Datsun F10 | 1975

With a grand total of six parking tickets this Datsun F10 will have been towed by the City of San Francisco by the time these photos are live. The blankets in the back and the firewood on the roof suggest the owner was about to leave town. Clearly their plans changed. The F10 was Nissan’s first-ever front-wheel-drive car to be sold in the US. The faded yellow paint and aging vinyl wood graphics on this example are a look earned only by decades of street-parking. You can’t fake that stuff.

Street-parked in the Castro, (Church Street and 15th). San Francisco, CA.


Fiat Sport 850 Spyder | 1973

For a period of 5 years starting in 1978 the US government issued a massive recall of the Fiat 850 for rust issues. Presumably those examples that weren’t pulled from the road in the recall likely fell victim to the rust-proofing, because today these are few to be found. The rear-mounted 843cc engine produced a whopping 49 horsepower, pushing the car to speeds of nearly 90mph.

Street-parked on Tiffany Street. San Francisco, CA.


Citroën Type H | 1976

Up through the 1980s, the Citroën Type H was France’s all-purpose delivery truck, fire engine, patty wagon, broom wagon, crepe stand and camping car. Affectionately known as “the tube” the Type H was indeed little more than a corrugated box-on-wheels. Its stamped steel side panels made for an exceptionally lightweight and sturdy construction, powered by the same drive-train as the Citroën DS. Front-wheel-drive, 4-cylinders, 3-speeds. The Type H saw its first production run in 1947 and sold 473,289 units until production ceased 34 years later in 1981.

Le Tube. Proudly street-parked in Cow Hollow. San Francisco, CA.


Opel Manta A | 1975

The Manta was a rear-wheel-drive coupe built by Opel from 1970 to 1988. As was the case with all 1970’s Opels in the US the Manta was imported by GM and sold through Buick dealerships. And judging by the size of the bumpers, this one is from 1975 - the last year GM imported European-made Opels into the US.

Street-parked in the Sunset. San Francisco, CA.