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Garbage-ass neighbor again

My jerkwad neighbor who loves parking in my driveway parked there again this winter. He apparently didn’t learn. We had several snow storms this winter and there were advisories to not park your car in the street, for plowing purposes. Of course shit nugget still doesn’t want to pay $270 for a parking pass, where he lives. My parents were visiting, so all of our cars were in my driveway. We were having dinner, and here it is in the middle of the fucking night he doesn’t call-first, nor does he ring on the door bell. He bangs on the door [not knock, there’s a difference] interrupting dinner with my family. I ask what his problem is

“I can’t park on the street, let me park in your driveway.”

Ex-fucking-cuse me?? No “May I?” let alone a “please?” I, politely said “No, you can’t” and especially since my driveway was full and it’s MY FUCKING DRIVEWAY, I’m not going to move my parents’ cars nor mine just for him to park. He left and went to demand parking in other neighbors’ driveways. They too-know he’s a piece of shit and are long fed up with him as well, so they said no.

He comes back later after hearing him swear up and down the block. He knocks again and I tell him that he can park if he gave me $60 bucks; I wager that’s the price if he wants to take my time out from having dinner with my family to move all the cars out of my driveway and have him at the end of the driveway [so he wouldn’t be blocking us in]. He starts cursing and walks away. I didn’t care; finished dinner with my family.

The next day came about and it’s when the advisory is in effect. My parents took my dad’s car and they went to get groceries, only to come back and find that asshole parked in the driveway, AGAIN! Okay. Now you wanna play? I tried calling a truck, but they were in a delay what with getting people out of their cars and the tow-truck companies are fully booked during the winter, so I wasn’t going to wait hours. I didn’t ring his doorbell or anything because I knew his response [he pretends to not be home when it’s times to alert him of his shitdickness].

Having some warm cider in my living room, I see him leave with a friend and they go out, but he rides with his friend and leaves his car in my driveway. Lightbulbs turned on. My driveway is mostly flat, thankfully, so my dad and I jacked the rear end if his car and pivoted it out of the way, and there was barely enough to wiggle my dad’s car back into the driveway. But we got it out of the way enough that we could get cars in and out of the driveway with careful maneuvering. Now he’s still gone, and so I took the jack back under his car, and jacked the car up right on its catalytic converter. Its bent and has left a slight opening in the exhaust-work.

Also left a scratch at the bases of his door, have fun with rust, in some time. It’s pretty freaking cold out and I had brought in my garden hose for the winter, but I hooked it up to my basement sink and set it on mist and thoroughly showered his car with water, giving it a decent coating of ice over the door handles, on the windshield, and windows.

The snow gets heavy and we haven’t noticed him return yet [we figure he would return because he’d have to be flumoxed about his car being covered in ice]. We got an idea, though. The snow stopped a bit and we began some shoveling and packed mounds of snow around his car, thus making it inaccessible.

He returns and asks what happened to his car. I ask him why he parked where people shovel snow into piles. He knew damn well he parked there, but it was fun watching him take an entire day trying to melt the ice and free his car. He said he was going to call the cops, and so I told him to, he didn’t since he probably knew he would get fined and I can charge him with trespassing. Dumbass also thought it was a good idea to try and melt ice with hot water; cracked his windshield. Have fun with rust and an exhaust leak. Try it again. Play stupid ass games, win fucking stupid-ass prizes.

TL;DR Neighbor still parked in my driveway and interrupted dinner with my family, so I iced him in and left him some surprises with his car.

Street racing!UT AU characters designs

Now a short(cough) info about each one of them:

Sans: A 22yyear old mechanic and hobby racer, his personal car is a black and white ‘67 Ford Mustang. He’s the one who fixes his car and his brother’s, never giving a shit  to other racers critiques. Loves to use simple clothing, easy to wear and maintain, the only pieces of wear he takes good care of is his jacket(Papy’s present), his glasses and his gloves.
As I said before, Sans left eye gives him the ability to see into the next 10 minutes of his future, but this visions aren’t always definitive, they can show him several results of what might happen and its always flashes of people, places and events, sometimes even colors or sounds. Sans is half blind from his left eye, a consequence of the accident.
After their parents death, Sans and Papyrus were taken in by a family’s old friend, Grillby, and grew up watching street racers driving by the restaurant.

