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This is a little preview of what’s coming tomorrow - we’ll do this awesome bodyweight workout together in the ZGYM (at this one if for intermediates. If you’re beginner you can start with the free Bunny Slope Program or the Cardio & Strength Kick-Starter Program.
P.S. If you need an extra boost of energy and metabolism, get my Pre-Workout Protein Blend with Fat Burner (link in my bio🔝)

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I cannot stress enough how important eating is if you want to see results in a strength and mass building program.  It is the most common issue I see in people who train relentlessly but can’t understand why they never see results.

I just had someone tell me they were trying a program but then finished by saying they took in only 1600 calories. Around 2200 is their maintenance and they’re trying to bulk, which means they need 2700.


Not gonna see anything with those numbers.


Endlessly re-typing code

So today a took a look into one of the areas I really lack strength, Programming, following a tutorial I managed to get the very beginnings of an endless runner with the player always moving forward and strafing left or right on a button press. After a fair amount of head scratching and re reading through C# code I realized just how important a semi-colon is. not just for Emojis after all.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your blog and you seem like such a nice person :) I was just wondering how many days a week you work out and how many of those days are strength training? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you :) 

So at the moment I only have 2 set gym days which I try to never miss because I follow a particular strength training program and I seriously love them so much!! Depending on how I feel I usually try do a HIIT workout at the end of each strength training session, but if I’m too bummed out then I’ll skip it. So for the past 6 months it’s mostly just been strength training tbh but I’m trying to incorporate more cardio into my routine now :)

Aside from those 2 days I’m supposed to do sprint training once a week but it has been storming non stop for 3 weeks straight so that hasn’t been going on lately… Haha! I’m trying to do more home workouts but I just much rather the gym environment as I’m more motivated and have more access to equipment if I need it! 

Daily Undulating Periodization

I just spent a couple of days putting together a Daily Undulating Periodization spreadsheet/template together. I have things set up to where you can simply enter your maxes on the big three, Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift and it will lay out a 6 week mesocycle for you. I have some accessory work included but not everything as accessories are high personal depending on your weaknesses. This is a 6 day/week program where you will train each lift 3 times per week once for hypertrophy, once for power, and once for strength. I’d like to offer this program up for free for anyone who would like to try it out. However, if you are currently on a program where you’re only squatting and/or deadlifting once/week then this may not be the correct program for you as you would probably want to slowly increase your frequency instead of jumping straight into a program that has you training each lift 3 times/week. Any and all feedback is appreciated, if anyone decides to run this program feel free to contact me and let me know and please give me some feedback when you complete it.


Hi.  I’m Shannon.  I use to have a blog(my old username was @scraynes) but I got into a really unhealthy relationship and she did not like me having a Tumblr.  I’m now out of the relationship and working on picking myself up.

The first picture is from August 28th, 2010.  The one on the right is from November 2014.  I am 6'2", 220 lbs now.  I was 310 lbs in the picture on the left.  

I started off just eating clean.  Shortly after I knew I was committed to eating better, I joined a gym.  I start doing cardio then lifting some.  It became so fun that I looked more into fitness.  It’s now been over 2 years since I started my journey and I still have so much more to do.  I now run the strength and conditioning program for a local high school varsity baseball team.

Hi.  I’m Shannon.  I use to have a blog(my old username was @scraynes) but I got into a really unhealthy relationship and she did not like me having a Tumblr.  I’m now out of the relationship and working on picking myself up.


Trying to get those Tom Hardy traps, and look! Almost abs! Whaaaat.
Anyway, today was the start of week 4 of the Jonnie Candito strength program. This is the “Heavy Weight Acclimation” week. I’m already seeing big increases in numbers! 💪
Today was lower body.
135x10 warmup
185x10 warmup
Smith Machine Calf Raises
90x15 warmup
Then I hit the leg extension and the leg curl to force a little more blood into the muscles. After, I did 4 circuits of cable crunches, Russian twists, and captain chair leg raises. It was a pretty great workout. Tomorrow is upper body, and I am looking forward to it. :)

Rest Day 03.04.13

Mr and I decided last night to skip CrossFit today because we are still sore from Saturdays shenanigans. Whatever soreness! I got two new PRs!

Anyways, when I woke up this morning and saw the WOD (7 min AMRAP of Burpees), I smiled and thanked the heavens it was a rest day. I hate Burpees.

In the spirit of the open I hope tomorrow’s WOD is the snatch ladder(12.2) . Mr thinks it will 12.4. Time will tell.

We are heading into week
6 of our strength program aka “deload week”. I glanced at weeks 7-9 and went “well, this will be interesting”. Looks like I will be doing 100%+ of my 1RM for 3-5 reps. Also, Deadlifts are gone. They have been replaced with thrusters!!!

Let the games begin!

Jump Start June! (Optional Fitness)

When Harmony at mybigfatfitlife​ and I were talking about this challenge, I said I really wanted to see an optional, attainable fitness portion attached to it. I’m not sure how to articulate exactly what my brain was thinking, but I did this kickass bodyweight strength training program last fall. It was awesome, and the approach was all about making small goals and smashing them. The coach really emphasized that we needed to move at our own pace, make personal records and then destroy them. 

And so making small goals in relation to increasing my strength - they go hand in hand. And I want to share idea, and hopefully see it transform into new habits for you too.

Bodyweight strength training is awesome because you don’t need any equipment. You don’t need a gym. You need yourself, and normal household items. Like a floor. A dining room table. A doorway. A wall. Prisoners come out of solitary confinement absolute machines because they’ve done bodyweight exercises. And I’m not suggesting solitary for anyone, but there is a valuable lesson to be learned from the incarcerated: Anyone can build muscle in any situation.

