stress blocks

Crystals/stones that would be helpful for each sign...

Aries: Fire Agate: stimulates the sacral chakra, favorable for sexual endeavors. enhances vitality throughout the body. encourages one to think before they act; deepens capability for rational reasoning and resolution. can help eliminate destructive behaviors, and helps to realize the harm one has committed. helps mellow you out, putting out the raging fire inside an Aries that can build up. 

Taurus: Bloodstone: this stone helps avoid dangerous situations and promotes courage. it enables the user to use strategic plans to make their way through life - Taurus is known for being very practical and strategic-minded, perfect for this sign. being an extremely down to earth sign, Taurus as well as the earth element in general is very present at all times; they are not very spacey individuals. this stone assists in acting in the present moment, keeping this sign even more grounded. it also helps ground the heart energy, reducing frustration, anger and impulsive behavior stemming from one’s own emotions. it reduces feelings of impatience. this stone is also perfect for the fixed sign Taurus - a sign known for being highly resistant to change - because it assists in helping one adjust to unaccustomed situations, scenarios or circumstances. this will help Taurus find comfort - which they need - in any situation they come across.  

Gemini: Blue Kyanite: this stone stimulates the throat chakra; promoting self expression through verbal communication, something Gemini excels at and values highly. they are the sign of communication, after all. this stone encourages one to speak the truth, and powers through any blockages made against the throat chakra. it’s excellent for public speaking. it can fight through confusions, delusions, illusions, frustration and stress. increases capacity for learning and logical thinking. weaves the higher mind into casual conversation. this stone heals the voice and throat. 

Cancer: Lepidolite: cancer is a highly emotional and sensitive sign ruled by the moon. they need stability and security/safety in their lives, and lepidolite can provide this for them by emitting feelings of high serenity and diminishes any hostility present in the user or around them. cancers can become too defensive when they feel personally attacked, they can put up metaphorical walls around themselves too. lepidolite can diminish the need for this kind of behavior. cancers notoriously hold grudges and have a hard time letting go of the past as well; this stone aids cancers in the direction of using past experiences as lessons to be learned and grow from. this stone helps emotional healing and brings back balance into one’s emotional state and life. lepidolite also brings guidance from a higher power, and can help create a oneness with spiritual matters.  

Leo: Orange Calcite: this stone stimulates the sacral and root chakras. it brings joy into one’s life, something Leo needs, they are ruled by the Sun in astrology after all - they must shine and let themselves be noticed for their positive contributions to others. this stone boosts one’s vitality and will power, and encourages energy to those that feel lethargic or dull. this stone can improve one’s natural instincts and prevent emotional impulsiveness - something fire signs may suffer from. this stone can overcome depression, removes fear, and maximizes one’s own potential, stimulating growth and stardom - something Leos dream of. 

Virgo: Moss Agate: brings abundance and wealth. helps intellectual people or people living more in the mental realm have easier access to their intuitive insight and sensitivity, perfect for Virgo - a sign ruled by the most mental planet, Mercury. this stone improves self-esteem and releases fear, worry, and anxiety - all things Virgo deals with most often. inspires new ideas, projects and promotes self expression through verbal communication. can help get one out of a depressive state. Moss Agate assists midwives in their work; those of service to others - like Virgo most commonly finds themselves to be. 

Libra: Ametrine: libras tend to suffer the most out of any other sign in the zodiac from indecisiveness, the fear of making the wrong decision, the fear of looking too selfish or not making the choice that will benefit another. Ametrine is here to get rid of those blockages in the mind and encourages the user to make the divine decision with a clear mind on the right track. this crystal clears stress and confusion. it aids in harmonizing one’s thought process and actions. it aids in creativity as well - a sign ruled by Venus might benefit from. libra is the sign of relations and partnerships/relationships, and ametrine actually enhances compatibility with others as well as acceptance. this stone can help libras take control over themselves and their own life. ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine - two very powerful crystals. 