Papyrus: 18/19 years old young racer, wishes to be a police officer, his ride is a red '06 Nissan 350Z.
Papyrus normally uses his racer uniform and a cap left by his mother(who was a mechanic of pro racing), but underneath that uniform he wears a white and red t-shirt. The sneakers were a present from Sans, who saw the shoes on a shop during a race.
When stressed out or in danger, Papyrus right eye activates and gives him the ability of making his body faster than others, being able to process more rapidally the next 5 minutes. This way he can even dodge an accident in the middle of the road(for example, drifting away from the place, which is something that only Sans is able to do)

Frisk: Non-binary, 15/16 year old kid, with no memories of how they got in the middle of the road, meeting Sans in the process. The only thing they remenber is blood, flashlights, screams and tires screaching.
Soon Frisk became Sans protegé, apprentice and family member; slowly showing signs of a great love of video recording, affinity to fix machines and great reflexes.

Mettaton X: He says he’s 20 years old, but no one knows how really old is this strange but fabulous robot, built by Alphys to be able to drive the fastest car ever built. His ride could only be the most expensive that ever existed: a Pink Convertible Ferrari F50 '95.
Mettaton not only is a street racer, ready to show off his magnificent ride and huge ability for speeding, but also the most famous pro racer ever known, this is, almost beating the Legendary Wingdings. Mettaton’s dream to beat this racer and become the world’s best.

StreetCar Racing AU, art, designs © mine
Undertale © Toby Fox

P.S: Because i dont know SHIT about race cars and muscle cars, i went searching on the internet what kind of cars they used on “the fast and furious”, “the fast and furious: Tokyo drift” and “inicial D”, saw what kinds mirrored perfectly each UT character and worked from there. Also, Mettaton’s car was taken from an actual Ferrari legit model that my dad has on his workplace(exept his is red, not pink).

Harry Smut// Officer H

shavon24lo asked: “Can you do an anonymous part 2? and y/n could go back home to her husband and he’d see the marks that Harry left and they get into a fight and she goes back to Harry? Or something like that idk. thanks”

A/N: I was very excited to write this xx

Part 1 || Masterlist

You closed your car door before speeding out of your own driveway and onto the main streets of London. You left the hotel the next morning while the man, whom still didn’t have a name, laid asleep in the hotel bed. He left a note on your phone with his number and address, leaving you to enter it yourself. You entered it as Anonymous. As much as you wanted to stay with him, you still had a home and boyfriend to address to. It wasn’t until you saw him again. As mad as you were about him not showing up, you remembered the marks the man at the hotel left.

The five marks were faint, but obvious when they were finally noticed by your boyfriend. Both of you were irate over two different topics that could have been solved if he would have shown up. He went to blow off some steam around noon, but you stayed at home. You knew it was over; there was no more hope for either of you.

Four years had gone to waste over one night, but it was a night you didn’t regret. Not even a part of you wanted to take it back. You replayed multiple times in your mind.

You punched in his address into your GPS. You didn’t have a place to go anymore, and you wanted, needed to see him again. You turned the corner and drove down to a flat complex at the end of the road. You parked on the street before looking on your phone for the flat number.

“10th floor, unit 4,” you mumbled to yourself.

You sighed before exiting your car. The cold brisk air finally hit you. You walked into the building, feeling out of place. You found your way to the elevator and opened it. You rode up alone to the tenth floor, fidgeting with your hands. You wondered if he would turn you down now. Maybe he thought a one night stand, but he still gave you his number and address. Did he expect you to come? Did you seem desperate coming back to him the following night?

