streets of desolation

[ they can’t tell us who we are. we make ourselves. we choose our own paths. i am the product of nothing but my own choices, my thoughts, my dreams. i will survive. i will do more than survive. i will live ]
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Pink Skies

PINK SKIES — you are my favorite everything. been telling girls that since i was 16. shut up, i love you. you’re my best friend. ( pink skies, lany )

REQUEST — archie comforts his best friend.


NOTES — a late v-day gift from me in the form of head-over-heels archie and his aloof best friend, the reader. this was originally going to be a quick little piece about y/n spraining her ankle and archie being her overprotective boyfriend; somewhere along the line, it ended up becoming archie trying to keep y/n’s mind off jason on her first valentine’s day without him. ( requests: open )

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We are Animals

5k of SMUT AND ACTUAL PLOT… but mostly smut. I upload from my phone so I can’t italicize anything. If you want to see the version with italics, I’ll send you a link to where I posted the story. ANYWAAAAAYYYYY … I also apologize, but I don’t know how to enable the ‘read more’ feature on my phone. I know it’s annoying but unfortunately I can’t do anything about it.



This is a Drarry fic based on a video on YouTube of the same title. Kind of post apocolyose/ homophobe universe. Hardcore smut so… yeah


“Men. The only animals in the world to fear” - D.H. Lawrence


“Findings from the National Center of Disease control released the results of a study which shows that the lifestyle of some homosexuals has triggered an epidemic…” The garbled voice of a newscaster comes out of the radio, along with small blasts of static. I walk down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, my shoes covered in red dust and the sun beating down on my shoulders, heating my brown leather jacket. I keep my hands in the pockets to keep them from shaking as the small radio I keep in the lining spits out more information.

“The ‘Gay Plague’ is the center of a political storm- the Moral Majority claiming that AIDS is God’s punishment for the gay lifestyle.” I close my eyes hard and use my shoulder to wipe the sweat out of them, and my messy black hair sticks to my forehead. In a hidden part of the thick jacket I can just hear the minute clinking of small pink pills that I live on in a small prescription jar. The pills in that jar, though, are anything but legal. The announcer continues.

“This isn’t just a disease we’re talking about here! These people are capable of murdering other humans when they-” The voice becomes inaudible from all of the static emitting from the cheap radio, so I take it out and hit it against my jean-clad leg until the voice is understandable again.

“C'mon…” I huff to myself, hitting the small box once again when it continues to cut out, until it finally continues.

“-and 50% of U.K citizens are favoring quarantine. We’re putting them in a nice, comfortable place-” The voice of the announcer is cut off suddenly by another person shouting into the microphone.

“Just isolate them!” The newcomer says, and I continue to listen, though it hurts. Looking up, I see the outline of a tall brick enclosure in the distance as my radio spouts more slurs. I would switch to another station, but these news reports are all that are broadcasted anymore. The second voice continues, though in a calmer tone than the one previously used. “We have received proof that the free world is, once again, in danger.

The radical group of homosexuals, known otherwise as the Death Eaters, have rallied together, more determined than ever to destroy the means put in place by our scientific and medical communities that keep us all safe, and healthy. Although we have created a protective quarantine, no one is truly safe.” I turn off the radio, no longer able to listen.

I can hear my mother’s voice in my head, pressing the bottle of pink pills into my hand. ‘Hide, Harry. Hide in plain sight, be a nurse, do whatever you can. Just don’t let anyone know who you really are.’ So here I am, in the middle of a field on a dirt road in August.

Eventually reaching the gate of an eight foot tall barbed wire fence, I look up and sigh, pushing it open and walking inside the quarantine zone.

The road is deserted, with various posters blowing about in the street, and the rusted shells of forgotten cars lining the outsides of empty buildings. My green eyes scan the chain link, looking at the various posters tacked up.

Seeing some of them closer, they look to all have some extent of coverage from green or black paint. I can even see a poster of the Queen with a large green skull with a serpent tongue covering her face. I reach out to touch the poster, but in pulling my hand back, the tips of my fingers come away glistening with green liquid. I then take a step back, look around, and continue on my way, eyes trained on the ground in front of me, and hands stuffed in my pockets, with the muffled sound of men’s screams permeating my ears.

I continue walking through the desolate streets until I reach a heavy metal door with the words “Caution: Quarantine inside. Enter at your own risk.” I don’t think twice before pressing my shoulder against the door to open it.

Inside, the sounds of suffering are clearer, but I continue on my way. Close by, I can hear someone with a hacking cough, a side effect of the numbing agent.

“Hey-” A hoarse voice calls out, and I look up in surprise. “you’ll help me…” An unkempt man sitting in a pile of trash lunges at me, trying to grab my ankle, though I manage to jump out of the way. “Help me!” He screams at my back as I walk away. “You selfish pig! You’re just like the rest of us!”

“L-leave me alone.” I say quietly, continuing, albeit at a quicker pace, towards my destination while the man screams behind me.

“You’ll get yours one day kid! You just… you fucking wait…” Is what I hear before he breaks down crying, and I keep going out of fear.

I turn a corner a small ways from the man to the front of an unassuming building, manned by two armed guards wearing respirators over their mouths and noses. The man on the left looks me up and down, before stiffly asking-

“Identification?” I take out my security pass and he runs it under a machine, which beeps to signal my clearance. “Put out your arms.” He says, taking out a metal detector and waving it over my whole body.

As it runs over my side, I pray with every ounce of my sinning soul that the pills won’t be detected, even though they never have been before.

“He’s clean.” The guard says once the detector has run over me multiple times. He gives me a look of sadness, and motions to his partner to open the door. “Good luck in there, Potter.” I nod in response and walk through the door into the cool, dark building.

My whole body shakes as I walk to the bathroom, the intercom of the building playing more messages like the one I heard on my way to work. “Several members of the Death Eaters have been arrested for vandalizing property, writing messages that spread their hate and lies…” I listen intently at the door to the restroom to make sure that it’s deserted, before entering and locking the door behind me. “The authorities have transferred the detainees to a nearby clinic for immediate neutralization.”

