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You can’t live the life you have & the life you want at the same time. You have to choose one. You have to change your habits completely.

Decide who it is you want to be, life is going to demand something entirely different for each decision.

Alot of people want to be successful but aren’t willing to give up the good for the great. They don’t want to live average lives, but maintain average habits. They want to work 40 hours a week, but not 80 to live their dreams.

Chasing your dreams isn’t a part time hustle. It’s more like 2 full time jobs. Living a few years, how others won’t- to spend the rest of your life how others dream.

Don’t let people fool you with their words and intentions. Don’t guide yourself by the habits of those who aren’t where you want to be. The road to success is a lonely one. We all have different obstacles to over come, and you need as little distractions in your life as possible.

You chose. You chose. You chose. You chose to give away your love. You chose to have a broken heart. You chose to give up. You chose to hang on. You chose to react. You chose to feel insecure. You chose to feel anger. You chose to fight back. You chose to have hope. You chose to be naive. You chose to ignore your intuition. You chose to ignore advice. You chose to look the other way. You chose to not listen. You chose to be stuck in the past. You chose your perspective. You chose to blame. You chose to be right. You chose your pride. You chose your games. You chose your ego. You chose your paranoia. You chose to compete. You chose your enemies. You chose your consequences. You chose. You chose. You chose. You chose. However, you are not alone. Generations of women in your family have chosen. We have all chosen at one time in our lives. We stand behind you now screaming: Choose to let go. Choose dignity. Choose to forgive yourself. Choose to forgive others. Choose to see your value. Choose to show the world you’re not a victim. Choose to make us proud.
—  Shannon L. Adler.

LOL I laughed everytime I passed through this req in the ask box. Hope you like this! ^^

By the way. Part II of Penguins will be posted tomorrow. Be patient, you thirsty for Baeran souls :p

MC’s dad challenges them to a match


  • He was nervous to meet your father, but also super excited.
  • And now very curious on why did you take him to this dojo, weren’t you going to lunch with your dad?
  • “We will, if you pass the test, young man.”  Your father says in a solemn tone.
  • Puzzled, he looks at you, that are face palming on a corner, then he looks at all the judo students and your father adjusting his black belt, standing in position on the mat.
  • “What… what is happening here?” “You must fight for my daughter’s love, young man.”
  • Zen chuckles and is all like “Good one, dude. Now let’s grab lunch.” But no one in the room is laughing.
  • Oh… OH! Your father… your father is serious! HOLY SHIT!
  • Okay, he doesn’t know judo, but he had to simulate some fight moves for his musicals. He got this!
  • But man is so caught up in showing what he got he ends up saying the lines of this musical.
  • “I’ve faced thousands of fists, hundreds of swords, the scars in my body *takes his shirt off, gaining some ‘ohhhss’ from the female-and some male- students* prove that I’ve endured pain, but let me tell you, there’s no pain like the one that is being away from her, I’ll face millions of fists and thousands of swords to have her.”
  • He’s not even confused, he’s hurt when you dad starts laughing. “Wow, young man, you’re more dramatic than her, you make quite a pair.” You’re facepalming again as Zen laughs along and hugs you.


  • Boy dressed up so neatly to meet your dad.
  • So he’s feeling completely dislocated when you take him to this dojo.
  •  “Fancy clothes won’t impress anybody here, young boy, you must earn my respect showing your strength.”
  • The poor thing nods and says he’ll do whatever it takes to show his worth, he doesn’t even notice there is some student holding you in the back so he won’t see you squealing.
  •  “Very well, so now we fight.”
  • Well, shit! He thought it was something simpler like bringing his family here or…
  • But… fight? He never had to fight before! Well, only on LOLOL, but still…
  • However, he sticks to his word. Yeah! He’ll show his worth, if it’s not physical strength, it’s at least dignity.
  •  “Yes, sir. If it is for her, I’ll do it! I’ve lost an eye to protect her, I’m growing so much because of her… so I suppose getting beat up by the man who raised her should be an honor. Bring… bring it on.”
  • Yoosung gets really surprised when everybody turns against your father. “You’re a monster, professor!” “Ahh, the poor boy!” “You lost your eye for your girlfriend, dude?”
  • So your father admits defeat, glaring at you as you pamper your boyfriend elling him how brave he is.