Your thoughts vanished when the ding of the elevator sung on the tenth floor. You walked to the fourth unit, knocking on the door. The hollow knock sounded through the hallway. 

No one answered. 

You tried again and knocked for the second time. You shook your head before heading back to the elevator. You pressed the down button and waited for it to arrive. 

It opened and revealed him.

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Secretly Married/The Crew Finds Out

Secretly married Gavin and Ryan. Like they met when Gavin just started and Ryan tracked him down cause Gavin wasn’t good at hiding his tracks. Then they meet and Ryan just can’t kill him. After all Gavin was only digging into Ryan’s files b/c he had a big criminal crush.

They start dating after meeting up a couple times after that for business and end up getting married in Vegas 2 years after that. (Last minute/drunk decision)

They’ve been married for a bit when Gavin gets a job with FAHC and ends up staying in the crew. Ryan still only does mercenary work b/c he’s had bad luck when working with crews.

Gavin is in Fake AH Crew for like 8 months and then they get interested in Ryan b/c he killed one of Geoff’s biggest competition and they want him to be part of the crew. Gavin stays quite about it until he comes home to Ryan and tells him about it.

Ryan is a little cautious but he ultimately takes the job because hey, he can keep an eye out for his clumsy husband. They both decided that it’s best that they keep their relationship secret no matter how much Gavin tries to convince Ryan that they are trustworthy. Ryan doesn’t want to risk it and give them a weakness, Gavin at that.

Gavin leaves the next morning reluctantly. Sometime it’s really hard to leave Ryan in the early morning. Especially when he’s shirtless and all cuddled up in the warm duvet.

Gavin gets to the penthouse later that morning and Geoff is already celebrating that he got THE Vagabond to join FAHC and it didn’t take a lot of convincing. The rest of the crew were conspicuous because he is known for killing people who wrong him or even have a different opinion from him. (Meanwhile Gavin is laughing a little bit because Ryan is just a big teddy bear who still has to cut the crust off his sandwiches)

About noon Gavin texts Ry to make an entrance. And right after he sent it, there’s a knock on the penthouse door.

Geoff flies to the door and in walks his gorgeous husband. (Well rn maybe gorgeous isn’t the word to use b/c he’s got his face paint and freaky mask on)

Everyone sees him and gets all defensive and Ray keeps his hand on his minigun and jack stops making dinner but keeps his knife at hand. Michael pauses the video game he was playing and sits up straight. Gavin stays slouched on the couch but looks over at his hubby.

“Welcome to the crew.” Geoff says a little to happy. Ryan keeps up his creepy persona and doesn’t say a word.
Ryan’s been in the crew for about 2 months now and blends in quite nicely. Ray and Ryan or the R&R Connection are the best combo (besides Gavin and Ryan but they don’t know that). Plus Ryan kind of warmed up to Ray more than anyone else because Ray doesn’t pester Ryan to talk like everyone else. Plus no one has suspecting anything about Gavin and Ryan’s relationship because they leave their affections for when they get home and don’t make contact at work. (Except that one time when they escaped into the bathroom together for a quick make out. But no one noticed Gavin coming out flushed) Also like cmon, no one would think for a moment that Gavin, the annoying squawking Gavin, would be married to THE Vagabond, the guys who doesn’t talk and would murder anything that moves. Honestly, the guys have been worried about leaving Gavin alone with the vagabond for too long because he might kill Gav for being too annoying.

But anyways the crew has been planning a new heist and this one is going to be big. The press will be talking about it for months if all goes right in the confusing plan.

“Ryan and Michael go in and clear it and then Gavin you go in and open the safe. Then get the money and get out. Rays sniping, Jacks the get away and I’ll be outside the bank shooting down the cops. Got it?” Geoff explains.

Everyone nods and disperses out to get supplies. They’ve been planning the heist for at least two weeks and went over final plans before hitting the bank later that night.

Gavin and Ryan have a tradition before every big heist they’ve gone on. They inconspicuously separate from the rest of the crew and into a bedroom or bathroom to talk and say their (hopefully short) goodbyes.

