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🐇💐 Rabbit Heart Glamour 💐🐇

a glamour inspired by Florence + the Machine’s song rabbit heart, intended to bring you courage and make you feel invincible.  

Here I am a rabbit hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights
It seems I’ve made the final sacrifice

We raise it up, this offering
We raise it up

🐇 play the song as you perform the spell, chant along if you like. 

💐 gather a shiny mirror by a sunny window, a flower crown. preferably make the crown of basil, thyme, pennyroyal, thistle, or carnations. however, any flowers will do. 

🐇 hang the flower crown on the mirror and apply your usual makeup routine/brush your hair while looking at your reflection through the crown.

💐 when you are finished with your routine, turn to the sunlight, bathe in its warmth and envision that it is turning you to gold. 

🐇 wear the flower crown after if you like

Foodie Friday: Josh’s Baked Macaroni and Cheese

*Note: I was taught from a young age to cook by feel. As a result, my recipes and my family’s recipes often don’t come with measurements. Adjust as you need to until you reach the flavors, aromas, and textures that appeal to you!

-Flour (all purpose)
-Pasta of your choice (I grew up with elbow pasta, but sometimes use cavatappi), cooked - reserve a little of the pasta water
-Sea Salt and fresh black pepper
-Colby Jack Cheese, grated
-Sharp Cheddar Cheese, grated
-Romano Cheese, grated
-Garlic, grated or minced
-Dry breadcrumbs (my family tended to buy Italian style breadcrumbs from the store, but I now substitute by using stale bread and running it in the food processor with parsley, oregano, garlic powder, rosemary, salt, and pepper)
-Bacon, cooked and crumbled

1) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees (Fahrenheit). In a pot, completely melt down butter. Stir in an equal amount of flour, and continue stirring until it becomes a thick clump. Allow this roux to cook for a few seconds before gradually adding milk. Add the milk in small amounts, stirring constantly to get rid of clumps, and cooking for a few seconds before additions (this process will allow the flour taste and texture to be cooked out of the sauce).

2) When the sauce is just thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, give it a taste. If there is still a flour texture and taste, allow it to cook for another minute, stirring occasionally. If it doesn’t, your bechamel sauce is ready to be seasoned. Stir in salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, parsley, bacon, and grated garlic. Allow the flavors to mingle for a bit. (Bonus points if you incorporate a little bit of the rendered fats from the bacon; though less healthy, it adds great flavor!)

3) Gradually stir in the cheeses until fully melted and incorporated into the sauce, starting with the soft Colby Jack, moving next to the Romano, then to the sharp cheddar. Starting with the softer cheeses gives a better foundation to the sauce and helps to prevent the harder cheeses from separating as they melt.

4) When your cheese sauce is fully mixed, toss in the pasta and stir to coat. If the sauce is too thick to evenly coat the pasta, add some of the reserved pasta water to thin it out a little.

5) Transfer your macaroni and cheese into a casserole dish and coat the top with the breadcrumbs. Place this into the preheated oven and bake until the breadcrumbs are golden brown and evenly toasted.

6) Serve hot with a parsley garnish! Excellent for potlucks and parties!

Magical Ingredient!

One of the things I love about being  a witch and a cook here on the Central Coast is the fact that I can practice my spirituality freely while also experiencing a lovely culinary culture of diversity. Strawberry festivals, clam festivals, Farmers’ Markets, various restaurants… We seem to have everything because of our mild climate. But one of the culinary events of the region that really gets talked about in the kitchen is the annual Mac and Cheese Festival in Avila.

Some of my friends simply want to go and eat a lot of macaroni and cheese, while others want to compete. I personally don’t compete - I ate a lot of boxed macaroni and cheese growing up so I don’t have that much of a love for mac and cheese. However, baked macaroni and cheese when cooked right is a wonderful comfort food, and when I can get past the memories of processed neon cheese and noodles, I turn to one of several family favorites to bake off and share.

