streetlight tattoo

When I first came out to myself as trans and started figuring stuff out about my gender, I was confident I would never, could never come out. Maybe to a few of my closest friends, but never to my family, my school, to my work. I’d never start hormones or change my name or get surgery and this was just going to be my secret and I was just going to suffer and this was my life now.

3 years later, I have come out to my family, and my friends and Facebook and very recently work. I’ve started hormones and everyone I know is using a name I feel comfortable and I’m feeling like… I might just make it after all

Submitted by tunalips.

It’s not quite pop punk, but I got these lyrics from Streetlight Manifesto’s A Better Place, A Better Time about a month and a half ago now. This picture is from a couple hours after I got it done.

This song’s been super important to me for years, and has helped me through a bunch of shit.  I’m lucky enough to have seen Streetlight perform twice, and Toh Kay once on his own.  I cried at all the shows.  I’m so glad I’ll always have these words with me now, to remind me when life sucks that there’ll always be a better place and a better time.

signs as random things i like

(i know this has been done but not from my perspective so, like, yea,.)

Aries: mint gum and cold water, seeing your breath on cold air, riding in taxi’s late at night, hitchhiking

Taurus: train stations, my hands around my best friends waist motorbike riding, singing in echoes, self-tattoos

Gemini: streetlights, exit signs, wind running through my hair, instagram aesthetics, looking good in group photos

Cancer: waking up and the day feeling like it did when you were a child, making eye contact to strangers you know you’ll never see again, good showers, larry stylinson

Leo: running my hands/having hands run through/my/ hair softly while im half asleep, having my shoelaces tied, walking down empty alleyways, letting down my pride

Virgo: seeing an A on an assignment you tried so hard for, feeling accomplished while you’re alone, independence, people remembering small things about me

Libra: holding a lighter to my hand as long as i can, knives, feeling my confidence grow throughout this year, change

Scorpio: hearing music so loud, so good, that you can feel it in your bones, in your veins, in your soul, winking at sexual innuendos, peanut butter sandwiches, travelling

Sagittarius: opening up to someone, you by the 1975, football games, diving into freezing cold pools on hot days

Capricorn: cold lips on warm skin, smooth hands, black yorkshire tea, hearing a new song on the radio,

Aquarius: feeling real, being able to feel air enter your lungs, stars, going home, unconditional kindness

Pisces: late nights on decks, running through airports, smiling at strangers, dancing to no music with the love of your life