A plaster face perched high next to a colorful boob, a sexy brunette stencil challenging your point of view, pixel art made of shiny mosaic pieces, halved bicycles coming out of walls… this is Montmartre street art, obvious if you look after it and slowly expanding to the rest of Paris. Miss Tic, Invader, Gregos, A.L.Tony, Guaté Mao, Intra Larue… some of them managed to reach the art galleries level and sell for good money. Most though are only presenting short-lived messages to the passersby, from the height of Parisian walls full of Beaux Arts history.
A French beer to pair it? How about Hugs and Hops from Deck & Donohue, still French unlike the name. A thick honey hopped syrup IPA, not for every moment, but a daring pairing for something special some wouldn’t even call art.