strep tonsillitis

macdennis, it’s summer. the a/c is broken. den has strep/tonsillitis and is uncomfy and whiny

(what up my friends i was cursed with a nasty bout of tonsillitis last june and it has returned!!!! so naturally, i’m transferring my pain onto dennis)


It’s absurdly hot in Philly for early June. It’s upwards of ninety degrees and the humidity is a solid forty percent. The bar would be the perfect cool, dry sanctuary, but unfortunately a burst pipe has flooded the place. A crew is currently draining the water, and then a second crew is coming to assess damage and future protection.

After the pool fiasco of 2010, as well as the 2016 bloodbath at the water park, Dennis has been turned off of any public or private pool. Instead, he’s elected to stay inside the apartment. And that would be all fine and dandy if their A/C hadn’t just completely shit on them. Mac is god knows where with Charlie, and Dennis has called him five times now. When he is once again greeted with Mac’s voicemail, Dennis calmly sets down his phone and then screams at the top of his lungs.

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Spanish Vocabulary - La salud

Below is some vocabulary related to salud (“health”) in Spanish. I know there are some people who are squeamish, or have other reasons why they might not want to see vocab related to diseases or disorders or body-stuff, so I’m putting this under a read more because I wasn’t quite sure what to tag it as.

*Note: For obvious reasons (like me not being a doctor) there are plenty of words that aren’t included on this list. This is a word list dedicated to the most common health-related words, but not at all complete or specialized.

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tonsillectomy yesterday was successful. No more tonsils or adenoids! My uvula is swollen all to hell so i’m having a mild difficulty eating and drinking. Surgeon said i should be seeing some relief in that department either later today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow since i had to take pain medicine pretty much immediately after waking up. No more tonsil stones! No more strep throat! No more tonsillitis!
I’m excited for when recovery is over and i can start singing again. 💕

crippled-fingers  asked:

OMG I GET LIL FELLERS TOO!!!(well used to) i seriously thought i was the only one until i saw rhett and link's episode ;3; my tongue can do the thing but i'd most often get em out with something pointy. those things gave me grief! i kept getting tonsilitis and strep throat no lie like 30+ times since i was a kid, and it wasn't until i was like 20 the docs were like "hey lets get those out" BOUT DAMN TIME

I don’t get them as often as I used to but had some this weekend for the first time, so that’s why I was thinking about it. Stupid little gross jerks! I had to use a toothpick to pry them out, and they kept hiding! I should probably get my tonsils out, but we only have catastrophic health insurance right now which is 100% useless. :/

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gera!! clarke getting like, strep or tonsilitis or something!! asking lexa to take her to the doctors because she's too fatigued and feverish to feel comfortable driving herself. and then the pharmacy. and then days later when she's not getting better and her throat is swollen enough that she cant eat, lexa takes her to the er at like four in the morning so they can put her on a saline drip. clarke high on painkillers. clarke making grumpy faces at the antibiotic gargle she's gotta do -

lexa making her homemade chicken broth when all of the store-bought soups have too much salt and make her stomach queazy. and, thank fuck it’s winter break, because they can stay up all night on the couch when clarke can’t sleep. im just. sdjcsdfv. doting concerned caretaker big sister lexa


(i love how you keep toeing the line dear)

oh gosh yes, a million times yes! lexa taking care of a grumpy clarke is everything. and clarke spitting on lexa accidentally during a coughing fit and not even caring because, well, lexa’s not the one dying over here, okay? she simply scowls and continues to cough and side eye her medicine. and lexa freaks out because germs, but clarke’s still coughing and she can’t leave her. so she stoically wipes her face with a wet wipe and stays and rubs clarke’s back and only after her coughs subdue does lexa sprint to the bathroom and washes her face. these dumb gay kids im-

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9, 24, 28

9. Do you wear jeans or sweats more?

jeans for some reason? i don’t really wear sweatpants all the often actually i need to change up my life

24. What are you sitting on right now?

my desk chair exciting i know

28. Do you get a lot of colds?

right now i have strep throat or tonsillitis or something that is trying to kill me if that answers your question 

one time when my sister was in her junior year of high school she had mono, tonsillitis, and strep all at the same time but was forced to go to school to take the SAT’S and finals. if that doesn’t describe how american priorities are fuck idk what does.