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3 Day Full Body Workout

This is a routine I’ve put together and currently using. It hits full body 3 times a week for optimum muscle stimulation and focuses on gaining strength and power in your key lifts, not to mention giving you an awesome full body pump 💪 I have a rest day inbetween each workout but you could always through some cardio inbetween each session if your cutting. I tend to throw a load of Calf Raises at the end of each session also 👍

Day 1

Barbell bench press 5x5

T bar rows 4x12

Dumbell side raises 4x12

Barbell back sqauts 5x5

Concentration curls 4x12

Tricep rope extensions 4x12

Day 2

Dumbell fly 4x12

Wide grip pull up 4xfailure

Military press 5x5

Barbell front sqaut 4x12

Hammer curls 4x12

Dips 4xfailure

Day 3

Barbell incline bench press 4x12

Deadlifts 5x5

Upright rows 4x12

Straight legged deadlifts 4x12

Barbell curls 4x12

Close grip press 4x12

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments 💬

If you enjoy this workout a ♥ or a 🔄 would be greatly appreciated 😄

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Something we tried to do more of in season 2 was animate assets for the vendor studio to use before they began animating. The strength of a program like Harmony is that once something is animated it can be endlessly tweaked to look different without actually reanimating anything.
This was a rough flying cycle I did for Sashi as a parrot in the whale boat world.


Lost 1.1lbs this week. (-19.6 total). Sooo close to that 20lb mark. Hoped I’d be there this week, but I got back to running and doing my full body strength program which felt good. Sore, but proud. 

Lately though I’ve been soo hungry. I get hungry well before lunch and in mid afternoon. Need to get smarter about what I’m eating to stay full longer.

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Hey Nikki! I’ve been doing 20 push-ups every day for about a month but I wanna do something to get bulkier muscles rather than just toned arms. I wanna have muscle-y arms by the time the season of no sleeves comes, any advice?

push ups will only assist your chest and tricep muscles.. if youd like to have “muscle-y” arms youll have to do (all) arm exercises.. id advise you to find a strength/muscle building program.. my faq lists a bunch of workouts and the muscle groups they exercise.. or id ud like a sample workout program: post

clearing misconceptions about chihiro fujisaki [dr spoilers]

“chihiro fujisaki was just whiny and useless-”



and i admire him for that. not many are courageous enough to ask for help, y'know?

the only reason why he’s been scared of the way people would think of him when he reveals his true gender, is because he’s been bullied about being weak despite being a boy throughout his entire childhood.

you can’t blame him for that.

secondly, useless. you’re forgetting something. your dear makoto naegi would’ve d i e d during his execution if it weren’t for his creation of alter ego. alter ego has also played a part in motivating naegi. he’s not useless.

he found a strength (programming) in his weakness (having a weak body) and he’s just inspiring.

“chihiro fujisaki is trans!-”

chihiro doesn’t crossdress because he wants to identify as a girl. in fact, he isn’t really fond of that.

he is a boy, he wants to identify as such, but he has to crossdress to avoid the bullying.

he doesn’t want to identify as a girl. he’s not trans.

he’s a boy.

and that’s final.


I cannot stress enough how important eating is if you want to see results in a strength and mass building program.  It is the most common issue I see in people who train relentlessly but can’t understand why they never see results.

I just had someone tell me they were trying a program but then finished by saying they took in only 1600 calories. Around 2200 is their maintenance and they’re trying to bulk, which means they need 2700.


Not gonna see anything with those numbers.


Life Update:
  1. I’m starting my dissertation! My research question is to measure EMG activity in 3 different forearm muscles using different hand grip positions in the deadlift. It’s going to be a crazy hectic summer, but I’m looking forward to entering the research field. This is something that’s completely new to me, and I’m hoping to eventually get this research published, if all goes well!
  2. I’m also applying to jobs. I’m mostly looking into collegiate strength and conditioning programs, but I’d also enjoy working in a private strength and conditioning setting. For now, I’m looking to continue to build experience and get health care (considering that expires for me in August). I’m looking all over the U.S., as Ireland’s options in the strength and conditioning field are limited and not as well-paid.
  3. My girlfriend leaves for her internship in New Zealand in a few days. I’m really happy with her, and we are going to try and do the whole distance thing for the next three months while she’s gone. When she finishes her internship, we’re hoping to potentially move to the same place, assuming both of our career paths allow for it.

Life is crazy right now, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I have no complaints.

My goal is to try to get back on track with writing articles for you guys, so if you have any questions or ideas, shoot them my way! I want to post more regularly on here, too.

