YOGA TEA! Am allowed to show pic for the Capcom Fighting Tribute published by Udon Entertainment! Will be available at San Diego Comic Con first :) Was the HUGEST Street Fighter 2 fan growing up, Blanka was my first character (then Guile, then Ken). Always wanted to draw Dhalsim, so why not? :)

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Final Tetris - Exhibit #72

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/v/ Requests done in between homework and work to blow off some steam.

1: Bison and Chun-Li

2: Some Mii character drawn like a human. Don’t know them but they were a cute design!

3: TF2 Members drawn in Gorillaz style but I only did Scout. Doing all of them would be commission territory. 

4: Nicholas Cage starring in your favorite video game series. Imagine a mod of this…


Some might not realize, but there are a bunch of people who love to bike ride in the Wynwood area. And who could blame them? You get to look at some amazing art that people from all around the world come to see. This video gives you a great glimpse of bike riding in Wynwood. More info. on the video can be found here.


Street Art Utopia houses photos and videos of street art installations from all over the world. It’s very inspiring to see outdoor art installations that enhance the landscape versus detract from it. The photos posted here are appealing for their own reasons: the guerrilla gardening in Thailand is just gorgeous and on that scale must have been a monumental undertaking; the largest alpona in the world in Dhaka, Bangladesh brought together hundreds of people with the goal of creating something of pure, vibrant beauty in the street; and the “green carpet” in Jaujac, France was created to celebrate the town’s 10th year arts and nature programs, and runs throughout its streets, parks and stairways. There is so much to see on Street Art Utopia. Take a look… 



Last time we met in Paris, Marianne Heier and Marco Vaglieri (her « partner in crime » and, incidentally, the gentleman you see writing in this picture) explained to me the central piece to the exhibition is a video-photo installation containing a reference to the famous graffiti « Don’t ever work » – Ne travaillez jamais – which philosopher Guy Debord inscribed on a wall in rue de Seine, somewhere in the 1950s. Marianne’s work has thus to be regarded as adétournement/reversal of the situationist slogan, a bitter commentary to the failure of a political attempt to « free men from labour ».

In this sense, one can understand the artist’s statement as to how the title « Never-Always » must « be read as a testimony of how the relation between production and investments has changed » since the post-WWII European youth movements. But Marianne Heier’s installation also plays out as an archeology of urban writing, one of the most relevant forms of expression within these movements. Jamais-Toujours is based on thorough bibliographical and fieldwork research in order to track down the exact address, down to the very same portion of the wall where Debord first wrote his situationist slogan – and to replace it by its contemporary actualization. Ironically, the immediacy, the quest for authenticity, the desire to represent « life as it is » which initially motivated these forms of écriture urbaine is here replaced by painstaking attention to the design of an artistic experience whose features and competencies match those required by – well, work. (source)


This Mural is a part of a 4 piece series. Each piece represents Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez’s interpretation on how he would see another extra terrestrial planet in an abstract form. Each piece varies in color and style but are all cohesive in the use of line art. For more information on the project and artist visit here.