“It’s going to be okay Ry, I know your worried about me being front line but I’m going to be fine. You’ve got my back.” Gavin persists.

“Damn right I do.” Ryan grumbles.

“I love you. Please stay alive for me so you can kill more people for me.”

“Always. I love you. Stay safe baby.” Ryan whispers back before pecking Gavin’s lips.

Ryan leaves the room after that to find Michael and grab weapons before heading out. Gavin figures out all the tech equipment he needs and also gets in his car and heads out into position by the bank.

After about 30 minutes, Geoff talks into the earpiece.

“Everyone ready?” Geoff asks and gets “yes” in response.

“LETS HEIST.” Ray screams through the coms. The security officers in the bank are scoped down by the puerto rican and gives the all clear.

Ryan and Michael storm into the bank with their guns shooting up.


As Michael takes care of the civilians, Ryan goes towards the vault and kills the security near the safe.

Gavin runs into the bank after getting the all clear from Michael and goes towards the vault where Ryan is and starts working his magic. He’s typing feverishly into his tablet and hooks it up with the security pad on the safe through a cord.

“Hurry guys, cops coming in 1 minute.” Ray quickly says. This is what made this particular heist dangerous. The police department was only 3 blocks away which made it easier for them to stop the heist.

“Got it.” Gavin responds and the safe clicks open.

Ryan and Michael storm in and start filling their duffel bags with money. They were stuffing their bags for 30 seconds and Geoff demands for them to get their asses moving and get out.

They make a run for the back door and get outside. There are faint gunshots near the front where Geoff and Ray are.

“Alright we are out.” Gavin says over the coms.

“Coming.” Jack says in response. Within a second Jack is pulled up next to the boys and they don’t hesitate before jumping in.

The plan involves them splitting up after a block or two and getting into different cars so it gets easier to escape the cops.

“I’m ditching.” Geoff says almost breathlessly.

“Okay. Leaving now.” Ray says to the rest of the crew.

Jack, Michael, Ryan, and Gavin are quickly fleeing the scene. From the back Gavin and Ryan check over each other to make sure neither are injured and/or bleeding. But their checkovers are cut short as jack quickly stops the car for them to get out. There are 3 cars waiting in the street for them to get in and make a get away.

The 3 crew members barely have time to reach their cars before cops are shooting down the streets towards them.

“Shit.” Michael mutters while getting in his car and speeding away down the street before turning right. Jack races right behind him.

Gavin and Ryan are now both in their assigned cars and racing down the street with gunshots whizzing by their cars. Ryan remains down the long street while Gavin has to take a right. They split up and the cop cars behind them do too.

Now it’s a breeze, or so they thought. It was about 30 minutes after when Michael and Jack inform that they are in the clear and are heading towards their safe house for the next night or two. But Gavin and Ryan are both racing against the cops on the highway trying to lose them.

Ryan has one last cop car on his ass and then he can head home. Ryan fires out his window with his pistol and eventually hits the cop car and it is forced to spiral out of control and into the highway rails.

Ryan is on his way to his safe house when he hears,

“Shit, fuck, shit.” And a crash.

“Gavin? What the fuck?! Gavin?”

“GAVIN?” Michael practically screams over the coms.

Ryan freezes and his instincts are automatic. Get to Gavin.

He knows what highway Gavin was driving down and gets there in five minutes while the rest of the crew were screaming at each other trying to reach Gavin.

Ryan’s heart dropped when he got to the scene. Gavin’s red sports car was flipped upside down with cops surrounding it. Ryan quickly gets out of the car.

He isn’t known as the Vagabond for nothing. He is known for being ruthless and murdering dozens at one time.

But this, this is different. The vagabond blazes through the cops surrounding the red car. He kills one after another and dodges fists and bullets and keeps going until every last cop on the scene is dead. Faintly he heard the rest of the crew pull up behind him when he was almost done killing all the cops.

