The Pleasure Collection | 2. If You Insist

Genre: Smut/Angst

Word Count: 14.5k

Summary: After being targeted by the criminal that has been kidnapping young women across the city, you meet a certain police officer who makes it his sole mission to protect you.

A/N: The goal of this collection was to write pure smut… clearly I got carried away with the story for this one. Thank you so much to @mirai-miri and @jngukie for your support and willingness to talk through ideas with me <3 

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Heart pounding, arms pumping, muscles aching. A sweaty sheen covers your skin. Adrenaline pushes you and you refuse to stop running until you feel safe. You have a feeling it may be a while but you continue to run as your jagged breath makes your throat raw. Frantically, you search for somewhere to go.

It’s your first week in this new city. You just started taking courses for your Masters degree. You had been looking forward to a fresh start for your life and a new beginning to your career. But this is not what you expected.

You should have been more careful.

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The Detective

This is the first of many (hopefully) shots that showcase a specific theme. Inspirations for this one come from Daredevil, Batman: Akrham Knight, and Hitman.

“Annie Miller, 23 y/o female found dead on the streets of San Myshuno. Pool of blood, large amounts on the curb near victimMiller suffered multiple stab wounds, severely gashed throat and what seems to be a deep depression on the skull. Fifth murder in the span of a month, all of which killed in a similar manner…”

A Beautiful Thing (A Jack Avery Imagine)

*Requested by and dedicated to: @love-giselle*

Feel free to request imagines, fics, gifsets etc. via my AskBox or DM’s.

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 3334

Description: He’s a small-time musician, performing a local gig with his bandmates, in the process of making it big.

She’s an aspiring dancer with an affinity for walking the streets of downtown after everyone in the citie’s gone to sleep.

Everyone, that is, but him.




    The line of street lamps casting pools of iridescent golden light against the sidewalk was comforting in a way, somehow far more peaceful than the world appears during the daytime. I’m not sure why it is, really, that I prefer the night- I suppose it’s always been that way. There’s something so honest, and magical about a place, after the people, and the sun, and the noise have gone to sleep. Maybe it’s because my dance recitals and performances have always been in the evening, after the sun has faded from the sky. Maybe it’s the way the stars appear against a backdrop of jet black atmosphere, showing their true selves after a long day of being blocked out by the sun. Maybe there’s just something peaceful about a city at night- the quietude, the feeling that maybe, just maybe, you’re the only person left in the whole world. I think that thought scares most people, but it’s never bothered me. Maybe that’s why most people prefer the daytime- where it’s safe, and busy, and there are no stars to watch or ponder on what it must be like out there. For me, it’s never been a competition- I’d take a thousand nights if I could have it my way- to walk through a quiet town, and dance in deserted streets, and stop and stare at the sky for as long as I pleased, without a single soul watching me, wondering what I might be doing, staring at the sky. Because the truth is, I don’t really have a reason, some things are just beautiful- and it seems like an injustice to not appreciate beautiful things.

    I stared down at the watch on my wrist. The time read: 10:24pm. I smiled softly to myself as I stepped out the front door of the quaint, two-story brick house, on the corner of Maple and 6th street- the house I’d lived my entire life in. Tying the laces on my black and white Adidas sneakers and zipping my mint green jogger’s jacket halfway up, I took a deep breath, and began to walk. Downtown was only a few blocks from the house, and though it was a big metropolis, we had a variety of things to make our small city appreciable by most everyone. There was, of course, a handful of shops through Main Street, The Grant Hill movie theater, the Institute of Art and Dance (where I spent the majority of my time, other than school), Acorn Park (adorable; squirrel filled), Metro Park (not-so adorable; trash filled) a small B&B, and The Randolph House (the place where comedy acts, local play productions, and small-time musicians would perform. As I neared the center of town, I could hear elated cheers and screaming come from a couple blocks down, clearly creating a far greater cacophony of adolescent hysteria than I had anticipated for this hour of the evening. I sighed, running a hand through my obsidian colored hair as I made a hard-right turn, making my way down a side street that avoided the bustle that was congregating around The Randolph House. “There must be some up-and-coming musician playing there if it’s causing this much of a scene” I thought to myself as I stuffed my hands in my pockets, moving swiftly so as not to be held up by late night traffic. I crossed the street that teed with Main Street, glancing over my shoulder slightly, just enough to catch a glimpse of a crowd of girls probably around my age, flooding the streets and waving their arms uproariously as a handful of figures, five maybe, waved and smiled, before being hustled into a car. I thought, for a split second, that I caught the eyes of one of the distant figures, but it was dark out, and I could have been mistaken. I shook my head as the car headed down the road, only driving a couple blocks before turning down the road that lead towards the town B&B. So they were staying the night? I shrugged softly to myself, side-stepping out of the way of the teenage girl mob as I made my way down a side street, and finally out of sight from the overenthusiastic crowd.