  • A little nervous for meeting your father.
  • Slightly calmer as you bring her to a dojo.
  • No, not any dojo, the one she used to train.
  • So when she sees your father and your father sees her… well, for her it’s like fate trying to bring you to her life way before that it actually happened.
  • As for your father…  “Try to prove you’ve learned well, miss Kang.”
  • Not even fazed, she knows your father’s odd goofiness.
  • “Yes. It’s time for you to show you’ve taught well too.” OH WOW
  • Jokes aside, she really admires your father and his wisdom, and now she appreciates him even more knowing he raised you.
  • “I’m sure you did, considering you’re a good professor as much as you are a great father.” She says, lowering her head in respect.
  • Your father chuckles, getting up and offering his hand for her to get up too. “Then there’s no need for a match. I know you’ll be good to her as much as you were a good student.”
  • Just this time, because expect some friendly matches happening during your family gathering in the future.


  • He was the one to suggest a gathering with your father wherever he wanted
  • Oh, a dojo, huh? Ah yes, setting a meeting in his workplace shows his seriousness , Jumin must match this seriousness
  • And you’re like “Jumin, there’s no need for that. Please, relax.” “I’ll relax as soon as you father acknowledges me as being a man worth of your love.”
  • And he’s definitely not relaxed as your father shows up in his judogi, bowing in the traditional way before a match.
  • Jumin does the same, thinking this is the traditional greeting in your family or something like this.
  •  “Daddy, please… “ “No pleading, honey, your boyfriend already accepted the challenge.”
  • “Yes sir, challenges are not unfamiliar to me, since I’ve been facing the biggest challenge of my life ever since I’ve met your daughter. The challenge of being a suitable husband for her.”
  • “Whoa, did you just propose?” your father asks. “Yeah, Jumin, did you just propose?” your father and you are looking at him in awe.
  • “Why the surprise? It’s no secret I intend to espouse you soon, my love. As long as if that’s what you want, and also your family, of course.”
  • You and your father are looking at each other, like “what now?” “You ask me? I don’t know!”.  So your father decides to shrug and just say that lunch is ready.
  • And Jumin never knew he was being challenged for a match. He only did years later after he espoused you.


  • So so so nervous and trying so so so hard not to show.
  • But a dojo, huh? Cool, ah… ahahahah, cooool. Who’s nervous?
  • “Oh my God, Saeyoung! It’s just where he works, it’s not like he’ll actually defy you to a match.”
  • “I know, MC! Your father would never do such a thing! After all, I would have o show him no mercy…” he adjusts his glasses and does this super low voice.
  • “Is that so, young man? Then I’m glad we’re on the same page.” He yelps and grabs you by your shoulder as your father show up out of nowhere! Shit! Is he a ninja?
  • He had some basic martial arts training due to his time in the agency, but he’s all rusty these days.
  •  And come on, he doesn’t want to do this! He can show how much of a disappointment he is at a regular lunch.
  • “Ah, Saeyoung…” you hate when he starts the self-depreciative humor, so you hug him.
  • And he’s super flustered with your dad watching his, but… he regains some confidence.
  • “Ready, young man?” “Oh my God! Would you really hit a guy with glasses? What kind of example are you giving to your daughter?”
  • Your father notices the way you giggle and look at this ginger with so much love, so he chuckles and pats his shoulder. “Well played, young man.”


  • He’s so honored he gets to meet your father
  • And when he finds out about the dojo, he shows even more respect
  • Yes, if you had told him before, he would bring the photos he took in one of his trips to Japan
  • He’s sure he and your father will have lots of things to talk about such noble pedagogy.
  • So he’s quite surprised when your father says he can’t be with you if he doesn’t win a match.
  • “I’m sorry, sir. I’m not sure I follow. Is this… a match for her honor?”
  • Well, it wasn’t your father’s first idea, but now it is LOL
  •  “Sir, I don’t think this is right. Two men fighting for the honor of a lady in the 21st century? No, your daughter is a free smart woman who can protect her honor herself and make her own choices. I… I’m sorry, but I must refuse.”
  •  Meh, he’s no fun. So your father just shrugs, a little embarrassed because he thought the guy was serious.
  • And you would be squealing by how awesome his speech was… if…
  • You didn’t know he got it was just a joke from the beggining. Sneaky little V…
How To File A Complaint with the CW

So, I got some asks and submission about this yesterday after my rant about the Bucklemming episode. I have returned with information for those of you who wish to complain like me.