To the chef and to the witch, herbs are a staple. They are needed to lift a dish or spell, to give energy and vibrancy, and in both magic and cooking, they have specific purposes. My macaroni and cheese certainly has a few herbs in it, giving it a more complex flavor than cheese and pasta can achieve on their own. Of the herbs I add to this dish, perhaps thyme is my favorite.

Thyme has a long history in magic due to the fact that it grows fairly easily in Mediterranean climates. It is native to Europe, and has developed a very positive reputation in both magic and cooking.

As an example of how long thyme has been in use, one needs look no further than Sumeria, roughly 3000 BCE. There, it was used as an antiseptic. Later on, the Romans associated thyme with strength and courage, as well as feminine beauty.

The association with strength and courage was prominent enough that oil infused with thyme would be massaged into the feet of Roman soldiers to grant them those qualities. In addition, they would add it to their bathwater when they bathed to give them energy and vigor. Due to the Romans’ love of the herb, it spread where they went, reaching northern Europe and the British Isle.

By the time the medieval period rolled around, thyme could be found growing wild throughout mainland Europe, the British Isle, and Ireland. During this feudal period, thyme became part of tokens offered to favored knights and soldiers, sometimes woven into scarves to help grant a knight strength and bravery during contest or war.

In the Scottish highlands, thyme would be brewed into an herbal tea to not only give some comfort in the cold weather but also to stave off nightmares. So in addition to thyme’s association with strength and courage, it had developed a protective role.

Thyme was not limited to strength, courage, and protection, however. In ancient Egypt, thyme was used to help in the embalming process, and throughout Europe it would sometimes be added to coffins to help aid the spirit in reaching the afterlife.

In faerie tradition, thyme is an excellent herb for attracting faeries to the garden. It’s wonderful scent, petit leaves, and pleasant flowers draw them in and promote a happy relationship between the witch and fae.

Today, thyme is used in witchcraft for a variety of reasons. It has retained its association with courage and bravery, and is used in everything from sachets and poppets to jars and baths for that purpose. It continues to be used in faerie magic both for attracting faeries and for communicating with them.

When cleansing, thyme is an herb that can be used as a smoke cleanser when the super strength of rosemary or sage isn’t needed - it’s for more mild negative energy and emotion such as that which lingers after a family tragedy, minor arguments, and sickness.

Thyme’s association with death also makes it a useful herb during the Samhain season and for use during divination intended to communicate with the dead, as well as making it helpful as an offering to ancestors.

Meanwhile, the herb’s feminine associations make it particularly well suited as an incense or offering to deities such as Freya and Aphrodite. It can be used in glamour spells or in herbal teas to promote beauty, confidence, and happiness - or if taken before bed, to dispel nightmares and promote peaceful sleep.

Thyme does have antiseptic properties, and its oil is useful for relieving congestion when added to a diffuser. When used in a massage oil, it can help relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, aches, pains, and athlete’s foot. Taken as an herbal tea, it can help discourage parasites such as lice or the aforementioned athlete’s foot. The same tea can be used as a hair wash for the same purpose.

In the kitchen, thyme is one of those herbs that is excellent for just about anything. It is most often used for savory dishes - meats and stews - but pairs very well with more umami based foods such as roasted tomatoes. But its usefulness also extends toward more sweet foods - thyme honey is a kitchen favorite, and when thyme is mixed with honey and paprika, it can make for an excellent spread to accompany grilled cheese sandwiches! The magical associations of the herb can be extended toward any food that it is cooked into.

I mentioned above that my macaroni and cheese is most often an indulgence for me - a comfort food for parties and potlucks. I use thyme in that recipe to promote happiness (like in a sweetening spell) and to give my friends and family strength. I’ll also sometimes pair thyme with tomato broth to encourage love and peace… honestly, the uses are near endless!

Consider the role thyme may play in your life. How can it help strengthen you or help you through transitions? You may be surprised as to the power held in this little mountain flower!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

Just A Fan - Chris Evans Fanfiction

A/N: Thanks to an amazing friend of mine, I decided to make a short fanfic! It was supposed to be an imagine but because I made it too long to be just one whole imagine, I decided to split it up. This is the first part, it’s not that exciting but - you’ll get to be introduced to who the main character is!