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Welcome Home

The first fic from my 2005 archive, The Audit

**This is the second fic I’ve found in my fic LJ/archive from 2005, and it’s even more entertaining (to me) than the one before LOL I think it may be one of my first smut endeavors. Don’t come at me with how OOC it is, I know.  I knoooow.**

Author: PiecesofScully (2005)
Rating: NC17 / Explicit
Timeline:  Season 7ish, evidently

A small child cried softly into it’s mothers chest somewhere to the right, while a large man snored softly off to her left. Some movie starring Rachel McAdams played on the screen ahead of her, but she was completely oblivious to it all. Instead, she reclined a bit in her airplane seat, her eyes closed.

It’d been a long week. She’d been sent to the state of Washington to investigate a set of murders. They’d needed her expertise, she’d been told.


All three murders had nothing to do with each other, it was obvious to her before she’d even left. But she went…she’d been assigned…ordered…so she went. Alone. With out her partner. They’d been separated again, but this time indefinitely. That is, ever since ‘they’ found had out that she and her partner had become 'intimate’. She still had no idea how 'they’ found out… she thought they’d done so well keeping it secret.

'Obviously not well enough,’ she thought to herself. All of the sneaking around…they’d even made sure not to be intimate while on the job, only during their own personal time. 

She sighed. Whatever. 

She shifted in her seat in attempt to make herself more comfortable. That attempt, lost. She knew very well what was wrong with her. She missed him. Her body ached for his touch…she longed to hear his voice, his 2am-fuck-me-voice…the feeling of his fingertips trailing down her hips leaving a trail of fire…his moist lips marking their territory on her collarbone-

'Stop it dana’, she told herself. 'Thinking about this isn’t going to do you a damn bit of good. Especially now, and here on this plane.’

She glanced at her watch. 53 minutes till she could be at his apartment and in his arms. 

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Indestructible Will [Fic]

[Eyyy, finally got down the other half of Tipping Point! It’s kinda cheesy, but I’m writing for a hypothetical shonen here! There’s probably going to be a third part to this as it ends on a pretty clear cliffhanger but? Lemme know what you guys think!]

“Now, Higashikata, I am capable of being benevolent when it suits me. I, unlike you, am mature.”

As Kira let the words roll coolly off of his tongue, halting his stride, the bevy of mutated creatures behind him had their attention shift to small animals and neighborhood pets to sate what hunger was left among them. Blood spilled further into the streets, pooling at Kira’s feet like a royal carpet rolled out for his magnificence.

“I am highly aware,” the parasite continued, “that death is not the only, or even the best, option.”

Josuke struggled to find a way to counter and was quickly losing hope of finding back-up–his mind turned again and again to the worst case scenario, and he struggled to hide his shaking as Kira’s voice rose.

“Now you, being immature, probably have not taken into account the depth of my gracious offer. So, listen closely.” Kira rose one thin, bony finger and wagged it at Josuke, lips curled into a detestable smirk. “I, Yoshikage Kira, am offering to spare you.”

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In the early hours of May 14th, 2016, a teenager made a disturbing discovery in Coyhaique, a city in the southern part of Chile. Lying on the street, in a pool of blood and barely alive, was Nabila Rifo (28). She had been savagely beaten, and when I say savagely it’s not an exaggeration. Her skull was fractured, her teeth had fallen. Worst of all, the attacker had taken her eyes out with a key.

It didn’t take very long to find the culprit. Mauricio Ortega (41), her on and off boyfriend, could be the only one to do that to her. The couple had a long history of domestic violence and that night they’d been arguing in the middle of a party. Alcohol had made Mauricio lose all control.

Nabila survived and is now in stable condition at the hospital. She just went through surgery to reconstruct her face. Ortega has been arrested and has to await trial. Police had to take him to a prison in a different city after uproar from the neighborhood, that barricaded the local jail to prevent “the piece of trash”, as they called him, to be put there. He’s got so many death threats that they are keeping him isolated from other prisoners.

