Uncle Lionel is the oldest man still marching the streets of any brass band in New Orleans. At the ripe age of 79, he has been playing the drums and marching in funeral processions and street parades since he was eight years old. Unbelievable! Uncle Lionel has been a member of the Treme Brass Band for over thirty years. 

APRIL 29: Jeanne Mansford launches PFLAG (1972)

On this day in 1972, a letter written by a woman named Jeanne Manford appeared in the New York Post. Just two weeks before, Jeanne’s son Marty had been assaulted by the NYPD while protesting with the Gay Activists Alliance and she penned the letter in order to call out the NYPD’s violent acts of homophobia. By simply writing the words, “"I have a homosexual son and I love him,” Jeanne Manford lauched a movement that would eventually culminate in the creation of PFLAG – Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

Jeanne Mansford marches in the 1975 Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade with a sign that reads, “Mothers and Father in Support of Gays…No one is free unless we are all free” (x).

In her open letter, Jeanne writes:

“I am proud of my son, Morty Manford, and the hard work he has been doing in urging homosexuals to accept their feelings and not let the bigots and sick people take advantage of them…I hope that your [] coverage of the incident has made many of the gays who have been fearful gain courage to come out and join the bandwagon. They are working for a fair chance at employment and dignity and to become a vocal and respected minority. It is a fight for recognition such as all minority group must wage and needs support from outsiders as well as participants in the movements.” 

The publicity the letter received coupled with Jeanne’s presence at the 1972 Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade (an early incarnation of today’s Pride parades) forced the public to begin seeing gay and lesbian people in a new light; for perhaps the first time, gay and lesbian people were not an enigmatic societal problem, but real people who had mothers and fathers and who were someone’s son or daughter. In 1973, Jeanne and her husband Jules Manford organized the first PFLAG meeting where they and twenty others gathered in the basement of a church in Greenwich Village. Today, PFLAG is a nationwide organization with over 350 chapters and 20,000 members throughout the United States. We have PFLAG to thank for not only fighting to include gay and lesbian students in Title IX protections, but for also making hundreds of young lesbians feel more safe and loved! 



Main Street Electrical Parade by looseey


Golden Hour Party! by Andrew Carter

Calendars of Thedas: Systems, Ages,Months,& Holidays

Calendar Systems:

There are three Calendar systems in Thedas; The Chantry Calendar, The Tevinter Calendar, and the Elven Calendar. 

Chantry Calendar: The most commonly used system, the Chantry calendar began with the appointment of the first Divine, Divine Justinia I. Unlike the other two systems, the Chantry calendar marks time with the use of Ages, with each age being 100 years long. After the conclusion of every Age the scholars of the chantry come together to name the next one. Any time prior to 1:1 Divine is known as the Ancient Age, and is marked by negative numbers. 

Tevinter Calendar: In the Tevinter Imperium the authority of the chantry isn’t recognized, and thus the Imperium has it’s own Calendar. A system that predates the Chantry Calendar by well over a thousand years. Their calendar begins on the day the Imperium was founded and is marked by 0 TE. Any time prior to the founding of the empire is marked by negative numbers, much like the Chantry Calendar. 

For a short time, Tevinter abandoned it’s calendar system for the Chantry system. After the Schism the Imperium returned to the use of it’s own Calendar system. 

Elven Calendar: The Elven Calendar was established with the formation of the city of Arlathan. It was used for over six thousand years before it was banned after the Tevinter Imperium sacked Arlathan and enslaved the elves. Only a few significant Elven dates survived the passage of time including the Fist contact with the dwarves in 3000 FA, the arrival of humans in 4500 FA and the founding of the Tevinter Imperium in 6405 FA. The beginning of the Elven Calendar is marked as 1FA and is the oldest recorded date in the history of Thedas. 


The use of Ages began with the formation of the chantry, there has been 9 Ages to date with Thedas currently in it’s 9th Age. 

Divine age (1:1-1:99) Named in celebration of the appointment of the first divine 

Glory Age (2:1-2:99) Named for the prediction of a grand rebirth after the devastation of the 1st Blight. 

Towers Age: (3:1-3:99) Named for the completion of the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux, its towers visible for miles around. 

Black age: (4:1-4:99) Named as the chantry called for retribution against the Tevinter Imperium for its installment of the “Black Divine” to rule the Imperial chantry following the Schism.

Exalted Age: ( 5:1-5:99) Named during a period of near constant war with the Tevinter Imperium that included multiple exalted marches.

Steel Age: (6:1-6:99) Named after the assassination of Queen Madrigal of Antiva. She was found with three steel swords in her chest. 

