I made a thing…. there were four police cars waiting for us on the other end of this corner lol. 1st time out streeting in months and busted within 3 minutes. 7 cars, one without insurance, 3 caught red handed, all worthy of vehicle inspections… and aside from an $81 ‘failure to display insurance ticket’ (should have been a ticket for driving without insurance, $400-600) got off scott free. They were making fun of us, asking “You guys don’t have police scanners? the app is free! We were trying to talk to you guys to get going out of here! We followed the tire squeals, we tried to pretend it was just the wind…” For getting caught red-handed, those were the raddest police officers I’ve ever encountered. The one ghost car lit them up as he left. Champions. Pretty sure we used up our horseshoes for 2013. 


Summertime Funtime 2012 - Street Drifting

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