“How Jordan Brand Is Letting Go Of Old School Industry Rules To Stay Young & Relevant” by TheShoeGame

TheShoeGame gives us an incite on how Jordan Brand has done away with its old roots of sneaker advertisement to appeal to its newer generation. Before when young kids back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s would cop a pair of Js was simply to hoop and “be like Mike”, now a days everything has changed and many of us in the sneaker community wouldn’t dare to un-DS a pair of retros. Today’s sneakers don’t seem to be focused on performance like they once were, but more of the “cultural impact” they make on everyday life of a sneakerhead. For the full story make sure to check out TheShoeGame’s article post HERE. It was a good read and I definitely agree with everything TSG spoke to us about.


2015 Air Penny Pack by HK Kicks

Last year Nike dropped the Penny Hardaway pack for $500, this year they decided to do a 2nd installment. This years pack includes the “sharpie” foamposite, which was made famous by Penny Haraway back when the NBA didn’t want him to rock the solid blue Foamposites that violated the NBA uniform code which he then decided to customize with a sharpie marker giving them those black stripes along the upper. The pack will also include the Air Penny 6 also in the blue white and black color-way. This pack is a celebration of Penny’s 20th anniversary partnership with Nike. These will be dropping together for $500 July 4th. Though many people can replicate the “sharpie” foams if they own the royal blue color-way, how many of you guys down to drop $500 for the pack?