stress beasts


it’s a sin | credence barebone

Life is really hard no?

Because sometimes your life is just so stressful, sad and you think about death..

And you have your fucking fandoms like Marvel movies, Supernatural and Fantastic Beasts who keep you alive because you fucking want to know the end of this stories


We can’t die in peace plz? X’D

in which kaitlyn feels icky

it is currently 2 AM; i am lying in bed in the fetal position as i nurse my cramping stomach, as well as trying not to touch with my face because i just-so-happen to have stye in my right eye. on top of that, i’m starting to feel sick.
i also have nothing for chapter six of penny’s written, none of my homework assignments completed for tomorrow, and no desire to go to sleep.
i am a hot mess.


Daily drawings: This week I was given a bike and cycled to work (& was pretty nervous about it). Turns out the crane sighting was not auspicious enough to prevent me from getting very lost.. On my way back home I stopped to draw some birds with excellent beaks ‘ < ‘ <3