ok i definitely need to follow new people

my dash has been dead since i’ve been on a unfollow spree for a while, and i need to follow a lot more blogs that fit my interests :v
as i have a main blog and a side one for fandom stuff there will be a lot to list

like or reblog this is you post:
- aesthetic (mostly pale/pastel colours)
- nature
- animals
- art
- your art and doodles
- aliens
- memes
- shitposting
- random humour
- architecture
- fashion (every kind it’s ok to me)
- twenty one pilots
- arctic monkeys
- mangacaps
- lbgt+ related posts
- vines
- homestuck
- haikyuu!
- over the garden wall
- steven universe
- gravity falls
- pokemon
- fullmetal alchemist
- death note
- dangan ronpa
- psycho pass
- love live!
- card captor sakura
- sailor moon
- nintendo things in general
- cosplays and cosplay tips

i think thats it lmao it’s a lot of stuff but i really need to give my dash a new look