The Glade Gift Exchange 1

Thomas ran into the forest, he ran past a couple of palm trees, before something grabbed him from behind. A ferm grip, janked him of his feet, and nailed him into on of the trees. The next second Thomas was staring into Minho’s deep brown eyes, sweat dripping down his forehead, judging by the exhaustmentin his eyes, he had been running for hours. Their eyes met, and Minho kissed him hard and long. His arm firm and strong over Thomas’s chest, Thomas coulden’t move. He diden’t care, he relised that the only thing he needed was this. His arm streshed for Minho’s pants, he’s blood boiling and rushing as his hand had reached it target. He had just unsipped the sipper when Minho grabbed the food Thomas had brought and pushed himself away with a smirk. “Not yet, you shuck face”, Thomas felt a sadness blow over him, as he sat down prepered to wait for the night to fall, to get what he wanted.

For bilesandthesourwolf From femalerunner