When the last officer drops, Ryan just stops. He stares at the red car without moving. There was no movement in or around the car. This is it. Theres nothing for Ryan anymore.

“Gavin.” Michael says breathlessly while running past Ryan to reach into the red car.

Michael pulls open the drivers side door and jack is already there helping Michael pull Gavin’s body out of the car.

Ryan slowly walks towards his crew mates and toward his husband. It’s when he sees Gavin’s body when he starts crying.

He was bloody with cuts in his face and blood coming out. Too much blood.

“C'mon we have to get him out of here.” Geoff demands quickly and Michael and jack work together to carry Gavin into the back seat of Geoff’s car.

“LETS GO RYAN.” That snaps Ryan out of it and he rushes over to the backseat next to Gavin’s body. They all climb in and Geoff starts the car and drives away from the bloody scene.

“Why, why, why?” The crew is silently shocked. They hear a sobbing voice and turn to see THE Vagabond crying and pleading. They have never heard him talk before let alone show any emotion.

“Please. C'mon Gav. Wake up. Please. I love you.” Ryan whispers to the barely breathing body. “Please.” And he just breaks down sobbing. It’s too much. He will have no one now. Gavin was the only thing keeping him sane. And now he’s going to die.

While Ryan was pleading to Gavin, Ray called Trevor to the safe house and told him to get ready because Gavin’s in bad shape. By the time they reach the house, Ryan is covered in Gavin’s blood and is staring at his body with empty eyes.

Geoff and Jack take Gavin’s body out of the backseat and carry him in. They disappear into the house with Michael behind them but Ryan and Ray stay sat in the car.

One broken man and one worried friend.

“I can’t lose him. He’s all I have.” Ryan whispers, almost to himself but Ray can hear.

“He’s going to be fine. He’s strong.” Ray tells him back and leaves the car and into the safe house.

Ryan stays in the car for maybe 20 minutes just staring out the window before he works up the courage to go in.

Trevor and Jack are working together to sew Gavin’s wounds when Ryan walks in. Instead of his happy smiling boy, he sees a pale body attached to an IV and blood seeping from his body.

Once Trevor and Jack clear out and explain how they’ve done all they can do and it’s a waiting game now, Ryan pulls up a chair and sits right next to Gavin on the now bloodied couch.

He spends the next 8 hours sitting there and holding Gavin’s hand and only leaving to use the bathroom once. They rest of the crew didn’t even bother to interfere because they knew he wouldn’t budge. They were just observing him because this was all new to them and a little scary that he was worried THIS much for reasons they don’t know.

After the 8 hours Gavin starts to waken. His eyes flutter open and squint because of the light. Once used to the light he turns his sore neck to see his Ryan with dried tears and looking at their hands intertwined.

“Ryan?” Gavin says coarsely.

Ryan’s head snaps to attention and stares right into Gavin’s eyes. Blue to Green.

“I thought I lost you.” Ryan whispers, “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t there to have your back. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.” And the waterworks start up again but Ryan doesn’t even care anymore.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily.” Gavin whispers back before grabbing Ryan’s jacket and yanking his husband towards him. Their lips meet in a desperate kiss. Both not wanting to split in case the other disappears. But eventually they have to breath but their foreheads remain touching as they stare into each other’s loving eyes.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew stand at the doorway looking into the living room and watching the reunion. Gavin and Ryan have some explaining to do.

anonymous asked:

May I suggest a scenario where y/n and yuta met in a bar and they have a one time thing but yuta actually starts having feelings for her?