IG@megsquats showing some body positvity…and some bulking plans.


megsquats My body is strong. It’s not like the others because It is mine. I feed and train my body for sport, for health, and for fun. I’ve spent so many years hating it, but it was essential for every success I’ve ever experienced. Those years, where I felt my body was never ideal, I struggled to change it, and wished it away. I listened to anyone selling a cream to clear my cellulite, or offering a diet suggestion that would make me lose the parts of my body that it needed and wanted.
Today I stand proud, cellulite and all. Today, I am a semi-finalist for the @bodybuildingcom spokesmodel search. You will hear a lot of people in the fitness industry, who simply want to inspire YOU by living THEIR best life. But I call bullshit, and I’m not doing this to inspire you by the life I live. I refuse to pretend I can change things by simply being who I am. @Bodybuildingcom chose me as a semi-finalist, so that means they’re down wth the goals and plans I have should I win this search. Here they are:
👉🏻I’ll partner with @bodybuildingcom to bring MORE FREE STRENGTH and MUSCLE BUILDING PROGRAMS, written by and created for women.
👉🏻 I will be BULKING into the entire spokesmodel search. Planning to gain 7-10lbs by the time we get to the LAFitExpo (Goal weight will be between 150-155lbs)
👉🏻 I want to WIN this search, so that more strength athletes (powerlifters, weightlifters, strong(wo)men, and throwers) realize that their stories and ideas deserve to be heard.
👉🏻I will use @bodybuildingcom as an asset and platform to achieve my goal of getting a barbell in every woman’s hands.
So. Are you with me? If so, I need your vote. Click on the link in my bio to enter in your vote so that I make it to the next round. Think about the woman or man you were before you had a barbell in your hands. What do you want her to see? Voting ends Sunday, November 12th. Get your vote in today! Voting link is in my bio —�> @megsquats

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I'm slowly gaining bicep muscle but are there any workouts I should focus on to gain overall muscle mass throughout my body and arms? (I can't do deadlifts cause I use a home gym)

the big compound movements are: bench, deadlift, squats, and overhead press.. these exercises require movement of 2 or more muscle groups and are a great base for any strength gaining program.. theres also different variations of each workout if you are short of some equipment just look it up if your interested :)

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any tips for beginners doing strength training for weight loss? best exercises/how many reps should i be doing? this is my second day at the gym and i did arms and wow, i am so weak haha.. anyways thank you!

Hi!! :) Good to hear that you’re starting to get into it, I know it might be a tad confusing/hard at first but hang in there

I’d say best exercises = compound movements. Just stick to the basics to start off with - squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, some sort of rows, pull-ups/chin-ups, dips… When I first started strength training the program I followed just included cleans, squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench press, dumbbell rows and chin-ups! Even just through doing those exercises alone 2x a week, I leaned out SO much in 1-2 months. 

It’s up to you whether you want to do some accessory/extra exercises, what I like to do now is my 1-2 main lifts/exercises in the beginning of the session then some accessory work afterwards! (Which I’m very flexible with, I only stick to a program for my lifts because linear progression is great to keep track of progress and to make steady/realistic progress without stalling quickly) 

With my main lifts I do 3 sets of 5 reps, doesn’t sound like much but when you start lifting heavy the 5 reps will kill you! Haha. With my accessory exercises I usually do 10-12 reps (eg if I’m doing extra things to work on my core/back etc). Pick a weight where on your last few reps you feel it’s really challenging you.

Please make sure you have good form before you start adding on weights or doing anything more advanced, it’s good if you have a friend/partner/trainer who can guide you! 

Wish you all the best!!!! <3


@marc_diakiese pre camp preparations for his next fight in December! Working on shoulder mobility and scapula stability, with contralateral stabilization with intra abdominal pressurization. The focus tonight for Marc was to primarily identify imbalances and work on weak points in his biomechanics. Priming the body and central nervous system for the next training phase.


For training questions email or DM
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yo i fucking love you miia but seriously i need a little advice here, so i have really bad acne and i wash my face constantly and i hardly wear makeup so any acne products or makeup routines to get rid of / hide that shit?

YO I GOT THAT FAT ACNE STRUGGLE TOO but recently I havent been breaking out?? all the spots on my face are just scars since im so damn stubborn and constantly pick at my face fjfnfjjf

when I was in the u.s, I lived religiously by proactiv’s 3 step extra strength program. Its AMAZING, BUT since going vegan, its lowkey been an incredible pain to find shit that cooperates with my combination to oily skin?? EITHER WAY now my routine is just washing my face with african black soap, using a toner with salicylic acid in it, and putting basiron (benzoyl peroxide based cream) all over my face. I also OCCASIONALLY do charcoal pore strips because I have blackheads on my nose as well as exfoliate with some type of scrub every other day MMM and green tea based moisturizers have saved my ass too. Everybody is different tho so just keep trying shit out my dude. As for makeup, kat von d tattoo lock it whatever the fuck foundation is AMAZING JESUS MY SKIN LOOKIN GREAT. Also, color correct before you use foundation. It helps to cancel out unwanted hues. I use L.A girl’s concealers and theyre bomb boi

Physical training for longsword fencers

There are three areas of training that you want to include in a most optimal format.