Noragami Chapter 45 Bangaihen Summary

NOTE: THIS IS NOT CHAPTER 45! This is the special chapter that came out with Chapter 45, and it focuses on Yukine and the human girl that he befriended, Sasahara Naho.

Please take note that I am still learning the language and I am not in any way fluent in Japanese, so please excuse the inaccuracies/ inconsistencies / error / mistranslations and the like!

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I Only See You: Jinyoung

badboy!jinyoung x university!au
[ req.  ✉ ]
Unbreakable | 005/100 writing prompt challenge

The revving engine of Jinyoung’s motorcycle turned heads as he zipped through the university campus grounds. You jabbed your fingers into his side, silently telling him to slow down now that you two had reached the student parking lot. A playful smirk could be seen through the clear protective screen of his helmet and without even glancing over his shoulder at you, Jinyoung could picture your irritated face you always made when you scolded him.

“Park Jinyoung! Slow down! You’re gonna hurt someone!”

“If they were smart, they’d move.”


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Summary: Written for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Supernatural Season 1 Challenge. The reader gets into a car crash after a fight with Dean. Song is Paradise by Sharif

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1964

Warnings: angst, language, character death

A/N: Every semicolon I used is a shot in the dark. Also this is my first fic ever so feedback is welcome/ wanted!

A giant that you to @blacktithe7 for the amazing help!!

Flashback is in italics (also labeled)


Originally posted by superuunatural

You start to wake up not really remembering where you were. There’s a pain in your abdomen and you have no idea where that came from. You smell gasoline and it starts to feel really hot. Is that smoke? Then you hear the screams of a few people calling for help. ‘Am I on a hunt?’  You hear a familiar song playing.

Creepin’ into my head

Your body’s breathin’ me in again.

No more mistaken me as a friend.

My body’s achin

Hold me again and again and again

You slowly start to blink your eyes open, fighting the urge to leave them closed as you take in your surroundings. You’re hanging upside-down in your cherry red, 1972, Chevy Nova. You struggle to find a position that is less painful since the seatbelt is cutting deep into your shoulder. You can’t move your body as your seatbelt is locked and the buckle is jammed. You start to see small flames coming from your car and you become frantic, trying everything you can to escape. You try honking your horn, but it wont work. Terrified you will die in this car, you start crying for help, hoping someone can hear you over the chaos and loud traffic. You try everything you can to break free but the pain in your abdomen overtakes you as you drift off again listening to that memorable song.

 Take me away to paradise,

Feed me again with your love.

Take me back to where I was,

Fill me again with your love. 

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THE LIFE OF NEGAN & LUCILLE (inspired by "Here's Negan") CHAPTER 1

Negan - Pre-Apocalypse based on what I’ve read in summaries for “Here’s Negan” (his short/heartbreaking backstory)…

It was the third week in July and to say the weather was hot would be an understatement. For more than a week the temperatures had touched down in the 90’s and the humidity never seemed to break. Negan and Lucille, married barely more than a year, hosted a barbecue for friends and family at their house at the end of a dead-end street, generously offering their pool up so everyone could cool down in the extreme, undying temperatures.

Most of their guests were other couples of about their age, some a little younger, some older. Some were longtime friends, others co-workers. Lucille’s parents had stopped by for a short time before retreating to the couple’s boat for the remainder of the evening with some friends of their own.

“Second round of burgers… come and get ‘em.” Negan raised his spatula and took a swig of his beer flashing Lucille a wink before serving several of their friends.

“This is a great place you got here,” Mark Avery, one of Negan’s assistant football coaches, said. He smiled and patted a meaty hand on Negan’s shoulder.

“Just big enough for the two of us,” he said with a grin, running a hand through his beard.

“Getting some grays there Negan,” his friend joked.

“Shut the fuck up.” He laughed, but secretly hated the grays that reminded him daily that he was getting older, despite Lucille’s claims that it made him look sexy and a big sophisticated. “You’ve got a George Clooney thing going on,” she had said. The comment always made him chuckle, but still reminded him that he wasn’t the twenty year old he once was.

“I’m just kiddin’.” Mark smirked. “We got ourselves a team to beat this year. Gotta run them kids into the ground come the end of August.”

“If we don’t take it to the state championship I may lose my shit.” Negan smirked, dimples penetrating the hair on his face. “When you got the best damn quarterback in the league and a defense like ours you’ll get crucified in a football town like this. Shit, I may run double sessions every day until November.”

