Everyone knows the Margarita, that refreshing drink that can be made in so many ways, take on many personalities and is perfect in any season. There are a number of variations to the margarita, so you’re sure to find one that is just right for you. Here’s the recipe to HerHustle Co.’s Juicy and delicious Top Self Strawberry Patron Margarita inspired by Sue Tsai.

(serves 2)


  • 4oz Strawberry
  • 1oz Cointreau orange liqueur   
  • 1oz Grand Marnier orange Liqueur   
  • 2oz Sweet & Sour mix
  • 1/2oz lime juice
  • 3 ½ oz patron tequila

Pick the green tops off of your strawberries, then slice each strawberry in half. 

Pour your tequila and slices of strawberries into a bowl and let them soak in the fridge over night.

Remove your strawberry slices from your tequila and sit them aside when you are ready to make your cocktail.

Fill your mixing glass with ice, pour in all of your ingredients, shake well.

Pour into a salt rimmed glass, then add your soaked strawberry slices.


UPDATE: Now I’m stuck in a hotel until the 30th of August until I can get campervan

Thanks to a snafu at the DMV I have to wait until the end of this month and need to get on by while I wait for a campervan. the night stay is now $50- or so a night so any donation even $1 will help me with food and laundry and shelter until I am able to get some transport.

Me and my mom are currently homeless and cannot be on the streets

I am accpeting donations through my paypal

808s & Heartbreak remains one of my favorite albums to mope to ever since the day it came out. Kanye West understands pain, struggle, and betrayal on a level I infinitely respect and this album always resonates when I’m going through rough times.

Kanye is right, winter is a terrible, miserable season and I can only wait for the warmth and promise that summer brings.

“All the street lights, glowin’
Happen to be just like moments, passin’
In front of me so I hopped in, the cab and
I paid my fare see I know my destination
But I’m just not there
In the streets
In the, streets
I’m just not there in the streets
I’m just not there
Life’s just not fair
Life’s just not fair”