streetart miami


September 2, 2017


by Fin DAC and Kevin Ledo

This is the kind of work that keeps even the most jaded art lover coming back to Wynwood. With Irish artist Fin DAC painting the figure to the left and Montreal’s Kevin Ledo working  independently on the figure to the right, it’s remarkable how seamlessly the two figures fuse into a singular cohesive collaboration. While there are differences between styles and methodologies of the two artists, it helps that both typically paint bold figures suspended in space without foreground or background. With the coordination of poses, ornamentation, and color palette, and the addition of the unifying gold leaf suns, the result is well worthy of a visit. The work sits on NW 3rd Ave. near NW 29th St. in Wynwood, Miami.  @findac​  @kevinledo


September 10, 2017


by D*Face

With the nation’s attention turned to Miami this weekend, here’s a curious piece from the inaugural RAW Project in 2014, supporting arts education for the diverse community surrounding the public outdoor museum that Wynwood, Miami, has become. 

A dozen years after breaking the bonds of his desk job and committing himself to development of his cast of dysfunctional characters Dean Stockton, aka D*Face’s, work is more popular than ever around the world. D*Face was just one of more than 40 artists quick to volunteer his time and talent to the project—but I would love an opportunity to ask him sometime how he arrived at this choice of subject matter for work at a diverse middle school. 

Kudos to the artists who have volunteered their time every year since the project began, and the legion of volunteers who’s efforts will be crucial across the region in the months ahead.  @dfaceofficial  @therawproject_ 


October 3, 2017


by Okuda

As street art has provided Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, aka Okuda, the opportunity to travel the world, Widewalls says he has been lucky enough to encounter a countless variety of individuals. In 2016 Okuda introduced the world to a new body of work at Amsterdam’s Kallenbach Gallery, making a powerful visual statement about how much those diverse individuals have in common regardless of differences—painting people of clearly different origins, but each with skin created of the same geometric surrealism. Later in the year, given the opportunity to take his gallery paintings to Miami’s outdoor gallery—Wynwood Walls—Okuda introduced thousands more to his message that underneath clothes and skin we share a universal commonality.  @okudart  @wynwoodwallsofficial  @wynwoodmiami  


April 14, 2017


by Fluke

Through the early 90’s birth of the Montreal graffiti scene, a young Fluke found himself being mentored by its pioneers. Taught, as his skills continued to develop, to always respect the foundations of his art form, he approaches each task with both professionalism and creativity. As a trendsetter in Canadian street art he saw a growing need and opportunity and in 2009 founded A'Shop: an artist collective and an agency / production company specializing in graffiti murals, street art, and urban aesthetics—committed to both support of artists and raising the profile of art in the city. Representing A’Shop, Fluke was on hand in Wynwood for Art Basel 2016 to paint this stunning new mural on the side of 24th St. brewery, Concrete Beach—crafting beer in the heart of Wynwood, and whose constantly changing walls reflect the diverse stream of talent passing through one of the world’s most colorful arts districts.  @ashopcrew  @art.basel  @wynwoodmurals  @concretebeachfl