Storm Age (7:1-7:99) Named during the war with the Qunari and the leaders of Thedas called for a storm of Violence to expel the Invaders. 

Blessed Age: (8:1-8:99) Named by the chantry as the age of bounty and prosperity. 

Dragon Age: (9:1-present) Named after the reappearance of dragons which were long thought to be extinct. 


Twelve thirty day months and four seasons are what currently make up a year in Thedas. The months have roots in the Early days of the Imperium and, with the exception of addition of chantry holidays, the month and primary seasonal holidays have remained unchanged for more than two thousand years. 
Each month has a Low Name, largely used among the common classes, as well as official high names based in the original Tevinter. Only scholars and members of courts use the months’ High Names. The common names will be listed first, with the High names in parenthesis followed by the holiday celebrated in that month. 

1st Month: Wintermarch (Verimensis); Holiday: First Day

2nd Month: Guardian (Pluitanis); Holiday: Wintersend

3rd Month: Drakonis (Nubulis)

4th Month Cloudreach (Eluviesta)

5th Month: Bloomingtide (Molioris); Holiday:Summerday

6th Month: Justinian (Fervenris

7th Month: Solace (Solis

8th Month: August (Matrinalis); Holiday: Funalis

9th Month: Kingsway (Parvulis

10th Month: Harvestmere (Frumentum

11th Month: Firstfall (Umbralis); Holiday: Satinalia

12th Month: Haring ( Cassus  


Throughout Thedas a majority of people celebrate five major holidays, each tied to a season transition or the start of a new year. Each Holiday is celebrated at the beginning of the associated month.  

First Day: The traditional start of the new year, this holiday is celebrated by visiting friends and family (in remote areas this was once an annual check to make sure everyone was still alive), as well town gatherings to commemorate the year past with drink and merriment. 

Wintersend: Once called “Urthalis” and dedicated to Urthemiel, the old god of beauty, this holiday is now a celebration of the Maker. It stands for the end of winter in many lands and coincides with tourneys and contests and the Proving grounds in Minrathous. In the southern lands this holiday has become a time to gather for trade, theater,  and in some areas, arrangements for marriage. 

Summerday:  Once called “Andoralis” and dedicated to Andoral, The Old God of Unity, this holiday is universally celebrated as the beginning of summer,a time for joy and, commonly, marriages. Boys and Girls who are soon to become of age done white tunics and dresses and join grand processions that cross the settlement to the local chantry. There, they learn the responsibilities of adulthood. Summerday is a particularly holy occasion in Orlais. 

Funalis (All Souls Day):Once this holiday was dedicated to the Old God of silence, Dumat. However since the rise of Dumat during the First Blight,Thedosian’s turn a blind eye to any old ties between the day and the dragon. The holiday is now known across Thedas as All Souls Day, and spent in somber remembrance of the dead. In some of the Northern lands people dress as spirits and walk the streets in parade after midnight. The chantry uses this holiday to remember the death of Andraste, with public fires that mark her immolation and plays that depict her death. 

Satinalia: Once dedicated to the Old Goddes of Freedom Zazikel -now attributed more to the second moon, Satina- this holiday is accompanied by wild celebration,the wearing of masks, and naming the town fool ruler for the day. In Antiva, Satinalia lasts for a week or more while a week of fasting follows. In more pious areas large feasts and the giving of gifts mark the holiday.  


The World of Thedas Vol. 1, Pg 19-23


The Main Street Electrical Parade

Photographer:  Brendan Bowen

My Happily Ever After

Happy Easter! Have some Regal Believer induced cavities! 

For @umbrellagates who prompted little Henry getting a temporary lion tattoo on his arm.

To say that adopting Henry had changed her life was an understatement–adopting Henry had saved it.

Before Henry, she’d led a dull life–everyone in Storybrooke did.The days and nights blended together, weeks passed with little notice, and from year to year, nothing ever changed. Everything was static and unchanging, lonely and void of anything that brought any satisfaction.

Until Henry, there’d been little point in anything–actions didn’t have consequences, hard work never paid off. And while she didn’t care about the residents of Storybrooke or their happiness, in the earliest years of the curse, she often found herself looking for projects to take up her time, to give her something to focus on. The projects were always temporary and made little impact. It hardly mattered that recycling bins were placed all around town or that a new swingset was installed at the park because it all just blended into the scenery as though it’d always been there–and as petty as it might have been, she needed more payoff than simply knowing she’d done something for the greater good.