Scorpio: Labradorite: stone of power, transformation, can enhance will-power for the user. mends and weaves intuitive & intellectual thinking into one; ruling over the throat chakra, aids in empowering others and the self. uplifting and can help lead one out of the darkness in life; fights one’s fears and blockages preventing one from living joyously. prevents one’s own energy from leaking out, helping Scorpio keep their cool and private self in tact when they need it to be. can help ground spiritual energy and raises consciousness. 

Sagittarius: Celestite: sagittarius is known as the teacher, voyager, the explorer. celestite is commonly known as the “teacher for the New Age”. this crystal sets one on a voyage for self-discovery, enlightenment, and attracts good fortune; like the sign sagittarius itself and its ruler, Jupiter, the “luckiest planet/sign in the zodiac world”. sagittarius’ might experience difficulty in relationships because of their permanent wanderlust, this crystal can soothe relationship dysfunction by miraculously sending the user down all the answers they need, by also stimulating spiritual and guide contact. this crystal brings inner peace and calms restlessness of the soul while also urging openness to new experiences. celestite cools firey emotions too, and sagittarius is a fire sign after all. this crystal sharpens the mind, improves the intellect and aids in analysis of complex ideas. promotes mental balance between intuition, intellect and instinct - fire signs summed up. 

Capricorn: Anhydrite: this crystal helps bring structure, support and strength physically. capricorn and the earth signs rule the physical realm and all things that are tangible; this crystal aids in feeling protected and guided to their highest purpose. this crystal can also help fearful capricorns - capricorns tend to suffer more in silence - that are afraid of death, the afterlife, etc. it can help people that have trouble coming to terms with troubling things, help relieve and promote calmness in one’s life involving grudges, lies, daily life troubles, etc. it helps bring acceptance in one’s life and for what tomorrow may bring - and we all know capricorn is always concerned about how their actions today impact tomorrow and their future overall. 

Aquarius: Fluorite: aquarius is a very futuristic sign, one that is known for being very ahead of its time - associated with technology as well. fluorite is effective against electromagnetic stress, and blocks geopathic stress. the stone is associated with progressiveness, just like aquarius is. however, aquarius is a fixed sign - sometimes too stubborn in what they think or believe, luckily fluorite is an aid that can dissolve fixed behavioral patterns, it brings suppressed feelings to surface - being an air sign, aquarius can intellectualize their own emotions and suppress their feelings. fluorite can help immensely. air signs love to learn and take in new information, and fluorite organizes information coming in to be processed, it aids in concentration and helps weave what has already been learned to what is currently being learned. it can promote quick thinking as well - and we all know aquarius is known for their lightning bolt ideas and thoughts. this stone can help aquarius look at the bigger picture and not get so caught up in one thing. it aids acceptance, open-mindedness and dissolves illusions. 

Pisces: Angelite: this stone is formed from celestite; which I applied to the sign sagittarius. I believe these two signs are linked, mostly because jupiter also co-rules pisces; filling it with the faithfulness this sign is known for having. angelite helps us be more compassionate, speak our truth, and accept the things that cannot be changed. this stone gives off a strong feeling of tranquility, and is used by many healers because of its ability to enter spiritual realms and allow spiritual contacts to come down to the user. pisces is a very spiritual sign and this will give them a better sense of purpose and self overall. this stone helps understand more complex and logical facts. this stone helps us stay in the reality we know presently while entering other versions of reality. 

Kissing Chats is therapeutic

This is what resulted from a chat I had with @frostedpuffs and well, I’m very proud of it lol. It is kind of short tho.

Marinette was a wrecked ball of stress. It was so bad that people probably could smell stress on her while she passed by, if the dark circles under her eyes weren’t a dead giveaway. She had three tests, two presentations, the deadlines for four essays and a lot of commissions for her online clothes shop. And the cherry on top of her funeral cake was, of course, being Ladybug and saving Paris at any moment when an akuma appeared.

(Which happened a lot lately. Hawkmoth can choke.)

Although, Marinette probably won’t have a funeral cake, because, frankly, she didn’t even have time to die. But the real question here was if Marinette was using that time she had in the evening to do anything related to the before mentioned responsibilities?

Well… no.

