I’m a sucker for peer pressure.


We’ve been quiet but the streets still feel our spirits


in (hopefully) a few months i’ll be moving to the east coast of the united states.

my friends and i have done a lot of fun and dumb things in the past few years, most of it was only seen by our own eyes and remain in our memories until old age will pry them from our grasp, many less of those moments were caught on video or still but only a handful of that has ever really made the rounds past a small circle of friends. so many silly and rad things that just sit on hard drives and memory cards to never see the light of day. i’m tired of doing nothing with mine.

even with enough footage to fill five minutes i still have more dumb clips that i have no idea what to do with that will probably rot away to dead pixels and corrupted files… but here is something, a hat tip to my friends near and far and the adventures we have shared together. footage that dates from a few weeks ago all the way back to 2011, stretching from british columbia, oregon, california, and mexico ;)

 thanks, friends, for being fun.