Street food

Via Nuova Santa Maria Ogni Bene - Napoli

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February, far from home

I like to listen to The Martian
on audiobook while I clean house.
It makes me feel like I can do anything
if I keep working long enough.

They say it’s as cold as Mars out here
but I haven’t checked the numbers.
Seems plausible. Signs warn for ice
falling from skyscrapers,
and I will dream for months
about clouds scraped from the sky.

There’s ice in your eyelashes and
you’re imagining catastrophes.
There are street-stall potato pancakes
and there’s applesauce on my face.
Snow falls, and we look up and up.

I’ve never seen winter this cold.
I’ve never met winter this warm.
Through two layers of gloves each,
we’re still holding hands.

—  ejl.
的(てき) - like, typical

的確 (てきかく)precise, accurate

的外れ (まとはずれ)missing the mark, out of focus

的を射る (まとをいる)to be on point, to be pertinent

的を絞る (まとをしぼる)to hone in on, to focus in on, to narrow down

的屋 (てきや)vendor, street vendor, stall-keeper

的場 (まとば)target, target area, range (like a gun range)

的を逸れる (まとをそれる)to miss the target

的を当てる (まとをあてる)to hit the target, to hit the mark