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Congratulations to Law and Jess!

On Saturday JAY-Z, Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy traveled to the Musical Legends Park in New Orleans to attend the wedding of their friends Lawrence Parker III and Dr. Jessica Ann Clemons. These photographs were captured by Lenny Santiago.

Law is the manager of Roc Nation’s own Jay Electronica and Don Flamingo, and currently works out of the Roc’s New York headquarters. He will be known to most in his native NOLA through his legendary Traffic Boutique streetwear store in the French Quarter; and from his community outreach events, such as the “Peace Tour” music festival. He also launched both the “NOLA Summer Jam” and the “NOLA Hip-Hip Awards.” A Tulane University graduate, Law is the founder of the Supreme Street entertainment and management company, and produces music under the CrackTracks moniker—his 2014 mixtape featuring inspirational Tupac interview clips over original production is a must-listen. Law is also a published author, with his 2012 book Live & Maintain still available to collect gems from. Clemons is a Weill Cornell Medicine graduate and a Psychiatry Resident at the premier NYU Langone Medical Center; and is the founder of the Minority Medical Network. Both she and her new husband are close friends of Solange Knowles, and she starred in the singer’s 2015 Puma “Word to The Woman” collection.

Downtown Date With Jaebum

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Thank you for requesting @evravon-what, I hope you like it! Sorry if the ending sucks~ 

  • ok so
  • a downtown date with Jaebum
  • it was probably his idea to go downtown and explore a newer part of the city 
  • there were a lot of cafes and stores you both hadn’t been to and on his off day/night you decided to explore them 
  • you took the train downtown, he was wearing a large hat and facemask that covered the majority of his face so as to not be spotted
  • although some people did see the two of you 
  • but it was very few people so it was alright
  • you decided to walk down Hapjeon-dong to find a cafe to have lunch at
  • the least crowded one was picked 

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