Every summer’s end I think, “oh I can’t wait for that chilly perfect running weather!” And then every time I run for the first time in below 50 degree weather I immediately think, “nevermind that’s quite enough summer come back”

How to be strong: 

There are no rules. You are already strong. Even when you are crying. Even when you are at your lowest point. Even when you are falling apart. Your strength is in your survival. Your strength is within you always. And besides, didn’t anyone ever tell you that strength looks so different on us all?

—  Nikita Gill
Every time you say her beauty is only beauty because she is broken, her mournful is her pretty, how the right man will fix her, she bares her teeth. She summons Athena from the marrow of her bones, she calls upon Artemis and her wolves to sharpen her claws, she brings out Nemesis in her eyes, a determination so powerful it could turn the sky storm black, and then she looks at you and asks, “Do you really think I need a man to fix me when the Goddesses have my back?”
—  Nikita Gill, If You Romanticise My Broken, My Broken Will Bite Back.

To whoever is reading this, close your eyes just for a moment.

Remind yourself why you began this journey in the first place.

Reflect upon who it is that you are fighting for.

See yourself as you fight for your purpose, day after day, getting there step by step.

Remember your value. Remember your purpose. Look into your heart, and see your motivation. It overpowers all else.

Please stay strong, and believe in your journey.