I walk to the sink, not bothering to look in the mirror because I know what I would see; the tired eyes of a liar, and the messy hair and smile-less lips of a sinner. I take the plastic container out of my pocket and crack it open, depositing the pills into my hands, looking at them with distain and distaste, before I hear a creak behind me. I look up and turn to the side, the sudden appearance of a heavily freckled red-haired man taking me by surprise, causing me to drop the container of pills and drop to my knees, scrambling to pick them all up.

“I-it’s not what it looks like-” I stutter, fear taking over my whole being, because if he knows what these pills do-

I look back at him after all the pills are put away, and I see a sad smile on his face.

“I should have known you were on Celibron-” he says, his accent thick. I narrow my eyes at him before looking away, my heart beating a million miles and hour. “I know exactly what you’re going through. You’re doing a really good thing-” I look back up at the man, who looks hardly older than I. How could he possibly know what I'n going through?

I narrow my eyes again, and stand up straight, slipping the bottle into my pocket. “I can’t eat… I can’t sleep… these- these things are fucking poisoning me-”

“These things saved my life.” The other man says calmly, resting his hand on my arm, which I immediately pull away. I turn my back, and put my hand on the doorknob, figuring I can just take the pills somewhere else. “Do you want to get better?” He asks, and my grip falters, before steadying again.

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” I say. “It’s just a precaution.” And I walk out of the room, leaving the red haired man alone, once again.

About an hour later, I’ve nearly forgotten the experience. My mind is numbed by the Celibron coursing through my system, and my shoes loudly hit the ground in the quiet hallway leading up to my patient’s room.

I’ve traded my leather jacket and jeans for dark red scrubs, and my hands are unable to stop fidgeting as I walk up to the one-way glass that shows me my patient.

I look in and see him sitting on a table, wearing nothing but white shorts, and I swallow thickly, before mentally berating myself for it. He has neat bleach blonde hair and wears a look that would seem horrible on anyone except for him. His lean arms are pale and his stomach is toned and blemishless. When he looks up I can see stormy grey eyes and a strong chin. I open the door and walk into the room, trying to avoid eye contact with the beautiful man.

I go to the cart positioned directly next to the man, whose feet are bound to his padded medical chair. I pick up his file and graze my eyes over it, before having them rest on his name. 'Draco Malfoy’ I glance at him and look back at the chart blankly when I find that he’s looking back at me.

I walk around the back of him, glancing at his forearm and seeing a tattoo of a green skull and serpent right beneath the hinge of his elbow. His voice takes me out of my stupor.

“So… what’s it like?” I return to his side and look him in the eyes, before glancing away again. “When they cut it off?” Draco asks me morbidly.

“You’ll be anesthetized-” I reply quickly.

“Mm-mm. No, I want to feel everything-” my neck heats as I feel him look me up and down. “even pain.” He says everything with a confidence that I don’t understand. I don’t understand how he could be confident and level headed in the situation that he is in.

“We can’t do that. That’s… inhumane.” I tell him, still keeping my eyes on the tools that I’m fiddling with for no reason other than to distract myself from the strength of his gaze. He thinks for a moment before replying.

“Since when did that stop anyone?” I pause for a moment before continuing my distraction.

“I-I’m sorry. The government requires that every patient be numb from the waist down for this procedure…” His eyes burn into the back of my neck and I can feel the pills working against the feelings rising up inside of me. He smirks.

“What do you feel down there, nurse boy? I could smell you a mile away. Your body’s strong… it’s resisting those pills-” I turn to face him, an easygoing smile decorating his features, and anger boils up inside of me.

“How did you know that?” I ask with a mixture of anger, fear, and curiosity. His blonde hair flops into his eyes and he brushes the strands away with gentle fingers.

“Did you ever break sodomy law?” I stop again, the heat from my neck spreading to my cheeks.

“T-the what?” I stutter, trying to play innocent as I lean back against the wall. He just smiles and shakes his head, as if he can’t believe my ineducation on the subject.

“Sodomy, sweetie. Mmm, sodomy.” The blonde nearly hums the words, before turning back to me with an amused expression. “C'mon, everyone knows that the clinic staff are all a bunch of gays…” He looks me up and down hungrily, and says more quietly, “my nose never fails.” And my anger boils over.

I slam the supplies on the cart, push off the wall, and walk right up to Malfoy. “Look, I don’t know what shit you heard, but it’s wrong. I’m straight.” I tell him matter-of-factly, walking to the other side of the room to pick up the sphygmomanometer. He clicks his tongue.

“Yeah, so is spaghetti 'till you get it wet…” He pauses before continuing at a whisper. “and hot…” His eyes are filled with lust, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep my composure under his grey gaze.

“I-I need to t-take your blood pressure-” I keep my eyes trained on the ground as I walk the few steps over to him, my fingers brushing his warm skin while I strap the contraption to his right bicep. He breathes in deeply,the muscles in his chest rising and falling as he chuckles and softly says

“You’re strapping it to the wrong limb-” I cut him off.

“You’re about to be castrated. Doesn’t that bother you?” I ask him irritably, giving in to my want for just a moment to rake my eyes up his body. He still acts indifferent, and I can’t tell if he’s really courageous or really stupid.

“Hell no.” He says, and I begin pumping up the pressure in the arm band of the sphygmomanometer. He throws his head back and then looks at me with a grin. “Turns me on, what can I say?” I rip the Velcro and take the band off of him, throwing it to the side in anger.

“This isn’t a game! People are dying because of this!” I exclaim, running my hand through my already disastrous black locks, and he suddenly turns serious.

“I live out there…” He looks down at his bound feet for a moment, before bringing his eyes up to mine once again. “I know what it’s like.”

“You’re a freak.” I say, going around to the other side of the chair back to the cart, my anger boiling over. I look at him again and his sarcastic smile is back.

“Might be hard- er, difficult- to do the procedure, if I’m… y'know.” He says, and I look up. He flicks his eyes downward, and I notice the bulge in the thin cotton pants.

“Oh… yeah…” I say.