THIS IS  JUST THE PRE-FIX, sorry it’s super short, I can post part two soon if you want me too, just let me know! :) 

warnings: none. 

words: 1k 

characters: Avengers Cast! - Chris Evans - Sebastian Stan - OFC


Red Heart was the first woman superheroine to enter the world of Marvel comic book pages. Back when women were emerging in comic books, it was nearly impossible to sell singular female heroine’s and their own personal stories for a comic series. By chance, though, Stan Lee made Red Heart and Marvel took a chance in selling her stories as a series of “The Black Heart vs. Red Heart”.

Suffice to say, Red Heart became Marvel’s dynamite. Everyone wanted their hands on the series, always craving for a new comic to come out as soon as the newest issue was released. Red Heart, in years to come, would team up with Captain America, Thor, Black Widow (although they butted heads a lot, they made a kickass team), Jessica Jones, Daredevil (they were introduced as lovers, in the beginning, turning into each other’s enemies, then alliances. They had a large fanbase of people who loved their storyline and wanted the two together.) Red Heart was not just some successful new hero for Marvel, she became a model for all young children in the world. Her powers were almost infinite, with strength, magic, courage, but most of all; integrity. Little girls wanted her signature outfit, and older teens wanted to have her hairstyle of light purple hair, always appearing in different styles throughout her comic book series. It was one of Marvel’s significant character’s that they had ever made. So naturally, the hints of her character was popping up in different movies and tv shows like Jessica Jones and Daredevil, the fans craved for her to finally join her family of Avengers on the big screen.


Wizarding World Philly Panel, May 2016

“We’ve received so many questions about this so called, ‘Extended End Credit’ scene to Civil War. Can you, Anthony and Joe, put that rumor to rest?”

The panel of actors looked down the line all the way to the end where sat Joe and Anthony, both shared the same smirk on their faces. It was the fans tell-tale sign that something special was going to come during the interview with the whole Civil War cast.

“We-we can. It’s true, first off. The cool thing about this scene is that, I think, the fact that the only cast mate who’s seen it this is Sebastian, since he’s the only one, in the panel, that was in it-” The crowd roared so loud at the Russo’s words they had to stop talking for a second, letting the crowd drown Hall H with excited shrieks and shouts for the clip to be shown.

The mere thought their dreams were about to come true was giving the crowd waves of excitement. Rightfully so, because if they were hoping for what the Russo’s we’re about to show, then they had waited impatiently for almost eight years for their beloved heroine to join the cast on the big screen. In fact, the cast was even hooting and hollering for some clues or clips.

Of course, though, the only one who kept their calm was the leader of the pact, Downey. He just so happened to be sitting next to the complete polar opposite in demeanor, Evans.

The fans loved how much Chris campaigned for the character to join them on the big screen, the joke that he was in love was always shared amongst the cast.

Robert suddenly interjected, “Um! If I may…I think Chris would really love to know who is in the extended ending, Anthony. Joe?”

Chris pondered Robert’s words for a moment, giving his friend a confused look. Before finally, the gears in his head started to work. 

“Oh my god!” He shouted into the microphone, almost blasting off the ears of all the fans in the audience, who didn’t seem to care either way.

“Is she here? Do you… are you insinuating, sorry guys! I’m…just like perspiring, just thinking of this clip.” 

The audience gave a loud “Aw!” to Chris’ infatuation with the idea that she was actually in the building. Suddenly, the lights went out, and the shrieks of excitement bounced off the walls of Hallway H.

You could hear one voice talking, and it wasn’t anyone on the panel right now. No, no. It was the legendary, Red Heart.

a/n: thank you to the incredible @ateliefloresdaprimavera for sending me this idea. Love you and your creative and beautiful brain! - R .x

Stuff of Legends

I’m still not over the ending to BBC’s Merlin, so here ya go.

I made it so that Arthur lives, surprise. Yup. Merlin feels.

Arthur stared at him from across the campfire. A day earlier, Arthur was unable to feed himself, take off his own boots, walk on his own for God’s sake, and now here he was, alive, healthy, feeling better than he had in… forever, actually, all because of the man sitting across those crackling flames.