  • Skill Training
  • Strength Training
  • Fitness Training (Cardiorespiratory mainly)

Skill training consists of performing the specific activities that you wish to excel at in your area of study. On a surface level this could be doing a large number of cuts and transitioning through guards but ideally it would be going through specific plays or doing specific free play exercises that encourage you to develop your body to excel at specific tasks.

Sparring has a specific role in testing the level of physical and cognitive development you have achieved, it lets you know what you are doing well and what you need to improve upon, but you need to do activities other than sparring to further hone the skills that sparring has shown you need to work on.

Strength training consist of some resistance training program, it could be body weight, machine driven, or free weights. Even holding your sword in a high guard for like 10 minutes while watching something could be considered strength training. Now for Strength training you have several goals that you could be looking for, those goals include, Strength, Power, Hypertrophy, and Muscular Endurance.

If you are new to or not consistently involved in a strength training program you want to start developing your body for hypertrophy, that is to say that you want to increase the cross-sectional area and mass of your skeletal muscles. To accomplish this, you want to design a weight training program in a very specific way, you want to find your 1 Rep Max (when applicable) and you want to work with a weight that is between 67 and 85 percent of that, your goal should be 3 - 6 sets with repetitions from 6 - 12 per set, and you should rest for 30 seconds to a minute and a half between sets of the same exercise.

If you are experienced with strength training and do it consistently you might want to start developing your body for power as that is where most of HEMA longsword benefits from. For power oriented strength training (different from Power Lifting) you want to ideally be doing 75 - 90 percent of your 1 Rep Max (which might have changed if you last measured it a month ago when you were training for hyper trophy) and you want to be doing 3 - 5 sets sets of only 3 - 5 repetitions per set, and you want to allow a greater rest period between sets (2 - 5 minutes)

Now what exercises would be the most beneficial to HEMA longsword? Well major muscle groups to target would include;

  • Your arms and chest; Brachioradialis (very important for almost all armed HEMA) Triceps brachii, Biceps brachii, Deltoids (Posterior, anterior, and lateral), and Pectoralis Major.
  • Your back and core; Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, Your Rotator Cuff (Supraspinatus, Subscapularis, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor), Internal and External Obliques , Rectus abdominis and Transverse adominis.
  • Your legs and butt: Quadriceps (Rectus femoris, Vastus medialis, vastus lateralis), your Hamstrings (Bicep, Femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus), your Triceps surae (Gastrocnemius and Soleus), and your Gluteus Maximus (it is difficult to target the Gluetues Medius and Minimus)

Wow that is almost your whole body, so in order to hit all of those you have several options available to you, the first is breaking up your strength training workouts (which should be 3 - 4 times a week) into different days for different muscle groups, (IE; Leg day, chest and arms day, back and core day, etc) another option is to set up various circuit rotations for your workout, so while your legs are resting from your squats you go to do your bench press and work your chest and triceps, then you go to work your back and biceps with rows and then back to the squats.

You also want to work on your cardiorespiratory fitness level, there are many ways to accomplish this, from activities such as running, cycling, and swimming to machines such as the treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, etc. However, there are several caveats here to make note of. The first is that training your body for strength affects a particular muscle fiber type, Type II (Fast-twitch) muscles fibers (particularly Type IIB) Doing long distance/stamina based activities such as prolonged running/cycling work a different type of muscle fibers Type I (Slow twitch). At first this might seem like a good thing but developing one of these actually impedes the development/growth of the other. Knowing this you might want to consider how you develop your cardiorespiratory fitness level and it might lead you to focus on shorter period but higher intensity activities (which incidentally are time saving as well) In particular an effective route are exercises referred to as HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training (also known as High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise). This will still allow you to grow your VO2max and train your heart and lungs but will still support and develop those Type II fibers from strength training.

Lastly we want to talk about stretching, you could argue that it might have advantages into your lunge or something else but the main reason why you should stretch often is Injury prevention. Stretching prevents injuries, stretch before and after your skill training, your strength training, and your cardiorespiratory fitness training.

This is based on our current understanding of the various sciences relating to sport and exercise, if this understanding changes then you will have to incorporate those changes and reevaluate how you train.

- Training overview posted by HercSpeed on reddit.

I doubt there are many successful, or at least aspiring to be, longsword fencers out there that do not follow a training regime along these lines.


This is a little preview of what’s coming tomorrow - we’ll do this awesome bodyweight workout together in the ZGYM (at this one if for intermediates. If you’re beginner you can start with the free Bunny Slope Program or the Cardio & Strength Kick-Starter Program.
P.S. If you need an extra boost of energy and metabolism, get my Pre-Workout Protein Blend with Fat Burner (link in my bio🔝)

🎶Beyoncé - Partition
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