Look, her plants had priority okay? Marinette can’t pull through stress crisis without her plants. So that’s how that fine evening found Marinette Dupain-Cheng on her balcony, making sure her hortensias were hydrated enough. She was humming a random tune, as she kept arranging her plants, trying to not think about the load of work she had. With a sigh, she glanced up at the skyline, hoping she to get a glint of inspiration for one that one-night dress that was lying between her commissions. As she looked in the distance, she noticed a dark figure jumping around the rooftops. Seems like Chat Noir was out and about. Marinette wondered if she should get some sweets from down in the bakery. That was how they got close after all. She was minding her own business, working on her sketched, when out of nowhere a cat fell on her because he was trying to steal her cookies. He received some swats over the head, but also some cookies, because Marinette has limits when it comes to how much she could resist begging kitty eyes. And well, what was said about feeding strays was very much true and Marinette was still amused that the biggest stray in Paris came to her out of all people.

“Good evening to you, ma princesse.” Marinette looked surprised as Chat landed on her balcony, making a courtly bow.

“Hey, Chat.” she greeted. “Did you come sniffing after some macarons or what?”

“As tempting as that sounds, I actually dropped by because I wanted to check on you. You seemed stressed.”

Marinette rose an eyebrow. “I seemed stressed from three blocks away?”

Chat rubbed the back of his head in a strangely familiar manner. “Call it a cat’s instinct.”

Marinette rolled her eyes fondly as Chat continued. “Anyway, I noticed you are stressed and luckily I know a wonderful type of therapy for this.”

Marinette glanced at him curiously. “You have my attention.”

Clearing his throat, he continued. “You see, this type of therapy is accessible to anyone, it is free, very good, wonderfully calming, utterly relaxing and prescribed by any doctor who cares about the well-being of their patients. In fact, there had been a scientific research, conducted by the Oxford University that came to the conclusion that this therapy was effective in 99,9% of the cases.”

“And what exactly is this therapy?”

“Kissing cats.”

Marinette sprayed Chat with her watering bottle, making him yowl and jump back a little. “Very funny, Chat.”

His ears dropped. “But I’m entirely serious!”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “Of course you are.”

“Come on, princess! It will work wonders for you, you’ll see.”

Marinette sighed, before glancing at him. His ears were dropped and he was giving her those typical kitty eyes and Marinette wanted to hit herself over the head with something for being tempted by the offer. Honestly, if he wanted a kiss he could have just said so. Albeit, it would have been a kiss on the cheek, but still. Glancing aside, she considered her options. Well, she already kissed him once to get him out of mind control. No feelings there. Absolutely not. There couldn’t be anything happening from a peck on the lips for ‘lowering her stress levels’. Putting her spraying bottle aside, she turned to Chat.

“One kiss.” he declared, making him smile brightly.

“One dose of anti-stress coming your way, princess.”

Marinette opened her arms allowing Chat to bring her in a loose embrace. Tilting her head, Marinette closed her eyes as Chat bent his head and captured her lips.

Marinette found herself really enjoying kissing Chat. Maybe it was because there was no akuma involved this time. Maybe it was because his lips tasted like peaches. Or maybe it was just because Chat was a good kisser. Marinette let herself relax against him as they keept kissing. And then a gentle rumble filled Chat’s chest, making her smile against his lips. He was purring. And oddly enough it made her relax even more, her body going almost limp against Chat. It felt just simply wonderful. And when Chat finally pulled away, his purring stopping as well, Marinette let out an annoyed huff.

The little shit was smiling victoriously. “So princess, was I right or what?”

Marinette couldn’t even roll her eyes, because yes, he was right. She just nodded. “Not bad at all either.”

To her surprise and satisfaction, Chat blushed a little. “Well, er… I… only the best for the princess.”

As he gesticulated, Marinette caught a glimpse of green. Grabbing his hand, she brought it closer for inspection. She gasped. These weren’t always here, were they? She would have noticed. She poked them.

”You have beans!” she giggled then poked them again.

”A new design detail to my suit.” he explained, clearly amused by her actions. Taking advantage of the fact that her hands were on his, he grabbed the left one and pressed a kiss against her knuckles. “I’m glad I could help you, princess, but now I have to bid you adieu.”

”Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Marinette said, once she was pull editare out of the cute green beanies trance. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

And with that, Marinette pulled him by the tail, in her room.

Marinette created a very strong opinion about how therapy with cats should become a thing. She spent a couple of hours in Chat’s arms, his purring echoing soundly in the room as she worked. Honestly, she didn’t remember the last time when she had been so calm and relaxed. This was the only reason why she was cuddling Chat. Because it was calming and it was lowering her stress levels. There was no other reason. Honestly.

And with Chat’s purring and cuddles, she managed to finish two essays, four sketches for her commissions and the layout of her presentations. And with a peek on the lips for him, she went to bed (at a reasonable hour, for once), playing with his beans until she fell asleep.

Chats were truly therapeutic.

hi, i’m really struggling rn mentally like rly bad and im feeling the full weight of college graduation! job searching! family! also im moving this summer!!! AAAA

anyway, my birthday is in two weeks, (may 6th to be exact) and if u want to make me feel better thru good ol capitalism i have a wishlist link if anyone wants to get me a grad present/bday present. a lot of the stuff on the list is actually rly useful for me (like detergent, household items etc) and other stuff is just silly stuff that makes me happy

alternatively, a kind message, a hug, etc would rly help me rn!! im suffering!!! aaaaa

I played around with the @btscoloringbookproject  ‘s coloring book and colored @ask-chimchim  ‘s drawing of Jimin, it’s so cuteeee

It was super fun and I’m coloring others right now because I need to relax from all the stress I’ve been dealing with honestly;;;

I’ll probs post more when I’m done coloring others!! (I might actually end up coloring the entire book lmao)



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bodyasleep-mindawake said:                                                           

So for a request maybe Sherlock gets cuddly when he is sad or frustrated (he claims it is to release oxytocin and stuff to cheer him up) and just fluffy fluff maybe you are watching a cheesy rom com and pizza too- I don’t care what you do as long as it is Sherlock centric and fluffy. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!!

Sherlock groaned in frustration for the thirty seventh time this afternoon. You shook your head and smiled while you cleaned the pots. He’d been stuck on a case for a month, which was a long time for Sherlock, when he finally came up with the solution and killer. However, the killer was found not guilty at the court. Normally, Sherlock wouldn’t care as that was the case and he did his job; it was over and done with. He was just annoyed in this instance due to the amount of work he did. You tried to be helpful but that was hard with the consulting detective.


You put away a mug into the cupboard when you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist. This caught you by surprise.

“Easy there, tiger,” You giggled. “What’s suddenly put you in a good mood?”

“Nothing,” Sherlock muttered. “More like what’s put me in a bad mood. However, the release of oxytocin should improve my mood. Stress blocks the release of oxytocin; therefore I need to get rid of the stress and you help the stress go away.”

“Oh. Um, thank you?”

“Why don’t we watch a film or… Something.”

“You never want to watch a film, unless it is for a case.”

“Oxytocin, my dear.”

“Yes, yes of course.”


Sherlock walked into the living room with DVDs in his hands after you finished preparing for the evening.

“So we have these romantic comedies which you seem to love. Bridget Jones’ Diary and-” Sherlock stopped in his tracks when he saw you. “You’ve eaten half of the popcorn!”

“Well…” You trailed off.

“And we’ve ordered pizza!”

“Sorry!” There was a knock on the door. You got up and answered it. You retrieved your pizza and paid the man. When you returned, Sherlock was in the bedroom getting changed into his pyjamas. You were already in yours. “Sherly, the pizza is here!”

“I know! I heard!” He walked out of the room and sat on the sofa. “So, Bridget Jones?”


You were lying on the sofa, you in Sherlock’s arms as the credits came on signalling the end of the movie.

“That was the biggest amount of rubbish I have ever watched,” Sherlock informed you. “It’s even worse than when John made me watch James Bond.”

“Oh come on!” You whined.

“It’s a classic! Anyway, are you feeling better?”

He smiled. “Much better.”

Apparently a trailer got leaked and Magnus and Alec argue? I realize people want to see them happy all the time, but relationships aren’t always happy. There are always ups and downs, but communicating and working through the bumps in the road is what makes a relationship real.

