesper Fahey
- [insert gambling here]

Wylan van Eck
- Flute? Flute.
- he uses music for stress relief
- bombs are an alternative

Nina Zenik
- stress eater

Inej Ghafa
- she’s the stress control master
- we bow before her
- i aspire to be Inej Ghafa

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Give us your best Cole headcanons

anon do you have any idea what you’ve done. I hope you’re prepared for how many of these there are

  • he’s left handed
  • you think he’d Pump The Iron™ to get relieve stress but he actually goes for a long run
  • he’s always torn between “I consume nothing but protein shakes and chicken salads” and “I just downed a litre of dr pepper and I have a pizza in the oven and I’m going to eat the entire thing myself”
  • Cole says he can’t sing or dance but no one will ever convince me of that. He wouldn’t have been able to get into the Marty Oppenheimer if he couldn’t, so while he may not enjoy it he’s real frickin super talented at it
  • he is actually blind without glasses but won’t wear them so he wears contacts instead.
    • literally he got up to get a snack in the night but in his sleepy haze tripped over a table and almost broke the whole bounty. Lloyd came running through with both katanas and then tripped over the same table. Don’t scare him like that Cole.
    • he’s one of those guys who will literally always sit on his glasses. He can put them down for 0.56 seconds and still sit on them anyway, honestly it’s a talent how does he do it
    • “Cole for the love of all that is good in this world will you just wear your glasses” “I just can’t bear to look at you so get a new face and I’ll consider it”
  • Jay: I can’t believe Cole is dead
    Cole: I’m not dead!!
    Lloyd: Hey Cole can you help me with-
    Cole: I’m sorry Lloyd but unfortunately :// I am dead ://
    • when Cole was a ghost every time he walked into the room Jay would play the spooky scary skeletons song
    • in all seriousness he still has PTSD from being a ghost, he doesn’t entirely trust that water won’t kill him or at least hurt him, especially cause he still has his green scar, so he tries to avoid it as much as he can. He still flinches when something or someone touches him sometimes because he’s not used to it
    • when he figured out how to use his ghost body the first thing he did was visit his dad and hugged him for like 3 hours solid
    • honestly I have so many angsty ghost headcanons but I won’t do that to my boy I love him too much
  • he is everyone’s vent buddy. People go to Zane if they have a problem they need help with, but Cole is always the one they’ll go to if they have stuff they just wanna get off their chest
  • you hear it all the time but Jay is his best friend, he would do anything for him even if he calls him a loser or threatens to Spartan kick him over the side of the bounty.
    • they can communicate using only the word ‘bro’
    • Jay: hey Cole what do you think of this-
      Cole: *slaps him across the face* TAG, YOU’RE IT *runs away*
      Jay: ……….. nO I WAS AT BASE THAT’S NOT FAIR
    • This video: Jay is the one that walks into the lamppost and Cole is the one that’s like “yo that’s my bRO”
    • Jay when he can’t wake up Wu: WU’S BEEN FOUND DEAD IN THE BOUNTY
      Cole: *jumps up* IS HE OK 
  • so Cole has really thick hair and one time it’s just so hot and he gets so mad that mid battle he marches into a hairdressers and shaves his head. He accidentally goes too far and regrets it afterwards when Jay keels over on the floor from laughing and all he can make out is the word “SHINY”
  • “watch me do a backflip” *falls on his face and almost breaks his neck*
  • one time Kai walks in on Cole laying sprawled out on the floor and he’s just like damn it Cole what is it now, and Cole just whispers “I dropped my steak pie” as a single tear rolls down his face
  • “do you think pigeons have feelings”
  • the boyo stress eats:
    • I know he was a ghost but when they were in Kryptarium but he literally ate an entire cake filled with tools that were supposed to break them out. He’s a stress eater. He has no idea what or how much he’s eating just as long as he eats!!! me too babe
  • OK so he loves musicals. He loves them. Les Mis is his fave. He made Zane learn all the songs and he’s not sorry
