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Can you tell me everything you know about Emily Browning?

Jesus Christ.. I don’t know if I can write everything about her. I can tell you that I “fell in love with her” when I first watched A Series Of Unfortunate Event, and that time she was seventeen and she had a nose piercing. That she passed trought some kind of emo phase and that time she already dated Max Irons and before him, some guy that they nicknamed him as ‘Guy’ (she and her friends) and that she liked to go at ‘Street Party’ parties. She liked the “Fashion Keyboard” parties and.. Later, at the moment she was filming The Uninvited she entered at some hippie phase, there’s pictures of her and Max Turner camping and going to festivals. I remember that.. She said to an interview that she was thinking about going to college do something with.. Philosophy/History/Psychiatry/Fashion. (I don’t remember which one right now). Max was part of some band in Melbourne. Well, they broke up at the time she was filming Sucker Punch. They dated for.. 4 years and half, or something like that I think. At the same kind of month Emily tattoed that phrase in her arm, Vanessa tattooed that butterfly in her neck. After Max Turner, came Max Irons. And before them, she already had dated another Max.

She’s really tiny, she likes peanut butter, Browning loves to act but doesn’t like that stuff of papparazzi’s and L.A. and blablabla. She loves fashion and she already had two cats, one of them was called Jasper that she won on her birthday. Once she had liberrated her MySpace account to fans, her nickname there was “The Childlike Empress” and URL /shake_like_milk. I’m not 100% sure that it was her, but.. I think that it was. She was really scared about so many accounts faking to be her or negociating private pictures of her. I don’t know what more to say.. You want to know what kind of stuff? (I don’t even know if I’m writing right! I mean, I’m brazilian.)