The situation being what it is, with Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike dying and the supposed Downworlder registry, we knew going into 2B that there was the potential for a lot of angst especially since these two are in leadership positions. If you expected everything to immediately and constantly be rainbows and sunshine after 2x10, you were kidding yourself because that would absolutely not be realistic.

Malec has the foundation of love, communication, and working through their problems. They might not handle each difficult situation perfectly at first - because, newsflash, they’re (part) human and not perfect - but they get there eventually. 2A showed their relationship more from Alec’s perspective and he was allowed to show frustration, yell, and walk away when he needed to. They’ve said that 2B is more focused on Magnus’ side. Can we give him the same room to grow that Alec got in 2A, particularly because we don’t even know what’s going on yet?

You’ve seen a portion of one scene among (potentially) multiple scenes in an episode in a set of ten episodes. You have no idea the context or reasoning behind what is happening. You absolutely do not know enough to make any judgements. I know jumping down the throats of the writers, directors, and producers has become a famous past time, but let me spell it out for you: WE. DON’T. KNOW. ANYTHING. YET.

If they handle something poorly and it comes across as problematic - like in 2x07 - then you can react. But not before the episode, with all of the information that it provides, even airs! Please take a breath and calm down until then.

Can you teach me how to give a blow job? Pt. 2

Heres Pt 1

Summary/Request: Your friend dares you to give Jungkook a blow job and ride him when you’re sitting on the couch together, you end up cuddling and a few confessions are there to be made. Maybe they end in sex spoiler alert they do

A/N: I am so sorry I haven’t written in ages, I just can’t do it as easily anymore and I promised this like 2 weeks ago but now for Jungkooks birthday I have finally finished writing this, thank you for everyone who is still here reading my shit. Here it is finally, the part where they finally discuss what needed to be discussed.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader X Jungkook

Word count: 2.3 k

You felt like something was tickling your face as you shifted around in bed. Mornings really weren‘t your thing and you didn‘t want to get up just yet. You sleepily opened your eyes and a ray of sunshine peeked through the curtains, hitting your face. You squinted before shutting your eyes again, wanting to fall back to sleep for a while. But when you were about to turn onto your other side you noticed the arm that was draped around your waist. It took you a while to recall all memories of last night since you still were in a half asleep state. But then it hit you. Your eyes flew open as you whispered oh shit under your breath, carefully turning to the other side.

Why were you in bed next to your best friend Jungkook. Was he even your best friend? You didn‘t know anything anymore. His face looked beautiful and peaceful when he was asleep. Did you have a crush on him? Or did you really just like the feeling of cuddling someone in the morning so your mind played tricks on you. You remembered his last words before you fell asleep last night.

„We can discuss any details tomorrow.“

Details about what? Why you suddenly asked him if you could give him a blowjob? Why you two fucked afterwards? Or why he decided to cuddle up next to you to sleep?

Jungkook shifted around as well and when he wanted to pull you up against him he realised you weren‘t in your initial position anymore. He groaned a bit before opening his eyes to look at you.

„Morning beautiful.“

Shivers ran down your spine at his low, gravelly morning voice. Jungkook turned on his back to stare at the ceiling as his fingers brushed through his disshelved hair. You still looked at him from the side as he continued doing that. When he noticed you staring at him he stopped and looked at you.

“Did you sleep well?”

To say it was one of the best nights sleep you’d gotten in a long time, snuggled up against him, feeling protected by his strong arms around felt like a little bit too cheesy right now so you just nodded your head.

“Yes I did.”

“Why are you blushing?”

“I’m not!”

Jungkook just laughed at you, not feeling like teasing you anymore. It felt awkward laying there like that with so many questions still open. You sighed.

“I really love this light, sweet morning talk but I can’t really do it before we haven’t talked about what happened.”

He turned to his side to face you and answered with a way too serious expression.

“First you asked me out of the blue if I could teach you how to give a blowjob, then things got really heated up and we fucked on the couch and then I carried you upstairs to the bed and decided you should sleep by my side since you couldn’t run away anyways. Are your legs still sore?”