A/N: Every time I make these I kind of want to write them in a real scenario… [I feel this is one I might come back to later and create an actual story bc I like the plot.]
Don’t kill me, I watched Tokyo Drift today. -Admin Finn

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  • Study abroad in Japan! [in college]
  • Of course, a couple of your new Japanese dorm mates coax you to go out with them one night.
  • You weren’t really sure where they were going, but you trusted them.
  • Holy shit! A fucking street race?!
  • The cars were sleek and beautiful, you don’t think you could watch one of them get dinged without wincing.
  • The engines were revving loudly, tires smoking before they took off, hitting the breaks as they drifted around a corner dangerously.
  • Even though the cars were out of sight you could hear their loud hum in the distance.
  • Your friends assured you it was perfectly fine and that they knew one of the racers, and that he was ‘really good’
  • Imagine that, he won.
  • His face was godly, soon surrounded by girls as he stepped out of the car.
  • Your friends suggested for a celebration they go out drinking.
  • AND, those assfucks made you ride with him, making jokes like ‘don’t go too fast’ etc to freak you out.
  • He drove like a civilized person, staying silent 98% of the ride.
  • Skip to getting to the bar-
  • He really was a quiet dude, even around friends, but you deduced it must have been because you were there…
  • He kept catching your gaze, causing you to dart your gaze to the floor.
  • After more drinks than you had intended, you opened up more and began talking to him.
  • He became fond of you pretty quickly, noticing your quirky attitude and silly jokes, the collected and quiet girl from earlier gone.
  • In fact, the two of you would get along so well as the conversation kept going your friends would leave you in his care, haphazardly tossing you a wave.
  • You felt a bit wired to be honest.
  • Then Yuta would suggest you two ‘head out’
  • In actually what happens is he takes you back to his car [he’s sober okay] and says he’ll take you home, but one thing leads to another and your crawling from your seat onto his lap, fisting his collar as his lips tease your own.
  • I mean he parked on a dimly lit street and there aren’t many people around, so things get heated.
  • You accidentally hit the horn once, the cramped space making things more intimate and hotter- the rush of excitement of being with a stranger in public making you writhe in his lap.
  • He helped you do most of the work.
  • You know he knows what he’s doing too fack
  • Just imagine it, his hands wandering under your shirt before embracing your waist as you sink onto his cock [I need help], his head leaning back against the headrest, his arms relaxing.
  • Shit, he’d be pretty vocal too, hissing and cursing as he bucked his hips to meet your own.
  • You are maxed out after and just want to get home… getting back into the passenger seat was the hardest part, your legs a bit unstable.
  • — 
  • The next day you do remember just about everything, except why you were so crazy as to fuck a guy you just met!!!!!!1
  • You sigh, he probably does this kind of thing all the time.
  • It’s certainly a memorable 1 night stand-
  • However, ya boi Yuta actually rlly into you and like wants to meet you again and is hittin up his friends asking more about you.
  • He thinks your quiet n modest side is charming and your hidden playful side is cute & quirky, and shit your body he loves.
  • One thing leads to another and in 2 days time he’s sitting in the cafe your friends called you out to meet at.
  • You’re a bit bashful, but he’s not and is practically doting on you, actin like ur bf.
  • I’ll let you conjure up the rest of the scenario.
Imagine... Dean’s reaction to you trying to leave

Author: @hillywooddestiel

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, language

Word count: 565

Description: The reader has to leave. Being with Dean can only bring danger and that’s not something she’s willing to risk. Not now…

A/N: Hello! We posted a while back on here about doing some imagines and I’ve finally got round to finishing one. Hopefully we can all do some more in the future if it’s something you’d like to see. Anyways, this is one that was found, not made, and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it xx Masterlist


“Dean! Please, you’re only making this harder…” You bite your lip to try and hold back the tears white trying to pull your hand away from his.

“Then don’t go.” Dean’s voice breaks, his eyes brimming with tears.

“I have to. You know I have to.” You take a moment to look up into his eyes but instantly regret it; the way he’s looking at you only makes you want to stay more. There’s no hate, no anger, no resent. Just pure love and sadness. “I have to go Dean.”

“Please… I-I-I can keep you safe. Down here I’ll know that you’re okay. P-please Y/N…”

Dean’s grip on your hand loosens enough for you to pull free.

“Neither of us will ever be safe anymore, Dean. Ever! If I go now, we might stand a chance.”

“But I don’t want to lose you…” You step closer and take Dean’s hands in yours.