Suddenly, Draco’s lunged out and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the side of his chair on my knees, putting my hand over his growing hard on, pressing it down, and moving it so that I’m cupping him. He’s strong; even as I’m struggling against him, I can’t get my hand away from it’s place against his cock.

“How does that feel?” I can hear the smirk in his voice. “Yeah, just squeeze right there-” he exclaims to me when I inadvertently clench my fist around him. I can’t say that I’m not enjoying feeling what must be a rather large cock through those thin pants, though I know it’s so fucking wrong.

I stop struggling, and look away guiltily as I squeeze down his cock, though not bare I can feel its’ heat, and I have Draco writhing in his chair. I can tell that his moans are hardly contained and I have to thank god for these scrubs hiding the bit of hardness that I’ve acquired despite the pills.

“Fuck-” he moans quietly, more like a gasp when I flick my wrist hard. His hand is gripping my wrist as I go faster and faster; my panting becoming audible. It’s so…



It’s also… so


“Fuckfuckfuck…” Curses spill from his lips as I take my hand off of him just to put it down the waistband of his pants and actually touch him. He’s heavy and throbbing and I have the sudden urge to put my mouth on him, but banish it from my head immediately.

'This is plenty wrong enough…’ The thought crosses my brain when I swipe my thumb over the head of his dripping cock, lubricating my hand in his precum as I continue to jack him off.

His other hand is pulling on my hair as moans continue to fall from his mouth.

“Tell me your name. Tell me your name so I can shout it when I come.” He gasps to words, and his cock twitches in my hand.

“Potter.” I say, and he’s already started his orgasm.

His hand grips my hair roughly and he arches his back. I bring my eyes to his face; grey eyes closed, and biting his lip in ecstasy.

“Fuck Potter!” He gasps and I can feel his come on my hand as he pants and moans and curses, finally collapsing in the chair, his chest rising and falling quickly. “You… you’re good at that-” he says as I stand up not a moment before the door opens behind me, causing me to run into the cart in surprise.

The surgeon walks in, completely indifferent to my reaction, and walks over to the cart, turning to me. My white covered hand is hidden behind my back.

“Where’s the scalpel?” He asks me, and I look over at Draco with wide eyes, who smirks, winks, and lunges at the surgeon, putting the blade in his neck and pulling it back out when the man has fallen to the floor.

He then takes my wrist in an iron grip and pulls me out the door and through several hallways.

“C'mon c'mon!” He says back at me, before throwing me against the wall near a guarded door. He attacks the guard, taking him down by brute force, punching him several times, then coming over to me, hauling me up, and dragging me over to the door.

“Open the door.” He says into my ear, raising hairs over my entire body, but I still struggle against him, until I feel cool metal against my throat. “Open. the door.” He repeats, pressing the scalpel in more, until I relent and put the code into the door.

Once unlocked, people come rushing out of the armored room in hysterics. All homosexuals. All people like Harry. I turn to run, but he’s come up behind me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asks me, picking me up.

A sudden hit on the the back of the head has me out cold, and I can vaguely feel myself being thrown over a shoulder and carried…


“Ow…” I say when I awaken with a pounding headache, rubbing my forehead. I look around, and my heart rate rises when I see that I am no longer in the clinic.

I’m in a cloth tent, alone.

I scramble to the door, ignoring my headache and climb out into the light of a setting sun. Music, laughter and yelling reach my ears from somewhere nearby, and I decide to investigate. I know that I’m getting close, as I can hear Draco’s voice:

“Yes! My fellow Death Eaters! I promise you that we will stab at the opposition! We will be treated as people in this cruel world! We. Will. Be. Victorious!” He screams, the voice of the man permeating my ears. An excited scream rises from the other people in the group. “Stripped of our dignity, under the guise of a disease, an epidemic, that has nearly wiped us out. And now we appear! Without out meds! Because we won’t hide anymore. This is OUR freedom!” His speech hits a crescendo when I round the corner of the rocky path, and crouch behind some bushes.

In the clearing I can see Draco, standing on a rock next to a blazing fire, and a rather large group of cheering followers who are dancing and talking. Among them I swear I can see the red haired man from the bathroom.

I crouch lower behind the bush when I see Draco looking around the edges of the clearing, praying that he won’t see me. But he does. His eyes lock onto mine and I swear I see him lick his lips, before I back up, trip a bit, and then run as fast as I can in the other direction, thoughts racing through my mind.

'I’m not one of them. I’m straight, I’m normal. I won’t be killed and there’s nothing wrong with me.’ Desperate thoughts fill my head as I run, and I can hear him perusing me.

“You can’t go back! You have nowhere to go-” he yells after me, but I just keep going, my chest heaving and my legs burning, yet I still run with tears in my eyes.

I run until I trip, falling to the ground on my back, and within thirty seconds Draco’s reached me.

He kneels behind me and pulls me up onto my knees, one hand on my throat and holding my ear to his mouth, and his other arm around my stomach holding me in place as I struggle against him.

“You can’t go back. The government’s declared you a renegade-” He says into my ear, his fingers and thumb digging into my cheeks and squishing my mouth.

“I-I can’t be a part of this-” I say, and he stretches my head back so that my neck is completely exposed, and puts his lips next to my ear.

“You’re here, just do it.” He says, and pushes me down so that I’m flat on my back, his knees on either side of my hips and his hands on either side of my head. I stare into his eyes, which have a softness that I didn’t see in the clinic.

“You felt something didn’t you?” He asks with a smile, stony eyes gleaming. I swallow thickly and try to ignore the pangs of want throbbing in my chest. “That’s the pills wearing off.”

Our breathing heavy and deep, it’s my turn to talk. “Was that your plan? To hold me hostage until the pills wore off?” I challenge him, and he smirks at me, his lips now mere inches above mine.

“A man’s not a man until his pills wear off…” He looks at me thoughtfully. “I’m doing you a favor.” He licks his lips, and takes the hem of my shirt in his fist, ripping it over my head, leaving my tanned chest gleaming in the darkening sky. His eyes look at me hungrily.

“What are you doing?” I ask, though all logical thought is being clouded with lust.

