The Strelitzia, commonly known as the bird of paradise flower, was the fierce ruling motif for Fendi’s Resort 2016 collection. Its hard-edged beauty was the perfect expression of the theme Karl Lagerfeld chose for the collection, “Pleasant aggressiveness", but most of all, of Fendi’s contrasting soul that makes this house Italy’s most fascinating: The flower’s delicate petals portray the more feminine nature, while its sharp leaves convey its strong, determined attitude.

Omnipresent throughout the whole collection; fur coats, silk sundresses, leather school dresses and skirts, as well as the accessories perfectly completing each ensemble, the flower was embroidered onto them all.

The color palette that highlighted ochre, army green, and saffron. The clothing and accessories that borrowed these shades were a subtle counterpoint to the bird-of-paradise extravaganza, but they’ll likely be the pieces that continue to seduce when resorts around the world have folded their tents and stolen back into the night.