Strangely enough, even with the news that the man had told him several nights before, the first word that sprouted into his mind wasn’t warlock.

It was friend.

Best friend, in fact. Merlin might be a sorcerer, yes, but that made him no less everything Arthur already thought he was before. As much as he wanted to be angry, peeved, to hit Merlin over the head and growl why didn’t you trust me, he couldn’t. Not with Merlin.

Not his Merlin.

“You look a million miles away.” His voice was cheerful. “What’s on your mind?”

Arthur finally focused on Merlin’s blue, blue eyes. Every so often, he had noticed, they would flash golden, and the fire would grow a bit stronger. It was a small gesture, the young king knew, to show how much his friend trusted him.

“You.” Arthur frowned.

The dark haired man chuckled, shoulders shaking, and the sight caused the king’s lips to edge upwards. “Watch out, Sire. You’re a married man.”

He decided to ignore that statement, but couldn’t contain his smile. “Speaking of Guinevere, I’m sure you’ll have to tell her when we return. I don’t think she’ll believe that you simply found a way to save my life with normal healing when Gaius couldn’t.”

Merlin looked away in calm thought. “I’m sure she already knows.”

Arthur’s brows furrowed. “You think so?”

“Oh, surely.” His servant nodded, expression anything but concerned. “Gaius would have told her, no doubt.”

“What on earth for?” the king sat up straighter, eyes narrowed. “He would have kept your secret until his dying day, no doubt, even from me! Why on earth would he tell Gwen?”

Merlin shrugged as though the words he said next would not rattle Arthur’s soul. “Well, he didn’t expect to see me return, of course.”

Arthur stopped, eyes shooting wide, and he stared, but the magician chuckled and continued. “At least, that is what I’m assuming. Gaius wouldn’t tell anyone unless he could trust them. Or he didn’t think I was coming back.”

“Gaius-Gaius didn’t think you would return to Camelot?”

“Not alive, no.” Merlin’s eyes finally glanced back to catch his in curiosity of the king’s change of tone.

Arthur’s voice was edged with anger. “And why wouldn’t you be returning to Camelot?”

With me, was left unspoken.

His friend rolled his eyes. “I was taking you to the Isle of the Blessed, Arthur. For a life to be saved, one must be taken. It’s the rules, so to speak. It was you or I, and honestly, we both already know the answer to that choice.”

Arthur’s eyes unwillingly pricked with tears. Merlin, again, without a second’s hesitation, was ready to lay down his life for Arthur’s. And he was almost happy with it, as if his life wasn’t worth as much, as if he didn’t matter. As if life would even mean anything if he was gone, as if Arthur could continue living without him.

“You-you were willing to die?”

Merlin glanced up again, brows furrowed, and he must have seen how misty his friend’s eyes had become. “Arthur, it’s not like I haven’t done it before. I told you, I was mean to serve you, and I’m proud of that-,”

“I heard what you said.” He rasped, his throat suddenly very, very tight. “But-but you can’t possibly think I’d let you-let you go and get yourself killed because of me!”

“It never stopped me before.” His blue eyes were sincere, honest, and filled with a loyalty that drove a sword into Arthur’s heart. Because he didn’t deserve that loyalty, that faith. The belief that Merlin always seemed to have. All the times that Arthur had blamed him, mistreated him, called him names, hit him, degraded him in every way imaginable, and he continued to remain faithful, true, and even now, he had been willing, completely ready, to give up his life to save Arthur.

“So-so when did you try before-,”

“The Questing Beast.” Merlin replied easily, frown deepening at the weakness of Arthur’s voice.

“And-and that was the only time.” Arthur stated more than asked. That had to be. He wouldn’t stand for Merlin being so reckless that he would risk his life more than once just to save Arthur of all people-

“No.” the black hair trembled as he shook his head slightly. “No, that wasn’t the only time.”

“How-how many times?” his voice was shaking now, but he didn’t have the care to be ashamed. Not when he had to know, almost felt as if he might die if he didn’t.

No doubt Merlin would be ready to save him if he did, though, no matter what it cost him.