Snail Mail:
The CW Television Network
3300 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505

There are also addresses for local CW stations in most cities, but I’m not sure sending letters to them would have any impact, as they don’t really impact what programming happens. Please consider this option as the network doesn’t necessarily read your tagged tweets or Tumblr complaints. We need to contact them directly at their office if we have any hope of righting the wrongs done to the show.

In your letters, I suggest directing complaints to Robert Singer, Brad Buckner, and Eugenie Ross-Leming.

I do not suggest writing a novel for your complaint, either. They won’t read it. Be succinct, direct, and polite. Treat it like a business letter. Send lots of complaints. Get everyone you know to send complaints. And keep sending them as often as you can until we get answers. If you’d like help, here’s an example of the complaint I wrote. Feel free to use and modify it at your discretion:

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with how the producers and writers of Supernatural, most specifically the writing duo Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, are handling the show. Many long-time fans, such as myself, are becoming increasingly disgusted with how these two writers are, frankly, interfering with the show’s success. Buckner and Ross-Leming continually pen offensive themes such as needless rape mentions and female degradation and call it “plot.” They have also gone as far as to kill off beloved characters for no discernible reason. Examples include Kevin (POC), Charlie (LGBTQ+), and most recently Eileen (deaf). A large portion of the fandom finds these actions to be harmful to the show as a whole. We are aware that Supernatural is a horror show, and also that character death is a given. However, these characters are important for minorities and those of us who identify with their strength and dignity. Buckner and Ross-Leming not only consistently undermine the fans and the characters, they disregard fan concerns and take pleasure in angering us. For such a prolific show, writers should do better than this. I am not suggesting that fans should have creative control over a show, but that the writers should understand the show and its important themes and characters. Buckner and Ross-Leming most certainly do not. A show such as Supernatural should not have to succeed in spite of its writers, but in the case of  Buckner and Ross-Leming, that is exactly what it’s doing. Viewership numbers, episode rankings, and social media trends support the claim that Buckner and Ross-Leming are negatively impacting an otherwise fantastic show. Therefore, it seems reasonable that they should be replaced by writers who understand and love the show as much as the rest of the crew. Please consider this going forward. Supernatural is a TV phenomenon that deserves better than what it’s getting from two writers who appear determined to ruin it.

anonymous asked:

why do you ship jaime/brienne? do you think they are going to be endgame or just a lots of wasted moments on screen?

oh boy. wow okay, i just love them?? this is gonna be a super incoherent mess of both book and show canon, so sorry in advance lmao.

jaime and brienne are just so good for each other. they challenge each other, they change each other, they grow together and separately because of their relationship. they are constantly pushing each other to be better. they tear down each other’s walls and then build each other up again. they balance each other out so well. naive, honorable, good brienne and damaged, arrogant and experienced jaime?? like wow, goodness. 

they teach each other so much. jaime shows brienne how knighthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and shatters a lot of her naivety about the world. brienne originally thinks so much in black and white. jaime killed the king, so he’s bad. renly danced with her, so he’s good. but jaime helps shift her perspective on “good” and “bad” because he’s such a morally-grey character (one of the reasons i love him so much). brienne teaches jaime about the value of true honor, not the bullshit he was fed in king’s landing, but real strength and dignity. something that you have to find inside yourself, not something you put on like a mask when it suits you.

one of my favorite aspects of their relationship is the idea that “things aren’t always as they seem.” jaime and brienne both have these concrete ideas about the world and other people that completely shift because of their relationship. jaime originally calls her things like “wench” and “ugly”, etc. because 1. he’s an asshole (lol) and 2. that’s all he saw at first. but big, strong, “ugly” brienne turned out to be so soft and “astonishing”. in the same way, arrogant, selfish jaime finds himself constantly putting himself at risk for this girl he barely knows. saving her from being raped by the bloody mummers, jumping into the bear pit to save her, etc. jaime becomes someone who saves people, rather than hurts them. brienne does that, and jaime changes her as well. brienne only saw jaime as a “kingslayer”, an “oathbreaker”, a “man without honor.” but then she learns the truth about the sack of king’s landing when he opens up to her - because jaime wants her to know this, wants her not to think so terribly of him, her of all people. jaime doesn’t want brienne to think of him as “the kingslayer” but as jaime. and after that, he is always jaime to brienne, and it crushes my soul. 