“Freeing the dragon.” He smirks, and all thought goes out the window. With a surge of strength, I push Draco off of me onto his back, and reassume his old position on top. The man beneath me looks vaguely surprised, but he doesn’t have long to retain the face because I’ve started attacking his lips.

I kiss him with a passion I’ve never felt before. His lips are soft and supple, and when his tongue snakes into my mouth it feels like it was made to be there. I bite his bottom lip hard in ecstasy, and when I grind my hips down into his for a split second, he groans into my mouth.

I rip his shirt off of him, running my hands over ever inch of uncovered pale skin all the way up his arms to his wrists, which I pin over his head while I start attacking his neck with hard bites and kisses, all the way to his collar bone. We’re both panting like animals at this point, but I couldn’t possibly care less.

“Shit-” he gasps, pressing his hips into mine, presenting me his already throbbing cock through yet another pair of thin pants. I take my hands off his wrists and he immediately puts one in my hair, and the other is running down my back, pushing me onto him.

He grabs me by the sides, hauling me into a sitting position without ever taking his lips off of mine.

Draco licks all the way down my neck and onto my collar bone, his cock pressing into me and mine prodding him in the stomach. I grind into him and he throws his head back in a loud moan, thrusting his hips up against me.

“Fuck…” I sigh, because it seems to be the only word in my vocabulary right now.

Within seconds of my moan he has his fingers in the waistband of my pants and is almost ripping them off, leaving me bare in his lap. I immediately climb off of him and pull his pants off of him, but the second they’re off he’s got me back on top of him, assaulting my lips and squeezing my ass.

My thighs are wrapped around his waist and every time I move my cock rubs against his stomach until I can’t take it anymore.

“I-I need you-” I gasp in his ear, and his mouth is immediately off of mine.

“If you want me, you’re going to need some preparation.” He whispers in my ear, not taking any more time and putting me down on my stomach, spreading me, and putting his tongue in my hole.

“Goddamn, Draco!” I gasp as he puts it as deep as it can go, working me loose. My hands pull at his once neat blonde hair, and he works his tongue in me until he has me writhing. But he doesn’t stop there. He puts two fingers in his mouth, covering them with saliva, and puts them in in place of his tongue. I moan, and he starts to talk.

“You’re going to look so fucking gorgeous with my cock inside you.” He pumps his fingers faster, earning himself a strangled gasp. He takes my head and turns it so that my eyes are on him while he finger fucks me. “You’ll be taking all eight inches whether you like it or not, baby.” I throw my head back in reply because he’s started curling his fingers and I can’t comprehend anything but the feeling. He smirks, grey eyes crinkling. “Good.” He says, taking his fingers out and leaving me with an empty feeling. “I need you to lube me.” I quirk an eyebrow, and he chuckles. “Suck me a bit. Just a little. I don’t know how long I would last in that mouth.” I blush but bring my mouth down to meet his glistening head all the same.

His cock is warm and full in my mouth and I try to take it as deep as it can go, getting it as wet as possible. All too soon he’s pulling it out.

“I-I can’t…” He pulls me on top of him again, but doesn’t have me sit. He looks me dead in the eye. “After I’m done with you, you’re not going to be able to sit comfortably for a week.” He growls the words into my ear and I moan. He takes that as the signal to start lowering me onto him.

Inch by inch he fills me, and it burns and hurts but it hurts so good that I don’t know whether to scream or moan. His girth is stretching me and I wrap my legs around his waist. After a bit of adjusting, Draco is in me all the way to the hilt, his tip brushing lightly against my prostate every time he moves. He puts his forehead against mine and kisses me when he starts thrusting; slowly at first. In the beginning it hurts, and he swallows my cries. But then it starts feeling good… suddenly, he isn’t going fast enough.

“Faster.” I gasp into his ear, and he has no problem fulfilling my request. My cock rubs against Draco’s stomach with every thrust, giving me more pleasure than I know what to do with. My nails scratch at his back roughy, surely leaving dozens of marks.

“Faster.” I say again, because I want more. So much more. “Harder.” And he goes harder, but still not hard enough. I pull his face down to meet mine, and look into his darkened stormy eyes. “Fuck me ask hard and fast as you can.” I say to him, and he grins.

“As you wish, Mr. Potter.” He says, before pulling out, putting me on my hands and knees, going back in, and fucking me so hard that he hits my prostate with every thrust.

“Draco!” I scream, his hips slapping my ass where they meet, and his hands pulling me by the hips to meet his frantic thrusts. I take myself in hand and jack myself off harder and faster than ever before because I’m so painfully hard that I don’t know what to do with myself. Soon, I can feel the coil tightening inside of me. “I-I’m going to-” is all I get out before I come the hardest I ever have, and he’s still fucking me as hard as ever.

Draco pulls me up so my back is against his chest and he takes my now soft cock in hand, moving his hand in time with his thrusts until I’m amazingly hard again, and he himself is grunting. But his orgasm comes with dirty talk.

“I’m so glad I got to fuck you open. I want to split you down the middle with my cock, and never stop fucking you. I got you hard again so I could suck you, feel all 7 inches of you, Harry. Fuck… Fuck!” He screams, riding out his orgasm inside me. The second he stops coming, he pulls out, moves down and gives me the most aggressive blowjob ever, which ends with my come all over his face.

“Scared, Potter?” He asks me, panting.

I give him a wry grin.

“You wish.”


“And so, in response to this new aggression, we are launching a new effort…”

City Lights

Pairing: Y O O N G I x R E A D E R

Genre: F L U F F & A N G S T

Word Count: 7.033

Summary: Min Yoongi is the one man in your life who you love unconditionally, despite having ended your relationship a month prior. It’s not until you spot him at a nightclub do you realize that maybe it wasn’t a great idea to go out after all.

Rating: PG-13

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Words: 4k

Genre: Fluff, Smut & a smidgen of angst

Originally posted by cutiepiebts

Hoseok is the sun.

He is blazing warmth, smiling eyes and glowing cheeks; the golden rays luminescent on his skin and you can’t stop your heartstrings tugging, a fast rhythm missing one beat when he turns to you, a face that lights up and speaks your name.