The idiot.

“I don’t exactly know.” Merlin muttered, looking away, his voice suddenly quiet. “It gets blurred over the years.”

“That many?”

The servant chuckled. “Yes, I suppose. That many.”

Arthur’s mouth hung open in shock. Suddenly, all the branches falling, the walls crumbling, the fires that appeared out of nowhere to save the day made sense. The mysterious getaways, the way Merlin had his strange feelings, how they always escaped, were explainable.

“So, when- when Gwen was accused of sorcery, you-,”

“Yes.” Merlin nodded.

“And-and when Morgana came back with the Cup of Life and tried to take over-,”

“Yes.” Another nod.

“And the sword? In the stone?”

“Also me, yes.”

His heart growing heavier with each confirmation, Arthur stuttered, “When I accidently summoned my father’s ghost-,”

“Yeah…” Merlin scratched the back of his head. “He found me out a split second before you blew that horn.”

Arthur could hardly breathe. “And when Gwen was under Morgana’s spell-,”

“I was the old witch, yes.” He chuckled, cheeks dusting pink at the memory. “That was not one of my favorite ideas Gaius came up with, but it worked.”

“The dragon!” his voice grew louder. “The perilous lands! That dwarf said courage, strength, and magic! The troll! Princess Elena!”

“Yes, yes, yes, and yes.” Merlin nodded. “All of that and more. It’s quite funny, really.”

“What?” Arthur’s eyes began to spark. “What on earth is funny about this situation, because I can’t find a single thing!”

“Arthur, I was only saying that-,”

“Saying what, Merlin?” Suddenly he was on his feet, arms waving like a mad man. “That you risking your life over and over and over again to save my sorry arse is hilarious? That it’s something we should both just kick back and laugh about? That the fact that you are so stupid to trade your life for mine on a weekly basis is a joke to tell your children? You could have died!”

He stopped, shoulders falling. “Why would you do that? What reason, on this earth or other, would you do that to yourself?”

Merlin’s eyes turned gentle. Warm. “Because you’re the closest friend I have and I couldn’t bear to lose you.”

Arthur froze, and suddenly Merlin’s voice was filling his head.

What is the life of a servant compared to that of a prince?

I’m happy to be your servant, till the day I die.

I’m not going back, not without you!

And I use it for you, Arthur.

Arthur’s vision was blurring.

Only for you.

And suddenly Arthur could take it no longer. He could not bare this, this unnamable emotion building up in his chest. He could not think that Merlin, sweet, dear, precious Merlin had risked his life over and over again. That he had blatantly disregarded his own worth and future to secure the success of Arthur’s. He could not even understand how he could be so devoted, so loyal to the point that he would die for him.

Some men are born to plow fields. Some live to be great physicians others, to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you Arthur. And I’m proud of that. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Arthur nearly attacked him then, as Merlin’s confession whirled in his mind. It could be called an attack, surely, for his arms might have crushed his spine with how tightly he was holding him. But Arthur wouldn’t stop, not yet, not as he buried his head into the crook of his shoulder, as he let the pent up tears roll down his cheeks, as he muttered a million thank you’s into the fabric of his scarf, as he let out all the emotions that had been crawling around inside him since Merlin told him he had magic.

He closes his eyes and thanks God for Merlin. How compassionate, how selfless. That Merlin isn’t bitter about being in the background, not gaining any glory for his amazing acts. For his bravery. That Merlin, sweet Merlin, lived not for himself, but for Arthur. Thanked him that Merlin’s love was so great that even if no destiny decreed he be Arthur’s servant, he would be proud all the same, for all he’d done.

And heavens know he thanked God for granting him Merlin as a friend. A best friend.

And more. For friend was not big enough to describe all that Merlin was to Arthur. He might never find a word big enough.

He became aware of his friend’s choked breathing, and pushed away before he was a direct cause of Merlin’s death, staring into those blue eyes. He held his shoulders tightly, not wanting to let go, because Merlin might be an idiot and run off to save his life again.

“You really are a complete clotpole, you know that?” Arthur smiled, tears skewing his sight.