The two of them shared a hearty laugh and then looked up as their wives approached with plates.

“Ladies, how many burgers?” Negan asked.

“Just one for me,” Mark’s wife Tina raised her eyebrows. “I saved up all my calories for this meal today.” She eyed a bowl of pasta salad.

Negan’s eyes followed her stare and he laughed. “Well it’s not going to fucking eat itself Tina. Go get some. Damn. You got ten pounds to gain.”

Lucille turned to her friend with apologetic eyes, but the women shared a laugh.

“I may just have another beer with my pasta salad after that comment,” Tina said, smacking Negan on his big, broad shoulder. She smiled and waved Lucille with her. “You know he’s kinda sexy until he opens his mouth,” she muttered loud enough for both men to hear her.

“I heard that,” Negan said at the same time as Mark. They glanced at each other and laughed before Mark made his way over to the table to sit with his wife and Lucille.

Several others approached the grill when they sensed Negan’s conversation with Mark was up and helped themselves to his self-proclaimed world famous burgers.

“Help yourselves to everything,” he offered, “Really…” He sighed when everyone seemed preoccupied, “Food ain’t gonna eat itself,” he repeated quietly. Negan eyed the sky as it grew darker, wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand and putting to the grill to rest for awhile. It felt like hours he had been cooking as Lucille played hostess, keeping all of their friends occupied with drinks in their hands. Despite the heat, the day had been fun. Prior to having the party Negan had thought it would become one big pain in the ass, but when the day made way to night and all of them were clad in bathing suits by the fire, beers in hand he knew his wife had had a great idea. They hadn’t hosted a party since moving into the home together.

“How many hours we going day one?” Mark asked, downing the second half of his beer before diving into another one.

“Hey, go easy,” Tina warned. “You’re a teacher. If you get pulled over for drinking-”

“I know every cop in town,” he said with a laugh, “So… you go easy.”

“Men…” she sipped her glass of Chardonnay.

“Three hour morning session,” Negan said with a nod. He folded his hands and eyed the fire. “Three hour afternoon session.”

“On the same day?” Tina asked.

“Let the men talk,” Mark insisted.

“I lose him to football season every fall,” Lucille complained lightheartedly. She looked to her husband with a smile and he scrunched his nose with a grin.

“You knew me getting in to this,” he laughed, “You had plenty of time to get out.”

“But those nights after a big win are worth it, aren’t they?” Mark winked at Lucille making Negan tilt his head back and laugh.

“Well, actually…” Lucille laughed with them and Negan raised his glass, tapping it lightly against hers.

“Cheers to…” he began.

“Good sex,” Tina finished.

They four of them laughed again and then Tina gave her husband a set of eyes when he continued to drink. Without anymore protest he nodded and placed the bottle down. “You’re the boss.”

“Oh, ouch.” Negan raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t feel like crashing the brand new Volvo tonight,” Tina said to all of them, beginning with Lucille, then Negan and eventually continuing to give her husband serious eyes.

“Well you’re not driving so I don’t think we’ll crash,” he laughed, making Negan laugh with him. When Tina failed to join them this time he stood up and held out a hand. “Well, sir, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for the hospitality.”

“Anytime pal.” Negan rose, continuing on with a firm handshake. “Tina.”

“Negan.” She smiled and nodded before they exchanged a hug.

“Come by again soon,” Lucille offered, tucking strands of long, dark hair behind her ear. “It can just be the four of us.”

“Less clean up,” Negan added with a heavy laugh.

“Oh, man, do you want us to help-” Mark began, but Negan and Lucille held up their hands in protest.

“Nah, my wife’s got it.” He nudged her playfully and then strung an arm over her shoulders.

“Yes… I’ve got it.” Lucille rolled her eyes and laughed, knowing her husband was secretly hoping she would take the lead on the clean-up.

“You’re sure?” Tina asked.

“Go home.” Negan said to them with an ear-to-ear grin.

“Thank you,” Tina said, echoed by her husband. They waved goodbye as Negan opened a door disguised in a fence that blocked the road and led out into the front yard toward the driveway where their friends had parked.

When the car engine started up Negan looked at Lucille, who sighed and leaned against him. “I’ll clean up,” she offered, noting how her husband had been sweating all afternoon in front of the grill, and then again as he manned the fire for several hours. She went to move away but he reached for her arm.

“It can wait,” Negan told her, “There isn’t much. I’ll help you later.”

