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Hey, Kanaya. I've been feeling really stressed by school, like more than normal, and my grade have been dropping. I put a lot of pressure on myself and I'm not achieving my goals, and honestly, I care way too much but at the same time I can't bring myself to care enough. My mom always indirectly compares me to my brothers and it makes me feel horrible because I already compare myself to them and I know I'm not as good as them. I don't want to burden my Moirail with this but I know I should.

if You Cannot Think Of Someone To Speak Of This With Other Than Your Moirail Then It Is Only Appropriate To Do So At The Soonest Convenient Moment
If You Have Someone Else To Confide In Then By All Means Pursue That Avenue At Your Leisure
A True Moirail Or Even Just A Good Friend Will Not Think Of You As A Burden If You Are Reasonable About The Timing And Duration Of Your Conversations.
Furthermore This Is The Exact Sort Of Issue That School Counselors Are Employed For
As For Your Scholastic Success
I Do Not Believe That Ones Worth Is Determined By Such Things
Choosing A Different Set Of Goals Will Not Devalue You Whatsoever

I Am Thoroughly Unimpressed By Your Human Guardians Behavior And Hope She Cuts That The Heck Out Immediately
You Should Really Tell Her That You Are Not Your Brothers And She Should Not Expect You To Be
Or At Least That She Is Upsetting You By Bringing Such Things Up

Now Lest I Come Off As An Entirely Negative Individual
I Believe Now It Would Be Appropriate To Tell You That You Are A Truly Outstanding Human With A Great Deal To Contribute To Your Species
Your Brothers May Well Be Accomplished Persons
But Their Gifts Are Simply Different From Yours
Don’t Try To Be Like Them
Find Your Own Talents And Excel At What You Are Good At Or Have a Passion For
I Look Forward To Seeing What Your True Calling Is

for when you’re stressed beyond belief and just need to breathe.

when it rains - paramore // the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // summertime - my chemical romance // i can lift a car - walk the moon // last hope - paramore // dream - imagine dragons //  let her go - passenger // shots (acoustic) - imagine dragons // goner - twenty one pilots

This picture was taken at 4:00 am before a Neuropharmacology final I had shortly after sunrise. This was my 3rd all nighter of that week– but not only was it mine, it was Piper’s 3rd all nighter of the week as well.

Shoutout to the pups who love us and see us only for the good inside, to the pups who refuse to rest their eyes until we do, and stay by our side til the bitter end.

I literally can’t think of any of my friends who would be willing to sit by me for hours on end watching me study, refusing to fall asleep until I did but this girl right here— she’s my ride or die.

Thank god for dogs.

Everyone on Earth thinks that their dog is the best dog in the whole world.
Everyone… is absolutely correct.

May 25th

Life’s tough, right? We’ve all got problems; be it broken relationships, financial worries, unachievable aspirations. The list is endless.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, to get so stressed about the upcoming exam you’ll never feel prepared for, to be upset about the cost of replacing another car part when you literally just bought one, to regret the harsh words you never got a chance to apologise for.

Life will overwhelm you, if you let it. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Join me, if that’s you, in taking a moment to offload all of those things and leave them with somebody who already knows exactly how you feel. Because Jesus said ‘come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.’

Stop fighting for just a moment and enjoy the rest that comes only from Him.

(Matthew 11:28).

Miley’s home today she’s driving me crazy, I had to bake fresh bread and cupcakes for her this morning and she called the police while I was taking a shower. I had to explain in broken german to a police officer it was a mistake and everything is fine. He didn’t believe me of course I heard him ask miley if i’m really her mother, do people even know how insulting and hurtful it is to question whether we are mother and daughter?!😑
Let’s talk about Martha(sven’s mother) I already said she called me, I listened to what she had to say then told her it’s not sven’s baby. I really thought for a moment it was sven’s but it’s just impossible, Sven is 36 he really wants to have a child and we tried hard for a baby before our breakup and now that i’m pregnant do you really think he’ll give up so easily knowing that he might be the father?!
We talked about it before I left london and he agreed it’s not his baby, I don’t know if Martha just wants to hurt me or something but this isn’t good for sven. I’m rambling I have a lot in mind I just don’t know how to put it into words!

“Stress is a problem for everyone these days, I mean, you can’t let it get to you. Lately I’ve been trying to slow down and take things one nap at a time. Why think three naps ahead when you haven’t even finished the one in front of you?”

- Spirit

Avete presente quando improvvisamente vi innervosite con tutto il mondo, perché magari c'è tua madre che rompe il cazzo perché hai la stanza che sembra un mercato dell'usato, poi ci sono i libri che ti aspettano sulla scrivania e tu sai che hai tanto da fare ma comunque non lo fai lo stesso per poi arrivare alle undici di sera che dici “beh, mi sa tanto che devo iniziare” e gli occhi ti si chiudono e vorresti cambiare scuola e diventare una trentenne con cinque figli, un lavoro e un marito fedele che ti aspetta a casa e magari anche una domestica che mette in ordine ogni minima cosa e ti guarda i figli senza farti stressare. E perché no, anche un massaggiatore personale e magari una piscina in casa.
E poi il mio sogno è avere dei figli per insegnare loro che non c'è nient'altro di così fantastico della vita, che vivere è bello anche se fa male, che non importa se hai qualche chilo in più, tu comunque ti vesti come cazzo ti pare, perché è il tuo corpo e fai quello che vuoi. Che non bisogna aspettare i diciassette anni per fare l'amore, puoi farlo anche prima. Che non devi perdere nessuna occasione, che non c'è tempo, non c'è tempo.
Non c'è tempo per rimandare ogni cosa a domani, che tanto domani non lo farai lo stesso e insegnerò anche che i compiti si iniziano alle tre, almeno dopo hai il tempo per riposarti.
Che se non vogliono andare a scuola una mattina anche senza un motivo, non li manderò perché un motivo ci sarà ma non è importante saperlo.
Insegnerò loro che verranno calpestati, umiliati, ridotti male ogni volta che cercheranno di dire la propria opinione, ma che tutto questo è utile.
Che non fa niente se non la penseranno come me, sarà anche meglio. Meglio perché saranno unici e non c'è cosa migliore di questa. Li porterò a tutti i concerti che vorranno, li lascerò soli quando passeranno le solite pene d'amore, li lascerò sbagliare tanto da farsi male, molto male, li lascerò liberi di decidere, di volere, di vivere.