The world seemed to revolve around him, everything in creation built and made. He is the brightest star, holding the adoration of countless and the center of your shared group of friends. Friends.

That’s what you were to him.

Someone who he could depend on without needing to return a favour, someone who he could spill all secrets to and not worry about slips of the lips to strangers; someone who he could share with all the girls whom he was infatuation with. He looked at you like a friend and you couldn’t help your softened eyes and gaze that lingered, even when he already looked away.

Hoseok is the sun.

But you are the rain.  

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The Spirit of Steel

Being unemployed causes Nesta to make a couple of decisions in order to make sure that Elain is taken care of. A job search leads Nesta on a dangerous path. She has been running from a nightmare for years. And it has finally caught up to her.

Warning: This chapter contains violence.

Also tagging @cataclysmic-star so they get an update!

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

“What do you mean you’re taking a break from school?” Elain dropped the magazine she was reading into her lap. Currently she was sitting on Nesta’s bed as her older sister rifled through the stack of business books on the dresser.

“I need to focus on getting a job,” Nesta flicked through a large textbook before setting it in a pile to be sold to other business students. “Lots of students use a semester toward internships and finding steady employment.”

“But you already had an internship last summer,” Elain recalled. “And you only have one more semester until you graduate. Why stop now when you’re so close to getting your degree?”

“While everyone is busy with classes that leaves plenty of job opportunities for me to swoop in on,” Nesta said though she didn’t think it could be further from the truth. Finding good-paying positions in Prythian were rare if you didn’t have business connections. And Nesta personally didn’t have any she could call on. She refused to ask Feyre for a favor and see if Rhysand could hire her. It didn’t feel right to impose, especially after everything Feyre had done years ago to help their family when Nesta should have stepped in.

Still she couldn’t let Elain know how desperate of a situation Nesta was in. Without her restaurant job they wouldn’t be able to afford the rent within a matter of months. On top of that there was the daunting student loans that Nesta had been paying off in small increments.

“It’s perfectly normal for students to take a semester off,” Nesta began leafing through another book that she considered selling.

“Maybe, but the Nesta I know wouldn’t do that,” Elain cocked her head to the side still confused at her sister’s school decision.

The words agitated Nesta. Everybody acted like they thought they knew her and what was best for her. She was utterly tired of that kind of talk.

Nesta took a steadying breath. No need to get angry with Elain because she was trying to help. It was simply in her kind-hearted nature to be concerned.

Just like a certain person who Nesta still couldn’t find the courage to talk to right now. She could only hope Cassian wouldn’t take it personally. She cared for him. Deeply. But she didn’t want him to hold the weight of this heavy burden she had been carrying for years.  Nesta would have to deal with Tomas. This was her problem. Not Cassian’s.

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I recently got my liscence and I have driving anxiety,any advice to help me out? Thanks

Go for drives late at night when the streets are desolate.  Throw on some low volume tunes that help you feel relaxed and just drive around aimlessly practicing.  Do this as many nights as you need to until driving starts to feel more comfortable for you, and you become more confident in your skills.  Then start moving that time earlier and earlier into the night so that you’re slowly increasing the amount of other drivers on the road.  

When I first got my license I used to drive around all night solely just for the enjoyment.  What I didn’t realize was that doing this made me such a confident driver at such an early age!! I would even sometime take the highway over to the next town just to listen to my favourite new music or to think about the challenging perplexes of a teenage gal.   

The Vampire in the Room - Jimin Scenario [M]

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Pairing: Vampire!Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut (hide your eyes)
Word Count: 2,204
Summary: Attending your friend’s Halloween party led to a lot more than you had bargained for with this vampire staring at you all night…

A/N: So I wanted to write something for Halloween because it’s like my favorite holiday, but I really don’t know how this happened… Sorry if it’s not great it’s only my second completed smut. I hope you enjoy~

The night was cold—not unexpected considering it was the end of October—however, it felt almost unseasonably cold on this night in particular. The black winter coat held tightly against your shivering frame did little to shield you from the bitter gust of wind that attacked your near-bare legs. Yet you continued to walk down the desolate street, trying not to be too fashionably late in arriving at your friend’s Halloween party.

“390 East Blanch Street.” With quivering lips you repeated her address to yourself; eyes scanning for the house number down the road.

It seemed strange to you that there were no children dressed in costumes going door-to-door for candy, but you brushed it off at the thought of it being near midnight now. Your phone’s computer voice echoed telling you to, “turn left at the next block.” Before you knew it, your eyes met with a house flashing of lights and decorations with all sorts of people crowded around.

“Y/n! I’m so glad you could make it. Please, let me take your coat and see your costume,” your friend cooed as she tugged at the hem of your jacket.

Slipping out of the silky fabric revealed a skin-tight black dress with skeletal print across it; matching your face makeup perfectly. The lace of your thigh-highs underneath led to some black heels that accentuated your calves perfectly. A few whistles from the girl in front of you caused a blush to tint your cheeks before your shoved her shoulder in a joking matter.

“Well, go have fun! We have food, drinks, cute guys, all you could ever dream of for a good Halloween night.”

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The Nook (Tom Holland x Reader)

Prompt : Could you do an imagine where the reader meets Tom on the street and she’s just a fan but it’s something like love at first sight and he asks her out? Thank u

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The streets are desolate like usual on a Sunday morning. You’re heading to your usual writing spot in London, The Nook. The Nook is a little coffee shop found on the corner of Leytonstone Road and Forest. Cozy couches covered with blankets and throw pillows on bench chairs, a chalkboard menu, and free wifi; your little heaven. With your laptop in your hand, you stroll down the empty street towards the coffee house.

You are stirred from your daydreams by a sweet sounding chuckle followed by a, “oh my god, actually shut up.” You giggled as you turned the corner, the giggle dying in your throat. Tom Holland, as in THE Tom Holland was walking your way with his friend, Harrison. You follow the both of them on all the social media platforms they have (following them with both your personal and fan accounts). Your abrupt stop caused Harrison to look at you strangely as you stared at his beautiful best friend. Tom couldn’t help but blush as he looked at you as well.

