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I know it's like past Easter but I'd kill to see Lefou (or Gaston for the comedic value) in a bunny costume

I can’t work on the other bunny costume (x) right now, but here’s a little bonus for ya :3 …please don’t ask me why I drew this, I have no clue

while we hop hop hop all day in a sunny bunnyland cibia shut up

Deterioration is not a synonym for success

Recently I was reading Vanity Fair’s Beauty and the Beast article on Emma Watson. During this (as always) inspiring read (because Emma Watson), a quote stuck out to me. It went, “But what’s the point of achieving great success if you feel like you’re losing your freakin’ mind?“ And I think that’s one significant statement right there. For anyone. Though, in Emma’s case, she was discussing the excessive amount of pressure to perform in high-budget and high-publicized films, but it came at a cost too great. And rightfully so. The cost of fame or fortune or athletic talent or running PRs or a perfect GPA isn’t worth it if YOU aren’t coming first. Mental health should be a priority, the utmost one. However, I know many people, including myself, are incredibly guilty of allowing it to be pushed to the wayside and even much, much further. I think it’s incredibly important to keep that quote in mind when all other activities, responsibilities and goals stack against one’s necessary contentment with life. You CAN, and SHOULD, and WILL be both successful and driven without draining yourself to near empty. It’s a balance, and society tells us you can’t have both. Of course success comes at costs and sacrifices, all success does, but so do you and your well-being.

  • Robin: You want to be with him?! [motions to Beast Boy] You guys have nothing in common!
  • Raven: Oh, yeah? Tell that to William Atherton, the man we both consider to be the second-best Die Hard villain.
  • Beast Boy: [gasps] She meant it!
  • Raven: And also, yes, we are different people, but I love that about us. I love that Beast Boy’s a little messy, and that he cares so much about his dumb sneakers, and he doesn’t get stressed out about calendars.
  • Beast Boy: Or flossing my teeth.
  • Raven: No, the non-flossing is crazy.
  • Beast Boy: Copy that, and I love you.
Being a fan is for having joy and fun.
Please enjoy your life first, enjoy other stuffs, too.
Besides us, I hope fans can enjoy their lives with their friends. I hope they don’t miss such small happiness in their lives.
—  Son Dongwoon

Life is really hard no?

Because sometimes your life is just so stressful, sad and you think about death..

And you have your fucking fandoms like Marvel movies, Supernatural and Fantastic Beasts who keep you alive because you fucking want to know the end of this stories


We can’t die in peace plz? X’D