Here are a few current favorites, according to strange Tumblr algorithms that still elude me. (Are crushes based on a rolling 24 hour window? Refreshed at a certain time every day? If so, are they refreshed multiple times per day? Do ‘replies’ factor in, or is it just 'likes’/'reblogs’? What about 'answers’? AND 'PHOTO REPLIES’? What if someone deletes a post that you 'liked’ - does that still count? I have so many questions, Tumblr! I want answers. And I’m bored and I want to check your math skillz.)

ANYWAY. Today (yesterday? the past X hours? Who knows…) is all about the ladiiiiiiies. And Jason (BESTIE!).

Favorites brought to you by the letter ’S’: strength, smarts, sass, sarcasm, and just the right amount of sweetness (never artificial… unless we’re being sarcastic, which is obviously always acceptable).

Just so y'all know

I’ve pretty much been a total bum for most of the last 2 days.  I pretty much hate the way I get when I start reading something because this always happens. I have to be quick so I can get back home and actually be productive.

I did get cards from michaeldoeslife, runningwithguts, sleeplessinOKC, PhDippides, strengthforsuze, amyrunning, & 40andcounting. I just wanted to let those people know I got them.I was going to make a thank you video with all the cards, but….

I also got my secret Santa gift from Becky, but unfortunately, I didn’t write down her blog name.

Sometime, I will make a little post, but for now I wanted her to know I got it yesterday, so it was not late at all. Thank you!!!

I hope y'all are all doing better than I am. I have no idea when I’ll be on again. I really haven’t earned it.

So just in case, Merry Christmas everyone!