Once you realized what you were doing, you quickly looked the other way hoping he would forget all about you checking him out and allow you to continue your stroll down the street The Nook. “Hey,” Tom says. You try to walk past him with your head down but he repeats it again. “Hey!”

You turn to look at him briefly to find him gazing at you. With a small smile, you wave your hand awkwardly and turn into the cafe. Taking your usual seat in the window, you raise your finger towards the barista, who you now know as Cara, and she nods towards you. Pulling your computer out of your bag, you don’t see who walks past the window and into the coffee shop until you look up. Tom was standing at the other side of the table with his hands in his pockets and a cute look on his face.

“Uhm, hello. I’m Tom,” he introduces himself. “Oh, and this is Harrison,” he adds as an afterthought. “Hey, I’m (Y/N). Do you happen to want to sit down?” you ask him with a surprisingly calm voice. He nods and sits across from you while Harrison grabs a chair from the empty table next to you. Cara comes over with your drink and asks the boys what they’d be drinking today.

The day goes on and yours and Tom’s phones, both lying on the table, have buzzed multiple times. You both chose to ignore them. Harrison had left for a ‘hairdressers appointment’ but you could tell by his multitude of excuses for why he wouldn’t be coming back that he was trying to leave you there with Tom. You’re conversations had little lulls in between them, but none of which felt uncomfortable. “So,” Tom addresses you hours later, “I’ve really enjoyed this.” “As have I,” you respond sweetly. “Could I get your number? For future conversations and maybe, uh… maybe a date in the near future?” He asks you hesitantly. A Cheshire cat grin spreads on your face as you nod and gesture towards his phone. He grins back at you before unlocking his phone and handing it over to you. You input your number with a little coffee cup and heart emoji before handing it back over. He smiles, stands up, and offers you his hand. You take it so he can pull you away from the table and put your coat on. He places a twenty-pound note on the table, takes your hand in his once again, and you both walk out into the frosty air together.

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A scenario with Neji and his Uchiha S/o, but the s/o is sasuke's younger sister. And he is convincing her to stay in the lead village with him because she is going to look for him after 2 years. (Shippuden)

I have to be honest I love this request. It was fun writing this piece so I hope you like it just as much. Thank you for the request!

Neji stopping his S/O from leaving

The darkness of the night helped shadow your descend from your apartment window. You adjusted the pack you were carrying on your back as you strode ahead on the desolate streets. Everyone in Konoha was asleep at this time of night and not a sound could be heard.

The stars shining and the street lamp’s dim glow lighted your path in front of you. You knew this was a bold move, but you couldn’t sit around and wait any longer. You had to leave Konoha.

You stuck to the shadows of the streets and stayed as silent as possible. You didn’t want to draw attention or wake any of the surrounding houses. You didn’t want to be stopped. You didn’t want to second guess. You wanted to go.

“Where you off to?”

You stopped mid-step, recognizing that cool sounding voice. How did he know?

You turned around to face Neji who stood on the opposite side of the street from you. His eyes pinned you to your spot as he analyzed your features. He knew exactly what you were up to. You unconsciously gulped. This was one of the reasons why you wanted to leave under the cover of night fall.

You didn’t want to look him in the eye and tell him goodbye.

“I’m leaving,” you stated factually, your eyes holding Neji’s firmly.

“Is that so?” Neji questioned, his voice tight.

“It’s been 2 years. Everyday my brother gets closer to having that snake, Orochimaru, take his body. I can’t stand by and let that happen!” You spoke adamantly.

“You couldn’t talk Sasuke out of leaving when he had left. What makes you think he will listen to you now to come home?” Neji quipped without amusement.

You gritted your teeth, anger filling you. It was true, you had tried to reason with Sasuke before. You tried to get him to see logic. You saw how hate boiled within his being for your older brother, Itachi.

Itachi, the once caring and kind older brother you knew of, had destroyed the life you had once called your home. You had been young at the time, but you could still remember the day when you had came home to the compound where your family laid slaughtered from the night before.

It had scarred you, but it scarred your brother, Sasuke, even more as he had been screaming Itachi’s name. Sasuke claimed Itachi had massacred the clan for the sake of testing his own strength. Grief and hurt consumed you since you were a little kid and the hate that Sasuke held only grew stronger the older you two got.

Sasuke’s hate drew him to pursue power in order to kill your oldest brother, Itachi, which is why Sasuke left. Sasuke sought power from Orochimaru, but you knew Orochimaru was only after the possession of your brother’s body. You couldn’t let that happen.

“I can’t sit by and do nothing. I need to try,” you whispered, urgently.

Neji stepped forward towards you, pausing to collect his thoughts.

“We all tried. Naruto is still willing to save your brother. If you leave tonight, nothing good will come of it. You’ll be considered a rogue ninja like your brother and a search party will be sent after you,” Neji spoke rationally, coming to stop in front of you.

“And I will give my all to find you and bring you back home” Neji declared, his gaze intensely staring into yours.

Your narrowed eyes faltered at Neji’s words. Your eyes trailing down, looking beyond Neji’s shirt back to the time when your brother, Sasuke, left the village. You knew underneath Neji’s shirt by his left shoulder was a scar. A wound that had almost pierced him so close to the heart. He almost gave his life to save your brother.

You couldn’t have him do the same to save you, to go rescue you. You didn’t want to hurt him. Tears stung your eyes thinking back to the time when you thought you had not only lost your brother but Neji as well. Looking back up into Neji’s eyes, his eyes had softened but his features were still firm.

You knew he wasn’t going to let you go. You leaned forward into Neji’s arms, your face sinking into his chest as tears fell onto his shirt. Neji placed his arms around you, holding you warmly as he let you get your emotions out.  

“I don’t want to lose anyone else,” You muttered into Neji’s chest.

He padded your back in understanding.

“Your brother is on a dark path right now, if anyone can bring him back to the light it will be Naruto. Have faith,” Neji mentioned faintly, his voice full of solace.