But when Merlin smiled, there were tears in his eyes too. “That’s my word.”

Arthur pulled the man back into his embrace, “Risking your life for me was stupid.”

“I’ve actually gotten quite good at it.” He chuckled, and Arthur became aware of his hands tightening against the chainmail the blonde was wearing. “I think it should be a job, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. Beware extreme pain, emotional and physical. Death may occur.”

They both laughed, and Arthur pulled back again, this time with a full grin. “I wouldn’t want any other person doing that job, you know.”

“Well, no one else would be able to put up with you.” Merlin replied easily.

Another laugh from them both, and they lapsed into a comfortable silence that spoke more words than either could say.

“Thank you.” Arthur finally breathed, and those blue eyes were on him once more.

“For what?” his friend asked, brows raised.


Merlin smiled softly. “Thanks for the same.”

The king returned the smile and rested his shoulder against Merlin’s. Many things might happen in the future, so much adventure that destiny might have in store for them, but none of it mattered as long as Merlin was there to protect Arthur, and Arthur was there to protect Merlin.

He knew, one day, people would tell tales about them. Wonderful fantasies about their quests and great deeds. Songs would be sung, wine raised to their name. They would be known as heroes, conquerors, brave warriors and saviors.

But for now, Arthur thought as he sighed and turned to watch the setting sun, it was just Arthur and Merlin, two idiots who cared for one another more than the world could manage.

They were the stuff of legends.

His eyes glanced up as Merlin muttered something he didn’t understand, and the flames danced before his eyes, turning into a familiar dragon. The fiery creature opened its mouth in a roar, and the flames crackled louder. It flapped its wings once, twice, before flying upwards and disappearing into the stars above.

Arthur’s grin was uncontrollable.

Yes. The stuff of legends.

sometimes i just lie awake at night thinking about if magic hadn’t been banned and if balinor hadn’t been disgraced. what if arthur had been born but uther died instead of his queen. what if balinor still met hunith and they still had merlin. what if balinor’s “dragonlord” title actually came with some nobility privileges, so he was part of court. what if merlin and arthur grew up side by side in court. what if a nearby court visited them and gwaine tagged along with his lordship father.

what if mini courage-magic-strength trio wreaking havoc in camelot is my preoccupation, really

Wicca 101 (A summary on candles)

What are candles used for?:

Candles are for more than just emitting light and smelling good, they influence particular powers and increase your spell power. The candles are another tool used on your altar and in pagan/wiccan/what-have-you life.  

Candle colors for elements:

Earth: Green

Water: Blue

Air: Yellow

Fire: Red

(Spirit: White)

Candles on the altar:

This is a very basic example of how some people choose to set up their candles on the altar.

East: Sun (Fire) Red

South: Stone (Earth) Green

West: Sea (Water) Blue

North: Sky (Air) Yellow

Center: Spirit - White, Silver, Black

Center (Behind spirit): God and Goddess candles

^^ Many people choose to use objects other than candles, such as sand for earth and actual water for water, and some people do candles and other objects, it is up to you. Some people also use gray for water instead of blue.

Candles colors and their meanings:

There are SO many meanings behind every candle that I could never cover if I tried. So I’m going to try with a basic guide- What is actually important is what the candle means to YOU- but if you are new to this, hopefully some direction will help! 

White: Peace, purity, innocence, and power of a higher nature. White candles promote tranquility and purification as well as truth, spirituality, and sincerity. White candles are useful for meditation, truth seeking, spiritual enlightenment, summoning spirit guides, astral travel, and to enhance psychic abilities.

White is the perfect candle for substituting (may use for any color) White candles also have multiple healing properties:  Treating broken bones, relieving oral pain, and increasing breast milk production. 

White is one of the most important candles because it is a mixture of everything, it is also a Goddess symbol.

 Yellow: Creativity, intelligence, confidence, movement, and energy.

Used for Clairvoyance, divination, wisdom, learning, imagination, inspiration, concentration, and communication. Yellow candles help skin conditions, stomach complaints, and cramps cause by menstruation 

Orange: Attraction, stimulation, control, personal strength, authority, power, encouragement, adaptability, luck, and sudden change.