I have a whole PILE of exercises we’re going to try out. You can participate any time you want to, for whatever workouts, and whichever exercises you want to try. Some of these exercises you already know, and love to hate, like burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Others you will never have heard of, and will grow to actually love. 

For week one of this challenge, we’re going to test what we are capable of. You need to try out the exercises, and record how many you can do as your baseline. I will provide modifications for a bunch of them, so if you can’t do something, there’s something else for you to try.

June 1 - No exercises today. What are your bodyweight strength training goals? Do you have a particular part of your body you would like to strengthen? What bodyweight strength training experience do you have?

June 2 - Test your arms today! Do as many of the following with good form as you can:

  1. Let Me Ins - these are kinda fun. You can also try a doorway pull-through - stand in your doorway, hands on either side of the door jamb, and sorta sit back. Then pull yourself through. 
  2. Table top pull-up - I can’t find a video for this, so let me describe: Lay under your dining room table. Place your hands on the table edge, fingers on the top of the table, thumb on the underside. Pull yourself off the floor, toward the table.
  3. Push-ups - there’s a pile of modifications if you can’t do the traditional ‘off-the-toes’ push ups.  Wall pushups, floor pushups (2 from the knees, one from the toes)
  4. Tricep dips - This woman is too perky for words, however, there’s one way of doing tricep dips. If those are too hard, do them at a higher angle - using a low stool, or a chair.

(I’m going to try to get the Manthing to video me doing the ones I described, as horrifying as that might be, but it won’t be tonight. Stay tuned!)

June 3 - No bodyweight training today. Do whatever your usual fitness plan calls for for the day. Or some light cardio. Go for a walk! Yay walking! The point is: don’t do anything for this challenge today.

June 4 - Test your legs/bum today! Do as many of the following with good form as you can:

  1. Lunges
  2. Squats
  3. Glute Bridge
  4. Leg Raise (Jane Fondas, clamshell)
  5. Rainbow Extensions
  6. Bulgarian Split Squat

June 5 - Test your abs today! Do as many of the following with good form as you can:

  1. planks (this is a good beginner video)
  2. lying leg raise
  3. sit ups or crunches
  4. Russian Twist

June 6 - Now you’ve had a chance to get a baseline for improvement, so set yourself some goals - and tell us about them. Also, today you are going to learn how to do a burpee. There’s a million (okay, not quite) modifications you can do to start learning a good form burpee. The point is, do it right, and then change it to be more challenging. This is a GREAT video of how to start and progress through to the burpee that everyone loves to hate

As we progress through the challenge, I will throw in new and exciting bodystrength exercises, and demo videos (whether they are youtube or my own crappy home vids remains to be seen).
These workouts are OPTIONAL, but I hope you will decide to try them out at least once a week, just to add some variety to your week, and make you think about quick easy exercises you can do at anytime, anywhere - which is perfect for a small goal, right?

Don’t forget, tag your posts with #jsj15, #mybigfatfitlife and #deartreadmill so that those other folks who are doing the challenge can see how things are going, and so Harmony and I can watch your progress!
Twelve quick thoughts on the election and the future of the left in Canada
Some quick reflections on this election, at 11:30pm.
By druojajay

1. Canada didn’t elect Justin Trudeau, they elected a bunch of unseen ruling class assholes who will now write all the substantial economic and social policy while JT mainly occupies himself with maintaining morale. (See the legislative program of his dad for a reference point.)

2. With a majority Liberal government, we will see all kinds of surprise policies that we didn’t hear about during the campaign, and a lot of 180˚ turns and slimy moves on stuff we did hear about during the campaign.

3. The causes are numerous, but identifiable:

i. The NDP failed to excite its base or differentiate itself positively from the Liberals. They tried the strategy — which has failed over and over again — of minimizing what most people perceive as their strengths (social programs, equality) and drawing attention to what most people see as their weaknesses (fiscal responsibility). It promised not to raise taxes and not run deficits, and added long timelines for promises like childcare. This opened up space on the left, which Trudeau rushed to occupy. Many people with left values saw Mulcair as less progressive than Trudeau, and it was hard to explain otherwise. The people behind the NDP’s failed centrist strategy will try to use it again, I promise you that. Que se vayan todos. […]

4. It’s going to be a major uphill battle to get substantial progressive change out of this government. The Liberals are masters of cooptation, and will divide movements at every turn where the Conservatives united them.

4a. The dream of proportional representation in our lifetime is on ice.

5. Leading in the polls in August, the NDP tried to become the Liberal Party by being fiscally Conservative. They forgot that every Liberal government has won by promising progressive measures. Liberals wait until after the election to betray the public, and they lie without shame. Even if the NDP could pull off the former, they can’t pull off the latter — a good thing! To win, the NDP will need a different strategy than a mirror image of the Liberals’ patented “campaign left, govern right”.

6. Megan Leslie’s (among other excellent MPs’) really demoralizing loss is the responsibility of this lacklustre campaign and most importantly the NDP brain trust’s failed centrist strategy. […]


Favorite looks from this past week ☺.. I am very proud to say that I went down another dress size. The polka dot dress is a size petite small and the blue one is a size 6. This time last year I was wearing a size 12/14.. or XL even in some cases. I started P90X last Tuesday and so far I’m really enjoying the variety and strength training in the program. I’ll keep you posted on my progress! ❤