The Lower East Side
  • The Lower East Side
  • David Peel & The Lower East Side
  • The American Revolution

Artist: David Peel & The Lower East Side
Track: The Lower East Side
Album: The American Revolution
Label: Elektra Records
Year: 1970

I do my best to be a edumacated music person, but sometimes I find that there are holes in my knowledge base that you could drive a super tanker through.

Case in point, until yesterday morning I was completely unaware of the existence of David Peel… New York proto street punk, and underground music rabble–rouser.  He was a fellow traveler with The Fugs, but carried an anger that you wouldn’t see in full blossom, from a white, American musician, until the late ‘70′s when English Punk came to America and got the American Punks all riled up about politics.

I promise to pay more attention in music class from now on.


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