hey everyone! i’ve been on tumblr a few years and i thought it would be fun to make my first follow forever. a few honourable mentions go to;

@stringerism my real life best friend of nearly 10 years who is the most gorgeous and hilarious sexii homii i could ask for. thank you for putting up with my fandom trash haha and i cannot wait for our trip ;D

@maddiefelldowntherabbithole my real life little sister who loves taylor swift even more than i do (for real), and i forgive you for pushing me off the trampoline that one time when we were 4 and 5 lmao

@dracaenys thank you dari for being the sweetest person i’ve ever met, and making me undertale trash lmao. i love how you’re so caring and you ship the same things as me! and all the adventures we plan, someday they will be real and that makes me so happy 🙌💞

@daenerystargaryes you always make me laugh alessia and i love that. and whether we’re screaming about got and hp (lmao) or having serious conversations, i can talk to you about anything. i really hope we see our fave together someday

@aloysiastark my fave liveblogging buddy helo, you’re so kind and funny. and i love i can send you memes at work lmao. i hope i can introduce you to a kangaroo someday and i will someday make the trip so we can go to disneyland!!!

@nataliiedormer the draco to my harry, the malfoy to my potter. we even have matching wives, yours is natalie dormer and mine is sophie turner haha. you’re so great to talk to and i’ll definitely send my writing to you when my muse strikes!

@grimes-greene who is the coolest to discuss fandoms with, and who will never be over game of thrones same as me (i am still so happy you ship sansaery too!!! but heartbroken for us both now…) also you gotta check out banjo kazooie dude, you gotta haha. :D

@fighting-is-what-i-do you have the best taste in movies, shows and books. i love how you entered the game of thrones universe just as i entered the harry potter universe haha. also i cannot wait to hear what you think of finding dory!

@lovegoodandweasley who sails the same the same ships as me! i love hearing your ideas and discussing together and i think our finished fic will be amazing! ✨

and thank you to anyone who ever enjoyed talking with me, that makes me happy, i always love making new friends on here. and now all my other amazing mutuals

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