    • Cole as Zane walks past his room: Valjean, at last, we see each other plain, Monsieur, le mayor, you’ll wear a different chain
    • no but seriously he loves it, the only thing he was happy to do at school involving arts was the Les Mis musical, he played Gavroche.
    • on the way to the dark island to face Garmadon, Cole was stood at the front of the bounty singing ‘Stars‘ and everyone was like Cole pls, but by the end they were all stood with him singing it as loud as they could
    • one time they had a really close call in battle and Cole nearly died, and Zane was holding him so Cole tried to lighten the mood by singing a little fall of rain and Zane was like no stop that stop it right now. When Zane died he couldn’t listen to the song anymore.
    • “Cole you’re on the rota for cleaning the bounty today” *sigh* “… there is a castle on a cloud… I like to go there in my sleep… aren’t any floors for me to sweep… not in my castle on a cloud”
  • He gets himself involved in stupid bets with Kai involving fire or hot things that Kai will obviously win but Kai dared him too and he’ll be damned if he lets Kai think he’s gonna back out of a dare
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to eat that jar of chillies
      Cole: Kai no I’m not doing this again
      Kai: I bet you $50 I can eat more than you
      Cole: …. Goodbye taste buds I’m so sorry
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to put that flame out with your bare hands
      Cole: n-
      Kai: I double triple quadruple dare you nO TAKE BACKSIES
      Cole: DAMN IT KAI
  • Cole gets him back though
  • when they first became a ninja gang Cole seemed quite serious to the rest of them, but he’s basically a walking pun. They way he delivers them make them the best puns ever. Doesn’t matter if Cole and Jay say the exact same thing, Cole’s is funnier. Cole would only make jokes in front of Jay though and it would drive him crazy because no one would believe him.
    • they suss him out when Kai makes a joke about “you wanna know how I got these scars” and Cole dead face goes “maybe he was born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” and Jay shrieks because finally his secret is out
  • have I ever mentioned that Cole is gay
    • “Cole I need your help” “I can’t I’m gay” “first you were dead and now you’re gay. The hell Cole, I think I preferred ‘I’m dead’ better” “first of all screw you I was actually dead, and second of all screw you even more I’ve always been gay”
    • he’s the type of guy to say “no homo but I would literally steal all the stars in the sky for you and I dream about waking up next to you for the rest of my life and you make me so happy I can’t even breathe sometimes and every time I think about you I smile and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. No homo though just bros.”
    • “sunrise exercise is homophobic.” “???” “I’m gay and it’s offending me”
    • once he looked his boyfriend in the eyes who he’d been dating for 3 years and went “babe… Uh, I hope this doesn’t change anything but… I’m gay ://” and he’s like “Cole we were literally making out 4 seconds ago why do you do these things”
    • Kai goes to Cole about fashion advice one time. Never again
    •  “Oh typical, ask the gay guy about fashion. Not all gay guys are good at fashion, Kai.” “Jeez dude you told me you knew what you were talking about-” “Oh no I have a fantastic fashion sense. Those shoes are ugly and if you want the green in your eyes to stand out, wear something red. Like you usually do. Honestly I don’t know what you’re doing trying to change it up.”
  • Remember in season one when they all used the anchor of the bounty to drop to the ground where Lloyd and Pythor were at Darkley’s school? And it was like the least stealthy thing ever and Cole said “let’s agree to never do that again”? Well they do it again. Like, all the time. It becomes a competition as to who can get flung down faster. Every time Cole does it, he sings “chandelier”.
  • Jay is trying to teach Zane flirting™ and he’s just like “I don’t see the appeal” so Jay makes Cole come over and use a pick up line on Zane and he short circuits. He swears it was just a coincidence.