“Hey, you’re not losing me! You could never lose me. I love you! And that’s why I’m doing this…” Before you can change your mind, you turn your back, taking off towards the garage. You try to ignore the echoes of sobbing as you run down the corridor. It takes all your strength not to break down yourself until you’re in the seat of your truck.

19 months and 12 days later…

“Where’d she go?”

“This way!”

As quiet as you can, you inch towards the back door, glancing back every so often to see if you’re being followed. Judging from the thunderous stepping and crashing above you, they’re tearing your old room to shreds as though they’ll find you hidden in the drawer of your bedside table. Idiots! Seizing the chance, you make a dash for it.

“Quick! She’s getting away again!”

In no time at all, you’re across the street and fumbling in your pocket for your car keys.

“Shit!” You exclaim, noticing the slashed tires; they must have possessed at least enough intelligence to do since forward planning.


“Shh baby, it’s okay! Just go back to sleep for mommy okay?” You kiss the child strapped to your chest on his head as he stirs himself awake.

“Mama…” His little voice wavers, about to cry.

“Shh. It’s okay, Henry, it’s okay. Shh, don’t cry.” You soothe him, rubbing his back. But, it fails and he begins to get restless.

“OUTSIDE!” your pursuers yell.

“Oh, shit!” You groan and decide to take off running, no particular destination in mind you just want to get as far away as possible.

“I’d like… A room please…” You pant, sliding a few notes across the counter.

“Um, sure… You okay miss?” The receptionist queries, tilting her head at your sweaty appearance. Little did she know, you’d just run completely across town to this motel without stopping.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need a room. Please.” Your throat is so raw that you struggle to speak.

“Alright miss, room 17. Just across the parking lot. Will you be needing a cot for the little one?” She gestures to Henry who thankfully fell back asleep in the run.

“No, I’ll be fine. Thank you.” You snatch the keys and drag your feet to the room, legs almost giving up on you. In fact, you’re so exhausted, you don’t even take notice of the black ‘67 Chevy Impala parked in the lot next door to your room.

Classified 5

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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Mysterious Hazelnut

Summary: Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista.

Author: @deanwinchester-af | Mobile Masterlist |

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Reader 

Words: 1.k+

Beta: @latinenglishfandomblog, thank you, j! 

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for @beckawinchester & @boredoutofmymindwriting writing challenge. This is also my first fic of 2017 and is so fluffly! 


Prompt:  As she walked towards the exit of her favorite coffee shop she glanced down at her cup. “You’re beautiful” was written in place of her name. She glanced back  and their eyes met.

(I changed the third person to first person)


Today’s weather matches your current mood perfectly; clouded and grey. You’ve already experienced bumps this week and it was just the beginning of it. Being a couple blocks away from the building your first class took place you realized your paper due for said class what missing. Being an important one you had to turn back and get it. For your great luck by the time you got to the classroom the class was over and the professor was nowhere to be seen.

You groaned kicking the door on your way out of the classroom. ‘Wait, I might have a chance to fix this,’ you thought walking quickly to the professor’s office. Mr. Blake wasn’t known for understanding or taking in papers. But you and your charm was going to take its chances. Mr. Blake’s office was on your sight and seconds after the 60 middle age man with white beard came to sight. Taking a big deep breath full of courage you lightly knocked on the door.

“Professor Blake?” You said giving him a charm smile.

He looked up, taking a second to focus his eyes through his glasses. “Hey-”

“Y/N,” you strolled in, “I’m in your nine to ten history class? There was a paper due and I was on my way to the class when I realized I forgot to bring it…”

“So?” he cocked an eyebrow, “You know the rules, there’s only one due date.”

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rax-writes  asked:

The moment you knew that you were in love with Eggsy wasn't some magical moment when you saw him in the light of a sunset and everything juts fell into place, or some bullshit like that. It was when he tripped off the curb while trying to get to a cute dog he saw across the street and nearly got ran over by a car, but he didn't give a shit because "Oh my god, babe, do you see that fuckin' dog?"


