streetphoto nyc


“I am wearing my favorite indigo hand-blocked Malian wrap which I purchased from the artist 15 years ago, a small indigo scarf from Senegal, a vintage Liz Claiborne (LizWear) pinstriped jumpsuit, an all purpose Zara denim duster found at Salvation Army, and my trusty Pumas.I just need to be comfortable in my clothes at all times. I also look to the way indigenous people around the world cover themselves; layers of prints, textures, and patterns that serve a purpose but are also beautiful to look at to me. I love denim in all shades, fades and washes in blues and greys. I like to mix patterns, and I definitely prefer vintage pieces.”

Apr 8, 2017 ∙ Chelsea

Guess what I’ll get in my grubby little hands today? The Olympus EM5 II is on the UPS truck and I should have it by 2pm. I’ve got batteries charged up and ready to go already. Two actually. Not much more to say for now other than it’s always fun to get a new camera…