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Oceanside Hood Tour

I promised @sims2coffeenchat that I would put up top-down views of Oceanside and here they are. ^.^ Here’s the overview of the whole tiny island hood and then top-down views where I added street names for reference. All of the streets are named after the first 14 Founders of Oceanside :)

Oceanside Blvd has the Founders’ condos, the Post Office, the Fire Station, Biltmore Construction Co, Killeen Kinder Care, The Primary and Secondary School buildings, Diego’s Dance Academy, the Bakery, Healey Potter, and Second Life.

Church Street has the Church and a cemetery; Goodacre Farms is where Goodacre’s farm is!

Landgraab Ave has the Lambswool’s Nectary, Primp Salon, the Police Station, the Bank, and Goodacre’s Grocery Store.

Moneywell Blvd has the orphanage and the Landgraab’s mansion.

Biltmore Hwy is where the Crimson Crab, the Troubadour Cafe, and Oceanside Customs are located.

There’s still plenty of room to build. I have no idea what’s going to go up on that hill though!

lowsk asked:

Would growing up on a street named Neptune add extra zing astrologically in ones neptune aspects

i dont think so! but we could have some otherworldly happenings here! maybe we should consider before naming streets and so on after planetary bodies. what do names mean? we know that numbers and letters all vibrate. lots of unusual and deceptive things could happen in neptune street. mars street could be scary - maybe there is a lot of fighting! jupiter street could be very lucky… but odd things may happen to uranus street - accidents and people constantly coming and going! well this is fun to think about XD

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs! Then tag 20 people!

Thanks to greenkneehighs and howthehellhannah for tagging me!

  1. Call Me Irresponsible - Frank Sinatra
  2. Tu Comania - Keith Urban
  3. Love and Peace Or Else - U2
  4. Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers
  5. Our House - Madness
  6. Maybellene - Chuck Berry
  7. Volcano - Damien Rice
  8. Venn Diagram - Lisa Hannigan
  9. The Mob Song (Beauty and the Beast)
  10. Where the Streets Have No Names - U2
  11. I’ve Got the World On A String - Frank Sinatra
  12. Help Me Remember - Rascal Flatts
  13. Friday I’m in Love - The Cure
  14. Can’t You Just See Yourself - Frank Sinatra
  15. The Boy’s Gone - Jason Mraz
  16. Times - Tenth Avenue North
  17. Carry On - Fun.
  18. Party On - Hilary Duff 
  19. The Party Line - Belle and Sebastian
  20. Having a Party - Sam Cooke 

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