You could feel the blush on your cheeks. Why did he always had to be so blunt, this was the downside to being best friends with him for years, he would just say everything straight to your face.

“Yes, they are.”

“Good, that means you still can’t run away.”

You looked at him questioningly before he pulled you in his embrace and looked down at you.

“I don’t know if you could really call this perfect timing or if this reaches up to your high movie like standards, but over the last few months I learnt to love you more than just as my best friend and I didn’t know wether to tell you or not cause I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“You say this can’t reach up to my movie high standards but this is pretty much the most cliché sweet love story thing ever.”

“I just confessed to you, you can’t tell me off for being too cliché right now!!”

Jungkooks playful frustration had you laughing before you realised you had to actually say something to him.

“Jungkook we can’t be together.”

He looked like his heart just shattered, like a puppy you kicked out of the way, so you quickly continued your sentence.

“Emily would never ever let me hear the end of it, she has been trying to get us together for months now.”

The relief on his face was visible when he realised you didn’t properly turn him down. Yet at least.

“Because she knew!”

“She knew??”

“Yes, I had told her and wanted her to find out if I have an actual chance with you before I do anything stupid and end up ruining or friendship.”

“So she knew all along? Whenever she made a stupid joke about us crushing on each other she knew it would happen?”

“Does that mean your crushing on me?”

His stupid smirk spread over his face as you froze in your movement. Were you?

“Why didn’t you show me any signs of it so I could’ve judged my chances better?”

“I didn’t know myself!”

“Up until when?”

You were blushing like hell again as you spoke I a very quiet voice.

“This morning when I woke up and felt your arm around me.”

Jungkook sighed over dramatically.

“That took you a damn long time to realise, Emily knew it way before you.”

You turned slightly so you were face to face with him again and put on a fake annoyed expression.

“Why are we always talking about Emily here I thought this was about us crushing on eachoth-”

Before you could even finish your sentence Jungkook had put a hand on your neck and pulled you towards him, pressing his lips onto yours in a gentle kiss. You quickly got over your initial surprise a closed your eyes, leaning into the kiss as his other hand went to support your waist, his thumb drawing tiny circles on them. The kiss deepened quickly as Jungkook pulled you over his lap so you were straddling him. Your hands curled around his neck as good as possible, playing with the ends of his hair whilst he held your body close to his. After a while you pulled away to catch your breath looking down at Jungkook.

“I want to make this official before we continue.”

“Continue with what?”

“*full name*, will you be my girlfriend from now on?”

You giggled.

“Yes, I will Jeon Jungkook.”

“Good, then we will celebrate that right now.”

He pushed you over so you were the one laying on the mattress and he was hovering over you.

“What about your parents?”

“If you are concerned they will hear us, they are both at work right now, if you are scared about telling them we’re a couple now, they were shipping us harder than Emily was for sure.”

You had to laugh thinking about telling people you were finally together after everyone tried desperately to get you two to date. You linked your hands behind his neck before you carefully pulled him down into a kiss. But Jungkook was having none of you being careful and gentle. His kisses turned rougher and his hands were tangled into your hair whilst he grinded his hips into yours until you let out a soft moan. His lips wandered from your mouth to your jawline, then kissing his way down to your neck. When he found your soft spot from yesterday, he decided to suck a hickey right next to it. He pulled away to tug at the hem of his white shirt you were wearing to pull it over your head. You lifted your arms so he could easily pull it over your head and continue planting kisses over your collarbones. When he finally wraps his lips around one of your nipples and starts sucking gently your back arches off the bed with a moan of his name. He rubs the other nipple gently between his fingers as he continues to suck on the other.

“Jungkook please.”

“Please what? What do you want me to do baby?”

You started blushing. You knew exactly what you wanted and he did too but you couldn’t say that out loud. After all Jungkook had been “just” your best friend for such a long time that it’s quite hard to suddenly ask him to touch you in this way. But Jungkook was just messing with you, even without your answer his fingers travelled up your thigh till he reached your soaked panties. Slowly he started rubbing your clit through the panties.

“You know it’s pretty satisfying how you were always telling me I would never get a girlfriend and now you’re laying here, dripping wet, and I haven’t even started properly.”