honestly I have so many more but this is long enough and I could talk about him for years

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

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Hey I was hoping you could maybe update the touch starved tag? I've accidentally read all of them lol and instead of doing work I thought I'll come here😂 but yeah that'd be mega cool, thanks xx

mega cool

Tell Me What You Need by LordOfThePies88 (1/1 | 1,728 | G)

Stiles struggles with depression and, to his surprise, Derek’s the one that takes notice. One night is particularly bad and Stiles contacts Derek just so he can have someone there.

Sacrifice - But is it Really? by SaphiraTARDIS11 (2/? | 6,970 | NR)

Everyone had left Derek.  

Scott wasn’t pack anymore, hadn’t been since the kanima and his betrayal. Jackson had left for London, pack bonds severing as soon as a new pack had been found. Erica and Boyd had left too, went to the San Francisco pack, barely even saying goodbye. Isaac had drifted away slowly, merging himself with Scott until one day Derek had awoke to the pain and emptiness of a solitary alpha.  

And So I’ll Let The Water Take Me by angel_scum (1/? | 1,849 | NC17)

The Argents have had a strong hold on the city of Beacon Hills for as long as anyone can remember. They’re ruthless, dangerous and willing to use any means necessary to get what they deem is theirs. They work from the shadows, feeding off the rotten underbelly of corruption and greed that Beacon Hills has become.
Enter Agent Hale. Derek has been trying to topple the Argent crime regime ever since they killed his family in cold blood. He’s always one step behind them, always just within reach of revenge. Annoyed by Derek’s continual intervention but not threatened, the Argents send the ace up their sleeves to get rid of the Hale family once and for all.
Only… that ace might just be the king of hearts, instead.

Without You by fearfrost1211 (1/1 | 4,822 | R)

Half a choked laugh boils up out of him. He had sex with Derek Hale.


With Derek.

He’s never going to be able to shower in the locker room again.

On werewolves, SATs and stress eating by roundelet (1/1 |  2,176 | PG13)

Stiles has never been skinny. He was a chubby kid. He was a preteen who hadn’t lost his baby fat. Even when he shot up four inches in ninth grade, the pudge over his stomach stayed put.

And, apparently, he’s also a stress eater. By the beginning of his senior year, Stiles has only one pair of pants he can still button. But it’s not that big a deal. It’s not like he has a line up of romantic partners trying to take his shirt off or anything.




がんばって Resbangers!!! We can do this!!

Thanks to everyone participating this year~ It’s gonna be a blast when we’re all done! Remember not to stress too much on your contributions! We’re gonna love it regardless. :3