You numbly nodded into Neji’s chest, sniffling. Your tears had stopped falling from your eyes as you breathed in Neji’s familiar scent. His scent calming you and making you feel content.

“I’ll walk you home,” Neji offered.

You frowned a bit, but you agreed none the less. It was your best option for now. Neji was right. You couldn’t stop your brother from abandoning the village. Sasuke left with his own ambitions and goals in mind. It hadn’t matter what you had said to him back then and you doubt what you said to him now would matter. You only hope your brother would escape Orochimaru’s hands soon.

Student Council Prez [14.5]

Back to Episode 14
Words: 1136

The streets are desolate except for the lamp posts’ glow cascading down at the sidewalks, making your shadow come alive and the crescent moon, trickling it’s own milky light behind the dawdling clouds. Every soft exhale that escapes your lips creates a cold puff of air and you dig your nose deeper into your coat, scrunching your shoulders up to try to conserve heat as you kick the pebbles underneath your feet.

Thankfully it’s not snowing but you can’t feel your cheeks or your frost bitten fingers, desperately looking for warmth in your pockets. You look down the streets of the four way intersection, wondering where he is but then you’re pleasantly surprised when you see him running.

Min Yoongi running for you - now that’s a sight you won’t ever get tired of seeing.

Your lips upturn into a smile before you quickly press them together, purposely turning away and scoffing when he gets close enough to hear. “About time you came. I thought you were going to leave me out here to die.”

“Sorry.” He huffs out tiredly, lungs on fire and you look at him, feeling guilty for pretending to be mad.

It was already Christmas break and you were leaving to your aunt’s to celebrate, your uncle joining you for the first time. You were excited for the family to be rejoined again but you couldn’t help but feel blue about not spending it with Yoongi and leaving him behind.

Your aunt would be mortified if you brought a boy along; perhaps one day in a few years but that was still too far away to think about. If you brought someone home officially to her, it would be to ask for a marriage blessing and the thought made you too flustered.

Thus, the night before you were going to leave, Yoongi had asked you to meet at the four-way street, exactly at the halfway point of his house and yours.

“Are you leaving soon?” He mumbles.

“In the morning.” You reply quietly, the both of you aimlessly walking down the street together.

When your hand accidentally grazes his, he grabs it and twines his fingers through yours. You whirl your head to him but he’s looking away with a repressed smile, staring at the night sky. “It’s pretty out.” He remarks, trying to sound casual.

“Yoongi.” You laugh. “There are literally no stars out. It’s all covered in clouds.”  

“Uh huh.” He nods with thought, more and more of his smile slipping through. You notice his ears turning red and you giggle quietly beside him. “Your hands are freaking cold.” He says with a frown as he shakes your held hands.

“It’s because you made me wait too long.” You chime out in a light voice, playfully teasing him.

He doesn’t respond, just shuffling in his other pocket for a moment before he pulls out a pair of knitted mittens and stops in his tracks. “What are you doing?” You ask as he holds up your hands and slides them into the toasty warmth.

“I didn’t have a bag to wrap them in and it’s not like I know how to gift wrap anyways.” He mumbles, barely enough for you to understand. “Last time on our retreat, you had holes in yours.” They’re red and simple mittens, a little too large as your fingertips don’t reach all the way up but incredibly warm and you feel something hit inside chest. “There. Is it warm?”

“Of course it’s warm. But what about you?”

“I’ll just hold your hand.” He muses, continuing to walk with his hand in yours. He turns to look at you when you’ve gone quiet and he breaks out in laughter. “Are you crying right now, Y/N?”

“No I’m not!” You stammer out, looking away. You’re not crying but more so tearing up, feeling incredibly emotional from his simple gesture.

Maybe it’s because the holiday season made the both of you too busy and your sadness for not spending it with him accumulated. Maybe it’s because you always thought he was heartless and held so many prejudices against him. But at this moment you saw him as such a sweet boy whom you used to hate so deeply and you never wanted to punch your past self so hard in the face before.

“I didn’t get you anything.” You mumble. “There wasn’t enough time and I didn’t know what to get you and….”

Yoongi chuckles. “Is that why you’re crying?”

“I said I’m not crying!”

Yoongi suddenly grabs you in an embrace, squishing your jacket on top of his and muffling your face in the cold fabric. You flail your arms for a second and he nearly falters from your immense strength. It requires everything and more from Yoongi to keep you still. “I don’t need anything from you.”

Just when you freeze, ready to melt from his words, he adds on- “You’re already my slave by contract and my girlfriend from your own will. It’s a little insane on your part but that’s all that I can ask for.”

You finally push him away as he laughs again. You huff out at him angrily as you stomp away. “Merry Christmas Yoongi!” You spit the sweet words sourly from your tongue. You shove your hand out, pointing at him through your new gloves. “And I love your Christmas gift! I’m going to wear it until I die!”

Yoongi almost falls to the ground in laughter at the contradictions in your words and your tone; sounding like you’re going to murder someone and speaking so angrily yet thanking him at the same time.

He watches as you leave, hands dug in his pocket and a smile on his lips.

The farther you walk, the less provoked you become, especially with the red gloves on your hands, his gift to you. You don’t know why but it seems like it’s only Yoongi who can get so easily get under your skin. One moment, he’s making you act crazily head over heels and the next, you want to insanely rip off his head.

No matter what, he’s always making you lose your mind.

Yoongi is suddenly tugged by the hood of his jacket, spun around and in less of a second, your lips are pressed against his for a long moment. He smiles in the kiss before you pull away with your cheeks heating up. “That’s my Christmas gift to you. Bye asshole.”

He grins watching you run off frantically like an idiot, nearly slipping on the ice. He whispers something under his breath that is head by no one except for him and the cold puff of air that leaves his lips; sweet three words that you’d finally hear much later on and perhaps someday else when you truly are his.

Driving Baby

Characters: Sam, Dean, and Reader

Words: 583

Warnings: none

A/N: This is my entry for @nothin-after-79 Jamie Hit 1K Writing Challenge. My prompt was “Never had one lesson” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Hope you like this!