“How about you stop being so cocky and do it then?”

He gave you another of his stupid smirks before he hooked his fingers in your panties and pulled them down your legs in one swift motion. You blushed, feeling so much more exposed than you did yesterday. He felt you stiffening up a bit and he bent down again to place a gentle kiss on your lips, letting his hands wander all over your body.

“Don’t worry, you look gorgeous baby.”

His lips nibbled at the shell of your ear, distracting you from his fingers until he pressed them against your clit and rubbed it in quick circular motions. A loud moan of his name escaped your lips as he continued with his pace. Your hands tangled in his hair whilst he kissed down your body again  until he reached your hips and pulled away. He stopped his fingers and looked in your eyes, the shit eating grin still on his face. His fingers slowly travelled a bit lower till he reached your opening and you nodded to give him the consent. He pushed one finger inside and twisted it upwards, reaching your spot perfectly. You moaned as he decided to add another finger and pick up the pace a bit. Your hands scrunched up the sheets since you couldn’t reach his hair anymore. You were close to reaching your high when he suddenly decided to wrap his lips around your clit. Your hands flew back to his hair as you let out whimpers and moans mixed with his name. He added a third finger to stretch you out a bit and picked up his pace even more. Thats when you came undone. Tiny stars danced behind your closed eyelids as Jungkook held you down firmly so you had to take it all. He rode your orgasm out fully and only pulled away when you were whimpering and trying to push his head away. He crawled back up to kiss you passionately.

“I sure can get used to you moaning my name.”

His voice was low and raspy at your ear and you could feel his bulge pressing against your bare thigh. You gave him a nudge to signalise you wanted to flip him over since you could’ve never done it on your own. He let you turn him on his back and watched you straddling him with curious eyes. You grinded on him still through his boxers and his face crunched up.

“It’s really not the time to tease me right now.”

You slid your hands over his chest and abs until you reached the hem of his boxers and peeled them down. You lowered yourself back onto his lap and started grinding again. This time you smirked down onto him as his voice was a bit shaky when he tried to suppress a moan.

“A-as much as I love you riding me, I really want to show you how good it feels when I am in control.”

He flipped you both back so you were lying underneath him, the tip of his dick ran teasingly along your dripping wet folds. You whimpered, still sensitive from your previous orgasm.

“Jungkook pl-please.”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me.”

He was surprised at your bold words this time, but he didn’t waste any time to push inside of you. Agonizingly slowly he pushed his dick inside, stretching you out nicely. He gave you a moment to adjust, until you wiggled your hips impatiently, trying to get him to move again. He pushed all the way out just to slam back in and you let out a loud moan. The rhythm he picked up was hard and fast from the beginning and he made sure to hit your spot wth every thrust. His mouth was onto yours kissing you messily and wandering around your neck to plant lots of kisses there. You hands were tangled up in his hair again, pulling at it slightly as your back arched of the mattress when he lifted your hips to get a better angle.

“I c-can’t hold it any longer, I-I’m too close.”

“I know baby, just let go.”

With a few more thrusts he had pushed you over the edge. Your walls clenched around him repeatedly and it didn’t take long until he came as well. High pitched moans of his name mixed with low grunts of your name as he made sure to ride out both of your orgasms completely.

Both of you laid there on your backs for a while, panting, just staring at the white ceiling. Until you heard the key turn in the lock of the front door and a minute later Jungkooks mum greeting you loudly.

“Oh my god we are so fucked.”

“We are, literally.”

“Shut up and get dressed quickly Jungkook.”

You tried to get up off the bed and find some clothes, preferably your own ones, to wear before Mrs Jeon came to look after you. Jungkook crossed his arms behind his head as he watched with a cocky grin how you standing up ended in you giving up on standing on your sore and wobbly legs and falling back on the bed. You pouted.

“Stop laughing at me.”

“You’re so cute.”

He got off the bed, not before planting another kiss on your lips, and got you some clothes.

“I can’t wear your clothes to greet your mum that would be so obvious.”

“We gotta tell her anyways and now get dressed before she’s here.”

Wanted to draw some cute DenNor so here they are (ref used)