So, until Henry, Storybrooke didn’t have any traditions or festivities. There were no parades or street fairs with games and funnel cakes; there were no hayrides and corn mazes in the fall or ice-skating rinks and hot-chocolate stands in the winter; and there were no barbeques in the park or fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July in the summer.

But Henry loved all of those things–and, better yet, he remembered them.

Like any parent, Regina wanted to give her son a happy childhood. She loved watching as his eyes lit up with excitement and his little laugh rang out; he’d gasp and point and beg to take part in things, and she could never say no to him–she didn’t want to. So every year, she found herself trying to outdo the previous year, to keep the wonder and the magic alive for him.

And as he tugged her down Main Street, toward a tent that promised face-painting and balloons, it was obvious that she’d succeeded in her goal.

“Look!” He shouts too loudly as he pointed to one of the booths. “Look, Mama!”

“I see,” she laughs as she stooped down in front of him. “Do you want to try?” Momentarily, she looks to the sign. “You could have the Superman S on your cheek or a shooting star or a unicorn…” Henry considers for a moment, turning back and looking at the sign. “You can pick anything.”

“What if I don’t like it?”

“It’ll wash off.”

His eyes widen as he looks back at her, “But what if I do like it, Mama. What if I want to keep it?”

“Oh,” she murmurs, giving his hips a little squeeze. “We could always take a picture.”

“Yeah,” he mumbles, once more looking back at the sign. “That’s true…”

“You could think about it a little longer,” she suggests. “We could play a couple more games or go on the bumper cars again and come back when…”

“No!” He cuts in as a group of children passes on their way to their next activity. “I know what I want!”

“Do you?” She asks as he nods slowly. “What are you going to get?”

“It’s a secret!” He giggles. “I want it to be a surprise!” She laughs as little and starts to stand, but Henry’s little hands rest on her shoulders in an attempt to keep her down at his level. “No. You stay here. I’ll go alone.”

Her heart flutters a little, but she nods, rationalizing that the tent is only a few feet away. “Okay,” she says, handing him the required ticket necessary for a face-painting. “I’ll be right here when you get back.”

Henry nods and runs off, and she watches as he gets into line, craning his neck for a better look at the sign and examining the other children as they leave the tent. She bites off the end of a churro as Henry steps into the tent and she looks around, watching as children play Skee Ball and Whack-a-Mole at nearby tables. Her eyes drift to the the Sand Art table and she watches as a little boy fills a heart-shaped jar with pink and purple sand, and a faint smile draws onto her lips and she feels an odd stirring in her chest. She likes this person that she is, this person she’d become since adopting Henry and when a little girl steps up to the Sand Art table, handing her father a yellow and green balloon that’s shaped like a pineapple, the man smiles and waves to her, murmuring some compliment about a job well-done that makes her feel something like feels like pride.

“Mama!” Henry calls, “Mama! Look! Look what I got, Mama! Look!” She spins around, smiling as Henry sprints toward her and she laughs as he practically crashes into her. “Look, Mama!”

“I… I want to but… what am I looking at?” She examines his still-clean cheeks. “Did you decide not to get face-painting?”

“Yup!” He nods. “I got something better!”


And then her breath catches in her chest as Henry thrusts his arm forward, turning his wrist to show off a lion tattoo on his forearm. “Isn’t it cool, Mama?” He asks, “And it’s gonna last a whole week!” Her chest tightens as she thinks back to a memory she likes to keep tucked away, a memory of a missed opportunity of yet another time she’d turned away from love. “Do you like it, Mama?”

Pulling herself back into the moment, she sinks down so that she’s at eye-level with Henry–Henry the nearly-five year old boy who’s brought to her so much light and love, and more joy than she ever knew possible, the boy who is her happily ever after. “I do,” she murmurs, swallowing hard in an effort to keep her tears at bay. “I love you, Henry.”

“I know,” he giggles as she presses a feathery kiss to his cheek. “Can we still take a picture?”

“Yeah,” she nods. “When we get home.”

“Good! I wanna remember this!”

Again, her chest flutters and she nods–she wants to remember it, too–she wants to remember every moment with her sweet boy–the boy who gave her life a renewed purpose, the boy who brought love into her life and the boy who reminds her to strive to be better than she is–the boy who saved her.


Main Street Electrical Parade | ig: ClassyChassy_

Wrong Partner

Summary: A trip to Disneyland with Tyler’s family in which you unintentionally spend more time with his younger brother instead of him, striking him to become jealous.

Word Count: 2,084.

A/N: Big thank you to the sweet anon who requested this gem. Sorry for being on hiatus for almost a month on posting any new fics but hopefully I’ll be back on track for things. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated my frens.

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