Royals (Chlonath Week Day 1: Bickering/Flirting)

(Some context: this takes place in the same universe as my Sweater Weather piece where a new supervillian cadre emerges after Hawkmoth’s defeat in three major world cities. Alya and Adrien stayed in Paris, Nino and Marinette moved to New York, and Nathanael and Chloe moved to Tokyo.)

When Nathanael was sketching out his post-secondary education plans, he had a number of ideas as to where his life would take him. But for all his life could have been, he never thought that it would involve:

1) Becoming Hawkmoth, or at least a newly rehabilitated version of Hawkmoth.

2) Moving to Japan.

3) Shacking up with Chloe Bourgeois as they did battle with a monster that could literally bring someone’s nightmares to life.

But life, apparently, didn’t give a shit about what Nathanael Kurtzberg wanted, which is why he was sitting in a park halfway across the world while a crowd of screaming people rushed past him. 

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