The weather is still cold here in the UK, what better time to grab your Black Rose Hoodie.
What do you think to this piece of Clothing?

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there are three quality grades of cybernetic body modifications, which are differentiated mostly by price, aesthetics and strain* on the body:

gutterware: the cheapest grade, produced by off-brand companies and installed in chop shops, they use older technology and create a greater strain on the body. appearance wise expect grunge: a lot of exposed metal, rough finish work, exposed joints and bulky bits. can be expensive to repair and find parts for.

streetware: or “standard grade” these are your brand name companies, fashionable and up to date. they come with warranties and are available in a variety of sizes to match body size and fairly customisable. expect sleek, latest fashions, and smooth finishes. produces a lower strain on the body than gutterware.

luxuryware: the wealthiest of the wealthy use this quality. customised to the client and typically combining bioware with cybernetics, luxuryware is either indistinguishable from their natural limbs or elaborately styled with the most valuable materials including gold and platinum.

*strain is a mechanic that limits cybernetic modification of the body in interface zero, i’m not sure if i’m keeping it because i want cybernetic body modification to be a punk cultural thing. if i keep it, it’ll manifest as fatigue problems.