streets of fire (1984)

I haven’t made like a general playlist in awhile so aY here’s a super aesthetic one


4 am (the fauns remix) power glove // rock with you (bill wants remix) michael jackson // odd look kavinsky // foggy’s plume apollo zapp // lizard eyes (auxilliary tha masterfader remix) the boy & sister alma // the inner voice ft trevor something dj ten // obituary carpenter brut // under your spell desire // dust m o o n // miami jasper byrne // street on fire miami nights 1984 // into your heart trevor something // giorgio by moroder (stellar dreams remix) daft punk // speed boat theme arcis // escape from orion ft sonic synergist division // I want your love chromatics // tonight timecop1983 // live for tonight trevor something // redlining betamaxx // nightland droid bishop