Sharpen Your Claws Spell

Intent: To strengthen and protect those who spend their lives strenthening and protecting others. A spell to care for the mama bears in your life.

Materials: a jar

                  3 nails and/or rose thorns (tough as nails)

                  2 hematite crystals (grounding, strength, protection, willpower         reliability, balance)

                  a rose bud/petal/rose (beautiful and strong)

                  a black candle (strong protection)

                  a red candle (strength, passion)

                  rosemary and yarrow (protection, especially against psychic attack)

                  cinnamon (protection from negative energies)

                  optional: any other crystals associated with wisdom, strength, protection, etc.

Procedure: Cast a circle and/or cleanse the space as you see fit. Cleanse the jar. Light the candles.

Hold both hematite stones and meditate on their purpose. Fill them with the intent to protect the subject of the spell. Form a connection between the stones and charge them until you feel that they are linked by energy and intent and are two halves of a single whole. If it helps, imagine binding them together with string, wrapping it until they cannot be separated. Use an actual string if it helps. When you separate them, feel the energetic connection pulling them together. Place one in the jar and hold the other one.

Focus on the intent of any other crystals you are adding and then place them in the jar.

Add the nails, saying “tough as nails, battered but never broken.” Focus on their purpose and how strong the subject is.

Add the rose or rose parts, saying “protect yourself with thorns and horns; sway but never bend; bear your beauty and your claws alike.”

Add the rosemary, yarrow, and cinnamon, focussing on your intent and their purpose.

Once done, meditate with the jar. Seal it with wax from both candles. Give the loose hematite crystal to the subject, along with the spell jar. They can carry the crystal for protection and grounding.

A sentry posted inside of the Fort Vaux, located in Vaux-Devant-Damloup, Meuse, France. November 22 1916.

Like Fort Douaumont, Fort Vaux was one of a series of forts near Verdun, constructed after the Franco-Prussian War in order to ensure the area could be defended against any future attack. It was constructed mainly between 1881 and 1884, although addtional strenthening work was caried out in about 1899.

After the capture of Fort Vaux on June 7 1916, the Crown Prince of the German ruling family, the Hohenzollerns, presented the garrison commander, Major Raynal with a French officer’s sword as a sign of respect. Raynal and his soldiers remained in captivity in Germany until the Armistice of November 11, 1918.

The fort was recaptured by French infantry on November 2, 1916 after an intense artillery preparation involving two long range 400-millimetre (16 in) railway guns.

Healer Episode 19 Written Preview

“Will Protect You”
To get Jung Hoo on his side, the Elder wants to use the same method he did to Moon Shik in the past. Jung Hoo gambles on himself, leaves Young Shin, and begins to confront The Elder. Moon Ho and SOMEDAY News did not yield to the threat; they continue to report and expose the true face of The Elder. But Ahjumma who helped Jung Hoo gets tracked down by The Elder’s IT team…

Translation credit: Soompi’s sia3

The last-minute impending angst is upon us! I should get myself a supply of valium for the final week! The good news is that MH lives for another day, but the bad news is that JH “LEAVES YS”! @?!#&@#!!! I’m getting Star Wars vibes all over again - with the Elder trying to bring JH to the dark side, like he is trying to obtain a new, young apperentice. On the other hand, I’m happy JH won’t let himself be manipulated and goes into an open, all-out war against the Elder. I’m dying to see him in his full Healer mode again, flying over the rooftops, taking down 20 enemies at once, outsmarting everyone,…! I think that wanting to bring JH to his side may become the Elder’s fatal mistake - he thinks he can use the same tactic he used against MS, but that is where he is seriously miscalculating. It’s a huge misjudgement on his part because SEO JUNG HOO IS NOT KIM MOON SHIK! JH is stronger and more resilient than MS has ever been - the years of suffering have strenthened him. His hate and contempt won’t allow JH to join the man who caused death and misery to everyone he loves and who threatens YS. And JH has seen for himself what happened to MS and there is no way he wants to meet the same fate - he knows that joining the Elder means losing his soul and the woman he loves; he knows it means forsaking everyone and everything and Seo Jung Hoo is a man who does NOT forsake anybody.