Ringo and Maureen at David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust retirement party (known as “The Last Supper”) at the Café RoyalRegent Street, London on the 3rd July 1973. This impromptu party was held following David Bowie’s final concert appearance as Ziggy Stardust at the Hammersmith Odeon Theatre, London on the same night, which has since become known as “The Retirement Gig.”. (Ringo is pictured backstage at the gig with Bowie in the second photo, and with Lulu and Cat Stevens in the last photo).

The party guest list also included Paul and Linda, Keith Moon, Lulu, Tony Curtis, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, The Goodies, Cat Stevens, Mick and Bianca Jagger, Jeff Beck, Lou Reed, Barbara Streisland, Ryan O'Neil, Sonny Bono, Elliot Gould, Britt Ekland, D.A Pennebaker and Dr. John who supplied the live music for the evening.