Driving Baby

Everything happened so fast. You were supposed to steal some weird artifact from a house where tons of demons were hiding. It was impossible for the three of you to exorcise all of them or kill them with the knife. A demon’s trap was out of the question, there wasn’t enough time to draw one. Dean told you and Sam to leave the place and get Baby while he created a diversion. He threw the keys at you, and you were supposed to give it to Sam, but both of you kept running until you got to the Impala and you climbed on the driver’s side and Sam was sitting shotgun.

“Oh God, no,” you panicked looking at Sam, “We have to switch seats!”

“No time for that, you’ll have to drive, Y/N,” he stated

“What? Dean will kill us, and I don’t know how to drive!”

“Just relax, you’ve been doing great in our lessons, so drive, now!”

“Shit!” you whispered and started the car.

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Treat you better H.S.

Harry Styles.

I ferociously wipe at my dripping eyes, tears flowing freely over my cheeks. I push past the busy people in the streets, some of them turning their heads as they see a devastated young female fast walk along the pavement of the gloomy city. 

I don’t know why I ever thought he would be different. Sometimes I was as naive as in my early teen years and I was completely embarrassed with myself. Harry was right. He had been a bad decision and Harry being my best friend, had warned me in the very beginning, after our second date. 

Only three more streets. Three more and I could decide if I wanted to bother Harry with my never ending problems and drama. Or I’d leave him be, at peace, and retreat to the opposite side of the street into my own flat. 

When I reach the end of the second street I seemingly had already decided, buying two large coffees - one with extra sugar and cream, how Harry liked it - and set a faster pace. 

My tears seem to have resided for now and I’m thankful as I cross one of the more among tourists popular intersect to disappear into the small, desolated street. 

Disbelief and a hunch of anger pushes me through, Harry’s door becoming larger and larger before I stop in front of the black wood. My fingers curl into a fist, the knuckles slowly tapping a low rhythm on his door. 

“Coming!” I hear his deep voice resonate on the other side of the door. It is followed by his loud footsteps before I hear the jingle of keys. 

“Y/n?” He just whispers. His gaze flicks from my face to my attire back upwards. “What happened?”

“You were completely right.” I groan, feeling the tears build up slowly. “As you always are.” I cast my gaze down, biting my lip to refrain myself from crying. 

Harry steps to the side, allowing me in and I hand him his coffee before I bolt towards the kitchen for a tissue. 

“Thank you for the coffee, babe. And what happened?” Harry is tentative about gathering information. I wouldn’t blame him either. 

“That Sharon girl, of course. And then he well - freaked out about you again.” I shrug my shoulders as I bring my coffee to my lips. I promised myself I would never tell Harry about the arguments my boyfriend and I used to have about him. About how he thought we spent too much time together. How he didn’t enjoy me valuing Harry’s opinion over his. Or the. way I’d smile whenever I saw his name appear on the screen of my expensive smartphone.

“About me? I didn’t know you argued about me.” Harry counters, raising an eyebrow as he takes a few steps closer. I had never brought it up with him, because at first I thought my boyfriend was just jealous of the friendship Harry and I had built over the years. Later every fight about us escalated until he claimed Harry had feelings for me. 

“Argue, that’s the understatement of the year. He’d completely freak out if your name was mentioned – and not even by me. I mean, come on I understand a bit of jealousy when difference in sex is involved but this takes the cake. He loved fighting about you, Harry.” I roll my eyes as I think back of all our arguments that started with me informing him that I was popping by Harry’s later.  

“Y/n why didn’t you tell me, we could’ve met up less…” Harry trails off, his hand awkwardly threading through his unruly hair. Yes. I could’ve offered him that deal. But that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted no contact at all, completely banning Harry from my and his life. He wanted him to be the only male in my life and I wasn’t going to give up something so great because of the megalomania of my schizoid boyfriend.

“I didn’t want to. And he shouldn’t even try to make me.” I feel my tears build up, waiting for me to blink so they can spill over. Harry steps closer and engulfs me in a warm, loving embrace. “I’m sorry I got you in trouble.”

I feel my tears stain his shirt as I shake my head against his warm body. 

“It’s not your fault. You warned me.” I try to push at his chest, but he keeps me close. 

“I know I can treat you better than he can.” Harry breathes, pressing his lips against the top of my head. I still my movements, my fingertips gently digging into Harry’s waistline. 

I don’t know how to respond. Now that I come to think of it, it’s as close to the truth as I’ve heard in months. I’ve dated my fair share of males and it always ended with my face pressed into Harry’s toned chest. I’d stain his shirt and he’d whisper soothing words into my ear. 

“Harry I-” I start, but Harry quickly cuts off my monologue. “Can you at least give me a chance? I can’t see you date dweep after dweep when I can pick up the shards. A girl like you deserves better than this.” He steps away from me, turning around to pace. 

I wipe my hands along my eyes to rid myself off access tears. As I feel the smile crawl on to my lips, I do nothing to stop it.  I’ve had a tiny crush on Harry when we first met, and I have to admit it never truly went away. I also believed I would never get my shot with someone like Harry. I’ve honestly always believed he was too handsome and overall gentle for someone like me. 

“Maybe you’re right.“ I mumble, taking a step to my pacing best friend. He stops in his tracks and his gaze finds mine. "What?”

“I think you heard me. You’re right. I’m wasting my time when I maybe can have something better.”

“You most certainly can.” Harry’s eyes widen as he rushes over to me, cupping my neck but making no move whatsoever. 

I lose myself in his sparkling eyes, tearing my gaze away only to glance at his lips. 

He notices my movement and he licks his bottom lip before he leans in and softly presses his lips to mine. A low whine leaves my lips as I feel his soft, plump lips move against mine. 

“So, are you going to let me take you on a date?” Harry mumbles against my lips before his cheeks curl up because of the large grin. 

I answer him by returning my lips to his. 

flesh and bones (m)

pairing: taehyung + reader
genre: nothing for now
plot: it’s been years since the start of the outbreak and you’ve managed to make it this far on your own but how long could you last by yourself?
word count: 8.8k
warning(s): mentions of blood and death, swearing, very slight sexual content

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