brienne names his sword “oathkeeper” and vows to save sansa stark in his name. not just because she wants to save sansa, but because she wants jaime to be proud of her, because she wants to “find his honor.” she can’t bear the idea of failing him. brienne dreams of jaime fastening a rainbow cloak around her shoulders and shouts his name in her sleep. she’s constantly wishing that he hadn’t left her. and jaime finds himself defending brienne even after they’re separated. he yells at men who call her “wench” and insist that her name is brienne. it’s a complete turnaround from how they originally saw each other. they’re no longer “the wench” and “the kingslayer” to each other, but jaime and brienne. two imperfect, messy humans who care so damn much about each other even if they don’t want to. no matter how much they could say they don’t, the prove themselves wrong with every action they take.

do i think they will become canon? as far as i’m concerned they already are. they have a meaningful relationship that’s extremely important to the story, and that matters whether they get married and have babies or not. (but god i wish they would). i’m terrified that jaime is going to die before the thing is done, either while he kills cersei or saving brienne. but even if they don’t become “canon” in the way you mean, their scenes will be by no means wasted. show-runners and writers don’t just throw a bunch of shit into a show and waste screen time on things that don’t matter. everything we’ve seen on game of thrones and in the asoiaf books so far has had or will have a major payoff, including jaime and brienne. will they live happily ever after? i’m not sure (though i hope). but their arc will absolutely come full-circle by the time the show/books are finished, that i can guarantee. it’s all leading up to something big!

i probably left out about 1000 things, but i don’t really do like “research” meta, i just spew my feelings all over the place and hope for the best lmao. basically i just really love jaime and brienne. they’re one of my favorite ships of all time and arguably one of the best ships in game of thrones/a song of ice and fire (and like, all media, tbh). they’re so good and i want to die because of it!!!!!

Don’t destroy yourself by allowing negative people add gibberish and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive but discreet, so that those with unhealthy tongues won’t have any other option than to infest themselves with their own diseases.
—  Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign

I will show them power. I will show them strength and dignity. You will show them lies, weakness, and shame. They may have come for you, but they will leave and will leave with a lasting impression of me. They may even hate me. I’ll let them hate just so long as they fear.When people fear you, I mean, really fear you, it is the most intoxicating sensation a man can possess. A force of something almost indescribablemoves through your blood and takes you over completely.

power. dignity. strength. pride. composure. 

they must have something to lose. that’s the whole point. 

the contrasts are what matter. the breaking point. the fall. the impact. 

the fruitless struggle to control what can’t be controlled.

their stern mouth chapped and softened, hanging agape to breathe. their commanding, confident voice cracked and muddy. the angry flush of their nose and cheeks contrasting cruelly with an otherwise porcelain pallor. piercing eyes unfocused. capable muscles wobbly. sharp intellect sluggish and cloudy, shrouded in fever fog.

to see them like this is to catch a glimpse of the living, breathing, hurting human through cracks in their carefully constructed, polished façade . this is the uncensored version. this is them laid bare.

them at their ugliest, weakest, most vulnerable is the most beautiful you’ve ever seen them.

Not a Lady: Part 2 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Thank you for all the kind responses to my first part (part 1) so here is the next bit, I hope you like it!

Words: 2638

You’d guarded prisoners before. You’d even done stints like this where you were observing them 24 hours a day, but none of those experiences had prepared you for Loki. He spent all day, every day, in silence, just watching you from the comfort of your sofa as you went about your daily business. Unfortunately, you were in a rut with your work so had nowhere near as much to do as you’d have liked which meant busying yourself with pointless tasks that only seemed to amuse him more.

One the third day of him being in your home, as you served up lunch, Loki suddenly broke his silence and suggested, “If you’re as bored as me cooped up in here, why not go for a walk? You could clearly use it. You look awful.”

               “Thanks for your concern,” you grumbled. You’d seen your reflection in the mirror after waking from your first hour’s sleep since he’d arrived and thought the same. There was only so long you could survive on coffee before you ended up shifting to stronger measures but you felt too uncomfortable with the god of mischief around to let your guard down and rest. “I’ll be fine.”

Stifling a yawn, you downed your third cup of coffee that hour and stood to get another when Loki said, “You’ve probably had enough of that stuff. Of course, if you want to overdose, please, be my guest. It will save me from having to deal with you when I leave.”

