Strong Message, by Abelardo Ojeda.

“Thousands of demonstrators in Mexico City watch burning effigy of President Enrique Pena Nieto during a massive protest Thursday night over 43 missing college students.”

> Mexicans are waking up. 

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Five pairs of photographs representing the different hues and gradations of humanity. Each pair can be taken as a couplet, single stanzas in a larger poem, just as this set of photos as a whole is only a small representation of what humanity is, as it were.

Think of these as color photographs, but where we usually see color visually, allow yourself to perceive the colors from the life expressed in these photographs. We all emit a different energy, we all dye the earth a different color. We change it while we’re here, and if we’re lucky, our shades of energy will continue to coat the earth, even after we’re gone.


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“We’re not tired,” said one man speaking from the platform. “On the contrary, we are mad at this Mexican government and its entire structure, because it has not done anything but deceive the families.”

This is totally different from the photography I post here… but right now it’s my reality.

Pictures by Abelardo Ojeda.

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