To any of you that have left your home towns for whatever reason, would it/does it feel strange to think that you’re probably gonna move back there?

Like, I live in a city now because of school, but since I won’t exactly have a well paying job waiting for me here and the cost of living here is crazy, I’m about to sign up for a chance at an apartment in my hometown and I just…

It feels so weird now that I’ve been here for almost two years, school will be over for real, at least for a while, and I’m going home? I love my home town and my family and friends there and I miss them every day but it also feels so strange that I’ll be back there again? Like I’m giving up? Which I’m not, but the thought of moving back after all this sure makes it feels like i am

It was just so hard to adjust to things here, I’m not sure if I can take living in a place that’s not that challenging, if that makes sense

And I’m honestly kinda scared I’ll move back just to catch my breath and work my way up to a good job, without worrying about being homeless, and then end up stuck there for the rest of my life?

anonymous asked:

Prompt: 5+1 different meet cutes?

5+1s are surprisingly hard to write because you have to think of six things. So here’s just one.


“Hannibal?” said the driver.

“Yes,” Hannibal said as he slid into the backseat. 

“You going to, uh, Patapsco Street?”

“Yes.”  Hannibal let his eyes slide shut just briefly. He was exhausted all the way through his body, as only a surgical resident could understand or experience. It was possible he might fall asleep in the shower; maybe he would just go straight to bed.

“‘Kay.” The driver tapped his phone in its mount a few more times. Hannibal put on his seat belt. He expected the car to pull away from the curb, but instead the driver said, “Aw, shit. There’s a dog in the road.”

Hannibal peered out the window. It took him a moment to spot it–it was closer to the car than he was expecting. A small white mongrel, without tags or collar.

The driver had rolled down his window and was whistling to the dog. The dog cocked its ears at him. “Get outta the street, buddy,” he called. The dog just came toward the car, tongue lolling out. “Shit,” the driver groaned. “I’d take him, but I gotta do more rides tonight before going home…”

Hannibal sighed and took off his seat belt. “And none of the shelters are open at this hour,” he said; it was ten at night. “Its owner must be nearby.”

“Yeah,” the driver said, sounding dubious.

The dog came right up to him as soon as Hannibal got out of the car, putting its little paws up on Hannibal’s knee. Hannibal picked it up; sure enough, no tags or collar. But it was clean and seemed well-fed, albeit in terrible distress; he could feel its rapid heartbeat against his hand. “Poor fellow,” he murmured, and carried it over to the sidewalk. As soon as he put it down, it proceeded to put its paws up on his knee again. “All right,” he said. “Let’s see if anyone is looking for you.”

But there was no one else out on the street, as far as Hannibal could tell. He walked first in one direction, and then in the other; he could see his Uber still double-parked in the place he’d left it, but he couldn’t make out the driver. The little dog trotted at his heels.

At last, he had a stroke of good fortune: someone came out of one of the townhomes with a small dog on a leash. Hannibal picked up his little white mongrel and approached.

“Excuse me,” he said. “I found this dog running in the street.”

The woman’s hand fluttered up to her face. “Oh no! He got a collar?”

“No.” Hannibal showed her the dog’s bare neck. “I’m sure the owner must be nearby, but I don’t live in this neighborhood. Could you–”

“Yes.” She held her arms out. “I’ll take him in for the night, see if I can find his owner tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much,” Hannibal said, sincerely grateful, and made his way back to his ride.

The Uber was still in the same place, more or less, but now on the other side of the street, pointed toward Hannibal’s home. “You find the owner?” the driver asked.

“No,” Hannibal said as he buckled himself back in. “But a Good Samaritan has agreed to take our friend for the night.”

“You’re the Good Samaritan here,” said the driver. “In fact, I’m giving you a free ride.” He did something with his phone, and the screen went dark.

“Thank you,” Hannibal said. His phone beeped, and he looked down at the screen. A text message from Uber informed him that WILL had canceled his ride.