If I Were...

I was tagged by helllohellomynameisnicole

a month: June

a day of the week: Saturday

a planet: Pluto (I know, I know…. Mercury then.)

an animal: a sugar glider

a piece of furniture: a… beanbag?

a flower: a strelitzia

a kind of weather: oh for fuck’s sake - 26°C in the shadow, mild breeze

a color: green

an emotion: anticipation

a sound: a kitten’s purr

an element: water

a place: a secret beach with soft sand, clear water and wild exotic plants

a taste: bittersweet

a scent: freshly cut grass

an object: a vintage lamp

a body part: a toenail… just kidding, a brain probably

a song: anything on the xx’s first album

a pair of shoes: converse

I tag literally all of my followers.


絶対、オーガスタだと思うけど(๑ ー̀εー́ ๑)

#houseplants #indoorplants #strelitzia #strelitzianicolai #green #観葉植物 #ストレリチア #オーガスタ #グリーン