               “You’re not leaving,” you said slowly, putting the empty cup back down on the table and sitting down.

               “Believe that if you want.”

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My Top 10 Women of the DCTVU!

Sara Lance - I love her, she tough and clever and resourceful, she’s human and flawed but strong. She doesn’t follow conventions and breaks molds. She is kick ass and beautiful and a great leader. I love her.

Alex Danvers - storng and confident but also fragile and sensitive. She’s an amazing person loyal and protective, can kick ass, is ver caring and supportive but also human and relatable. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Lena Luthor - oh boy is she beautiful, she another strong confident but flawed and insecure beauty. She’s tough and resourceful with grace and dignity and super smart. Oh please let he not be a bad guy my heart wont take it!

Cat Grant - the amazing rock of season 1 she was the moral compus and so much more than meets the eye. She was supergirls greatest supporter and she has a lot of strength and dignity. She cares and puts up walls but inside she is a kind person and a strong woman.

Kara Danvers - how can you not like Supergirl, its not just that she heroic and kind and fights for what right but its that she cares. She’s loyal to her friends and very protective but also sensitive and has inner strengh. Shes adorale and def someone I’d be friends with.

Nyssa al Ghul - stronge and beautful, a little out of touch with everyday human interaction and that makes her adorable. She loves full heartedle and can kick ass. She loyal and strong and a good leader.

Roulette - Oh she is evil, total bad guy but damn sexy! She’s calculating and manipulative but has such an air of confidence and cunning. She drips with sensuallity and is a little scary.

Gypsy - may have only been in one ep but was enough to enamour me to her. She’s another kick ass women with a sharp sense of humour and a soft spot for Cisco.

Thea Queen -  has been through a lot and has grown as a character to someone I really enjoy watching. She’s strong and flawed but speaks her mind and is clever. She’s loya to her family and can kick ass.

Iris West - she is just such a nice person she’s loyal and caring and loving. I love her ralationships with her family and that she is supportive and intelligent. She’d make a great friend how would look out for you.

It’s pretty easy to see my type is a women that would kick my ass (and thats even with me having a black belt in taskwondo), I love strong powerful women who break molds but still have depth and insecurity and love in them. Also as someone who is mixed race asian I love seeing diverse beautiful ethnic women in strong roles.

Home Is Wherever You Are

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader (mostly Jin’s POV)
Rating: Mature
Genre: Military!au, angst & fluff
Warnings: Minor character death, mentions of blood & violence
Word count: 3,600 

Summary: Kim Seokjin believes he can face any and all things with dignity and strength - prides himself in his resilience and armoured heart. He is a brave man, through and through. The only fear he has is the inability to find his way back into your arms, which in turn would mean he has lost his way home. 

Because home is wherever you are.  

A/N: For @dontcallmemarge who has waited ever so patiently for me to finally write her a Jin scenario. 🙈

“… Sergeant…”

The high pitched ringing is so loud in his ears that it makes him want to scream.

“-geant… Kim…”

When he opens his eyes, everything is bright; all blurry and muddled shapes.

He closes his eyes again.

“Sergeant Kim!”  

Your voice is faint to him. At least he thinks it’s your voice.

“Seokjin, stay with me. Keep your eyes open baby, please.”

Ah, yes. It was you. Only you would dare to call him baby while out in the battlefield. Or at all, for that matter.

“Baby, can you hear me? I need you to talk to me.”

You’re trying to stay calm, but you’re panicking. He can hear it so clearly in the distant sound of your voice. You have to stay calm. He needs to tell you to calm down, not to lose yourself. You need to have a clear mind.

His lips part and he tries to speak, yet his throat is raw and the taste of iron coats his tongue. He doesn’t like it. Seokjin wants to spit it out. He can’t though, he’s too tired. Can’t be bothered.

Seokjin opens his eyes again. This time he blinks away the brightness and the blur. Blinks and blinks until the smudged edges of your face grow sharp and he can find familiar eyes.

Until he can find home.

He sees it there; in the way you look at him. The familiarity of comfort and safety; love and sincerity.

Seokjin sees the queen sized bed draped in your favourite bedding; the one he thinks is ugly but keeps that opinion himself. The lazy nights spent on the couch with your head in his lap and the TV flickering in the darkness of the room. The mess of the kitchen when you spend the entire day baking, only to burn the cookies that Seokjin will happily eat anyways.

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