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Kurodai University AU
  • Kuroo insists them rooming together when he finds out Daichi going to the same university.
  • Bokuto goes to another university, that traitor. He gets himself a full sports scholarship to top university team thanks to his performance in the Nationals.
  • Kuroo and Daichi doesn’t have scholarship, unfortunately, so rooming together is a good idea to cut the living expenses.
  • Kuroo takes Sports Science and Daichi takes Electrical Engineering.
  • Despite the quite challenging courses, they want to continue playing volleyball in the university.
  • Somehow, in the university team’s tryout, they end up seeing familiar faces, including one Oikawa Tooru and one Ushijima Wakatoshi.
  • Daichi has half of mind to walk out the gym and pull Kuroo out with him to escape the disaster in the making.
  • Of course, Kuroo has no idea but intrigued by Daichi’s expression, he ends up striking up a conversation with Oikawa.
  • Daichi and Yaku (who goes in the same uni, Sports Education) immediately know it is a BAD IDEA.
  • IT IS. They hit if off.
  • Thus Daichi finds an annoying former Seijou popping up now and then in his shared room with Kuroo. While he respects Oikawa’s skill, he has trouble in dealing with his attitude. Even Kuroo is more tolerable.
  • Regardless, living with Kuroo is not as bad as he imagines. For all his teasing, he is a responsible person. It takes little to divide chores and set up schedule. Both are used to helping around the house so the two are among the better adjusted university students, the others? Not so much. Yaku comes often with horror stories of his roommate, Oikawa is the horror for his roommate. Ushijima… no one knows what to make of him.
  • They have their own study spots and they are pretty territorial of it. Daichi’s spot is tidier compared to Kuroo’s with scattered papers, books and notes, plus various writing utensils because he usually needs clean spot to experiment with components. However, Kuroo’s notes are Yachi-level neat and meticulous and Daichi’s are in shorthand and only comprehensible to himself, which sucks when he cannot figure out the shorthand.
  • When stressed for schoolwork, Kuroo snaps when anything on his spot is moved even a hair and resembles mad scientist more as he messes with his hair and slouches around. Daichi grits his teeth so hard and his stuff finds its way outside his spot. If anyone visits their room during this time, they’ll find components in the oddest places (water tank, cereal box, to name a few). Kuroo and Daichi makes a game of tracking them once it passes. 
  • Kuroo is better in managing his time and stress that he knows to stop and take a breather and knows not to finish one-week assignment in one day. Daichi can do the same, but finds that he works best with looming deadline, which is bad when he has multiple deadlines to meet in the same day.
  • Daichi likes to eat so he has quite a variety in his food whenever he cooks, not to mention he makes it in large portions so he can snack on it later. He’s also more adventurous in trying new food. He knows the best restaurants/cafes with affordable price. Kuroo just bows to his food knowledge. Kuroo’s tastes more simple, but also healthy and balanced as he learns more about nutrition in his course. Unless he bakes.
  • His cakes and pastry are to die for. It ends up the most effective bribe in the whole university. Fortunately, Kuroo only uses it for good.
  • It appears that Kuroo is a stress baker, and Daichi is a stress eater, so Kuroo doesn’t need to look far to get someone to eat his creations (with the exception apple pie, sent to Kenma), but at the same time, this means Daichi has endless food supply… which is not good. Daichi drags Kuroo to burn the calories with him to take responsibility once the crisis is done and over with.
  • Daichi though, Daichi is a wizard when it comes to electronics. Give him anything broken and he’ll fix it, no wonder why he picks Electrical Engineering. He’s the resident repairman for their friends and housemates.
  • He’s good at practical but average at theoretical. Fortunately Kuroo is good in math and science, though eventually he pulls Oikawa who’s taking Physics into helping him and Daichi when it’s getting more advanced.
  • Kuroo doesn’t need sleep much, but he takes lots of (cat)naps in-between. Daichi is a heavy sleeper. He likes to sleep in when he can, but otherwise he’s used to operating with little sleep and sleeping everywhere. Kuroo has a collection of the various positions and places Daichi sleeps in.
  • Kuroo’s actual bedhead is worse. His current look is his best attempt in tidying it. Daichi quietly keeps a picture for potential blackmail.
  • Basically these two have lots of blackmail material on each other and they know it. Though it’s more a last resort. They rather use the knowledge to prank each other.
  • It’s all in good fun. They always aim to get a good laugh out of it. Both are careful not to cross the line and quick to apologize if they do.
  • One time Daichi manages to remove the pillows when Kuroo’s asleep and…. the next morning Kuroo is unrecognizable. Daichi ends up blushing instead of crowing in laughter. Kuroo doesn’t seem to notice being far too sleepy without the pillows and continue the day making people look twice for different reasons.
  • Daichi shows his concern more openly, and at times physically. There are many times where he uses force to beat his stubborn friends into submission. Once he throws Kuroo over his shoulder because he insists going to class while sick, successfully flustering and shutting him up.
  • Since then all Daichi needs to do is to make the threat before Kuroo folds.
  • In contrast, Kuroo is more subtle and considerate in his approach. It tends to be more successful towards their prideful friends. Particularly in getting Oikawa and Ushijima to work together.
  • Oikawa and Ushijima are the only two of their year that manage to get to the first-string. While he throws perfect tosses to Ushijima, Oikawa is cold to Ushijima and it subtly affects the team’s dynamics.
