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Shadow Selvedge

I don’t wear this trucker jacket as often as I should but I hope to change that this year. Denim fades the more you wear it. It’s even cooler in the case of this jacket which has indigo warp and black weft threads. What this means is that it fades to a high contrast blue over time and it looks awesome. It was pretty stiff when I first got it but the fabric has become softer over time and feels really comfortable.

This is a simple outfit - denim jacket, flannel shirt, chinos and jeans. Most guys have these items in their closet. I think it’s something that’s easy to put together and feel comfortable in but still look like you’ve made some effort to get dressed.

When I first got these Alden Indy boots, I polished them just to see if I could. Over time, I’ve come to the thought that they look better when they’re worn well but maintained so I’m not going to maintain the shine but let it naturally fade over time.

Jacket - 3Sixteen Shadow Selvedge

Shirt - Uniqlo Flannel

Trousers - Up There Store

Socks - CHUP

Boots - Alden Indy boots


Inside H Beauty & Youth Tokyo Store

Under the creative vision of Poggy and his interpretation of “City Man and Woman”, the extension of United Arrow’s label recently opened its official store in Aoyama. Over 1300 square meters, a curated selection of streetwear, sporting goods and tailored garments is available to all those lucky enough to be in the area.