Orange candles also help with coughs, colds, asthma, arthritis, and exhaustion.

Gold:  Understanding, cosmic influences; intuition, persuasion, charm, and confidence. Gold candles are used often in money and luck spells, and are very useful when communicating with solar deities.

Pink: Love, relationships, romance, spiritual awakening, spirit healing, femininity, friendships, honor, and morality. 

Pink candles are very important in treating anxiety, depression, and heart problems.

Red: Energy, life, blood, birth, death, sex, love, passion, fertility, physical energy, physical strength, courage, enthusiasm, and defensive magic.

Red helps heal neuralgias and exhaustion.

Red is an important candle color because it is a God symbol.

Purple: Mysticism, inspiration, wisdom, idealism, purification, success, peace, power, meditation, sensitivity (Psychic talent), ambition, power, and household protection. 

Purple is useful in treating allergies, sleep disorders, and stress related issues.

Magenta: Magenta is a mix of the red and violet candle and it is used when immediate action needs to be taken, such as: quick changes, exorcism, or spiritual healing.

Brown: Emotional stability, indecisiveness elimination, concentration, study, intuition, telepathy, finding lost objects.

Brown candles are often used in money spells. Brown candles are also useful in protection of familiars (We will get more into familiars later), as well as household pets and animal healing.

Indigo: Inertia, removal of fear, cleansing the spirit.

Used in DEEP meditation

Indigo candles also help neutralize other peoples magic, and counteracting negative energy,

Indigo candles also help with dementia, depression, and mental disorders.

Blue:  Wisdom, tranquility, harmony, peace, inner light, truth, inspiration, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, patience, and loyalty. Blue is a very good color for meditation because it helps you connect to your mind. Blue candles encourage happiness and laughter. 

Blue candles are also very useful in treating insomnia, high blood pressure, and minor wounds.

Green: Nature, fertility, rejuvenation, financial issues, money, good fortune, prosperity, luck, ambition, success, love, renewal, emotional soothing and balance, counteracts greed and jealousy.

Green candles are also useful in treating headaches, colds, and nervousness.

Green candles are important because they are representative of the Goddess.

Silver/Gray: Removal of negative energy, encourages stability. Very useful when thinking through a complex situation. Silver and gray candles can create confusion, but they can also neutralize.  Silver and gray candles attract the Goddess and can aid in psychic abilities.

Black: Opening deeper levels of the unconscious. Used for DEEP meditation and very useful in banishing evil or negativity

Self control, quiet power, resilience, absorption of negative energy, protection from retribution and can aid during a major loss.

How do I use candles?:

Its very simple, actually-

Choose your candle (hopefully my list helped), burn it, and meditate while burning it. OR, do your spellwork while the candle is burning.

God and Goddess candles?:

Some God and Goddess candles are actually shaped like the deity they are representing, some may just be larger version candles then the ones they are already using, and some are just a color. Not everyone chooses to use God and Goddess candles, so you always play it by what makes you comfortable. 

Candles for other uses:

Candles for Sabbat:

Samhain : Black, orange

Yule : Red, green & white

Imbolg : Red, pink & brown.

Eostara : Green, yellow & gold

Beltaine : Dark green

Litha : Green, blue

Lughnasadh : Yellow, orange

Mabon : Orange, brown & yellow

Astrological candles:

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) : Light Blue or Pale Yellow

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) : Aquamarine

Aries (March 21 - April 19) : Red

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) : Green

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) : Yellow or Orange

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) : White or Dark Green

Leo (July 23 - August 22) : Gold or Yellow

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) : Gray or Marbled

Libra (September 23 - October 22) : Royal Blue

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) : Black or Red

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - December 21) : Dark Blue or Purple

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) : Black or Dark Brown

Day of the week candles:

Sunday : Yellow

Monday : White

Tuesday : Red

Wednesday : Purple

Thursday : Blue

Friday : Green

Saturday : Black

What do you use for your altar? 

What colors do you use to symbolize the elements?

What does each color mean to you?

Do you make your own candles?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! I’d love to help :)

Blessed Be,