  • Kuroo wants them to figure things out on their own, but ends up getting involved anyway when Daichi looks so frustrated when his last good-willed attempt backfires.
  • With an elaborate set up involving match between first years and Ushijima-Oikawa in one team and Kuroo-Daichi in the other, Kuroo manages to drive the point home why and how they should work together.
  • Somehow, Kuroo gains their respect and becomes the only yearmate they’ll listen to when they are being particularly difficult, though he always gets Daichi and Yaku to help when he’s not getting through. Yaku takes perverse pleasure in taking the two tall guys down a peg or two. Daichi’s disappointed face works wonders too.
  • Their room becomes the base camp for gathering. It’s still a wonder how they all manage to fit, though it doesn’t mean they limit their activity into the less boisterous ones for lack of room.
  • After some shenanigans that nearly destroy their room and have them kicked out of their house, which Daichi doesn’t think it’s possible, Daichi puts his feet down and sets up ground rules with Yaku backing him up and Kuroo cheering at the background, that lazy bastard. 
  • There are some protests, but once Kuroo threatens to revoke their baked goods’ right, they shut up. In this gatherings, Kuroo and Daichi usually end up not far from each other and catch each other’s eyes one time or another. Yaku and Oikawa start a betting pool on them.
  • Since Kuroo takes Daichi home to spend Christmas and New Year with his and Kenma’s family when he cannot return to Miyagi for his first winter break, they make a habit of alternatively going back with the other to visit their family during breaks. 
  • Despite no longer being captains of their respective teams, they still keep in touch with their former teammates and track their progress. When they have time, both of them lend a hand in the teams’ practice, regardless whose team it is. Daichi becomes as much a familiar sight among Nekoma as Kuroo among Karasuno. Suga has joined the pool, and tries to subtly nudge them both… to no avail. 
  • Spending so much time together, Kuroo and Daichi are very comfortable around each other that they don’t think twice to close the distance between them and know what the other thinking or needing without being told. They are practically old married couple by this point, but nothing official? Cue everyone’s frustration (everyone who has a stake on the betting pool, at least).
  • Kuroo, Daichi and Yaku gets to first-string in their second year, but it’s Yaku first who becomes a regular, followed by Kuroo. Daichi is not a bad player, he is a good all-rounder but he’s not great, not like how Kuroo and Yaku are great in defense.
  • Daichi accepts this and works harder and more diligently, but even then there are times when he feels he’s not enough. Kuroo is quick to pick this up and finds ways to help, including forming a support group involving their friends in the university team, which ends up beneficial not only for Daichi but for all of them. Oikawa would’ve busted his leg without them.
  • Kuroo is good at letting things go, but there are times he just can’t. When he does, he turns so quiet that worries Daichi so much the first time he sees it. He doesn’t talk when he always encourages others to, but he is open to comfort and prone to cuddling, which is weird and surprising at first, but later something Daichi freely and gladly gives.
  • Kenma becomes a permanent fixture in their lives with how often he visits and spends his time in their room. He’s a much preferred presence to Bokuto who drops by any time he feels like it. Suga at least warns ahead even he ends up making room inspection like he’s his mother.
  • They rarely get into a serious fight. Both are relatively level-headed, and hard to anger. Once they are, Daichi’s anger tends to be explosive but burnt out quickly, compared to Kuroo’s cold and cutting anger that tends to simmer. Regardless, these two are the last people you’d piss off.
  • Their third year gets more interesting as some of their more troublesome kouhais come to join them…. right when Kuroo and Daichi are picked as captain and vice-captain.
  • In their last two years of university, Daichi gets into the groove as his studies are more practical-oriented. In contrast, Kuroo starts to falter, not only with the more difficult and demanding course but also with added responsibility as captain and regular.
  • It all comes to head when he collapses after match, sending everyone into a panicked and worried frenzy. Daichi in particular. 
  • Once they find out, all of his friends stages an intervention. Daichi and Kenma are very angry at and worried for Kuroo, their combined disappointed faces are more effective than whatever Yaku can come up with to subdue Kuroo into compliance.
  • It is during this time, Kuroo learns to lean more on Daichi and starts to open up more. For all his laid back attitude, Kuroo tends to keep things to himself and work things out on his own. He doesn’t like to share personal things/problems he hasn’t worked through, but it changes with the intervention. Before he only has Kenma, now he has Daichi to work things out with.
  • It also marks a change in their relationship. Before, Daichi’s the only open book between them, now Kuroo is too. They never talk about it, but they exchange a kiss and a smile, and that’s it, they’re together.
  • No one suspects a thing until Kenma nonchalantly asks whether they are together in middle of their usual gathering, to which they respond with a short, simple yes and go on to their merry way while the room goes silent and descend into chaos. (Kenma and Ushijima are the only ones who are unfazed and congratulate them)
  • Neither can pinpoint the time when their relationship change, so initially they think no one wins the bet but… someone does bet that they don’t know when they get together, but confirm when asked somewhere between their 3rd-4th year. 
  • It’s Kenma. (surprise, no surprise) 
  • He walks away with a surprisingly HUGE amount of money. It seems that all their friends are that invested in their relationship to Daichi’s consternation and Kuroo’s amusement (Kenma shares his winning later).