“Later when?”

He smiled and kissed her once on the lips before taking his shirt off and leaping into the pool. Lucille laughed and stood smiling with her hands on her hips as he resurfaced, slicking his dark hair back. “I’ve been waiting all day to get in the water. It’s so fucking hot still.” When she didn’t immediately join him he waved her in. “Come on.”

Lucille looked around the empty patio, glancing at the tall fence that bordered one side, the woods-line that bordered another and no visible neighbor to the opposite side. She looked at him for a moment, wandered over to the small patio light and turned it off before ridding of the top of her bikini and slowly making her way toward the edge of the pool.

“God damn it, woman.” Negan chuckled. “Hurry up and get in here.”

She laughed and continued her slow cat-and-mouse game, staying on the opposite side of the pool as her husband.

“Oh I see how this is going to fucking go.” He swam lazily in her direction and Lucille walked backward in the shallow end of the pool near the light of the lingering flames from the fire. As he approached she gave in and planted her back against the side of the wall as Negan swam up an placed a hand on either side of her so they were nose to nose. Lucille grinned and gazed into the swollen pupils of her husband in the dim-lighting. “Now where the fuck are you going to go?” he whispered, brushing his lips against her.

At times she knew her husband could be a little over-bearing and often scolded him about his mouth, and the way her cursed. But at other times his words turned her on like no other. Negan’s hot temper and foul-mouth were a part of his charm that she couldn’t deny. It was rare that she matched his words with curse words of her own, but she decided to tease him and go with it.

Lucille let her hand travel the length of his muscular torso and she rested her fingers on the inside of his shorts. Without breaking eye contact she whispered, “Where ever the fuck I want.”

Negan flashed a smile, desire oozing out of his expression. “You’ve got a mouth on you.” He pushed her hand down farther beneath the front of his shorts in the water and kissed her hard when her hand wrapped around him. He moaned into her mouth, caressing her breasts with both of his thumbs as he held her in their embrace. He then proceeded to slide them down her body toward her hips where he peeled off the bottoms of her bathing suit, letting them fall to the pool floor.

As he kissed down her neck Lucille moaned and arched her neck. “Mmm…”

“Mmm…” he said back, regaining her lips with his own before shoving his pants down until they floated off his ankles. When he picked her up by the hips Lucille closed her eyes, still kissing her husband hard as he slipped himself inside of her with ease with the aid of the water.

She wrapped her arms around her husbands back and shoulders, whimpering his name at the first feel of him inside of her. “Negan…” his name lingered on her tongue.

He secured her hips in his hands and thrusted into her again, taking in her expression as he did. Lucille’s mouth was partway open, eyes closed hard and her fingernails dug into the top of his back. After several more thrusts he got caught up in the moment, moaning louder the harder he went.

Lucille locked her legs around him, arching her back in a way that angled him into her deeper.

“Fuck.” Negan looked down as he thrusted, splashing water everywhere before leaning in to ravage the center of each of her breasts.

She clutched the back of his hand, grabbing a handful of hair and tangling her fingers in it as he worked every sensitive part of her body. When his lips crashed back against hers he pressed into her harder, making Lucille moan as he hit all the right spots over and over again with each crash of his hips.

Negan could tell when his wife was close. Her eyes stopped flickering open and her entire body tensed around him. It was the moment when he knew she was about to orgasm that he had the most difficulty controlling himself. He loved watching her in the seconds before he put her over the edge.

He grunted, clutching her earlobe in between his teeth and landing heavy breaths along the top of her neck.

Lucille held him tight, letting whimpers turn to moans back to whimpers as she called his name a final time before Negan took her to an amazing climatic moment that made her ounce of her go weak as she pulsed against him.

Negan felt her orgasm ripple up into his mid-section and without another second’s hesitation he felt himself explode into her as he grabbed the side of her face with one hand and let out a profanity-laced lament out against the other side of her face. “Fuck…” he breathed into her ear, coming off of the high.

Lucille still clung to him and smiled when he pulled back with a lazy grin. She felt her heart flutter when he leaned in for a closed-mouth kiss, leaving his lips pressed against hers for several seconds before pulling away. They stayed close for a moment, staring into one another’s eyes before Negan smirked, sporting his boyish dimples beneath the salt-and-pepper facial hair. “I love fucking you,” he whispered.

She smiled and slicked his hair back with one hand and whispered back. “I fucking love you.”